IMDB now advertising for Voyage

The internet movie database (IMDB) is now featuring advertising for The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Although these advertisements are nothing that we haven’t seen before, the fact that the film is now being advertised by one of the largest movie websites on the internet is relevant.  You can see the advertisement for yourself by clicking here.

Thanks to narnian1 for the heads up.

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  1. narnian resident says:

    like i said before…so much promotion! im really liking that. and oh! first comment 🙂

  2. A_Narnian_Ship says:

    The anticipation!! Very exciting!

  3. checkers says:

    Cool! 😀 Though…may I ask why Narrowhaven Island is on ,:/

  4. Austin says:

    Man, I was going to send this in, but somebody beat me to it. The more promotion the better since there is only a little over a month to go.

  5. Griffle says:

    "…one of the largest movie websites on the internet…"? It's THE largest movie website on the internet. Period.

  6. I saw this on IMDB yesterday…I made me happy. And then I felt like such a dork…

  7. pselpevensie says:

    lovin' all the advertising!!!!

  8. Annabeth says:

    yeah, I totally think this movie is going to outdo all the others.
    1. It's a holiday movie. Holiday movies always stand a chance of being more advertised.
    2. All the advertising. There's this and loads more.
    3. rumors are going around that VDT is 'news to harry potter'
    The movies have been made over, like, what? 7 years? Nothing's ever 'been news' to harry potter.

    Over all, I'm really hopefull VDT is going to have a LOT of publicity.

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