Video Interview: Georgie Henley and Will Poulter had a chat with Georgie Henley (Lucy) and Will Poulter (Eustace) in Los Angeles as they were preparing for their Taubman Narnian Ice Palace presentation. You can watch or read the full interview here.

A quick outline of what they talk about:

  • Will joining the cast
  • The emotion of filming Georgie’s final shots
  • Working with Michael Apted and Andrew Adamson
  • Themes, character arcs
  • Favorite book in the series (both say Dawn Treader)
  • Playing two sides of Eustace
  • Comedy in the film
  • Reactions to seeing the film

Here’s a clip:

NF: What are some of the most significant themes in the movie or book?
Georgie: I think the most significant theme is temptation. I think that’s the main one. Because every character faces its own temptation. […]
Will: And also, subsequent to the battle and temptation, there’s sort of a theme of redemption as well, you know. I think Georgie certainly experiences that and you know Skandar experiences that as well and Eustace does certainly with the transformation of the dragon.
Georgie: I think one of the really cool things about this film, is that it actually takes a lot of things from the book which aren’t played upon a lot… […] for instance, you do find out a little bit about Lucy’s jealousy of her sister, but it’s not really explained a lot, whereas in the film, it’s kind of the whole arc of my character-yeah, and it’s really great to have something grittier to put my teeth into instead of always playing very sweet and very [*smiley facial expression*] roles.

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  1. Skandar is my man says:


  2. Edson07bs says:

    Yeah… Cool

  3. I just can't help it; Georgie was cute, but now she's just Beautiful. And Will is so hilarious and nice!

  4. Rhys says:

    Will looks much older.

  5. glumPuddle says:

    Yeah, they really need to make 'Silver Chair' next.

  6. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Great interview! It's good to see Georgie and Will are so humble and gracious and that they didn't provide generic, meaningless answers to questions. Love Georgie's comment about little Lucy being so cute! You can tell that they're enjoying the interview and are happy they're not being asked the same light, fluffy questions by journalists. I hope Will and Georgie remain their humble, interesting selves.

  7. Tim Arlen says:

    Warrior 4 Jesus, you got that exactly right!! I actually had the pleasure of conducting this interview (btw, thanks for linking to it narniaweb!!) And they were certainly not acting for the camera at all!!! For example, before they even knew that I was there to interview them, we were taking some pics of the Ice Palace, and they were going to walk in front of us and stopped themselves and told us "sorry, we'll wait!" while I was taking a picture! They will always have a special place in my heart now (as if they didn't already!) and I just feel so blessed I was able to spend time with them here.

  8. Lillyput90 says:

    Great job Tim! Just one thing………we need to see your girlfriend! Georgie loved her hair and we never saw it!

  9. Princess Lucy says:

    they should film it soon….will is growing faster each day…wow we grow fast…lol…but i guess they have to find portrayals for jill and rillian first…i wonder who they will be…this is exciting

  10. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Tim, thanks for the interview. They sound like lovely people. Good on you!

  11. McGunn says:

    This explained more of the "Susan as Lucy"-scene in the film, as one of the main character traits of Lucy this time around seems to be that she's jealous of Susan:

    Georgie: "you do find out a little bit about Lucy’s jealousy of her sister[in the book], but it’s not really explained a lot, whereas in the film, it’s kind of the whole arc of my character"

  12. Fire Fairy says:

    I absolutely loved seeing Georgie and Will in a normal setting, talking to people who love Narnia about Narnia! They are both so warm and sweet, and really understand the depth of their characters. It was also nice to hear Georgie's opinion of herself when she was in LWW. I've always wondered what it would be like to be in a movie as a kid and get to have yourself captured in time and be able to look back on yourself. Georgie certainly had that opportunity, and I'm glad she has a good opinion of herself.

  13. adamie says:

    Will has grown immensely! Good interview too! When fans do the interview, you know it's gonna be deeper and more thematic, instead of the usual, where they really have like 2 minutes and stay on the surface.

  14. Duffleglum says:

    Will reminds me of Shia LaBeof, only that he looks way better 😉

    And Georgie is seriously growing up… and she's only like 15???

