TV Spots 3 & 4 from the Official Narnia UK Facebook Page

The Official UK Facebook page for The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader have uploaded TV spots #3 and TV Spot #4.

UPDATE: Thanks to ‘Danieljofficial,’ you can view these on YouTube…



UPDATE: We have screen captures of the new shots in these two spots…

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  1. Thyservant says:

    Hmm…Anyway… It's been over 2 years since PC. Maybe many of the audiences will neglect it. Well, that'll be fine… "I've left my new torch in Narnia…"

  2. emijoy says:

    If they keep bring her back every single movie, they may have to use her as the witch in the Silver Chair and maybe even change the plot of the Last Battle.

  3. Twinimage says:

    True, however, I believe it is while she is in the ship, and performs the beauty spell a second time that he appears.
    Though You could be correct, in which would be cool as well.

  4. McGunn says:

    She performs the beauty spell a second time? On the ship? How do you know that? Is that what we see in the trailer when Lucy is in the cabin and says "Aslan"? Confused…

  5. Komali says:


  6. Mayor Wilkins says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Green Mist is connected to the Green Lady either. 😉

    However, I personally see the Green Mist as some kind of disembodied symbol of evil. An elemental force that is "something far more powerful than a witch." In medieval times (I think) and in some early literature, the color green was symbolic of the devil or his influence. Also, I am reminded of Chernabog in Disney's "Fantasia," who constantly stirred up the green smoke and sulfur during his segment. Essentially, my theory is:

    Green Mist = Symbol of Satan

    And because The White Witch likely sold her soul, (paying a terrible price to learn the Deplorable Word) it makes sense then that the enemy himself would be able to use her image (what Douglas Gresham called "the embodiment of Satan's favorite temptations") to try and sway our heroes away from the path of good. When Edmund and company resists the temptations, that's when The Green Mist summons up the ultimate nightmare, The Sea Serpent, to try and destroy them all.

    Now, about the Green Lady. Perhaps The Green Mist becomes the Green Lady in "The Silver Chair." She could be another witch in its service.

    And, I hate to bring up this possibility, but since The Witch Witch is in The Green Mist, could it be that these "enemies will unite" to make The Green Lady? Maybe the films will go with the notion that Jadis = The Green Lady. I know that's NOT the case, but "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" seems to be foreshadowing this a bit… I don't know.

  7. Caddoc says:

    Did anyone else notice that in the clip of Dragon Eustice flying towards the camera (19 in for both of them) you can see the arm ring that he puts on before being transformed?

  8. Brisa says:

    The Witch does not rise. I'm sick of misleading/outright lying about the Witch.