Photos From the New VDT Books Hit the Internet

If  you wish to feast your eyes on every last spoiler before The Voyage of the Dawn Treader sails into theaters on December 10th, you will be delighted to learn that scans of the I Can Read books Quest for the Lost Lords and Aboard the Dawn Treader are now available online. The folks over at have posted two small galleries containing the scans which you can see here and here.

A small sampling to get you started.

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  1. NarnianRebel says:

    Awsome! First comment! I think the second one is the best.

  2. thomas says:

    these look geat

  3. Narniadreamer says:

    Wow, that looks really cool! Cannot wait for the release!

  4. Aunt Letty says:

    Thanks to whomever put these up online in the first place and to Bookwyrm for sharing.

    So far, my most favoritest thing about the movie is the Dawn Treader, itself. It looks just like it ought to. Like one of Pauline Baynes' ink drawings come to life. And, best of all, there's no chance that it will dissapoint in any way; it's bound to do just what it does in the book, sailing on and on into the sunrise…go Dawn Treader!

  5. boke_wyrm says:

    Ben Barnes definitely has more to work with in VDT than in PC. Several critics have mentioned how the title character in PC (book form) was far too passive. He only escapes when Dr. Cornelius puts him to it; he declares war when Glenstorm puts him to it; he blows the horn when, I think, Trufflehunter puts him to it, Peter takes over as soon as he arrives, and after the Pevensies go home, Caspian "was made king", passive to the end. Way too much of this found its way to the film, which gives me pause before I fault the film-makers on how they adapt the Chronicles. Snarky film critics have gotten stuck on calling Mr. Barnes "perpetually wet" which is British for a wimp. Perhaps in this film he will get a chance to show real character, more decisive, flawed, but energetic, in a way he could not in the first film. That won't shut up the critics, who think in broad caricatures (like the sophisticated people they are) but it can only re-energize the Narnia franchise.

  6. Scarlet13 says:

    These are great! I am happy with myself of not reading all of the spoilers!

  7. QueenLucytheValient says:

    The one in the middle is really good and the most different from what we have seen. I still don't like Ben's beard.

  8. Pepper Darcy says:

    I love the second one. The look on Ed's face is priceless (he's happy to be back in Narnia. It's the 'feeling the old strength' return sort of look that Lewis was always describing =D

    Well, I already had these… so it's not new news :'(

  9. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    I like his beard! I think the 2nd gallery is my favorite! Everyone to their own tastes… He's sooo cool!

  10. Avilan says:

    wonderful! I can not wait! I want go to the cinema!

  11. Sammie says:

    The ship looks so fantastic. My favorite shots are of Lucy, Caspian, and Edmund looking down – it gives such scale to it. I really wish to know what they would do with the Splendour Hyaline if they were ever to do "HAHB".

  12. Cynical Narnia Fanboy says:

    Ben looks very Orlando Bloom-Will Turner-ey

  13. Brandon says:

    The Ship looks absoutly increadibe…… Detalation!!!

  14. Reepicheep775 says:

    When Caspiann and Lucy board the Dawn Treader, Caspian has his arm around Lucy. Should I be worried?

  15. Purbita says:

    😀 Votes for the second one!

  16. aravis tarkeena says:

    Edmund looks so happy 🙂

  17. Aslan's Meadow says:

    Probably not, I think that he is only holding on to her for support…at least I hope so.

  18. Narnia Ultimate Fan says:

    These pics are so cool. Second picture is cool. Third picture shows distance image of Edmund, Caspian, Minotaur, and what looks like Drinian.

  19. Narnia Ultimate Fan says:

    and Caspian looks so much older.

  20. Narnia Ultimate Fan says:

    and Caspian looks so much older.beard and all.

  21. Queen Su says:

    Does Caspian look like Aragorn, Will Turner, AND Jesus to anyone else?

  22. NarniaNerd says:


  23. DanielmyBrother says:

    Cool photos! I just want to see the movie!

  24. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    Have you seen Jesus? As for Aragorn and Will Turner, I kind of see what you're saying, but I think it is probably just because they all have about the same length of hair.

  25. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Personally, I don't think Caspian and Aragorn look alike (aside from the hair and beard), but I can see why you might think that. Isn't Will Turner played by Orlando Bloom (whom I know best as Legolas)…? And as for looking like Jesus, I have to say that no one knows what He looks like. We only have artwork of what people /think/ He may have looked like. We must wait until Heaven to see His face.

  26. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    It's going to be a little difficult waiting a whole week after VDT comes out so I can see it with my best friend….

  27. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Edmund look adorable!

  28. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Sorry *looks

  29. Melis says:

    I love the second absoluty

  30. Aslan's Meadow says:

    Yes, the beard really brings out his 'older kingly' look. And of course the producers have to pick a white/cream shirt for when Caspian saves Lucy…. See Through when wet…Thank you hollywood.

  31. Kotarki says:

    You know, if they had taken this still a moment earlier, Edmund may have been grimacing, and I'm sure everyone would have been freaking out about Edmund fighting Caspian.

  32. narnian resident says:

    oh i just love that one of Edmund and Caspian dueling! Edmund sure looks like he's having fun 🙂
    and thats a very nice shot of Caspian there. lovely angle

  33. narnian resident says:

    oh dont worry about that, he's just making sure she doesnt fall off. nothing else. just being gentlemanly

  34. sandyentersNarnia says:

    I've got to admit, I like the second because Skandar is there. But all are great pictures! :).

  35. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    I know he does! (Orlando fan here (&ben too!) He looks a lot like Balian from Kingdom of Heaven (Orlando Bloom.) You're are like the 5th person today whom I've stumble upon making an Orlando/Ben comparison, today! 😀

  36. Bookwyrm says:

    Pretty sure Jesus doesn't look like a random white guy from England.

  37. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    yeah, maybe more jewish looking, probably-

  38. wild rose says:

    Hooray!!! More pictures!!!! I like the first one best, Ben looks really good with long hair and a beard!

  39. Narnia Lover13 says:


  40. Amelia says:

    Very nice pictures! I love the ones of Edmund especially. 🙂 I can't wait to see the film!!!

  41. Annabeth says:

    ewww, never thought of the see through when wet…….hollywood, you never cease to ruin everything. We appriciate it.

  42. Annabeth says:

    wow, Skander looks so much older in the one pic. Ben looks about the same, but with the beard thing-y (eww)

  43. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    Um, he doesn't really look like Viggo, but I'd cast him as a stand in for Orlando anytime! And um, ur not supposed to compare God with another human being's looks.

  44. Aslan's Meadow says:

    I didn't either, but the front pic of him and lucy shows.

  45. HighQueenofNarnia says:

    Just realized something. In the second picture on this page, Edmund isn't holding Rhindon.