Banners from Around the World

The USA isn’t the only place to have banners and billboards showing up on highways and other public places for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Here are some of the other sightings that we’ve been sent.

In Gare De Lyon, France. Picture discovered by icarus here.

In Japan. Picture sent to us from Wlin.

And in Australia. Picture sent to us from Adam.

16 Responses

  1. Not Of This World says:

    More Advertizing!

  2. narnian resident says:

    more promotion!!! this is gonna be big!!!!! 😀

  3. WarriorOfNarnia says:


  4. DamselJillPole says:

    I love the third one the best! Very pretty!

  5. LadyCourage says:

    Ditto Damsel! The Aussie billboard is beautiful! 😀

  6. juliet says:

    AWESOME billboard!!! 🙂

  7. juliet says:

    i agree 100% 🙂

  8. blueRain says:

    Nice…I like this advertising approach better than the Disney way.

  9. Eustace says:

    Cool looking!

  10. Debra Van De Rostyne says:


  11. Scarlet13 says:

    YES!!! More Advertising!!!

  12. Murtaghluv says:

    I love how in france there are three of the same posters in a row

  13. SnowingRoses says:

    Yes, now they HAVE to look at it. 😀

  14. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Cool! The last one is my favorite.

  15. This December will gonna be exiting ..

  16. Eavis says:

    Hmm…on the last one Aslan still looks too much like He's from the Lion King or something…I think it's the jaw. But I'm so glad there's all this advertising! The picture from France almost looks like a screen clip from a movie – all the people and the holiday feel. 🙂