Narnia Night at Asbury

DJKuo and InscrutableRutabega have written in to let us know that Narnia Night at Asbury University on December 3rd. The event is free. Chip Flaherty of Walden Media and Dr. Devin Brown will be attending the event. There will be several highlights such as a showing of the super trailer and the premier of the documentary “Why C.S. Lewis Matters Today.” Thanks for sending this in! If anyone attends, please send in a report!

6 Responses

  1. narnian resident says:

    hey, thats the day im going to see the Transiberian Orchestra 😀
    This sounds really nice, and i bet it would be fun to go to. of course there's no way i can, but still sounds great 🙂
    by the way, Asbury is on my top list of colleges! after visiting the website and seeing there is a class on C.S. Lewis, i was hooked 😀

  2. Lady Éowyn says:

    I'll be there yet again 🙂

  3. The Inscrutable Rutabaga says:

    I hope to be there, and if I am I'll be sure to send a report! BD

  4. Oh, maybe I can go!! Asbury was on my short list (Christian college, equestrian major and C.S. Lewis- what could be better). That is not where God wanted me though.

  5. Devin Brown says:

    This is Devin Brown inviting one and all to our Narnia Night at Asbury on Friday at 7 pm.

    We have been promised some not-yet-released footage of the film. There will be a Narnia Trivia Contest with prizes. Mr. Chip Flaherty will be our featured speaker. And will will unveil our new documentary C. S. Lewis: Why He Matters Today. (Oh, and I will be speaking as well on What to Watch for in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.)

    Afterwards there will be a chance to meet and talk with Mr. Flaherty at our reception (with good things to eat!)

    THIS WILL BE A NARNIA LOVERS DREAM COME TRUE. Do come and join us if you can!

  6. We are going! I am unsure what part of the campus to be at though. Can anyone give me an idea?
    (I will takea lot of notes and try to share them y'all when I can) So very excited!