Five New Dawn Treader Movie Clips Online!

There are lots of new movie clips online this morning, including one exceptionally exciting clip!

The first one is from the Official UK Facebook page and it features Reepicheep. Click on the image below to view the video. has the other four new videos. The most exciting one by far contains a certain conversation between Aslan and Lucy at the end of the world. All four of those can be seen on their website here or their Facebook page here.

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  1. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    I LOVE the one between Aslan and Lucy! Much better than I thought it would be!

    • LucyTheValiant says:

      I agree…they did an excellent job of making that one of the most emotional scenes, it brought tears to my eyes.

      • Daughter_of_Eve18 says:

        I totally second that…I definitely cried a little! It's going be a very emotional moment for me in the movie theatre. They've done a great job with my most cherished scenes ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Tribunal says:

        Can't believe all you watched it. I refuse to see it until I'm there opening day in front of the big screen. Too much of an important scene to have spoiled.

    • Lucylove says:

      I love it too! I love what Aslan says to her. But Lucy is my second favorite after Aslan, and I wish she was in all of them

  2. PrincessRosario says:

    They kept my favorite lines in the entire series. I can die happy now. :')

  3. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    I also really liked how Reepicheep was looking east as he sang that song about Aslan's country! That was really sweet!

  4. Embrace says:

    There Youยดll Know Me By Another Mane! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is going to be the movie of the year! No Harry, Ron and Hermione is gonna change that!

    • NarniaForever says:

      I am sorry, but i will have to beg differ. I adore Narnia, but this is the end of the beggining for Harry Potter! I think that Voyage of the Dawn Treader will do well but, Harry Potter will do better only because it is the begiing of an end to a era of fans and fanaticts!

      • Embrace says:

        I beg to differ because HP is great but nowhere near
        the pure and utter stunning magic of the likes of
        Star Wars, The Lord Of The Rings and Narnia!
        Not to mention The Hobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Queen Elizabeth says:

        I completely agree with Embrace. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • narnian resident says:

        Embrace, You. Are. Awesome. I mean. Awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Mina says:

        Actually the Narnia trailer (the good one from Yahoo) was one of the previews for the HP I went to. It was a smart move as they both somewhat kind of relate to each other, and because HP is getting a HUGE audience.

      • Princess Lucy says:

        Narnia has a much better storyline than HP….hehe even though it is the last HP movie….i totally agree with yous….all the best at the theaters…

      • Katy says:

        HP may not be great in our minds compared to Narnia. But Narnia has no doubt a smaller audience for the first movies than Hp

  5. aragorn2 says:

    AWESOME, the DI lines are a bit cheesy but there is no way they will ruin it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Rhys says:

    The "there I have another name" scene just doesn't hit it at the moment. Too many questions, and Aslan sounds funny. I hope this is better in the full film.

  7. jill pole says:

    who's the litlle girl in the last clip?
    when Lucy talks to her?

    • Shastafan says:

      That is Gael, the Mysterious Little Girl that the movie makers added to the movie. She's very sweet and cute, but here she looks so sad! ๐Ÿ™

      • FaunFan says:

        Haha, every time I see Mysterious Little Girl, or MLG, it makes me think of DLF from PC. I love it.

  8. Linariel says:

    I am so happy now. They did it they did the line. That line is my favorite in all the stories it always warms my heart. I'm so glad they didn't ruin things and take out that line. If it wasn't there none of the movie would be worth as much as it could. To those of us who read the book at least. I really enjoyed Reepicheep's song I like the way in this movie it actually sounds like he's singing instead of it just being a poem. I always wondered how it would sound. The third clip is like a meh I don't know about it but it's alright it doesn't spoil much for me. They needed to add to the plot line in some ways it will be interesting how they do that. I love Narnia and I cannot wait for this movie!! I'm seeing it premiere day and probably Christmas Day! I'm so happy they are doing this finally!

  9. wolfloversk says:

    Ok I have officially stopped woring about the theme now!!!! They kept the song! and Aslan's line ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. adamie says:

    Wow, the 'there I have another name' clip really made me emotional. Aslan has never been so real. The other clips were good too. This is encouraging!

