TV Spot #5: Reepicheep

And, Fox keeps on rolling out the TV spots!

The fifth one focuses on fan-favorite Reepicheep. One of the shots shows Reep in his coracle at the end of the film. Watch it here. View screen captures below:

Lewis writes that Reepicheep’s mind was “full of forlorn hopes, death-or-glory charges, and last stands.” (VDT, Ch. 5)

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  1. checkers says:

    He did not just say "Yoo-hoo". O_O Oh my goodness, if their's one thing I don't like about this movie, I think it's gonna be Reepicheep…

  2. Luis Daniel says:


  3. glumPuddle says:

    They gotta get Reep right. He represents the heart and soul of the book.

  4. Caspian XI says:

    Aslan's mane, this is awesome! 😀 Reepicheep's just so funny!

  5. LOL Reepicheep is my mom's favorite character!!

  6. Scrubbers says:

    Glumpuddle, I think you are mistaken. Reepicheep is not the "heart and soul of the book". The book is not ultimately about "longing for your true home and the joy of finding it." While yes, this is largely present in the book, the book is about how events in our lives, controlled by higher powers, change and shape us into a better person. This is most prominently manifested in the both literal and physical transformation of Eustace, but also through Lucy and, to a smaller degree, Caspian and Edmund.

  7. Mirima Rosetrader says:

    I love Reepicheep! Simon Pegg voices him so much better than Eddie Izzard did! 😀

  8. Susan th Gentle says:

    So excited! I'm not sure about Reepicheep's new voice but I'm sure i'll get over it. Only 19 more days 🙂

  9. I_LiVe_iN_NarNia says:

    Nawww, how cute is Reepicheep in his little boat?! 🙂

  10. Reepicheep says:

    I Hope that they get Reep right! He's the best! I don't like that he says 'Yoo-Hoo!'. I think they're making him too much "funny".

  11. timo says:

    Loved the shot of him in the boat. His facial expressions nearly made me cry, cant wxait for that part

  12. aslan4ever says:

    good … very good

  13. LL says:

    I wonder if Reepicheep's in this movie????

  14. glumPuddle says:

    Reepicheep's character is all about the longing for one's true home. The "spell of it" has been on him all his life. More than once, he calls the world's end his heart's desire. And the climax of the story is Reepicheep actually throwing his sword away (which is a big deal for Reep) and finally reaching Aslan's country, his heart's desire.

    Reep is not the star of VDT, but his story captures the essence of VDT. He represents the heart of the book.

  15. narnian resident says:

    o my goodness i LOVE Eustace's face at the end with "The tail" part. he looks absolutely terrified! and then he runs, love it! i cannot wait to see Reepicheep! i imagine he's what every narnia fan anticipates to see in this film 😀

  16. i agreed! it will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Scrubbers says:

    I believe the climax of the book is Aslan's dialogue with the Pevensies. They have grown through the circumstances he laid before them in Narnia, and now they must continue to grow in their own world. Reepicheep is important to the secondary theme, but I believe that he is a relatively flat character as far as development goes. He is virtually the same person he was at the beginning of the book as he was at the end.

  18. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Heehee! I love it! It's all /so/ Reep. "No one touches the tail. En guard!" **sigh** Gotta love him.

  19. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Um. . . . . .okay. . . . .Reepicheep is like WAAAAAAAAAAAY too hyper. . . . 🙁

  20. checkers says:

    I have to disagree with you when you say that he is the same character at the beginning and end of the book (and I was gonna stay out of this one, too…drat). Reepicheep begins the story as the same Reep from PC, "full of forlorn hopes, death-or-glory charges, and last stands". However, when he finally leaves for Aslan's country, realizes his "true home", as GlumPuddle puts it, he throws away his sword. He says he doesn't need it anymore, which is a HUGE thing for his character. He does a complete 180. Just my thoughts, sorry for interrupting…

  21. Scrubbers says:

    I would completely disagree. At the beginning of the novel, Reepicheep has a deep longing to arrive at Aslan's Country. Indeed, had he been given the option at any point in the novel, I believe he would have in an instant thrown away his sword and followed Aslan onward. The change in his character from a swashbuckling assassin to a true servant of Aslan occurs at the end of the second novel when Aslan restores his tail.

  22. Narnian at Heart says:

    love thissssss i love the way the way they portray reep imean in pc they didnt really bring out his inner character so mabey hes alittle hyper at times but hes still this adventurous amazing wonderful crazyawsome little scoundrel so many people have grown to love including me! so for those of you who dont like reepicheep pleasee give him a chance:)

  23. musgrave says:

    Has anyone else seen the dark island picture on Will someone put the picture up on the website?

  24. decarus says:

    I love that it looks like Lucy kills a guy.

  25. Changing my name from Waleed Sajjad Khan. 🙂

  26. elton says:

    reepicheep is so funny

  27. freya says:

    Oh good, more Reepicheep. I was worried there for a minute that he wouldn't be in the movie. Now if only they could put up a few more clips of Lucy too, there's hardly been any. And yes, this is irony. I want more Caspian and Edmund, and even Eustace. Looks like I have to just wait for the movie itself then. *sigh*

  28. Queen C The Gentle says:

    I agree with you. I love Reepicheep but I would like if they did a trailer for everyone. I really like to see one with more Caspian.

  29. Austra says:

    I am totally with you one hundred percent! By the Lion's mane (I always swear Narnian style!), Reepicheep is supposed to be a /knightly/ sort of. . . /medieval/, almost, character! Not some kind of childish comedian! By the Lion Himself, I'm getting a rather queasy feeling about the whole Reepicheep deal!

  30. Austra says:

    Completely agreed, my dear chap!

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