NarniaWebbers See The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Several NarniaWeb staff members had the opportunity to screen The Voyage of the Dawn Treader this week. They’ve posted their thoughts in the forum and we’ll show a bit of each of their comments here.

Starkat saw the film in Houston on Wednesday and had the opportunity to meet Micheal Flaherty, president of Walden Media. She writes:

I walked into the movie theater about as neutral as I could possibly be. I wanted to enjoy the movie for what I hoped it would be… a good movie. Oh wow. Oh wow! It definitely was that! […] For Prince Caspian, it took until the fifth viewing for me to be pulled into the storyline. For LWW, I looked at my watch and was floored to see that 20 minutes had passed by. This time I forgot to look at my watch when I started watching, but I was pulled into the story very quickly. […] One thing that seemed to be missing from PC was the element that made it feel Narnian all the way through. It was there in parts, but it was missing in some areas. That’s not the case here. The whole movie has a very Narnian feel to it.

Read the whole post here.

Gymfan15 saw the film at a screening in Grand Rapids and got to meet and talk with Paul and Courtney Martin from NarniaFans. She writes:

[…] the parts that they got right…they really, really got right. It’s hard to explain this further without giving too much away, but the heart of Lewis’s book is there. And there are scenes where it’s like the words of C.S. Lewis’s book is just leaping off the page and becoming alive. And that alone nearly atones for any other sins that the filmmakers committed.

Wardrobe was iconic. Prince Caspian was epic. Dawn Treader is intimate. It takes you on a journey within the characters that no Narnia film has been able to grasp before. Despite being set on the vast uncharted waters of the Eastern Seas and having as epic and dramatic a plot line as any Hollywood studio could ask for, it’s the characters, not the drama, that drives this story. Perhaps even despite itself, because it seemed very clear that the filmmakers wanted to make this film as epic and dramatic as they come. But the heart of the story won out, and it will be the amazing characters and their relationships with each other, not any green mist, that will be what makes this film great.

Read her whole post here.

Stargazer saw the film with Ryadin and Meltintalle at a screening in Minneapolis and writes the following:

Yes, there are some plot changes; thanks to discussion on the forum the biggest of these weren’t a surprise. But other parts were spot-on, beautifully visualized as if they leapt from the book’s pages. The beautiful Dawn Treader itself shows great attention to detail, as did certain other sets, like Coriakin’s house. And there were scenes where small additions or changes enhanced the overall effect – though not spelled out explicitly in the book, they were certainly consistent with its spirit.

The movie has something for just about everyone: action, drama, character interaction, even those humorous and tearful scenes – and some of the spirit that makes us appreciate Narnia so much, captured best, perhaps, by Aslan’s famous words at the end of the book – and of this movie. The result? This movie felt quite Narnian. Less epic than its predecessor, it seemed more centered on the characters and their journey toward Aslan’s Country.

Read his whole post here.

Meltintalle writes:

[…] I think I got more than I was hoping for. I walked out of the theater with a genuine sense of enjoyment, and a great deal of affection for the way key characters had been portrayed on screen.

Scenery, sets, costuming, cinematography… visually it was everything I could have hoped for. The soundtrack was very nice; the few times I actually noticed a theme or motif it seemed very fitting. The script was better than I was expecting. I’ll still want to exercise selective memory and forget that certain scenes ever made their way into the final cut, but overall… not too shabby.

Talking it over afterward on the way home, there was plenty to discuss, good and bad. Definitely looking forward to seeing this again in December.

Read her whole post here.

It’s now just 20 days till everyone can see the film and the excitement is growing by the day! Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.

57 Responses

  1. DamselJillPole says:

    I'm happy to hear that this film has actual character interaction, because I didn't believe the characters in PC!

  2. gryphons8 says:

    luckies… But glad to hear all the positive reviews from Narniawebbers!

  3. CEP Paul T says:

    I certainly appreciate the comments being very non-spoilery, yet heartfelt thoughts from folks I have known for quite a few years.

    Totally looking forward to it.

  4. emijoy says:

    The fact that there are major plot changes does make me nervous, but the positive reviews are really making me feel better about this movie. 🙂

  5. wolfloversk says:

    Well I'm glad everyone's liking it so far 🙂 I just wish I could see it…NOW 😉

  6. oh yay! I can't wait to see this movie!!!!!

  7. Feeling better about the film by the second. 🙂
    And if I couldn't wait before…I'm going to GO CRAZY now waiting for 20 days!

  8. Greg says:

    Nice reviews! I'm hoping VDT is better than PC but less than LWW.

