Behind-the-Scenes Video: Lots of New Footage!

A new behind-the-scenes look at The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, titled “The Epic Continues,” is online at the Switzerland Facebook page. It includes interviews with the cast and crew (including a brief appearance by Andrew Adamson) and lots of new footage!

You can watch it here or on YouTube:

This is the first behind-the-scenes video Fox has released. Disney released six or seven leading up to the release of “Wardrobe,” and a few for “Caspian” as well.

Screen captures are coming soon…Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: Check out our screen captures below…

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  1. Eliseo says:

    This is the first trailer (or preview video) I have seen where the narrator doesn't actually say "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" when the Narnia logo is shown at the end. I kind of like that, even though its such a small detail..since the LWW & PC trailers didnt have that

  2. Secrets of Excalibur says:

    Yeah, thanks Lady_Liln!

  3. Secrets of Excalibur says:

    Yeah, they say "magical" 5 times in the first half minute!

  4. Mina says:

    If you guys notice Susan's Horn is gone from it's alcove…(check behind Will.)

  5. Mina says:

    He's one of the producers.

  6. Edmund Pwns says:

    i KNOW right! apart from one or two pictures, he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth!! maybe he's frolicking in narnia somewhere …

  7. Daniel James says:

    It's probably just because he's busy with school (he's in Cambridge University, I believe). But yes, I miss him too!

  8. Edmund Pwns says:

    puberty has been kind on him 🙂

  9. kingofthewood says:

    Look at 1:15 lol!!! and everyone thought the minatour was CG in the early trailers….lol He's practical from head to toe hahaha!!!! too funny

  10. Daniel James says:

    I agree! It's pretty awesome, whatever it's supposed to be. You can see some old concept art for it at (skip to 3:46 if you want).

  11. Mina says:

    Oh my goodness, you're right poor Ben does look a little chubby. And based on the hair I do believe Ben jumped (or possibly fell) through the window.

  12. jag says:

    Im getting so excited for this movie!!! only 5.5 more days for me!!! COMON,,, Loved that model of the dawn treader at 1:05mins I hope something like that becomes available to buy!

  13. Neverland Child says:

    I love watching this stuff!!!!! Every time I watch the trailer, it gives me insperation for the book serise I'm writing!!!!!

  14. Fire vein says:

    CRAZY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dreamermiss says:

    Love the video! I just wish they showed more of eustace, I haven't seen anything that shows whether poultur (sp?) can carry the role or not, and eustace is one of my most favorite characters in the entire series. are they keeping tight lipped about him for a surprise, or is his role in the movie downplayed next to Edmund and Lucy?

  16. Starlily says:

    Haven't you seen any of the clips with Eustace in them? There were some a month or two ago, but I don't know if you can watch them now. According to people who've seen the film, he does an incredible job, and is very annoying–as he should be. 😉 And he seems to make a good transformation into a nice person as well. But of course you'll have to decide for yourself.

    Only what–13 days left? Yay! 🙂

  17. Not Of This World says:

    Thank you!

  18. that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 DAYS LEFT?!

  19. Mayor Wilkins says:

    Cool concept art! 😉

    I am so excited for this movie!
    One thing that confuses me though…..If the Dark Island's Green Mist makes your darkest dreams come true, then how come the White Witch appears to be some kind of spirit only, while the Sea Serpent is a physical monster that attacks the ship? Is it because she already died? Because, to me, it would make more sense if she was made real like the serpent is made real. I guess I'm over-analyzing this.

    That was off topic–again–sorry.

  20. Samuel the Magnificent says:

    I like the addition of the Minotaur too. That's one thing I was always disappointed about in VotDT. There were no fauns or minotaurs. I'm glad they added them. It makes it feel like a Narnia movie. I know this is probably considered blasphemy too, but I'm liking the addition of a villain in this story. I'm sorry, but a good story always has a protagonist and an antagonist (good guy and bad guy).

    And I think the reason that they are sort of laying the foundations for Silver Chair is so that narnia newbies won't get the feeling in silver chair of another random villain.

  21. Samuel the Magnificent says:

    I love that too! I hated that Lucy was basicly a minor character in PC.

  22. oh my word! so so so epic!

  23. Daniel James says:

    True…I hadn't thought about that. Maybe the Sea Serpent really is real, and not just a dream…I don't know. Good point there! But hey, there's only like 13 days left till we find out. =D

  24. ShelbyofthePurpleskin says:

    That's so cool!!!! I heard one too!!!

  25. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    OH YEAH!!

  26. narnian resident says:

    wow! i love the new shots, they look fantastic! but boy, Skandar sure doesnt say much, does he? anyway, i love this, and super excited.

