Pictures, Video, and Interviews from Regent Street Lights

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Last night in London, stars gathered to turn on the Narnia-themed Christmas Lights on Regent Street. Shortly afterwards, pictures and videos started popping up on the internet. We’ve tried to compile as many images and video as we can for you all, and we’re still expecting more, so keep watching this story for updates.

Here is a small sampling of pictures.

Will Poulter, Joe McEldery, Georgie Henley, and Ben Barnes turn on the Regent Street Lights

Aslan Banner on Regent Street

Regent Street

Want to see more? Here are links to a whole lot of photos of the event.

jaimelondonboy’s TwitPic account
The Hollywood News
Ben Barnes Fan

And some videos.

NTD Television
The Hollywood News

Afterwards, The Hollywood News caught up with the three actors and chatted with them briefly about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

THN: [What’s it like working with Michael Apted?] A legendary director.

Will: Exactly, a legendary director and for someone as young as me to get to work with anyone like that is incredible. I feel so lucky and he is an amazing director and he gave us a lot of laughs on set as well, and also helped us particularly with the emotional scenes and the things that are quite hard. I’m quite young and to be taught to act by someone like that… well you couldn;t ask for more or work under a more talented director. We were very lucky.

THN: Have you seen the finished product yet?

Will: I have yeah. It’s a bit bizarre watching it actually but it brings back all of the happy memories of six months in Australia. reall cool. Really enjoyed it.

THN: So Ben, tell us all about it… what can we expect from the next Narnia film?

Ben: Well, I just saw it last week, and I think it’s my favourite actually. It’s got a lot of the kid of magic in and the fairy tale elements that The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe had, and some of the awe and wonder of that, but also some of the action and adventure from the second film. It’s also got a Jason and the Argonauts, old school adventure story feel to it too so yes. It’s really, really fun and easy to watch. There’s so much happening and every second [is exciting]. It’s great that it’s coming out at Christmas too. It’s going to be a really special family blockbuster I hope.

THN: So, Voyage of the Dawn Treader?

Georgie: Yes, I think that Voyage of the Dawn Treader is going to be the best of the last two films put together. Lucy is a lot more of a teenager. We see her being a bit more human. I wouldn’t say darker, but you see the kind of side to her that most teenage girtls get around her age. So, I think it is going to be very good for the wide-spread public. I think that it’s going to be great!

THN: So have you seen it in all of its 3D glory yet?

Georgie: I have only seen it in 2D. I am really excited about seeing it at the premiere in 3D. The Queen is going to be there so… very excited!

The full interview is available here.

To everybody who sent in links and pictures, thank you so much!

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