Italian Band Sonohra Performs ‘There’s a Place for Us’

Brothers Luca and Diego Fainello of the Italian band Sonohra perform “There’s a Place for Us.” It appears to be the same stage and background shots of Victoria’s version we reported on yesterday, but it’s still cool to hear singers from different countries perform the title song from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Youtube link is here.

Thanks to Liberty Hoffman for the heads up!

Along the same line, Daniel James writes that singer Sergey Lazarev will perform this song for Russia and Stan Walker will perform it for Australia. That bit of info can be found on Wikipedia here.

Thanks Daniel!

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  1. DearHeart says:

    I think this is the best version of this song so far. So cool!!I love it. Good job guys. You have hit the nail on the head!

    ~What Might Have Happened~

  2. N-E-M says:

    It is so cool to see how each group puts their own spin on the song! It is really enjoyable hearing these different artists from around the world! It just seems to demonstrate what a wide appeal the Narnia series has.

    Only ten more days!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone!


  3. Starlily says:

    Well, that version wasn't so bad…but I don't care for the song anyway, so maybe I'm just getting used to it.

    I wonder if the singers mind getting their feet wet? 😉

  4. campgirl says:

    I like hearing all the different versions, too! And I love how their accents come through sometimes! 😉

    Starlily, that's funny about their feet 😛

  5. checkers says:

    My favorite version so far!!! 😀

  6. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    seems like most of the publicity is geared toward europeans-

  7. Adam says:

    Don't know about this one… Carrie is still the best version. She seems more emotionally connected to the song. Maybe, because she wrote it

  8. DruidDream says:

    I hope there'll be a spanish version as well 🙂

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      that'd be neat, but he, he, your 'i'm hoping' reminded me of 'i'm hoping for some serious burns' from HtTYD and I saw your comment, laughed, and thought: 'yeah, I'm hoping for some malling, like across my shoulder and lower back.' 'yeah, it's only fun if you get a scare out of it.' 'No kidding, right? Pain: LOVE it!'

      Sorry, random, but that's what I started thinking of 😀

  9. Pepper Darcy says:

    I'm guessing, after watching that AWEFUL Victoria version, that that 'set' is pasted on there… and that MAYBE these people are just on a set/blue/green screen thing, because it didn't look like these guys' legs were wet. They had NO splashes up their legs/jeans and they were splashing around. So maybe they're just preforming it and then they 'add' the stuff around it? Because at the SAME time as Victoria's the waterlilies and petals appeared… ??? That's my guess.

    This version was BETTER than Victoria's mess. I like the orchestration of Carrie's better, but I like the italian voices best. The song is actually (unfortunately) growing on me. Except the stupid junk about 'we can be the king and queen of any place if we believe…' um. Sorry. I only want to be queen of Narnia 🙂 Or a Dragon Slayer in my own world. And it's Aslan who makes you a king or queen of Narnia, otherwise, the lyrics can ALMOST fit, though the 'pop' part of the instruments is… off.

    Because the part of a place where you 'belong' is a central theme at least in Narnia, like our glumpuddle says often. He's pointed out many times that it's a central theme in Dawn Treader (and I agree)

    And it's also a theme in The Horse and His Boy… so 'belonging' part of 'There's a Place for Us' fits!

    And Glumpuddle was right on when he said it about DT, because I had never noticed it before until he said. But he was *so* right about it.

    • Voice of reason says:

      Victoria's version wasn't 'AWEFUL', Darcy, get a grip. It just was't American.
      Why are you so narrow minded and weird? Is it a Republican thing ?

      • Manticore says:

        Voice of Reason? More like, Voice of Prejudice. No need for generalizations, man.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        No, I'm not Republican, or Democratic. And I happen to be more than a fourth German. I just thought that Victoria's vid took away the innocence of Narnia. Could you seen Lucy or even Susan doing that? It just didn't seem right.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        I'm sorry for being a jerk 🙁

      • Fire Fairy says:

        If she didn't like Victoria's version just because it "wasn't American" then she wouldn't have liked the Italian version, now, would she? I, for one, agree with her. Victoria's version was really weird and did not work well. I felt like she had no passion whatsoever for the song she was singing, and it showed in her voice. The Italian guys, however, put some feeling into their singing, and it came through. I like it almost as much as Carrie's version, because while I like the rock interpretation better, Carrie still sang with her heart and soul. These guys get two thumbs up.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Voice of Reason, why are you sou negitave minded? Is it a Democrate thing? 🙂 Back at ya 🙂

      • Manticore says:

        Pepper, you might be the sweetest person I've met in a long time.

