Another Video: New Footage and Plot Spoilers has posted a behind-the-scenes video for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader that seems to basically walk through the entire plot of the film!

Click here, if ye dare.

UPDATE: Watch it on YouTube…

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  1. Fire Fairy says:

    Right on, Louloudi! It always bugged me that Lucy had to stay behind from the raid in PC when she was the one that was always fighting, and Susan was the one "like a grown-up lady" who stayed home from the fights. Go Queen Lucy the Valiant!!

  2. Narnian at Heart says:

    i love it! But why did Susan HAVE to get OLDER! i really dont understand the fact that when you getolder you have to leave! wow, would tht stink or wat!

  3. Narnian Forever says:

    Did anyone else notice that there wasn't much of Eustace the Dragon in there? Or am I missing something? To my memory, I didn't see him at all!

  4. HtTYD says:

    Hi Pepper Darcy.
    I was looking for some pictures of HtTYD and came across one of your little (long) segments about *ITHILWEN*, HICCUP and Heros!
    Just to let you Know I am a Christian and what you said about heros, it got me misty-eyed. That is so true.
    I am only 13 and i think you are very talented with your writing, and hope to become like you some day!
    I would love to give you my name and email, but just to be on the safe side, i left it out. is that okay?