Discussion Group Week 4: Why a Lamb?

If you haven’t joined in our discussion group being facilitated with thoughtful questions and insights from Dr. Devin Brown, it’s not too late to check it out. The question this week is “Why a Lamb?” as we discuss the different forms that Aslan takes in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and meaning behind them. Click here to join the discussion.

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  1. Skandar is my man says:

    The lamb of God

  2. I don't know much about Christianity, and mostly the parts I know are because there are many similarities in my religion of Islam with it. Lewis was maybe a strict Christian….?

  3. Princess Lucy says:

    heyy …omg i thought i was the only one who is muslim and loves the chronicles of narnia…dnt get me wrong i mean i never here other muslims loving this series…i guess afterall there is some….but yh i dnt know much about christainality but this series is really brilliantly written..and i guess it attracts different religions around the world…because the story is clever and the characters are extremely special ones…and this website i really thank everyone who works on it for us big fans…really appreciated !!!!….but aslan as the lamb could show the characters his power of transforming into other animals or simply aslan is testing the the characters if they could recognise him…just a suggestion…

  4. Arissa Pevensie says:

    I'm also a muslim and I, too, didn't expect muslims to love this series, apart of me.

  5. Princess Lucy says:

    hehe πŸ™‚

  6. Rob W. Case says:

    I might be looking a bit too deep in this, but anyway, here it goes……

    Jesus Christ (whom Aslan is supposed to represent) is referred to as both the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5:5), and the Lamb of God (John 1:36, Revelation 5:6). The Lamb is the ultimate symbol of redemption. Our sins have been paid for. It’s up to us then to choose to accept that redemption or reject it. For Edmund, Lucy, and Eustance, I believe their journey into Narnia in this run anyway shows the strength or weakness in how they handle their matters. As Christians, our strength in overcoming temptation rests on how much we consider Christ in the decisions we make. Edmund and Lucy have been to Narnia before, and Lucy was the first one not only to accept and believe what she saw, but she was the most enthusiastic about it. It took experience with the enemy, and a broken spirit from that experience for Edmund to come around. As for Eustace, this is his first time in Narnia. He is the most arrogant in the real world, but ends up getting in trouble in Narnia because I think he’s used to his personal appetites being satisfied. After all, he’s spoiled rotten. Either way it is the will that drives one to make a choice, and even though we will sin in our lives, Christ remains our redeemer, the Lamb of God, who through that redemption offers us true freedom in the end.

  7. Mayor Wilkins says:

    Very well said. πŸ˜€
    The Lamb of God is pretty much what I thought of too.
    Do we know if this will be in the finished film?

  8. Princess Lucy says:

    hmmm….a very good question…looks like we need to wait to see as nothing is confirmed about having a lamb in the film or not…

  9. Thyservant says:

    Well, more than a fortnight to go…

  10. LucyTheValiant says:

    i second that…very well said indeed.
    the lamb of God was the first thing i thought of as well. i am catholic but i'm so glad that people of all religions are fans of the books and like their messages πŸ™‚
    and i do hope they incorporated the lamb in the film, because that was such a symbolic part of the book.

  11. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    You guys, this is going to sound horrible but, since I'm a Christian I don't believe in Allah. God is the ONE true God, and we should follow Him, not Allah. I'm not trying to blast you guys, I'm just concerned for you.

    In God's Love


  12. Amelia says:

    Very well said, Rob!

  13. Princess Lucy says:

    hey WarriorOfNarnia…u dnt sound horrible and by the way Allah is the arabic word for God…..we worship only one God and not worship but also respect the prophets…here u go thats what our religion is about…hope u enjoy the film πŸ™‚

  14. lady polly says:

    i'm a christian too and GOD loves you and the lamb represents his son JESUS who died for us

  15. Princess Lucy says:

    in our religion Jesus is one of the prophets we believe is the messenger of god in another nation…but muhammad is the messenger of god for this nation which is our nation and therefore the last messenger too(prophets are the best creations of god that were sent to earth to spread the believe to only worship god)…however, we do not believe Jesus as the son of god because god has no partners and does not resemble the creations…Jesus was created with a mother and she became pregnant when one of the angels blew the soul of jesus into her womb using the horn….

  16. Princess Lucy says:

    this proves how strong god's power is….