The World Premiere of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Today’s the big day Narnia fans! The world premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! All of the administrators for the three big fansites,, and are in London to report on the event.

In case you have forgotten, here is the link to the live webcam where you can see the red carpet and everything being setup.

We will be updating this story throughout the day with live tweets and pictures and whatnot so keep checking back on this story! Here are the tweets I have found so far, if you know of any more, please send them in via spy reports so I can get them added!

AslansCountry: London is snowy and cold! Premiere later today, the Kilns tomorrow, then interviews on Thursday!

simonpegg: Today I shall meet the Queen of England. I’m not a royalist particularly but I confess to being rather excited. Squeeeeeeen!

narniafans: We’re in London for the #DawnTreader premiere! If you have twitter, we’ll try to update from time to time….

narniafans: The Royal Performance / World Premiere of The Voyage of the #DawnTreader is tonight! Her Majesty the Queen will be there!

NarniaWeb: It is a cold, snowy, blustery day in London. Lots of billboards for #DawnTreader

joemcelderry91: Getting ready for premiere got beyonce live tour cd on!!

Rynelf09: Four hours to premiere … mrs Rynelf is getting her hair done.

joemcelderry91: you can pre-order my new single someone wake me up with the narnia soundtrack there’s a place for us as the b side…

AslansCountry: The Press Pen is now open! Watch the live web cam as the premiere starts preparing to begin!

Official UK page – Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader: Who is excited about the Royal World Premiere tonight? Joe McElderry will be performing his new single and the X Factor semi-finalists will be gracing the red carpet!

8:43am MT/3:43pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Change of plans, we won’t be on the red carpet (bummer!) but will be en route in two hours.

Look at the snow! Guess the Snowy Aslan poster wasn't so inaccurate!

8:57am MT/3:57pm GMT
joemcelderry91: Guys… I’m going to be performing in Leicster square in london at around 6.45… Cant wait!!

8:59am MT/3:59pm GMT
DavidGArnold: better go and iron a shirt for Her Majesty later….not FOR her, for me…on the occasion of meeting her.She’s already got an ironed shirt

9:00am MT/4:00pm GMT
DavidGArnold: hope i dont accidentally head butt her like in Mr Bean.Or like last time I accidentally headbutted her

9:22am MT/4:22pm GMT
joemcelderry91: I’ve heard the x factor gang are coming tonight… it will be good to have a catch up with cher and everyone

9:31am MT/4:31pm GMT
AslansCountry: #DawnTreader talent arrives in exactly 1 hour! Keep your eyes on the live web cam!

9:36am MT/4:36pm GMT
Steven Rooke: With my rented dinner suit on my body and my georgeous wife on my arm, I’m about to walk out the door for the Royal Premiere of the Dawn Treader. Excited doesn’t cover it.

9:45am MT/4:45pm GMT
DavidGArnold: Ok….shirt is ok….suit is ok….score is finished so I don’t need to worry about that.bucket of revels so I can play guess the revel? Yup

9:48am MT/4:48pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Check out the journal which came in our goodie bags:

10:00am MT/5:00pm GMT
AslansCountry: Just 30 minutes until we’ll start seeing #DawnTreader talent walking the red carpet!

10:02am MT/5:02pm GMT
DavidGArnold: As I don’t have a hand held device which enables live tweeting, I shall not be running a commentary on tonights events.

10:03am MT/5:03pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Another goodie bag find: this awesome #DawnTreader umbrella!

10:04am MT/5:04pm GMT
DavidGArnold: However , I reckon the words ‘nice crown’ may be uttered…alongside….”mr Arnold,here’s that knighthood we’ve been trying to give you”

10:20am MT/5:20pm GMT
joemcelderry91: On way to the premiere now!!! 😀

10:36am MT/5:36pm GMT
simonpegg: If I didn’t know better I’d think 20th Century Fox arranged the weather in London tonight. #Narnia.

It looks like some of the stars have started to arrive. I see people on the red carpet and other people holding umbrellas.

11:06am MT/6:06pm GMT
NarniaWeb: The webcam doesn’t do this justice. Absolutely unbelievable!’

Unfortunately the best I'm getting of the actors or crew are their backs. A few moments ago however, the girl at the very far left of this pic was posing on the red carpet. Not sure who it is.

11:11am MT/6:11pm GMT
NarniaWeb: There’s real snow AND fake snow.

11:16am MT/6:16pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Everyone has popcorn and water at their seat. They are playing the live cast interviews inside the theater.

11:18am MT/6:18pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Georgie’s dress looks like the dark white which dress. Gorgeous! Ben looks dashing with his short hair.

Lots of people coming through now. You all can try to guess who they are.

