Homeschoolers, It’s Your Turn! is hosting a contest for homeschool graduates and for the parents of homeschoolers, in which participants have the opportunity to win tickets to the premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Entrants need to write a 200 word essay explaining who their favourite Narnian character is (as well as why).  The essay must also include the reason why you think you should win the grand prize.  Full rules and deadlines can be found by clicking here.

Thanks to Narnianerd for the head’s up!

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  1. Shastafan says:

    Aw man! I'm a homeschooler, but I haven't graduated from it! 🙁

    Oh well! I still love that homeschooler graduates and homeschooling parents can win tickets to the premiere! 😀

    • Reepicheep775 says:

      Same here…

      Oh well, homeschool rocks!

      • Aslan's Meadow says:

        ditto! homeschool is awsome! But the link to the contest only puts you to an article which directs you to the already going focus on the family contest….that's a little weird.

      • RumbbleBuffinTheStrong says:

        I just started in a public High School for grade 10….
        I was homeschooled before.

      • Aravis and Hwin says:

        Yes! Homeschooling is great! But, I'm not a graduate… Maybe I'll have graduated by the time The Last Battle comes out :)!

      • Scarlet13 says:

        I homeschool too! its awesome! ugh but too bad im not graduating! jk. 🙂

      • always narnian says:

        I'm homeschooled too! 😀 Cool, I did not know there were so many other homeschoolers on here/

      • beautiful balerina says:

        same hear!!! home schooling does rock!!!!!

    • TheDiamondRose says:

      Ugh, me too! I wanna graduate NOW! 😛

      Well, whatever, at least other people will benefit from it. I just hope they take lots and lots and lots of pictures for us unfortunate people to see. XD

    • Reepicheep, Knight of Narnia says:

      I'm a homeschooler, too!
      When is there going to be a contest for us teenager Narnia fans? We like Narnia, too!!!

    • beautiful balerina says:

      i am home schooled to, it is to bad that is only for graduates 🙁

  2. Starlily says:

    Wow, I'm homeschool graduate! For once this applies to me! But…I just don't have the guts to write an essay explaining my favorite character and why I should win a grand prize. I just don't. And I dislike writing essays. Sooo…good luck to anyone who enters!

  3. Pepper Darcy says:

    I'm a homeschool graduate!! YES I am SOOO entering this!! 😀

    • Annabeth says:

      *sobbing* you are SOOOOOOO lucky!!!! I'm homeschooled, but I'm not graduating. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. EnnaGirl says:

    I'm a homeschool graduate, and I'd enter but I don't think my dad would be too pleased if I went over to London! I just barely turned 18!

  5. Aravis Tarkheena says:

    *WOOT!* Homeschoolers are FINALLY being recongnized! <3 <3 <3
    Unfortunately I can't enter, but my older sister can.

  6. wolfloversk says:

    Congrats homeschoolers! To bad I went to a public school 😛

  7. Narniadreamer says:

    Too bad I am not a graduate. I would LOVE to have been able to enter. Good luck of of ya'll who participate. 🙂

  8. NewMillenium says:

    Aaaw! I'm a homeschool graduate, but I'm not 18 yet, so I can't enter :*(

  9. You know what's odd about this? The writer says the contest is FocusonChristmas from Focus on the Family! I didn't know that contest was open to homeschoolers but I guess it is. So this isn't really news…

  10. Pepper Darcy says:

    Rats. IT's the Focus on the Family contest. I already entered it! 🙂

  11. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    I'M HOMESCHOOLED!!!!!!!!!!! but i'm a freshman in high school……………………………. I CAN ASK MY MOM!!!

    • StephanieTheFaithful says:

      I am a homeschooler too! But I have not graduated yet. Now I have to go try to get my mom to write an essay…


  12. Eric Novak says:

    Actually the examiner got it wrong- this is the Focus on the Family contest and it's open to anyone, not just homeschoolers or homeschool graduates. As long as you're over 18 you can enter. Plus it isn't a 200 word essay (as for a homeschooler that would be awfully short) it's UP TO 200 words. Like 220 and Lily said, there really isn't any news.


  13. Twinimage says:

    I'm a homeschool graduate and was almost tempted to consider doing this. lol

  14. NarnianPrincess says:

    My nine year old brother came to me and said "Their having a contest for homeschoolers to go to London!" and I got all excited and everything. But…then I read it for myself and found out you have to be a graduate. BUMMER!

  15. checkers says:

    GAAAAAAAH!!!!! I'm STILL not eligible!!!! *bangs head on desk* Wait….my sisters are….doubt any of them would want to write a 200 word essay…hm….

  16. Hwin says:

    Is this for ANYWHERE?????

  17. Narnia Ultimate Fan says:

    grrr.. I'm a homeschooler, not a grad, but i could ask my parents. One drawback, i don't live in USA!! 🙁
    This contest is only open to residents of USA. boohoohoo.
    I hope something comes out for Canadiens. Please.

  18. Cynical Narnia Fanboy says:

    Yeaah! homeschool class of 2010, baby!

  19. I'm a homeschool graduate!…but… I'm not eighteen 🙁

  20. Oh I wish I graduated… I'm homeschooling but since I'm still in school it dosent help if I'm not graduated yet.

  21. WillowofNarnia says:

    That's interesting how it is advertising the Focus on the Family contest….hmmm….. I didn't know that there were so many homeschoolers on here! I'm a homeschooler as well! 🙂

  22. WholeHearted says:

    I saw this and wrote an Essay for it… but when I clicked on the link on I only got an error page. Is there another way to enter?

  23. Yeah, I think this is just a retelling of the Focus on the Family contest…

  24. Northernranger says:

    Homeschoolers are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Starlily says:

    Don't mind me–just checking out smiley faces. :O 😮 8)

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