Dawn Treader to Get Two Premieres in the US — First in Knoxville, TN

Yesterday we reported that the US premiere for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader would take place on December 9th in whichever city the Operation Narnia contest winner chose. As it turns out, apparently there will be two US premieres. The first one will take place in Knoxville, TN on December 8th.

From WBIR News:

Stars from the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be attending a movie premiere in Knoxville to benefit Variety, the Children’s Charity.

According to a release, the movie will be shown on Wednesday, December 8 at the Regal Cinema’s Pinnacle Stadium 18 in Turkey Creek.

Tickets will begin to go on sale on Tuesday November 23 at the Pinnacle Box Office. Each ticket is $50 and includes a catered reception before the stars walk the red carpet and a viewing of the film in 3D.

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Thanks Narnianerd for the heads up!

UPDATE: I noticed there was a lot of confusion in the comments below, so I thought I’d try to clarify a bit. No winner for the Operation Narnia contest has been announced. This is a completely different premiere.

December 8 US Premiere – Knoxville TN hosted by Variety, the Children’s Charity.
December 9 US Premiere – Unknown location at this time. Will be hosted by the winner of the Operation Narnia contest.
December 10 – The movie opens everywhere in the US.

UPDATE Nov. 13, 2010: We have more information on the Knoxville, TN screening. Apparently rather than a premiere, it’s been called a pre-release red carpet Gala. But the real bit of news since several of you asked, tickets for the event go on sale on Nov 23, 2010 at the theater.

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  1. Michael says:

    Well i live in montreal so I'm 20 hours away. 🙁 If there was something in NY maybe i could make it.

  2. :-)Narnia says:

    They totally should do a premiere in Houston… Houston being like the fourth largest city in the US!!!! though Dallas would rock too: P

  3. :-)Narnia says:

    Take video!!!!!

  4. The second premiere will be wherever the person who wins the Operation Narnia contest wants it to be. Hopefully somewhere in Texas. =D

  5. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Have fun all of you who can go 🙂

  6. Skandar is my man says:

    Please tell skandar that I love and want to marry him! And that he should come to oklahoma so we can be together!!

  7. Nick says:

    A previous commenter said that Regal Cinemas' HQ is there in Knoxville.

  8. Scarlet13 says:

    uhhhhhh your not the only one! plus even if she did skandar would be freaked out! lol!

  9. Slither says:

    Yes, Knoxville is Regal's HQ. There is a yearly charity event for Variety hosted at The Pinnacle. Last year it was "New Moon". Generally, the bigger name stars show up. For New Moon, we had Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

    It is for a good cause, so don't complain!

    And yeah, I do live in Knoxville. haha

  10. Skandar is my man says:

    I know, but me and skandar are meant to be! I already planned our wedding and picked out names for our kids!

  11. dear heart says:

    YESSSS! i live in nashville! IM TOTALLY THERE!!

  12. Little Joe says:

    Ok first off, all this fangurling about Skandar is first off, really weird and creepy, second off. It is not allowed on NWeb. Plus its really anoying to us fans who would rather talk about the character, rather than the actor himself. I mean really people, you've never met the dude, and you most likely never will. Get a life. Really.

  13. Delpheas says:


  14. Hannah #2 says:

    Is this the Hannah who is my best friend since I was 10? 😀 I so can't wait for this premier, I hope I'll be able to go!

  15. Asland's Girl says:

    Does anyone have any ideas for other ways to get tickets? I live four hours from Knoxville, and would love to have the chance to go to the premiere. But I don't want to drive the 8 hours (round trip) to buy the tickets, and then have to drive back up for the premiere.

  16. Asland's Girl says:

    I called the theater that will be hosting the event, and they said that the tickets are only available at the theater :'(

  17. NarniaDLF says:

    There are no other ways to purchase tickets. :'( *sniff*
    We would have a 10 hour round trip! We are still considering it though.. It is such a great opportunity!! Keynes and Henley will be there!
    It would be great if someone would buy a bunch of tickets and then sell them online!!!

  18. NarniaForever says:

    Tickets go on sale tommorow! eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't wait to go!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Eden Kehr says:

    I am begging my mom to let me and my dlf go to this; we're hoping to surprise her because that day is her birthday! Yes, someone PLEASE go and take a video!

  20. Eden Kehr says:

    Yeah! Chi-town is THE place for the December 9th premier to be held…because I live here! hehehehe Skandar and Georgie have to come even to the same city that I live in. PLEASE, GOD!

  21. Eden Kehr says:

    hey, you guys are one in a million girls who think they will marry Skandar…
    dream about him all day long, but please stop arguing about him on NarniaWeb, okay?

  22. Eden Kehr says:

    I saw it too, last week. It's at Woodfield mall in Chicago till the 31st. Pretty cool, though I agree with you, it wasn't as big as I expected. I still enjoyed it.

  23. Eden Kehr says:

    I totally agree, Little Joe. Way to stand up!

  24. Eden Kehr says:

    I am praying that I'll be able to go…hopefully. Can't wait for December 10 in any case!

  25. NarniaForever says:

    I got tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! December 8th here i come!!!!!!!!

  26. Peter the magnificant says:

    GO YANKEES sorry had to lol

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