11:23am MT/6:23pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Just found out that the queen and cast will be in the OTHER theater #argh

11:26am MT/6:26pm GMT
Thanks Georgina for the first pic from the premiere!! Here’s Anna Popplewell.

11:29am MT/6:29pm GMT
narniafans: Everyone has been arriving. #DawnTreader

11:30am MT/6:30pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Anna and Will are here too. Just saw @simonpegg getting interviewed.

11:33am MT/6:33pm GMT
narniafans: Skandar Keynes is on stage. #DawnTreader

11:34am MT/6:34pm GMT
AslansCountry: The Royal World Premiere! We’re updating this post as often as possible – stay tuned!

11:39am MT/6:39pm GMT
Thanks NarniaFan101! First pic of Will Moseley at the premiere!

11:45am MT/6:45pm GMT
Thanks Daniel James! WireImage has all of their pictures online. Includes Ben, Liam, both Wills, Georgie, Anna, Skandar, Michael Apted, Laura Brent and more!!

11:45am MT/6:45pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Will has LONG HAIR!

11:48am MT/6:48pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Ben just told a funny story about singing for the Queen on his 18th bday and the real reason he has to skip the premiere and do his show.

11:51am MT/6:51pm GMT
joemcelderry91: Going onstage now!!

12:04pm MT/7:04pm GMT
NarniaWeb: The Empire not quite sold out. Maybe 80% full. The video is off now. I think we may just be waiting on the Queen now.

12:10pm MT/7:10pm GMT
NarniaWeb: All the cast is here in our theater and Apted is introducing each one. They are all up front.

12:13pm MT/7:13pm GMT
AslansCountry: I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album “Royal World Premiere in London”

12:14pm MT/7:14pm GMT
NarniaWeb: The video is back on and Joe M is singing a song. No sound though. Our theater is cracking up.

12:19pm MT/7:19pm GMT
joemcelderry91: About to meet the queen!!

12:31pm MT/7:31pm GMT
NarniaWeb: The Queen is in the house!

12:32pm MT/7:32pm GMT
NarniaWeb: It’s starting! See you later!

12:40pm MT/7:40pm GMT
simonpegg: I totally just met the Queen.

12:44pm MT/7:44pm GMT
joemcelderry91: Just met the queen i was soo nervous!! I can take my tie off now haha!! X

Is that the Queen's car perhaps?

12:56pm MT/7:56pm GMT
AslansCountry: #DawnTreader world premiere: The Queen has arrived and the movie has begun! Stay tuned for more news!

1:02pm MT/8:02pm GMT
Mark Sommer has 6 short video clips of his voyage to the world premiere. You can check them out on his blog here.

1:13pm MT/8:13pm GMT
The has more pictures!! See them here.

Image from From left to right: Liam Neeson, Simon Pegg, Skandar Keynes, Laura Brent, Anna Popplewell, Georgie Henley, Michael Apted, Will Poulter, Will Moseley, Andrew Adamson

1:49pm MT/8:49pm GMT
New pic of Georgie and Ben from View here.

1:54pm MT/8:54pm GMT
GettyImages are now online. View them here.

2:29pm MT/9:29pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Love love love it in 3D. The green mist is an amazing effect. Liked the movie even better the second time.

2:31pm MT/9:31pm GMT
NarniaWeb: Alternate posters

Most everything has been taken down now. Just the picture frame entrance left.

Queen Elisabeth II leaving the theater after the movie.

3:04pm MT/10:04pm GMT
BenBarnesOnline has started their gallery of pics of Ben at the premiere which you can see here.

3:06pm MT/10:06pm GMT
simonpegg: Narnia was a trip. Proper festive, family magic. Prince Philip asked me when I first realised I had the voice of a mouse.

3:15pm MT/10:15pm GMT
simonpegg: Okay so who here has seen Queen Elizabeth II wearing 3D glasses? Because I have and it was wonderful.

3:45pm MT/10:45pm GMT
The first red carpet interview is online. Simon Pegg talks to Sky News. Link.

4:01pm MT/11:01pm GMT
The Press Association has a story on the actors meeting the Queen of England. Link

4:45pm MT/11:45pm GMT
DavidGArnold: Narnia premiere done….snow falling…done…..queen watching with 3D glasses on….done.walking 35 minutes in snow to get cab…done

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  1. Narnia Freak says:

    Hey! Andrew cut HIS hair! Good! But Will doesn't look that great. As in YUCK!

  2. faunforaslan says:

    I wish someone got a picture of her Majesty in 3D glasses… It would be awesome! "D

  3. faunforaslan says:

    I wish someone got a picture of her Majesty in 3D glasses… It would be awesome! 😀

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    This has nothing to do with the premiere, the Queen, or Narnia, for that matter, but did you take your name from Redwall?