    • Voice of reason says:

      You are right, Darcy, it was narnia_fan12. I am sorry. Th moderator ,it seems had wisely cut out his or her words quite quickly, and your name is the one I remembered. please do not feel bad. That person's words added to this site had just offended me so much ( Probably because Palin keeps calling herself a Christian ), I did not thinks straight.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        Voice, hey. Thanks. And I forgive you. *laughs nervously* You had me really worried, I went back and tried to look for what I said… and I couldn't find anything, so I was *really* worried… Sorry though, for appearing evil. I'm not prejudice against Victoria. My main concern was how… suggestive it seemed. Her costume and movements. It's not childproof. And that's all I mean. I'm sorry myself for being a jerk and coming across as that way. I try to keep my political views to myself.

        Mods, I'm really sorry for this… :/ REALLY sorry. And, Voice of Reason, again, you didn't hurt me. You did nothing to me =)

      • 'Voice of reason' says:

        you have no reason at all to say sorry. I am the only one who needs to.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        Hey, Voice, you're a really decent person! Your friends are really blessed! =D

      • Not Of This World says:

        Palin is a Christian! Obama's the one who keeps calling himself Christian!

    • 'Voice of reason' says:

      This is not a good excuse, I know, but consider, Pepper, that in my country, when I, or someone else say that I am a Christian, the response is usually: 'Oh, like George Bush, and Sarah Palin ?'
      It is very awkward.

    • 'Voice of reason' says:

      Thank you, that is precious advice, Darcy. : )

  10. aslan4ever says:

    i love italiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. headstrong says:

    tomorrow is the premiere aaaaah <3

  12. DanielmyBrother says:

    The Italian boys did good. I wonder if Carrie Underwood is going to have a video of this song. That would be cool.

    • Adam says:

      I hope so… But I read she is REALLY sick right now and cancelled tour dates. Which sucks because she can't be out promoting the movie or the song

  13. Lylanarniafan says:

    Only 10 days !!!!

  14. Daughter_of_Eve18 says:

    The shorter guy with long hair looks like Kalan Porter! (If you don't know who he is…which is likely the case…you should look him up.) MUCH better!

  15. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I don't like this one at all!!! I still like the German one better, and then Carrie's.

  16. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Whenever I listen to this I imagine Lucy and Ed listening too because this song is about them and it makes me emotional knowing they're not coming back and this is all about them.

  17. Narniamaniac says:

    Wow, I really liked their version too! He had an awesome voice. They sounded about as emotional as Carrie did. The guitars were a nice touch too!

  18. Click on my name 🙂 This is song russian singer Sergey Lazarev. No new footage, no clip.

  19. Marjorie says:

    WHO Wacthing the dawn treader premiere online on 30 November Online ?

    In :

    Sorry for my bad english, im french !

  20. timo says:

    The guitars were kinda lame. It was obvious they weren't playing them, espessially the guy on the left. But yea, besides that, it's the best version so far 🙂

  21. Manticore says:

    ooh, cute guys with accents. 😀 I still haven't heard Ms. Underwood's version, but i'm not exactly her biggest fan, so i'm thinking this will probably be my favorite.

    • Voice of reason says:

      I see your point, but in fact, I realize that most Americans are intelligent cultured people.
      I was not 'prejudging' her, I was refering to her disdain of what is not American, and the inappropriat comments she made days back on this site, proudly writing that she was voting Republican, felt SARAH PALIN would make a good president, after all,she wrote, we have had a 'black man' now…
      The republican party has ruined the economy ( and the U S's reputation) of the planet, and this woman wants to vote them back in–AND ADVERTISES FOR THEM ON A NARNIA WEB SITE
      Like a dog going back to it's own vomit.

      • Fire Fairy says:

        Whoa, hey, cool it, will you? Pepper Darcy was just expressing her opinion. You don't need to jump her for it. And what does being Republican have to do with anything? If you have a problem with her political standpoint, talk to her privately about it. You don't need to get all worked up about it. Please be more considerate to her opinions.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        and besides, I said that I was NOT voting for Palin. I have never voted for Republicans or Democrates. I don't hate either. I'm not prejudice against Obama… he's our nation's leader. Under God's command I must respect him. And I do. And I wouldn't say anything degrading about him online, even if I believed it.

        I'm sorry. I really am. You don't know how sorry I am! I never said I was voting Republican. My family doesn't vote either R or D.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        and I didn't say anything about having Obama as a president. I didn't mention him at all because I didn't want to cause a fight. And I wouldn't say 'black man' about him or his family or anyone else. It's degrading and cruel. God made them equal… but okay. I'm done. I won't say anymore, but I *was* going to tell any moderatore who read this mess ***I*** made that I did *NOT* say one disrespectful thing about the President that God gave us. Besides how do you know I'd vote for Palin?

