Total Film Magazine Article on Dawn Treader

Total Film Magazine has a very nice four page article on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The article primarily discusses why Fox felt that the series was worth picking up after Disney dropped it, and what happened thereafter. The article also includes some new behind-the-scenes pictures. You can check out the scans of the magazine on BenBarnesFans’ website here.

Thanks to aslanscountry for the heads up!

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  1. Pepper Darcy says:

    I SO love that picture of them in the room!! 😀

  2. Sui-Lun says:

    You know, everything looks so… fake when it's shown as a set, where as it seems like in the movie, it's all the real thing… I guess that's the magic of movies…!

  3. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I love the old fashioned look of it. I love how Narnia and where they live in the real world is not real to us in our life, so it's all new. If that makes sense.

  4. Queen Elizabeth says:

    It's all in the lighting lol 🙂

  5. Evan Morgan says:

    Apted's not planning on doing the next movies??? Who's gonna do them, then??? D:

  6. We briefly mentioned this article on AC but your coverage is nicer. Guess what our source is? Icarus here on NW!

  7. Here's our report on AC. The main story is the behind the scenes video from We also found some VDT costumes by Isis Mussenden! They were showcased in Hollywood [?] last week!

  8. narnian resident says:

    that house or building of such in the upper right picture is so beautiful! obviously it must be in England. i wonder what it could be for?

  9. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I'm so glad they have more costume changes this time aroung. I guess the main characters have about 3 changes before they even get to Narnia. And many more after that.

  10. Queen Elizabeth says:

    They only had about five in the entire Prince Caspian. But the costumes during the parade and them going back at the end don't really count.

  11. Queen Elizabeth says:

    You know how Skandar is shorted than Will? Well the do a good job of making him look taller. haha

  12. Amelia says:

    Good article!
    I so hope they don't waste time making "The Silver Chair"!!!!

  13. Eden Kehr says:

    Well, They all look great- can't wait to see them in TN!

  14. stateofgreen says:

    I hope Apted does Silver Chair, he's very character/actor performance focused and that's a great plus in these films, especially if the scripts are well-written. He works well with young people. And I love the room setting, I read they made two of them, one stationary and normal and the other one was floodable. 😉 Movie magic, I love it too!

  15. Edmund Pwns says:

    i think will used to be shorter than skandar when they shot the movie. he must have grown over the course of the year. i hate it when boys do that 🙂
    i find it hilarious that skandar is two years older than will, but will is still inches taller than him. skandar's so short!

  16. Wish to have read the full article…

  17. elton says:

    just ten days until the movie starts

  18. Annabeth says:

    i like your picture – avatar thingy (i'm always hesitant to call it an avatar because i'm afraid people will mix it up with either the blue eco-freaks or the last airbender 😉 )
    i want to see How to Train Your Dragon REALLY bad, but we still havent rented it yet *grrrr* 🙁

  19. Annabeth says:

    i love this pic, the expressions on their faces are like 'so…um…what now?" it's really cute 🙂

  20. Pepper Darcy says:

    Oh, thanks SO much. I think though on Narniaweb saying avatar vs. Avatar (capital a) would be save. Everyone on the forums calls it avatar and they don't get it mixed up (not that I watch Avatar or have or want to) but I think you're safe 🙂

    But DEFINATELY watch How to Train Your Dragon. I'm known for hating *anything* from dreamworks (Shrek, Madagascar, etc.) because of crude, bad content, suggestive humour and all. And besides that the stories are 'lame' as far as no real point: just action etc.

    How to Train Your Dragon defied everything Dreamworks usually does, and it could even stand up there with the BEST of Pixar (Up, Monsters Inc. Toy Story trilogy) storywise, sentimentalwise, etc. I like it as well as LotR now 🙂 So I recommend it =D

    But again, thanks! Glad you liked my avie (that's another way to get around saying avatar 🙂 And besides if you say: 'I like your avatar' People usually know what you mean, it's like the difference between your and you're/I and eye… it matters on context 🙂 I hope that helps? 🙂

  21. it will be awesome, liberty! trust me, it will!

  22. boke_wyrm says:

    Interesting how the article thought that LWW had cheesy effects. After it made a bundle of money, the film rags at the time were praising "the magic of the film."

  23. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I know! I'm only a little tad bit taller than Skandar. So if I were to give him a hug or something I would feel odd. lol

  24. Narnia Freak says:

    I love How to Train Your Dragon too!