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For those of you who have been hoping for a review from a more neutral perspective regarding the Narnia films, AICN has been sent a spoiler-free review of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by Maxwell Smart.
By AICN’s standards, this review is family-friendly for a change (though I would avoid the comments section), and it’s also fairly positive. If you remember their review of Prince Caspian, they pretty much hated that movie.
You can check out the story here.
Thanks Narnian_Maniac for the heads up!

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  1. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    6 out of a 10!!!! That is really bad!!! I'm for at least an 8!!

  2. Princess Lucy says:

    i know !!!…6/10 ok i hope we have a different answer when we watch the film 🙂

  3. narnia is the best books and movies ever created says:

    i would like to punch the person that made that review in the face. man are they stupid! this movie is the best movie eva. maxwell smart you suck!!! and you aint so smart. gosh Aslans line at the end of the film alone deserved a 10/10!
    sorry guys, i just had to get that off my chest. lol

  4. narnia fan 7 says:

    6/10 🙁 AICN it shod be at lest 9/10

  5. aragorn2 says:

    This guy is impossible to please, he disliked the epic LOTR feel of PC and now he doesn't like this one because it doesn't have as much of a driving storyline as the other 2, which is t way the book is.

  6. aragorn2 says:

    That is an extremely immature comment, everybody has their likes and dislikes including you. And if this guy doesn't like this movie that is his right, you don't need to be calling names and saying you want to hit him.
    Beside we haven't even seen the movie yet for all we know it could be the way he said it is.

  7. NarniaNerd says:

    Definitely. It's good to express your opinion, but you need to be respectful of other people's opinions at the same time. Especially when it comes to what the Bible calls "disputable matters."

  8. NextJillPole says:

    Agreed! He shoots down everything! Nothing is good, according to him. I thought the other two were incredible and the Dawn Treader will do just as well. Can't we liven up a bit, reviewer guy? Arn't we a ray of sunshine, Mr. Reviewer? >:(

  9. Narnia Freak says:

    Agreed! I get mad when people say PC was a bust! I think VDT will be awesome!

  10. timo says:

    Did you even see the movie yet?

  11. timo says:

    That review made my day.. I'm so happy the epic feel will be gone. He loved Eustace (yay!) and he liked Prince Caspian (I wasn't a big fan of him in the previous movie). They will stay mostly true to the book, and there's a lack of a real storyline (like there isn't one in the book). Sure, he's negative, but the things he said were what I wanted to hear.

  12. Interesting review. Frankly, I'm going to have to take this (as with all other reviews) with a grain of salt, because I know I won't see the movie as they see it.
    There are some parts that are encouraging; in PC, Ben got a lot of flack for a performance I considered fairly well done; here, he gets praise as the 'perfect' Caspian. And oh, Will's reviews keep getting better and better! I can't wait…

  13. Raticus says:

    I think he makes a lot of good points although it's things that don't necessarily dissuade me from thinking the film will be good. That and it seems most of his opinions are informed by his personal taste, which of course is different for a lot of people. But for example: Harry cites that he found that the temptation of certain characters like Edmund and Lucy weren't satisfying enough for him to pay off in the end. With what we know thusfar, I think many Narnia fans will be glad that they haven't gone to extreme lengths to change the plot or characters of Dawn Treader to facilitate showing characters be extremely tempted.

  14. Pepper Darcy says:

    I'm not going to take much stock in his 'review…' he's coming at it from a different view than we do. And I agree with Raticus, we don't want our heroes to be so engrossed in these 'temptations' that they're ruined. Just as long as it's by Aslan's strength that they overcome it. What sort of hero is it that is a jerk most of the movie and then has 5 min. of 'good attributes'? Strikes me as a pretty poor one. Heroes have qualities that are amiable, and then *some* thing that they must overcome, it doesn't overshadow the whole story and make the hero a jerk.

    Oh well, but at least it does sound promising, somewhat! 😀

  15. Anna's Sister says:

    Well i can't wait to see it cause it's sounding better and better!! I'm not into the "make sure the narrative flows perfectly" thing. Plus from what I was worrying about a month ago compared to what I am worrying about now is like comparing a mountain to a mole hill. Long Live Aslan!!

  16. Pepper Darcy says:

    exactly! His bit about 'story was all choppy' I didn't take litterally, none of our Narnia Mods thought or said anything about it being choppy. From what I've heard it sounds like it flows smoothly and logically. I think Lewis would probably like it. Look at How to Train Your Dragon, they radically changed that from the book (I've not read it, but I've heard that it was drastically changed) and the author APPLADED the changes like Toothless being bigger, Toothless being loyal and noble etc.

