Spoilers: Seven Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

Seven short behind-the-scenes clips are now available on Narnia.com. You can view them below (via AslansCountry’s YouTube channel).

Normally, this would be the part of the report where I summarize the videos a little, but I have only seen one. It was pretty spoiler-heavy for such a short video, so I decided not to watch the rest. Just a warning for those wary of spoilers.

The Dawn Treader:



Magical Creatures:

Seven Swords:


Magical Places:

63 Responses

  1. if liberty can stop doing that evil laughter, it is kinda…..annoying, sorry! i would appreciate it a lot!

  2. RasAlGhul says:

    I'm a bit confused, these videos are like 10 seconds long… they don't really give away much that we don't already know.

  3. Lanadale says:

    I really am not liking the direction Edmund's story is going. I saw the whole conflict between Edmund and Caspian on Deathwater Island was Caspian being a greedy idiot while Edmund was the wise, experienced king, for once pulling his authority on Caspian. But what the feature shows just basically makes Edmund looks like the idiot. We've had enough of that with Peter in PC I think. Sigh.