KidzWorld Interviews Georgie and Will has posted a really fun interview with Georgie and Will where they (of course) talk about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but some other non-Narnian things as well. Like which actor is their idol and what their real life temptations are. Here’s a preview:

Kidzworld: One of the themes of the novel and this film is overcoming temptation and conquering it. What would be a great temptation for each of you?

Georgie: I’ve always wanted to do theater studies; study drama at my school and do exams in it and take it as a lesson and the biggest temptation for me would be to take up theater studies then get a really, really good job and have to say no to it.

Kidzworld: But you’re already an actress. Why study theater?

Georgie: But I’m not very good. [Will disagrees here] Film is very different to theater. There’s tricks of the trade you have to learn. I’d hone my craft. But another weird temptation I have is that every time I go on top of a tall building, I want to jump off it! I want to feel the feeling of flying down so I think bungee jumping is something I should do. I can’t be trusted around tall buildings.

Will: I think my biggest temptation would be to have a super power and not be able to tell anyone about it or use it in public in front of people. I watched loads of superhero shows when I was a kid and read comics and watched cartoons. I’d always think “Why don’t you tell anybody?” I’d be tempted to tell and show!

Read the full interview at Kidzworld here.

Thanks to A_Narnian_Ship for the heads up!

13 Responses

  1. LL says:

    "But another weird temptation I have is that every time I go on top of a tall building, I want to jump off it!"

    Ummm….this concerns me.

  2. A_Narnian_Ship says:

    ^^^ really? That just made me think "that's my kind of girl!" 😀

  3. lilims says:

    Oh darn I wish I would have told Will that he reminded me of Leonardio DiCaprio! I got all shy -_-
    Oh well, nice interview 😛

  4. stateofgreen says:

    Me too, though I think she really means she's an adrenaline junkie….just as long as she gets high on natural life stuff. Bungee jumping seems like it could be pretty expensive…

  5. stateofgreen says:

    Love this interview thanks FK for linking it. Will and Georgie are both really charming. Had to LOL at these words from Will:

    "….there were a couple of occasions where my movements were incorporated but, unfortunately, they made him look like me. I think he’s got my eyebrows. Some of my worst features, they’ve given the dragon. Poor guy." LOL!

  6. Starlily says:

    No, I get that feeling too sometimes. It doesn't mean I'm going to commit suicide–I just want to feel the sensation of falling…and then flying and landing safely. 😛 But I'd be much too wimpy to actually bungee-jump. Georgie is probably much braver than me. 🙂

  7. ShelbyofthePurpleskin says:

    That does sound weird, but I think Georgie means that she would love to fly.

  8. eustacegirl says:

    aww they are so cute and humble i just smiled reading abotu them.

  9. Pepper Darcy says:

    that's why you get a pet dragon, jump off, and then it catches you! 😀

  10. Pepper Darcy says:

    jump off a building! That's hilarious! 😀

  11. boke_wyrm says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's a nervous habit some people have. She's a smart girl, I'm sure she can control it.

  12. Kale&Bardon (aka murtaghluv) says:

    I want to Fly. I understand Georgie's temptation thingy.

  13. narnian resident says:

    i love how Georgie acknowledges that she's "Hyper". its so cute to hear her talk about her odd temptation to jump off buildings( and i perfectly understand, i love heights and so get the same feeling :-P) and how she gets really bubbly and shakes with excitement. just love her 😀