    So wouldn't it be ironic if Lewis like this adaption? :)) This movie does sound awesome! 😀

  17. Savber100 says:

    It's AICN… I'm surprised they didn't totally kill the film like they did last time with PC. 😛

  18. Mark Sommer says:

    Having seen the movie myself, I would have to agree in general with "Maxwell Smart." I disagree about it being a negative review. It is very honest. I like what he says about "knowing its limits." VDT is definitely more of a children's movie than the other two were.

  19. pselpevensie says:

    i, personally, am still really looking forward to seeing it!!!!

  20. He basically sounds like he and I would be on the same page 🙂 Not only that but the original Get Smart Tv shows are my favorite shows!

  21. Annabeth says:

    i agree, the Aslan line is epic, and it's going to be and AWESOME movie.
    however, for the sake of other NarniaWebbers….well, could you put it a little nicer? thanks. 😉

  22. Evan Morgan says:

    Not a very pleasing review. Oh well… Robin Hood got horrible reviews and I loved it! Hakuna Matata 😉

  23. Annabeth says:

    woah, little mr. johnny raincloud or what?
    oh well, one person's opinon is different from another's….
    I just hope that he's completely wrong… *grrrrr* 🙁

  24. fireheart209 says:

    You know, I agree with this guy on a lot of things. He didn't seem overly crtical–he brought up things many people have said, ie the episodic nature of the story. I also think that one of the things wrong with PC was that it tried to turn a children's fantasy adventure (that adults could enjoy too) into an adult movie that still fit a PG rating. There were parts that just didn't fit right. The fact that he praises Will Poulter so highly convinces me even more that his performance will be amazing. Every review I have read so far agrees on that no matter what else they disagree on.

    I disagree with him that all the characters need to have heavy handed struggles with temptation. Edmund and Lucy are already well developed characters who are noble and strong because of the experiences they have had so far. They have moments of temptation because they are human and not perfect. But they are generally good people who try to do the right thing. In my mind it makes them more relatable.

    This review encourages me because while he seems to imply that being a fantastic children's fantasy adventure is a bad thing or a limitation of some kind, I don't think it is. The books were written primarily to be just that.

  25. Varnafinde says:

    "Poulter does the impossible–he overacts without looking like he's overacting, which ends up fitting the character of Eustace perfectly."
    So the casting was perfect for Eustace – and that's so important for this movie!
    I was quite encouraged by this review.

  26. NarnianAllTheWay says:

    I LOVED PC, but a lot of people didn't. Let's just hope that VDT does well, like we all think it will. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows is beginning to worry me though… For Narnia!

  27. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    Let's face it. No matter what film based of of any book, not just Narnia, but ANY book, is not ever going to be perfect or live up to the book. Books aren't movies and movies aren't books. And this is just one person's opinion. Don't expect everyone who writes a review will give it ten stars. I know there are going to be negative reviews soon, real soon.
    P.S. If you want a fan review that is positive, go to Aslan's Country. It makes me feel even more confident than ever.

  28. aslans country says:

    really?! I say We light the guys house up,I would give this movie and the book a 9.9

  29. Lady_Liln says:

    What I found interesting is that Dark Island doesn't seem to make nightmares come true, but is instead an "evil place." I thought Dark Island was making the sea serpent into a nightmare? Or is it a random evil baddie?

  30. sirsimon says:

    I think that was a rather good comment, he balances it out and told the film in what he believes he saw. I likened to the fact the characters and acting were spot on, and that it stayed true to the novel and its values.

    What I found interesting was that Eustaces transformation was told to be different from the book, I wonder what he means by that?

  31. LessThanGold says:

    aslan's country, that is extremely HORRIBLE. Do you feel the same way about Harry Potter or Twilight as their hardcore fans do? Let it go. Let it go.

  32. Yellow Peril says:

    "Narnia is the best books and movies ever created" reacted a little too personally to the review.

    6/10 is a little shabby, but the reviewer was fair with what he said and if he didn't like something, he did back up his claims. And he actually read the book and knows the story. Better than someone who hasn't read it and just criticises it just because they feel like it.

    Be prepared to find harsher reviews of the film if critics don't like it.

