‘Voyage’ Reaction from Brock Eastman

Brock Eastman attended the first test screening of “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” on Tuesday (along with our own Tirian). He has posted a spoiler-free reaction on his blog. Here are a few highlights:

This film has taken Narnia back to it’s roots. Given hope that the series can stay true to how it was written, incorporate the Truth, and maintain an action packed pace that makes the movie fly by. While quoted at 145 minutes, it sure didn’t seem that long and may not have been.
The screen play I felt was well adapted from the book, merges were made where needed, and yet the story felt completely told. As for the green smoke I won’t say much, at first I was like all right some one over dosed on LOST, I mean smoke monster and islands, come on. But no really the trailer is misleading when it shows the White Witch, Suzanne, and Peter. The Screenplay stayed very true to the books and was a wonderful adaptation. C.S. Lewis fans will not be disappointed in what the team has done.
So in my opinion 2 Big Toes and 2 Thumbs up. Well done Walden and Fox. Thank you for taking the movies closer to the books.
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Just four weeks to go, NarniaWebbers!

65 Responses

  1. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    that's so last century– : )

  2. elizabeth says:

    how long is the movie in the usa?

  3. NarniaNut says:

    HEHE!! I skimmed so fast i didnt even notice!!!!!!!

  4. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    145 MINUTES?!

    *dances around hysterically*

    These new sneak-peek reviews are really calming me down about the film. The trailers were so misleading on some parts LOL.

    As for the marketing…I think they're doing a good job for not being Disney. Remember, Disney is the marketing god, so anything in comparison to their tactics seems to be not enough.

    But honestly…the GINORMOUS posters in practically every movie theater with the ship's wheel that happens to actually spin (I was SO excited by that :p)? That's totally not subtle. I DO wish there was more marketing going on in the U.S., but as for international marketing–they're doing an awesome job. I mean, they're having a cruise on a model 'Dawn Treader,' a special lights show in London, a Royal Premiere of the movie, not to mention all those contests to win tickets.

    Plus, there's enough of us rabid fans to spread the news to our friends by word of mouth. I, for one, am a walking Narnia advertisement every moment of my life. 😀 I'm worried a bit about Disney's over-marketing of Tron Legacy, but I don't think it's going to kill VDT at all.

  5. Brock says:

    Everyone just needs to make sure they go see it. I was very impressed by the movie and am excited at the new direction. Thanks for posting my blog.