NarniaWeb on BBC Radio

Last night, I talked to Simon Lederman from BBC Three Counties Radio. He asked some general questions about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader book and film. To listen, you can go here (select “30/11/2010” if necessary) and then skip to the 8:45 mark, or you can listen below:

13 Responses

  1. musgrave says:

    Sweet. NarniaWeb on the radio!

  2. VFK says:


  3. This is pretty awesome, I must say!

  4. glumpuddle says:

    The first question was "what is VDT all about?" It threw me off a little because I thought "book or movie?" 😉

  5. Paul T P says:

    How did you get on the BBC man?

  6. Reepicheep775 says:

    Ha, that is so cool! glumPuddle on BBC.

  7. Princess Lucy says:

    Haha, i totally understand what you mean…hehehe…don't worry it was still a great interview to listen and I love your enthusiam and excitement to the books and the films…I have noticed you replied to this question referring to the books which I found funny…you must be annoyed with the changes with the plot of the film..I am too…hopefully it won't be as bad as we think and thanxs for the update..further up and further in 🙂

  8. lee says:

    Just so you know, it was broadcast twice, 0610 & 0845 GMT

  9. adamie says:

    NIIIIICE! To me, you really are a voice for all narnia fans out there.

  10. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    Nicely done, Glumpuddle

  11. Lucy the Valiant says:

    Congrats GlumPuddle, nice interview 🙂

  12. TrueNarnianWithWill says:

    when it said part of i was like woop woop!! Well said and congrats Glumpuddle!