  33. Eustace+Jill says:

    I thought the review was just fine, and probably accurate. PC did seem a little too much like a bad LOTR knock-off to me too… I'm glad to hear VDT is going in a different direction. Love what he said about Will, not to thrilled to hear they changed the Dark Island… It's too bad he doesn't think the emotional elements are very strong… hopefully, I'll disagree.

  34. Princess Lucy says:

    i was just wondering the same thing sirsimon….i really do wonder what he means by that…hmmm looks like theres no peeling skin off in the film….lets see what he means when we watch it 🙂

  35. Moonwood says:

    I am writing this for myself, as well as you other Narnia lovers: The only actual negative thing in the review is the 6/10, and that's one guy's opinion…From what we have seen so far, it is hard to believe this won't be a really fun movie, at worst.
    As a fanatical Narnia fan for the last 31 years or so, I say; let us all keep in mind that this franchise, new writers, directors, etc :
    Know this, REALIZE THIS, and let it sink in. Because, isn't that all that matters ?
    These small people trying to do their best to interpret these awsome works of art…and exposing to the public THIER interpretation of what is SO dear to our hearts…
    In the end, the kind of person who will read the books before, or after the movie will understand, AND who cares what the other type of person thinks ?

  36. narnian resident says:

    i dont want to read it, because i dont want to see anything bad or disspointing said about this movie, which im sure they'll have SOMETHING in there thats negative. im too excited to be let down right now. i will judge it for myself! 🙂

  37. stateofgreen says:

    I have this feeling there won't be any skin peeling…in order to be a neutral film they obviously aren't going to go deep and "tax" the more adult viewer/book purist (sad to say I don't expect them to). Part of me wishes there would be a director's cut or another where they actually appreciate that they have a smarter/savvier/more grownup audience than they think. But it looks to be a good film and certainly better than Prince Caspian was.

  38. Williammoseleyandskandarcrush! says:

    You took the words right outta my mouth!And boy, does this guy like to swear! Well, at least he only used that word and nothing else. I'm just gonna ignore this freak (no offense to anyone who agrees with him) and enjoy the movie when it comes. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

  39. Clodsley Mole says:

    Never trust the opinions of a bumbling fictional 1960s spy. Their knowledge of literature and good movies is seriously limited.
    Quite why he went to see this movie is beyond me.

  40. Bookwyrm says:

    It's people like you who give a fandom a bad name with vicious personal attacks on people you don't agree with. Reality check, not everyone will be as deliriously in love with something as you are. If you can't accept this, I dearly hope you filter your comments better in real life than you do on the internet.

  41. Bookwyrm says:

    I'm so sure Aslan/Jesus would absolutely adore seeing you burn a man's house down because he didn't gush over a film you haven't even seen yet. Keep that Christian love aflowin'!

  42. Bookwyrm says:

    So someone who has seen the movie and gave it a tepid rating is a freak because they didn't adore it the way you, who haven't seen the movie, do? Nice.

  43. Bookwyrm says:

    That's not what he was saying. All he said was that the temptations are dismissed to easily, the characters don't really struggle with them, which pretty much makes them pointless.

  44. Bookwyrm says:

    It was interesting to see a review from someone who has read the books and liked them, but has no particular investment in the movie franchise. I thought it was a fair review that backed up the problems he had with it. I'd rather have one review like that than 10,000 of the OMigosh!! THIS MOVIE IS SOOO KEWL!! type "reviews" that normally blanket the internet or the reviews by people who can't unbend their brains enough to get past the Magic Jesus Lion.

  45. Casue says:

    the *Lost* thing i agree with. when i first heard about it i was like "NO way they are not going to add some goofy Lost smoke monster"
    I just hope that this movie at least makes an attempt to stay true to the storyline.
    PC did a great job with the story. Someone said a while ago that the books can not stand as movies alone. he/she was correct. by adding stuff to the stories they are able to enthral audiences that would never had touched the books. Frankly, most of my school wouldn't read the books because they were so boring to them. But when movies add action, hansome actors *Ben and Skander*, and romance, they have the teen and early twenties audience that is buying most of the tickets these days. Why is Twilight(ick) such a success??? because of teenage girls, thier moms and thier grandmothers want to see a shallow girl fall in love with a supossedly hot "vampire".
    Vampires do not sparkle and they do not feed off animals. they drink human blood.
    And the only thing i like about the books is that they help me fall asleep.
    Chibi Casue

  46. Casue says:

    Well put!
    Chibi Casue Applauds

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