    • Shastafan says:

      Me too! When it's all in context, I have no doubt that I'll cry over this scene! It's so bittersweet that Edmund and Lucy are both getting near tears themselves, and Aslan's lines were wonderfully done. May this scene keep moving me to emotional levels! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • yes I agree! I bawled because it was so real!

  11. Starlily says:

    Oh, these are nice! The first clip and the one with Reepicheep are my favorites. I think Reep's voice will work out all right. And the clip with Gael wasn't so bad–kinda cute, even. But I wonder why Lucy didn't respond to Gael's, "Aslan couldn't keep them from taking her," line. Doesn't Lucy believe Aslan could have prevented it if he wished? God sometimes allows things to happen that we don't understand (and may only understand once we get to heaven), but it doesn't mean he doesn't have the power to prevent them. I hope Aslan won't be "weak" in this film.
    The Dark Island clip could be worse, I guess. Maybe. Right now I'm just bummed that they changed Coriakin from a sweet, hospitable old magician with a sense of humor to an overly solemn quest-giver with melodramatic lines. Maybe I'll like him better in the movie.

    You people who have seen the film–does Coriakin have any other lines besides ones about the "darkness" and "temptation"? Please tell me yes!

  12. emijoy says:

    They got the "I Have Another Name" scene right! It's perfect! These scenes are great!

  13. Noogah says:

    I can't hear the lines.


  14. Pepper Darcy says:

    Awww. I cried. I *really* cried. *REAL* tears, not just my eyes filling. They were running down my face– never coming back… *bawls* it's like really NEVER coming back… and poor Edmund! The first time my headphones didn't work, and then I got it to work and… I cried.

    The rest of the scenes are wonderful, but I'm glad that Voyage of the Dawn Treader was the first movie to *REALLY* make me cry. I'm shivering now… how sad ๐Ÿ™

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      Gael is cute! I love Gael! ๐Ÿ˜€ I can't wait to see more about her! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Starlily says:

      Aww, that's so sad/sweet that it made you cry. But now I feel like a hard-hearted meanie for not crying. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe if I don't watch the clip again until the movie, and then see it in context at the end of the film, I'll tear up. Because I did cry when I watched the end of PC for the second time by myself. And this ending I think will be even more of a tear-jerker and more beautiful and accurate to the book.

      I'm so glad the kids get to go to Aslan's Country at the end of the series. If it wasn't for that, I don't think I could bear all these sad endings in the other books–I hate sadness unless it turns to happiness later.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        Yeah, welll, I'm surprised I cried that easily without seeing everything else they've gone through to have the 'you aren't coming again' given to them at the end… I hope I cry in theaters again :')

        Georgie and Skandar both did so well, and they both look really sad =( I started wondering actually, why Peter and Susan didn't seem to care the same way that Lucy and Ed did? I mean Peter took it as: 'it's not as bad as I thought.' And poor Ed can hardly keep from crying!

        And then Aslan PROMISED Lucy, 'one day.' One day! If LB comes, I'll be crying for happiness then! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Actually, I don't think you're hard hearted for not crying– I've had tears in my eyes at the end of LotR, during a Horatio Hornblower A&E vid, and when Hiccup lost his foot, but that just got me. I felt like I was there being told I could never go back, and half of me was so happy while I was crying because Christ is that other name, and he is there for us ๐Ÿ™‚

        You want my confession? I was mad at C.S. Lewis when he said Lu and Ed couldn't come back in VDT, so when I read LB I finally got over it: 'oh! THAT'S why, well, then that's so much better then! I'm not mad anymore' ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amelia says:

      It made me tear up, though I probably would have been CRY-crying if I hadn't used up my tears the day before watching the end of "Prince Caspian". ๐Ÿ™‚ That last scene is going to be so, so emotional (the "You'll know me by another name" scene.) Especially seeing Lucy and Edmund cry. :'-(

      I like Reepicheep's scene, and Gael is so cute; I can't wait to see more of her!