  27. I'm using my new windows phone, but I'm not sure if I can watch the video…. Anyway, I'm glad I can get to this site quicker now. 😀

  28. Starlily says:

    I noticed that. If they devote one more video or interview to describing all the "magic" in Narnia, I'm going to be thoroughly sick of it. Magic isn't the only thing that defines Narnia, people!

  29. Starlily says:

    Yeah, Lucy was in the background for most of PC, and the way Nikabrik kicked her around during the White Witch scene was awful. 🙁 I'm glad she'll be able to make up for it in VDT, and get in on the action. 😉 After, all, she's Queen Lucy the Valiant!

  30. The narniad says:

    I wish Skandar was in it more, but I think he's bust with school right now- I think he's in Cambridge University or something at the moment.
    I hope we get to see more of him soon!
    This looks INCREDIBLE, doesn't it?! I loved the music- isn't it from the game on the old Narnia website, Prince Caspian pinball? Because I know I've heard it somewhere.
    I can't wait for this film! December the tenth can't come quickly enough!

  31. The narniad says:

    Oh gosh, typo! Skandar is *busy* with school, not bust.

  32. GlimGlum says:

    Plenty of new footage Dec. 10th. 😀 Sail on VDT!

  33. Mina says:

    I was actually okay with it because it was *supposedly* Susan's and Peter's last visit to Narnia, therefore I was find with the focus on them. Also, because this movie focuses more on Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace, so again that part didn't bug me.

  34. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Cool. 🙂

  35. This is off topic, but in case you didn't know Narniaweb, there is an Urdu/Hindi version of Sreeram Chandra's "Rehnuma" online.
    It's not an official video, but it IS the song. Finally in my language!

  36. Lady Liln, after a year, you have finally made my day!!! 😀
    Now I finally have a picture of myself.

  37. oh, it will be epic, my friend! just u wait and see if i told u so!

  38. Princess Lucy says:

    what was the reason michael apted has replaced andrew adamsom…they both good directors…just curious 🙂

  39. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I love Lucy's shout. "FOR NARNIA!!!"

  40. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Haha true true. It must have been before or after they filmed it.

  41. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Same here. My newest novel takes place during the renaissance, with kings and queens like in Narnia. And the books really help with ideas. Although my book isn't a fantasy.

  42. Well said, Nathan. It strikes me that they just don't get it. They seem to think that because the first film made more money, it must, therefore, have been a better movie, and in puzzling out how, conclude that it's because it was more magical! So let's use that as a buzz-word and maybe we'll get back those fans we lost with the 2nd film.

    That's backwards thinking on so many levels. TLTWATW made more money for a number of reasons:

    1. It's an extremely well-known and popular book.
    2. It was a new, big-budget adaptation of a story that hasn't seen an adaptation since the BBC and animated versions.
    3. In the wake of LOTR and Harry Potter, fantasy films are "in."
    4. It was a "family" movie. Bring all the kids.

    There are lesser reasons, like the appeal to the "Christian" community, but that's neither here nor there, as that same target audience clearly weren't enough to boost the numbers for the 2nd film.

    The question that all these people who get paid big bucks can't figure out is why the second film didn't generate the same amount of money for the studio. So, like little children, they conclude that it must have been a worse film (which is ridiculous since the problem wasn't bad reviews, but rather half the audience NOT showing up for the film). Thus, they ignore several key facts:

    1. Sequels commonly don't make as much as their predecessors. The Empire Strikes Back, well regarded as the best film of the series, made less than both its predecessor and successor (which is an infinitely inferior film).
    2. Many of those who went to see TLTWATW were NOT happy with the adaptation, finding it bland, uninspired and cheesy. A lot of teens and adults felt it was too much of a kids film, and had none of the real "magic" that a great film should have. Thus, they didn't return for the sequel.
    3. The film was released against several highly anticipated films, with poor marketing.

    True, some of the book purists had a hard time with some changes. However, that can't be a large factor since LOTR book purists were very vocally unhappy about the changes made to TTT, and that film did great box-office. Why? Because the first one was so highly regarded by audiences (book fans and non-readers) that there was tremendous buzz for the franchise, which grew and grew.

    Ultimately, TLTWATW failed to generate that beyond ticket sales for the first film.

    Hopefully, this new one will reenergize the series for future installments, but silly marketing words like "more magical" is not the key to that.

  43. Dang we've seen so many scenes I could make the movie out of all of them.

  44. liz says:

    think so, don't know why though.

  45. riya says:

    its so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I love how we see all these clips from the movie and are all into it. And then you see Skandar talking to one of the directors and you see cameras and it's just like: Wow, you had to ruin the magic lol 🙂

  47. Kale&Bardon (aka murtaghluv) says:

    Andrew adamson was in it. happy to see that. he did a great job directing the other two

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