  15. narnian resident says:

    that has got to be one of the best interview videos ever! Georgie is so beautiful! there were so many places that made me laugh. i love the part when Georgie gets all embarrassed about saying how she was cute back in LWW. that was so funny! and the thing about how Will kept saying "sorry" on set all the time, that was cute 😀 i absolutely loved this! the guy asked excellent questions, and they looked like they really enjoyed that. they're probably so used to the boring same old questions and get excited over new, more interesting ones 🙂

  16. narnian resident says:

    you know who i think would play a great Jill, Princess Lucy? Eliza Bennett. she's am amazing actress (british, of course) and i could almost imagine her being a Narnia star. i think she's a good choice. they should totally look into her.

  17. Annabeth says:

    Georgie looks georgeous! so looks so different than she used to! I never really realized it, but with a different haircut and regular clothes, Will is really cute.
    I can't wait!!!!

  18. It's so cool that you got to interview them! That's a like a dream come true for me. I love our actors. Now we just need to hear from Skandar…

  19. Starlily says:

    Wow, I'm liking Will Poulter more and more. He seems so nice–it's too bad he didn't get to be "good" Eustace much. I really really hope SC gets made so he can get a chance to be a nice character. He'll do such a good job! (Oh, and he's grown a lot! I daresay he's going from a bratty kid [referring to Eustace, not Will himself of course] to a handsome young man. 😉 )

    And of course, Georgie is lovely as usual. 🙂 She's always so sweet and charming. It was so cute when she got embarrassed! Haha, I love her. I desperately want HHB to be made so she can return as adult Lucy. It would be so cool to see her in Narnia again. It's hard to believe we'll be saying goodbye to her after this film. 🙁

    Anyway, great interview! I wish I could meet them just casually like that in a mall. Too bad that place isn't anywhere near where I live.

  20. Amelia says:

    Wow, they both seem very genuine and sweet! Great interview!!

  21. Aslan's Meadow says:

    I know! I'm pretty happy with Will Poulter. They really captured Eustace perfect. Due to Will growing up, they will have to do the Silver Chair soon. *hint*.
    Georgie was so pretty!! She is getting so old.
    I wish we'd seen some fo Skandar though. It's the Prince Caspian thing all over again (refering to Skandar/Edmund not getting as much time as he deserves!)

  22. Pepper Darcy says:

    That was a very nice interview. They both get along *so* well! 🙂 I enjoyed it! 😀

  23. Tim Arlen says:

    narnian resident, thanks so much (I was lucky enough to do this inverview!) They were absolutely delightful, and beautiful as you said! And I was so pleasantly surprised at how eager and excited they were to answer questions and engage with me. It went better than I ever could have hoped for; I sort of forgot I was doing an interview most of the time and just felt like I was having a conversation with them! 🙂

    I can't wait for December 10th!!!

  24. Tim Arlen says:

    Thanks everyone! I really tried to ask questions that we big fans would like to hear! Lilyput90, I don't think I should do that, haha! Maybe if you can find me on facebook (I'm in the UCLA network; and identify yourself as Lilyput90 please!) you can see pictures of both of us 🙂

  25. Embrace says:

    It´s the Poultergeist! 😉

  26. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Very nice interview! I like the interviewer!
    That's funny how the interviewer's girlfriend says, "Thank you so much! I love your hair!" to Georgie. Georgie looked flatterd yet maybe a little embarressed as well. She really is pretty! Man, she sure did grow up and mature!
    Will is a nice and funny guy. 🙂
    Really great interview! Looking foward to hearing more. 🙂

  27. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Awwwww, I totally agree with you Starlily! 🙂

  28. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Thanks sooooooooo much for doing that interview Tim Arlen! You're great! You're so lucky to meet them! 🙂

  29. Embrace says:

    What a great interview and Will and Georgie are just so lovely and wonderful!
    She reminds me of my sister actually… 🙂
    They are just so nice, friendly and likeable.
    I can´t wait to see this movie of the year!

  30. Tim Arlen says:

    Narnian Meerkat, thanks so much! I'm glad you and others enjoyed it! I definitely wanted to the interview from a passionate fan's perspective!