    • narnian resident says:

      you know whats hilarious, Pepper Darcy? i dont know if you've ever watched the Lord of the Rings, but every time i watch the very ending of the last one, Return of the King, i ALWAYS cry! and not just a few tears, i bawl! and here's whats funny: i watch LOTR at least 6 times a year, and im sure so far in my life i've watched it at least….oh…20-30 times now. i mean, i could practically quote every line (from the extended version, thats what i've got :-D), thats how much i watch it. and no matter how much i do, i always, ALWAYS bawl like a baby at the end! it never fails! its so funny, and i love it ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      Amelia, YOU BET!!

      Narnian Resident, I have seen LotR about as many times as you have, maybe a few more times. And I DID cry once (lots of tears in my eyes) when Frodo said goodbye to Sam, but I tear up everytime Sam almost drowns and at the end of RotK. But in another way, it's ALMOST hard to be sad at the end of that because Frodo is 'safe' and you know Sam will follow one day. I feel so much sadder thinking about Lucy and Ed never coming back ๐Ÿ™ Maybe because I think about my own characters having to say goodbye to a certain character that is just like Aslan… it'd be awful. It'd kill Ithilwen i know… (sorry, my characters have such a mind of their own ๐Ÿ™‚ They never listen to me ๐Ÿ˜€

      So yes, I do get teary when I watch LotR, but not so much because I put myself in the 'I'm Frodo mode' and it ends happy for Frodo. When I watch Narnia I put myself in the 'I'm Lucy mode'. Probably why there's such a difference. If I made myself 'Sam…' I'd be bawling ๐Ÿ˜€

      • narnian resident says:

        so you write, Pepper Darcy???? thats awesome! i love to write too, and Narnia and C.S. Lewis are my main inspiration for my stories. they're alot like Narnia but different and unique in their own way. my endings make me sad too ๐Ÿ™‚
        well, its not that i cry all the time at end of LOTR because im afraid for Frodo or anything like that. its a very bittersweet moment. i mean, the other hobbits are bawling! i cry because i put myself in Sam's and Merry's and Pippin's position really, and they're crying because they're saying goodbye to Frodo and they wont be seeing him again, and its emotional after all that they've been through. so its like the viewer saying goodbye to Frodo (and all the other characters, really) for the last time, and its quite emotional. oh goodness, i sound so nerdy right now! but im proud to be a nerd ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Alambil says:

    Even though the "Dark Island" scene makes me slightly nervous too, I absolutely LOVED the map =) and the battle scene from LWW on it…. and Eustace's lines about it being beautiful, etc. =)

  16. Shastafan says:

    Great clips! Even the Dark Island plot didn't seem too bad yet! I just can't hold in my excitment anymore! This movie looks spectacular! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I've uploaded screenshots of the 5 new clips at (that's a Picasa web photo album).

    I love these clips, especially Aslan's talk at the end of the world!

  18. Lady Em says:

    I don't really like the tune for Reepicheep's song. I know they couldn't use the one that BBC Radio used (which I love), but couldn't they have done something better?
    Other than that, I think I like the clips. The map does seem very special-effects-y, though.

  19. DanielmyBrother says:

    After seeing these clips, I just want to see the movie! Dec. 10th is almost here.

  20. NarnianRebel says:

    I love Ed's look in the clip "Dark Island" when Eustace say "Well for a make-believe map in a make-believe world." He's like 'Ya, of course.'

  21. allalea says:

    I love Reep's line we have nothing if not belief. I think it captures the heart of the series. Gael is adorable. She reminds my of my own sister.

    • narnian resident says:

      yes, i absolutely LOVE that line! its so beautiful, and practically captures a big theme of the whole Narnia Chronicles! Faith is a major, major theme of all of Narnia, and this line is just amazing!

  22. aslan's child says:

    im in love with reepicheeep!!!!!!!!!!lol

  23. pselpevensie says:


  24. Amelia says:

    That map is so cool!!

  25. Caddoc says:

    All I can say is one word: Amaizing! I love the scenes with Aslan and Reepicheep. Also another thing; in the trailer from the UK Facebook page (along with most every other trailer that is out), if you pause it at the clip with Dragon Eustice flying towards the camera, you can see the arm ring that he puts on on his right arm.

