Reepicheep Defends His Tail in New TV Spot

Posted November 7, 2010 1:18 am by Glumpuddle

We received this report from ‘Liliana’:

While watching iCarly on nickelodeon (during a commercial) I happened to notice a Voyage of the Dawn Treader TV Spot! I didn’t notice anything new, but at the end Eustace was going for Reepicheep’s tail. Reep tells Eustace, “No one touches the tail.”

‘David’ sent in a second report confirming the line. In the book, after Eustace dares to not only touch Reep’s tail but swing him around by it, Reep attacks him, shouting “Then take that and that – to teach you manners – and the respect due to a knight – and a Mouse – and a Mouse’s tail – […].

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