  9. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    When I saw Prince Caspian, I was rather upset because the magic and feel of Narnia had been lost. Now I have high hopes I will feel the same sense of when I was eight years old watching LWW. I hope Dawn Treader succeeds, in spite of the Tron Dreader(Tron Legacy) coming out a week later.

  10. GlimGlum says:

    Thanks, fellow modulators. 😀 Good to read your thoughts. 🙂

  11. Dare I hope…? YES! I do dare!

    Thanks for the reviews, dear moderators, and thanks for keeping them spoiler-free. Anticipation is building, even for monks like me…

  12. Kotarki says:

    My youth pastor got to go to a screening in grand rapids. He really liked it!

  13. Pepper Darcy says:

    all my fears are gone! Wow! after actually crying for real after JUST a clip, that's how drawn in I was after a 1 min clip, I'm going to so love this movie! 😀 Wow, sounds so good! 😀

    Did any of you moderators cry in the movie?

  14. adamie says:

    this is GREAT!!!

  15. DearHeart says:

    Thanks so much guys for giving us your thoughts. It is very encouraging to hear all the great reviews. It just can't come out fast enough!!!
    ~What Might Have Happened~

  16. sirsimon says:

    its seems we were nervous and worried for no reason, I for not one second doubted this film, and it looks to be the best yet.

    Narnia is back, with vengeance. Look out harry potter theres a new fantasy series in town

  17. starkat says:

    I don't cry easily in films. I can honestly only name one or two that I've ever done so in. However, I did come close at the end. Very good movie.

  18. N-E-M says:

    I'm getting a little teary-eyed simply reading their reviews! I am so excited to hear other NarniaWebbers thoughts and, although I am sure there will be flaws, I am looking forward to the film's release in 20 days…trusting that the spirit of Narnia will be alive on screen!

  19. LuvNarnia says:

    This article just makes my excitement grow! I am SO glad and relieved that everyone that has seen it truly and sincerely loves the movie….and now I know without a doubt that when I see it I will love it!

  20. Scarlet13 says:

    Wow, Lucky! VERY Glad that ya'll liked it! Can't wait to see it!!!!

  21. Litus says:

    ^^ So Happy right now…

  22. Mark Sommer says:

    I was at the Grand Rapids preview, but am saving comments for later. 🙂

  23. Gymfan15 says:

    One word. Yes.

  24. QueenLucytheValient says:

    Yes, I totally agree, when I first watched LWW at eight like you, I was really excited about it, and felt almost selfish, like, I want to be the only one to see this movie. I almost cried the night after watching PC, because I was so upset about it. I was begining to wonder what reaction I would have to VDT, and well, if I like this movie as much as the others did, I will leave the theater quite happy, and maybe with the same feeling as LWW.

  25. QueenLucytheValient says:

    I forgot, what is the Tron legacy? Is it like the unbiblical form of Narnia?

  26. Kiri says:

    Oh my goodness, these reviews have given me so much hope. I can't wait till December 10th!

  27. Evan Morgan says:

    Can't wait!!! 😀

  28. narnian resident says:

    This. Is. Amazing! oh my goodness i am literally shaking with utter excitement! oh my, you cannot imagine my level of glee and excitement right now!
    i absolutely love how they say Dawn Treader is "Intimate". Gymfan describes them perfectly, with LWW being iconic, PC being epic, and now VDT being intimate. i love that word! i am very excited about going deeper into the characters. i always wanted that and the first two didnt go as deep as i would have hoped, but seeing clips and hearing news like this shows me that they're going to go very deep into the characters, and i cannot wait for that! its basically the characters that make Narnia, right? especially Aslan 😀 and i am just leaping to see him on screen! cannot cannot wait!

  29. Tribunal says:

    It's the new movie Disney has been promoting all year and Narnia's main competition at the box-office.

  30. Duffleglum says:

    Part of the reason why PC bombed compared to LWW…
    scarce dialogue and almost non-existent character development.

    According to these reports, I think it should rise above these things pretty well… hopefully

  31. Duffleglum says:

    😀 Watch it with low expectation m'dear…

  32. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    No, it was a combination of poor marketing, a bad release date, the movie not fitting the formula of a child or more mature movie but straddling the two. Also, it was never most people's favourite. It's much less known than LWW and finally, the movie was quite different to the book. There was character development. It just developed parts of the characters that were invented by the script-writers, rather than C.S. Lewis.