  26. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Oh my gosh! They started tearing up and I started tearing up! I'm just sitting her at the computer crying and my sister is like "What is wrong with you!" She's younger than me yet she doesn't undersatnd the power of Narnia. And yes I will most likely cry in the theater too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Queen Elizabeth says:

      Pardon my emotions. But I'm really gonna miss the Pevensies. Even though we''l see them in the LB.

      • narnian resident says:

        oh dont worry, Queen Elizabeth, i'm going to really miss them too, especially Lucy. i bet i'll be more emotional! i'm probably going to baul (spellcheck?) my eyes out, and my friends are probably going to be like "Awwww, Catie! Dont cry! its ok!" lol because they know how i am absolutely obssessed with Narnia and how excited i am about this movie ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I would have been fine until Ed teared up. ๐Ÿ™

  28. Fran says:

    OMG!!!! I've waiting for this movie since more than two yeaaaars !! I can't believe it, is so so so so FANTASTIC, but I want to see more about the mermaidians, and more imagens of Edmund (L)

  29. wolfloversk says:

    :O *Suddenly realizes they granted her wish and made a TV spot without any mention of Pete, Su, or the WW :O

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

  30. The Archenlander says:

    I love them all!

  31. NarnianAllTheWay says:

    I'm afraid I'm going to pass out before I get to see the movie. I'm way too excited; it's probably unhealthy!

  32. ~Lava~ says:

    Two of these are so great and balm to my book purist heart the scene with Lucy and Reep and the scene with Lucy and Aslan. The stark picture of Reep on the prow and the lines of the end.

  33. Edmundsdefender says:

    The scene between Lucy and Aslan was amazing and captured the book so well! I also love the scene between Reep and Lucy. It captured Reep's character perfectly! I'm not too keen on the scene with Coriaken because his dialog sounds really corny and his voice is very odd sounding. I don't think I like it. He sounds too serious and worried. In the book, Coriaken was content and inclined to laugh at himself and the duffers. The opening scene in the bed room looks good (very much like the book) though it still sounds like Caspian is saying "glug, glug" to Lucy right before they go up. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Edmundsdefender says:

      I forgot to mention; while I love what Lucy tells the MLG, I wish they hadn't added that character at all. She seems completely unnecessary and rather cheesy.

    • narnian resident says:

      actually, he says "hold on" to Lucy. just saying, to let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. narnian resident says:

    i literally squeeled when Aslan said those lines exactly from the book!!!!! i am so so so so so happy its there! that was the most important thing for me, and now i know its there! yay!!!
    i love the other clips, especially the Reepicheep and Lucy clip. Reep is so awesome! and i love his voice! you know, it doesnt sound too different from PC, so thats not a problem.
    the Coriakin scene is interesting. you notice he looks at Edmund when he talks about the nightmares coming true, and Edmund looks strangely nervous. thats pretty interesting. oh! and you see how they incorperated LWW into it! they had the centaur with the horn there and Aslan's camp, and a perfect glimpse of the Battle of Beruna against the White Witch there. thats a bit odd, and i wonder if they just put it there to remind us of LWW (which apparently they want to do, as they have talked about wanting to remind us of the magic (and success, obviously!) of LWW). its quite interesting and kind of cool. my memory immediately shot back to those scenes from LWW. i suppose it was a nice touch.
    the Lucy and Gael clip is touching! its very precious. Arabella is a wonderful actress!! i was very impressed with her performance! cannot wait to see her in the film!
    this has probably gotten me the most excited. i am absolutely on cloud nine after hearing those lines from Aslan ๐Ÿ˜€ i cannot wait to see that! i am sure of it, i will cry!

    • ~Lava~ says:

      I thnk this actually is good because the first battle of Beruna was such a major point in Narnia's history that the whole world probably heard about it. It also was long enough ago that Coriakin possibly saw it from the skies so it might be part of his memories as well as the Pevensies. The new Battle of Beruna would not be in his memories. The pictures on the edge of the map may very well be Coriakin's memories. The other thing about it is does the fact that the map is on the ground with Coriakin standing over it remind you of another scene in the Chronicles. Seeing it in this clip reminded me of another withdrawn individual who watches the world in silence (literally) from a thing in the ground.