    One correction though: it was actually Georgie who complimented my girlfriend's hair! But you're right that Georgie is very very pretty (and I'm so glad I got to tell her that 🙂 )

  31. Bother Eustace says:

    That was a great interview! Excellent questions; so glad a real fan got the chance to interview them. Will and Georgie were very genuine, it's great to see them in an informal situation like that. Very enjoyable. Thanks, Tim!

  32. coriakin says:

    its a great interview!!! so cool.. i think that this movie can be awesome

  33. Andreya of Narnia says:

    I was going to go tonight, but it didn't work out since our car broke down. >.<

  34. narnian resident says:

    well thank you so much for doing it! and yeah, it really did look you had lots of fun. thats what i especially loved about it, that it was more like a conversation and you and them were really engaged in it and having a great time. if you ever do see them again, tell Georgie i think she is just lovely! and Will is great 🙂

  35. Queen Susan the Gentle says:

    This is cool! They seem so funny! 🙂

  36. Princess Lucy says:

    thats a smart thought narnian resident, yh i forgot about eliza bennet…actually she does have that resemblence of jill…i watched her in inkheart and she was really excellent…great thought…hopefully they do look into her like u said….

  37. Samuel the Magnificent says:

    Wow. Georgie's pretty!

  38. Princess Lucy says:

    the interviewer is so nice…thats why georgie and will really appreciated him…thanxs sooo much for this interview….my favourite one lol…its got everything, comedy, sweetness and passion…thanxs again i do hope u really enjoy the film….26 days 🙂

  39. Gem says:

    Nice interview. They have both gown up, Georgie, of course watching her from the beginning, and even Will too, from when he was cast. Georgie is so mature and absolutely gorgeous, and Will is so well-spoken. They better hurry up the series before they grow up too soon.

  40. Tim Arlen says:

    You're very welcome!! And thanks again to everyone for all the nice comments and for watching this! 🙂

  41. always narnian says:

    That was a nice interview I enjoyed it. They both seemed very happy and glad to do the interview!

  42. always narnian says:

    I just wonder if they realize the allegory behind like the temptation scenes and the redemption part of the movie… =(

  43. FaunFan says:

    Yay, I love Eliza Bennett! She was amazing in Inkheart (even if they ruined the book 😉 ) and I would LOVE to see her as Jill. I think she would do a nice job.

  44. Lillyput90 says:

    Hey Tim, I saw you on facebook:). Your girlfriend has done the right thing and set her profile pic as a pic with you two and Georgie and Will. Lovely photo! Also, we can see her hair:)

  45. Hwin says:

    Aw, Georgie is so pretty and Will is such an Eustace!! 🙂 Anyways, great interview!!!! They are both so warm and friendly, and they seem very excited and confident about VDT. I can't wait!

  46. Hwin says:

    I agree that Eliza is a really good actress, and would do a great job, but isn't she a little too old for the part???

  47. Princess Lucy says:

    oh yh shes 18 but one year older than will…who knows what would happen…

  48. Princess Lucy says:

    i dnt know but who imagines jill with a fringe….for some reason i imagine the charactger like that…but eliza with a fringe will totally look like the character…who agrees!!!

  49. Narniamaniac says:

    Wow, for being so young, they seem like such mature people! They really seem like they don't let all of the publicity get to their head. I can totally see them as some of my friends because they just seemed so down to earth. I can't wait to see how their obvious friendly chemistry plays out onscreen!

  50. lys says:

    i love that Georgie said she liked the ladys hair…haha shes so sweet

  51. lys says:

    eliza bennett would be nice but she has gotten a lot older even since inkheart see pic>>

  52. Princess Lucy says:

    hmmm….i know what u mean lys….its a shame isn't it!!!

  53. Queen Susan the Gentle says:

    Dude, you stole the words right out of my mouth!

  54. Hwin says:

    I really wonder who they will get to play the part of Jill. Obviously there are A LOT of girls not necessarily having any experience that want the part. I think it should be someone with experience, but not exactly someone who is well-known. I think if people just see Jill as Jill then it's a lot more magical and it makes her distinctly 'Jill'. That's just my opinion, but I'm sure they won't have any trouble getting the right actress!

  55. Shark Fin says:

    oh yeah. i actually think georgie and will would make a good couple.

  56. Shark Fin says:

    true dat

  57. Shark Fin says:

    they are so cute together

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