  33. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    I am very concerned about Tron Legacy at the box office. When I went to the 3D re-release of Avatar, Tron's trailer was there. It worried me because of its visuals. But other than that, it didn't look interesting. Then again, Avatar's special effects caused it to gross $2 billion at the box office. But I have no idea how many people actually remember the first. Well, we'll have to see in December how it goes. P.S. I have seen only a toy ad for Tron so far.

  34. Abby says:

    I wish I could see it right now sounds like it has lived up to everything and more!!!:D

  35. I got to screen the movie last night, too. I'd give the film four out of five stars. The beginning and end were great, but the middle was a bit of a shock to me as a Narnia fan.

    Fans will be divided over this, to be sure.

    Haters of the "Suspian" romance will only have one moment to nitpick this time around. Lucy asks Caspian if he's found a queen yet, and all he says is something along the lines of "not one that rivals Queen Susan!" This tied in with another change they made for Lucy, which basically expanded the whole scene where she saw the "beauty page" in the Magician's book. But I don't want to spoil that for anyone, so I'll zip my lips. 😛

  36. I was at the Mississippi one. I almost cried when that wave at the end of the world came into view… but I held it in. LOL

  37. Rob W. Case says:

    Now I loved Prince Caspian and everyone who saw it with me liked it too. I liked the fact that it was dark, cold, and impersonal because it related so much in so many ways to real life when God is shut out of life, society, or what have you. Prince Caspian was a lesson in faith in troubling and trying times. Or at least that's what I got out of it, and how relying on God with a little patience and in letting go of one's desire to control everything can turn things around.

  38. Hwin says:

    I am no longer taking cautions or telling myself that I might be disappointed. I'm full out excited and am excpecting an amazing film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. decarus says:

    Well share spoilers or just keep it to yourself already.

  40. Amelia says:

    I'm so excited; it sounds wonderful! Wish I could see it in theatres!

    I do have one question. There has been much discussion as to Aslan's "You'll know me by another name" line but not much about the line "Courage, dear heart." Is that line in the film? Is that scenario similar to the book?

  41. Lady_Liln says:

    Mel's link links to her profile, not her review. 😉

  42. Travis Deans says:

    I got to see an advanced screening for pastors in Cleveland on Thursday, November 18th – I was very impressed with the cinematography of the film – it is visually stunning. The ship is awesome. Eustace's transformation (from boy to dragon to boy again) is fantastic and his interactions with Reepicheep are a lot of fun. The temptations they face seem real and not contrived. The scene at the end is a very nice conclusion for Edmund and Lucy's time in Narnia – I was really happy about that. I just wish the movie was 15-20 minutes longer! It went too fast!

  43. Jowl says:

    My favourite Narnia movie is Prince Caspian! hopefully this is just as good!

  44. Pepper Darcy says:

    Okay, thanks for answering, strangely enough, that sounds very promising! 😀

  45. Twinimage says:

    If you guys can't give us spoilers, can you at least tell me, was the undragonning of Eustace good? Was it in the spirit of the book? Was it satisfying?
    That's my biggest concern at this moment. 🙁

  46. starkat says:

    I will say this, you won't be disappointed.

  47. narnia fan 7 says:

    dose any one know how long the film it? I've herd 115 minutes 120 and 145 minutes.

  48. aslan's country says:

    19 more days,OMG.I'm soooooo physced,hope last battle will be made,sad last time we'll see the great lion.

  49. Twinimage says:

    Thank you for responding. Fair enough answer. 😉
    I already know the ending scene with Aslan line will be good. The undragonning is probably one of the most significant scenes in the book and I hope they don't ruin it.
    I'm not sure if it will show Aslan tearing the skin from Eustace, but I'll trust your statement that I won't be disappointed.
    Thanks again!

  50. blueRain says:

    Cool…nice to see everything is working out.

  51. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    OOOH YAY! I'm really excited!!! I'm pretty sure VDT can hold its own against Tron Legacy 🙂 It sounds so stunning.

  52. farzini23 says:

    i love all of the narnia from part 1 to the last
    my uncle also already bought alotof narnia book from 1 to 7
    either some of that not yet on the cinema i still could know the other story that not yet in the cinema…………..

  53. narnia fan 7 says:

    I met is not it.

  54. Travis Deans says:

    I REALLY liked Prince Caspian too! In fact, I'm watching it right now!

  55. Cutiess24 says:

    Sounds good I was hoping there would be another movie BUT I m a little confused in PC they said that Peter and Susan can't return but if you look at the trailers I saw them in it ! Aww well I do hope they do return it's better when all 4 of them are in the movie!
    Can't wait till the release of VDT !!!

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