  35. narnime says:

    I am soo gonna cry at the theaters:( I love the Aslan scene and the MLG scene:) I love you Aslan!!!:)

  36. fireheart209 says:

    In that map clip– was that a scene from LWW on there? The centaur blowing the horn, the army charging across the field? It is beautiful. Loved Eustace's line and Edmund's look. Awesome.

  37. Fire vien says:

    OH OH OH!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scene between Lucy and Gale ( is that her name?) reminds me of the scene of Susan and Lucy in PC.

  38. oh wow!!!!! I love these SO much!

  39. Mina says:

    Two things:
    1) I really hope they didn't take out Edmund's counterrhyme, as I loved that.
    2)The video "You'll see her again" had Lucy's picture, so basically I thought it was Lucy and Caspian talking about Ramandu's Daughter…of course I was way off, but that's the first thing that came to my mind.

  40. Loyal Narnian says:

    Oh beautiful! I love, love, love the Aslan and Lucy scene. I got goosebumps and almost cried. I just had to smile! This is going to be a fantastic movie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Thyservant says:

    ASLAN IS ON THE MOVE!!! Pray that VDT is to be on in the mainland of China without any cutting…

  42. Twinimage says:

    SCORE!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Yes! They go Aslan's line at the end right, IMO!!!!
    That was great! One concern has been quenched thus far and only a couple left. I'm quite optimistic about this movie so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Twinimage says:

      Oh, also really liked that they included the rhyme from the driad about the utter east, even if it's only sung by Reepicheep. I have a suspicion though that the part about where the water grows sweet will be mentioned later in the film. Note the for the score of the film, one of the tracks mentions the sweet water.

  43. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    I… love… it! The first one is beautiful. The third one has an /amazing/ map (think it's funny how the boarders have parts of LWW though) though I'm a tad worried about the way the Dark Island is painted ("stealing the light from this world" etc). I'm kinda wondering about the way Lu says "Do you really believe there is such a place?" but Reep's answer /is/ great! The fifth one… I can't say I appreciate having Gael in there; and I wish Lucy would have addressed Gael's comment of "But Aslan couldn't stop her from being taken."
    20 more days. Just 20 more days….

  44. wolfloversk says:

    Ok now that I've regained my composure…
    The first one made me cry! the pensevies last time in Narnia! And they kept the whole line!
    The fifth one made me cry! Gael was so sweet, I think she'll end up being a great addition to the plot- especially for Lu's storyline, and Arabella's acting is terrific!
    The fourth one made me jump up and down with abesolute joy! They kept the song they kept the song!!!
    The second one made me smile, looks just as good as when it was first released, love the painting ๐Ÿ˜€
    The third one was made me smile, I think I'll get used to Coriakin's dialouge and the map is amazing.

  45. narniacrazy says:

    I love the clip of aslan and lucy! not only is Lucy crying but Ed is to! I think this one is going to be more sad then pc.

  46. ilovenarnia says:

    dude this movie is so coooooooooooool

  47. ilovenarnia says:

    i love this movie and we are going to trip to watch this movie YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Footnote says:

    Before I watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, I had minor worries. Then I watched the movie, and loved it. Not as good as the book, but probably the best you can do in celluloid.
    Before I watched Prince Caspian, I was quite worried. Sadly, my fears were justified.
    There are changes in this movie from the novel Dawn Treader, yes. But from what I've seen (and read) these seem now all to be good changes. And after watching these clips (and everything else over the last few months), I can honestly say that I have NO worries about this movie! In fact, I am vastly more excited about this movie than the previous two. Dare I say it?: I have a feeling this might actually be an improvement on my third favourite Narnia book! The term is over; the holidays are about to begin!
    All praise to Aslan, as He is known in this world!

  49. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Although there are many changes from the book, I understand why they did it. To give the movie a more precise storyline to follow, and not just have them jumping from island to island randomly until they find Aslan's Country. They have a task and the movie is about them carrying it out.

  50. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Why is everyone calling Gael MLG? Or am I just confused?

  51. HisWarrior says:

    Amazing movie clips! Absolutely amazing! I am so impatient for the movie now. I love the clip with Lucy and Aslan; very beautiful. Coriakin's map looks amazing. I especially love the centaur and the battle scene from the first movie on the map as well. Very cleverly done.

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