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YahooMovies has the exclusive theatrical trailer premiere for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! It contains lots of new footage. Check it out here!

UPDATE: Watch it on YouTube…

UPDATE: Here are 1080p screen captures (new shots only)…

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Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, Eustace and Reepcheep arrive on the shore at the end of Narnia. A huge wave of water stands in front of them and they walk towards it. Aslan’s shadow is seen on the beach. Lucy realizes that Aslan has joined them and is walking besides them. She turns…

Lucy: Aslan.
Aslan: You have returned for a reason. You have come far. Now your journey lies beyond.

Aslan roars and a hole forms in the wall of water.

Shot of the Dawn Treader sailing on the water. Shot of Drinian and the crew at the helm of the Dawn Treader. Edmund and Lucy stand on the deck soaking wet wearing blankets.

Caspian: Behold our castaways, King and Queen of Narnia.

The crew bows.

Lucy: Reepicheep!
Reepicheep: Your majesties!

Dragon Eustace opens an eye and a reflection of Aslan is seen in it. Dragon Eustace appears to be injured as he tries to rise from a sandy shore. Aslan stands not far away.

Shot of Cambridge. Shot of the Dawn Treader entering a bay. Shot of Dragon Eustace diving towards the water and then flying alongside the ship.

Eustace on the deck of the Dawn Treader, very unhappy.

Eustace: Where in the blazes am I?
Tavros the Minotaur: You’re on the Dawn Treader.

Eustace faints and the crew laughs.

Tavros: Was it something I said?


Edmund, Caspian, and Drinian stand looking out from the side of the ship. Edmund looks through a telescope.

Coriakin: There is the source of your trouble.

Shot of the White Witch in green mist.


Coriakin: It seeks to corrupt all goodness.

Green mist surrounds the Dawn Treader and the form of the White Witch swirls past Edmund.

Coriakin: It can steal the light from this world.

The Dawn Treader sails towards the Island of Green Mist. The Dawn Treader sails through a storm.


Edmund holds a sword that suddenly glows blue. Coriakin points at Edmund.

Coriakin: That sword you carry. It must be laid at Aslan’s Table.

Shot of a cart being pulled through the streets of Narrowhaven. Shot of the three Lords at Aslan’s table waking up with all of the seven swords laid in front of them.

Coriakin: Only then can their true power be unleashed.

Coriakin throws a map across a room. Islands are seen growing out of it.


Reepicheep: Aslan’s Country

Shot of Aslan standing on the shore. Shot of a rowboat rowing through a sea of white lilies.

Lucy: Do you really believe there’s such a place?
Reepicheep: We have nothing if not belief.


Shot of Lilliandil walking through an island. She stands before Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy, and turns into a star and flies up into the sky.


Water nymphs leap out of the water in front of the sailing Dawn Treader and dive back in.


Lucy stands in Coriakin’s library with snow falling all around her. She smiles.

Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, and Reepicheep stand at the edge of the ship looking down into the water. With a cry of excitement Reepicheep leaps into the water and lands next to Eustace.

Lilliandil walks along smiling.

Lilliandil: Travelers of Narnia. I am your guide.
Caspian: You are most beautiful.
Lilliandil: If it is a distraction for you, I can change forms.
Caspian and Edmund: No!

Caspian and Edmund look at each other. Lucy looks at them both and rolls her eyes.

Lucy enters into the Magician’s House through invisible doors that close behind her. Coriakin appears in front of his table and turns around.

Edmund, Susan, and Peter walk arm in arm through a lovely outdoor party. All smiling.

The Dawn Treader sailing through a gorgeous sunset.

Caspian looking stern.

Caspian: Now is the time to be strong. Never give in.

The sailors in the background cheer.

Coriakin stands in his garden with the crew of the Dawn Treader behind him. He throws something. Dufflepuds leap about.

Caspian, Drinian, and Edmund are walking through the streets of Narrowhaven with the people on the sides cheering. Rhince steps out from the crowd to speak to them.

Dragon Eustace flies very low to the water with the Dawn Treader behind him.

Someone (perhaps Caspian or Reepicheep?): No fear! No retreat!

Reepicheep swings around on a rope aboard the Dawn Treader. Dragon Eustace flies along carrying Reepicheep on his back. Reepicheep fights someone on the streets of Narrowhaven. Caspian fights a slaver in the Bell Tower. More fighting on the streets of Narrowhaven.

Shot of the Dawn Treader sailing through a storm. Shot of blue light shooting up from the seven swords and making a beam into the sky. Caspian and the crew shouting during a pitched battle with the sea serpent. Edmund holds the glowing blue sword out towards the serpent. The serpent dives towards him. Aslan roars on the beach.





Huge thanks to SParcher44 for the heads up!

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  1. Zhixara says:

    Please, can anyone tell me what the song playing in the trailer is called? I've heard this song before and I'm trying to find it, but there is so much music out their in the trailers, I just can't look through them all. If anyone can help me, I'd sooo appreciate it because I loooove that song.

  2. aragorn2 says:

    Wow! whether it follows the book or not it is going to be awesome, though following the book is preferable 🙂

  3. elton says:

    thats incredible

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