Georgie Henley Interview

A new interview with Georgie Henley has been posted online.  In the interview, Georgie mentions that Voyage is her favourite of the Narnian books.  Apart from that, she talks with the interviewer about how her life has been changed by the filming industry, and how she feels as if she lives two different lives.  You can read the article online, by clicking here.

20 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Good interview. She seems pretty smart and has a good worldview.

  2. FaunFan says:

    Nice interview. She seems like a really sweet girl. I'm hoping she stays that way, unlike many other celebrities. I can totally picture myself being friends with her.

  3. LucyTheValiant says:

    she does seem like a really sweet girl. i'm so glad that she's so grounded and i think she can handle the fame without becoming like other celebs.

  4. Katana says:

    I like George alot, She is not stuck up and even though she's in the movies she still likes the books

  5. Boke_Wyrm says:

    I admire her for expanding her taste in books. I hope she gets to study acting, but I like that she is taking time to have a life.

  6. Narnian Geek says:

    She's right that the books are more Christian then the movie. Hint, Caspian and Susan romance.

    I really liked her comment about her fan sites. Pretty good interview.

  7. CEP Paul T says:

    Seems like a solid family there. Nice interview.

  8. Pepper Darcy says:

    Aw! The Interviewer should have asked: 'what's it like being filmed in your *favourite* narnia book?' 🙂 Neat how that's her favourite. IT wasn't a favourite until I saw the first trailer… then I was like 'WOW! Awesome book!' 🙂

    I agree Narnian Geek– I do think the books are more Christian… though in Wardrobe we saw those elements… it was so hard to see 'anything' in Prince Caspian.
    Wow. You know what's really funny? Us American's always read British literature, and people over in Britian pour over To Kill a Mocking Bird (American). Anna read that one too and really liked it. Not that I mind, I've only seen the Gregory Peck version and I want to read the book SO bad… but funny how the US and UK read each other's books like that 😉

  9. Kale&Bardon (aka murtaghluv) says:

    I love the comment she said at the end about those fan sites.

    I totally agree. it could easily go to your head.

    I think georgie is totally right when she said the the books are more christian than the movies.

    I really hope georgie doesn't change into a celb that is like stuck up and snotty. SHe is such a down to earth girl it seems i hope she stays that way. and living in ikley where she really doesn't go by Georgie Henley but just Georgie. I think that is great. I would love to meet her some time.

    And I thought to kill a moking bird was a really good book too. but kinda depressing. But its funny cause we're only two mionths a part in age and i still only read fantasy, except if i have to read otherwise for school(but then i end up enjoying the classics) like right now i am reading the Twelfith Night script of the play by william shakespeare and its being awesome.

    Georgie is so awesome she is like a complete sure of herself kinda girl.

  10. WarriorMaiden says:

    She seems really sensible and seems to be making smart choices. I agree, Kale&Bardon about the celeb thing. I don't want her to get messed up. She's so sweet.

  11. Kale&Bardon (aka murtaghluv) says:

    celeb i meant celeb

  12. Feather~Light~Heart says:

    She really seems like an amazing person. She sounds grounded in her opinions on things, which is great, and also sensible and mature. I'd love to meet her some day 🙂 I pray she doesn't turn like other celebrities have though 🙁

  13. Annabeth says:

    aww, i love Georgie. she's growing up so nicely. (I'm sorry, i know that sounds so idiotic, but she is ;))
    i like what she said about visiting fan sites, she sounds like a very sensible person.
    we love u georgie!

  14. StephanieTheFaithful says:

    Georgie seems to know what she is doing, very grounded. I hope she will stay that way.


  15. SnowingRoses says:

    Now that you say it, I see your point. That is funny, and really interesting. I wonder what's up with that? It must be one of the great, mysterious wonders of life. 🙂

  16. Elyon's Daughter says:

    Can you post a copy of the article here? My computer is blocking that site 🙁

  17. I_LiVe_iN_NarNia says:

    I think lots of teenagers in Britain read To Kill A Mockingbird because nearly everyone has to for their English Literature GCSE 🙂 It's a great book though so I'm glad we do!

  18. Narniamaniac says:

    Georgie seems like such a sweet and down to earth girl. She's really mature for her age, too. I would absolutely love to meet her one day!

  19. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    "I think you can see Christianity in any story, any film. It just depends on your personal beliefs and your faith and whether you’re looking for it or not."

    I LOVE that quote. Georgie is such a mature, well-grounded girl, and I hope she stays that way 🙂 She has a very good handle on separating her public life from her private one, something even some of the biggest movie stars have problems with.

  20. Koma says:

    Thank goodness for that. Couldn't stomach any religious propoganda. It had enough in it as it was.