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        not all Americans are smart, Voice, look at me 🙂 I'm American and so… idiotic. See the mess I made? 🙂 I'm the epitome of stupidity it seems =D God bless you, Voice! And I'm sorry that people flaunt stuff in your face about Christianity. Just go back to the Bible, or refer others there when they say 'like Bush or like Palin' 🙂 That'll stop them dead 🙂 You're using Scripture against what they think.

        Again, God Bless!

      • Not Of This World says:

        Just a fact . . . Did you know that the econmy is now WORSE now that Mr.Obama's now in office then when George Bush was in there? We need a person like Palin or Huckabey in office to get America on the right track again.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        Not of this World, I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, but I don't think the Moderators will like it if we go around stating political agendas or opinions. It could so easily spill into a fight, and no-one wants that here 🙂 I know you're not being rude, and Voice of Reason is a decent person.

        But for the sake of peace, we should probably cut all the political talk. The only reason I said what I said above was I hadn't ever stated that, and I don't want to be accused of those sins.

        Again, you're not being rude, but I don't think the Moderators would appreciate it 🙂

      • Not Of This World says:


      • Not Of This World says:

        I won't say anything 🙂

  22. StBrianofMinneapolis says:

    I'm still loving this. I'm a marketing major in addition to a Narnia fan. This whole worldwide campaign seems brilliant.

  23. Adeona says:

    Bravo! Hooray for Italia! I love the accents. : D
    (BTW, I'm one very dominant quarter Italian and proud of it!)

  24. simplyphilly says:

    Diego is like a younger Josh Groban,cool! Their really good,my favorite so far. No Lady Gaga dresses or freaky hand movements and expressions. No offense, her (Victoria S.)voice was good.

    P.S. Diego's (brunette) birthday is two days before mine.

  25. narniafan in Phi says:

    yeah, it's a nice music video, but when will this music video will have a version of Carrie Underwood? after all she is the original singer of the song.

  26. Not Of This World says:

    That was good, but carrie underwood's version is still the best.

  27. Michelle says:

    this is my favorite version <3

  28. Giuliano says:


  29. Annabeth says:

    after seeing the german version, i'm a little scared to see the italian's version. it looks like everyone likes it, though.

  30. Narnian Meerkat says:

    I think I like their version alot better than Carrie Underwood's. . . . 🙂 thought I still like her's too.

  31. Elissa says:

    Oh, gosh. -tries to control laughter- It would be pretty funny if someone photoshopped Pete and Ed's faces onto the singers in this video….. -snickers uncontrollably-

    • Annabeth says:

      *dies laughing with Elissa* you are SO RIGHT!! that would be halarious. I'd love to see peter doing the tossing-the-hair out of eyes thing….. *cracks up laughing*
      and Ed totally looked like the other dude

  32. Magnificentking says:

    WOW I think I like this better the Carrie's … I mean hers is ok and all but I think is is to slow to capture the Magic and amazing amount of just Awe that comes along with Narnia and I think these guys did that very well! Good Job!

  33. MagnificentKing says:

    The only thing I would change in the video is it would be awesome if the could have been American because if they had sung that here instead of Carrie it would have been very popular in the US

  34. Annabeth says:

    oooo, i just listened to it and i must say…..WHY can't THEY do it instead of Carrie?!?! It's such a beautiful song when you get the right voices. (not to mention the cute Italian accents <3 <3 <3 😉 )
    this is really awesome, do you think i could get it on iTunes?

  35. Jessica says:

    Best verison of the song!!! & the boy with long blonde hair is really cute 😀 MINE!!!!!

  36. Little Narnian says:

    This is amazing, it's the best version of the song. I wish they could do it instead of Carrie Underwood. 🙁

  37. Jenny Fainello says:

    Wooooooooooow !! this is PERFECT! I love it!
    Luca♥ you are so amazing I love yoou.. amore mio!
    Diego♥ OMG Your voice is GREAT! Lovee Sonohra!

  38. Loren says:

    Wau Sonohra the best GROUP in the year… This version for the movie of Narnia… I love Luca y Diego ♥♥♥♥♥ It is the better than I saw and listened… I love you Sonohra..!
    Luca♪ you are ONLY
    Diego♪ I love your VOICE

  39. Becky says:

    I love this version!!
    I can really feel the emotions of Luca and Diego while they are singing


    Asi se hace chicos!! Esos son mis muchachos! recuerden que siempre las Cofis Queretari lo estaran apoyandoo!!

    Aqui y ahora las COFIS con SONOHRA!!!!!!!!!!!