Georgie at the BAFTA Children’s Awards

Yesterday Georgie Henley attended the 2010 BAFTA Children’s Awards Ceremony and presented the best Performer awared to Horrible Histories actor Jim Horwich.
Leicester Square TV caught up with Georgie on the red carpet and chatted with her for a bit about meeting the Queen tomorrow night and her role in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Thanks Narnia_Mania for the link!

14 Responses

  1. HM Swanwhite says:

    LOL. Georgie! So funny! I'd love to meet her too! As well as the Queen!!!

  2. N-E-M says:

    Georgie is taller than the young man who won the award!! How funny!


  3. Clodsley Mole says:

    I thought she was standing on something? She was evidently a real delight to interview!

  4. eustacegirl says:

    I love Georgie Henley

  5. Pepper Darcy says:

    you too in that suit! 🙂 Aw, how cute is that! Great interview!! 🙂 We're lucky to have Georgie as our Lucy =D

  6. campgirl says:

    yeah! She's so adorable! 😀

  7. Annabeth says:

    georgie rocks, and she looks so pretty. if i tried to wear a dress like her's i would look horrible, but it looks great on her. we'll miss u like crazy when SC (or MN 😉 ) is made. 🙁

  8. Cymrugirl says:

    She said it was her last film. *tries not to read anything in to this….but it isn't working*

  9. SapphireBeth says:

    Is he… Is he flirting with her? Haha. I would love to meet her, she's so adorable and nice and sweet. C:

    I hope they make the other movies… I'll seriously keel over if I hear they aren't going to make the other ones. Arg.

  10. K says:

    now i want to know what that guy's suit looks like

  11. narnian resident says:

    what i love so much about Georgie is her hilarious and charming bubbly personality. she is so clever with words, and such a comedian, its so funny 😀
    i love her dress! i noticed it was one of the outfits she had worn in her latest photoshoot, which by the way is stunning!

  12. Jill_Pole says:

    She is so pretty, its unfair!
    Its soo weird thinking she was the little gir wo discovered Narnia, but now she is a teenager, like me!!

  13. Jill_Pole says:

    you are soooooo right!!!

  14. zhangjisen says:

    Agree!I'm just looking forward to the Dawn Treader! But it seeems like Narnia is not really well known in my country.