Discussion Group Week 6: Why Were You Brought to Narnia?

In week 6 of our Dawn Treader Discussion Group, Devin Brown discusses the topic: “The Very Reason You Were Brought Here: Why Were You Brought to Narnia?” I’d encourage all of you to visit our discussion forum and join the group today. Share your thoughts with others in our community. After this, there’s just one more week to go!

5 Responses

  1. StephanieTheFaithful says:

    To know Aslan as Jesus in our world.

  2. Fire vien says:

    I totally agree!

  3. Jill Pole says:

    Well, my neighbor had read all of the series, so I decided that over the summer I would read all of them as well. While reading (I was only in elementary school so I didn't have a deep level of thinking yet :D) I saw Aslan as Jesus, but I never took the last battle as far as Heaven until many years later.

  4. It is revelation! that's the last battle!

  5. McKenzie says:

    Personally, I think only Aslan really knows why we are brought to Narnia, and we can only guess his purpose. I think Narnia helps me believe, and never ever grow up. Because I will always hope for the chance to visit Narnia, besides through the books.