Narnia Release Dates Bumped Up For India and Australia

Australia and India fans will be happy to know that their release dates for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader have been bumped up by a full week.

Australia’s movie release date is now December 2, 2010, and India’s release date is December 3, 2010.

If you have not heard the release date for your country yet, we’ve compiled a list of dates that to the best of our knowledge, is accurate. However, there are a few conflicting dates, so we can’t guarantee this list 100%. You can see it on our forum here.

Thanks to everyone who sent us a spy report!

UPDATE: Australia and India aren’t the only two countries to have their Dawn Treader release dates bumped up. After I posted this story earlier today, I went back and double checked my list against other official websites (like, the Official movie websites, and the Official Facebook pages). Turns out that Myanmar, Spain, and Taiwan will also be getting the movie on December 3rd. You can check out the forum link above to see the updated list and the reference as to where I got the dates.

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  1. just jill says:

    it would be awesome if we all got it at the same time

  2. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    And we get most movies etc. much later than you guys.

  3. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Bourke? Okay, I'll give you that one. When I think of extremely remote areas of Australia, I'm thinking central Australia, whether that be the innermost parts of Queensland or much of South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. When it comes to NSW, yes, Bourke would be considered remote. Haha! Sorry about my cheekiness. It's all in good fun. 🙂

  4. Eowyn of Lantern Waste says:

    No worries about that!! 🙂

  5. Annabeth says:

    wow, what country do you live in? I live in the US, so as far as i know, the date is Dec. 10th. Look on the bright side, maybe you'll get to see it as a Christmas present! 😉

  6. Annabeth says:

    ooh! narnia marathon, that's a REALLY good idea! I want to have one on Dec. 9th and stay up untill midnight for when VDT comes out. my parents would NEVER let me do that 😉

  7. Annabeth says:

    Aww, come ON! WHY does all the cool Narnia – related stuff happen in anywhere but Philly? I am seriously jealous .

  8. Alaisdair says:

    hey guys need your help! if you are on facebook can you type in "Reading Cinemas Charlestown" I posted a comment about filming Narnia at midnight on the release date can you please "like" this status or better yet leave a comment agreeing! I really want to see this at midnight

  9. Lillyput90 says:

    Funny thing is, by the time you got there, if you left on December 2nd in the USA, it would be December 4th in Australia by the time you got there (it's a 14 hour flight from LA).

  10. Faded Echoes says:


    Right now, I love living it Australia.

  11. Litus says:

    In Philippines Narnia will be showing December 3 (For Digital 3D Release) and December 9 for 2D, doesn't make sense hahaha maybe it's because of the date D for December and 3 that makes 3D hahaha

  12. Austra says:

    Oh, I'm not jealous! I'm really happy for all you guys. I just wish America would get bumped up too! However, better late(r) than never, right?!?!? And besides, at least I'm /FINALLY/ gonna go see one of the Narnia movies in the theatres! WOOHOO! The others I couldn't. So this is really a break. This is the first Narnia movie I've really followed closely- actually, the first I've really followed at all!

  13. skandargirl_95 says:

    here in the Philippines, one of the malls (in Metro Manila)will host the premiere night on December 1st, which makes the extra(exclusive screening and release dates)December 2 and 3…I think…that's what the radio stations around here are saying…though I CAN'T WATCH IT YET…such an effin' bummer:trying to win tickets to the premiere night myself

  14. anamika says:

    yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i am an indian n luky 2 see it 1st

  15. motovin03 says:

    lolz! that's funny Litus! wel, do u think that maybe it has something to do with piracy??? its rampant here in our country… wel, im gona be watching VDT on december 3 at sm moa… its fun to be on the premiere though but i prefer to watch it in a good theatre…

  16. escotth says:


  17. Manish GC says:

    hey guys…..!!! we are the one who had converted Narnia 3 in Digital 3D……..
    enjoy the movie