Want to Hear Carrie Sing ‘There’s a Place for Us’ ?

Yahoo!Movies has a preview video of Carrie performing ‘There’s a Place for Us’ from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, including some new clips from the movie.

This video clip was also shown on ABC last night during the 44th Country Music Awards.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent this story in!

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  1. Kale&Bardon (aka murtaghluv) says:

    I thought the weren't merpeople but water nymphs and the one from LWW are merpeople. and in the book the water-nymphs had to have legs. the merpeople from LWW don't. And i think they look amazing.

  2. Movie Aristotle says:

    Wow! I love the song. (And I love that scene where Liliandil lights the candles on the table).

  3. wolfloversk says:

    I do I <3 this version.

  4. Kale&Bardon (aka murtaghluv) says:

    yes it will be in the credits.

    yes awesome pic of reep in the dawn treader's mouth

  5. Bookwyrm says:

    Ewwwww. So skipping this when I listen to the soundtrack.

  6. You cried when Archie Kennedy died in the Hornblower movie? [The Mutiny, right?] So did I!

  7. I didn’t cry when I heard EMD sing this song. It didn't touch me at all. I was really disappointed because I didn't think it was anything like "Wunderkind," "The Call," or "This is Home." And I haven’t heard Joe McElderry sing it. [Or maybe I have. I don't remember.] But when Carrie sang it in this clip and I saw those amazing movie clips, I cried!

    I loved Lucy hugging Aslan and Ed hugging Caspian. And in this screencap, it looks like all three English kids are crying! Well, maybe not Eustace… http://picasaweb.google.com/danielmjames/ShotsFromUnderwoodSThereSAPlaceForUsMusicVideo#5538286462244589138

  8. ~DaughterOfEve~ says:

    I am sadly disappointed. I am not a fan of country and it just doesn't fit Narnia. I will also be skipping this track on the soundtrack.

    On the other hand, loved seeing more clips! Just wish they weren't showing all the clips from the very end of the movie!! aahhhh!

    So excited, the movie looks SPECTACULAR!

  9. I'm not a fan of country either, at least not country today. I like some classic country. But Carrie Underwood is amazing. She made me cry listening to this song and seeing these clips – when EMD made me wonder why the song was even being recorded! I think it's perfect for Narnia!

  10. Lil the Valiant says:

    I don't "hate" it per say, they are pretty, but I'm not a fan of it. It's a bit too much like like the dryads in LWW for me.

  11. Lil the Valiant says:

    I think I may too.

  12. narnian4ever says:

    absolutely perfect for Narnia!!!!!=D
    I can't wait to hear the full song=)

  13. aslan's child says:

    the most amzing son ive ever heared;it made me scream with excitement.i absolutely loved all the shots of lucy especifically the one where shes hugging aslan!!!!!!!!!dec 10 please get here!!!!!!!!i can tell this is gonna be the best narnia yet!!!!!!!

  14. LucyTheValiant says:

    my favourite of the songs was The Call from prince caspian, i think that song fit really well, but i'm not so sure about this one, i guess it depends where they put in the song. The clips from the movie however are spectacular 🙂

  15. sgk474 says:

    It's beautiful – i love it. I hope we get to hear Carrie on the UK version of the film and soundtrack even though I'm sure Joe's version will be good too. Her voice is amazing. I think I'm gonna cry when Lucy and Edmund say goodbye to Aslan and Caspian at the end…

  16. Mirima Rosetrader says:

    This is awesome! I like Carrie Underwood better than the guys who sang it. 😀 And this song sounds perfect for the movie! VDT is going to be the best of the three! 😀

  17. Bother Eustace says:

    Perhaps hate is too strong a word to use. You're right, they are pretty; I just don't like the choice.

  18. Scarlet13 says:

    I watched this last night and watched it now I felt like I could cry. I love the ed and caspian embrace and the lucy and Aslan's too. I love the song, its catchy, and Carrie is just a amazing singer. God has really blessed her. I know I will probably cry at the end. and I know I will listen to this song countless of times. Thank you to Fox and Mrs.Carrie! 🙂

  19. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    O my gosh, did I see Edmund hugging Caspian? I have a feeling I will cry at the end of the movie, and I'm not one to cry at movies.

  20. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Awwwwwwwww. . .That's beautiful! Strange hearing Narnia mixed with country but oh well. 🙂 I like the song.
    Oooooh. . .Just seeing Edmund hug Caspian made me tear up just a bit. I think I'm going to BALL when the Edmund and Lucy can't come back to Narnia anymore. I did when Peter and Susan couldn't.

  21. Starlily says:

    I don't like country either, especially for Narnia, so I'm not thrilled about the song. But it could be a lot worse. 🙂

  22. Beth says:

    That was gorgeous! I teared up a bit just watching it!

  23. Litus says:

    You people are so mean, the song is good, and what is this your calling it doesn't fit Narnia? All songs made for Narnia fit for Narnia no matter what it is. So this song is beautiful, love it!

    Oh well everybody can be a critique but there are only few who can really understand.

  24. Rebekah Gliem says:

    I really like the REAL lion roar!

  25. StephanieTheFaithful says:

    All the hugging is going to make me cry and Aslan's country scene is just going to kill me! Aw! I can't until Dec. 10.


  26. Beyond Narnia says:

    Agreed. Style is based on personal preference (for example, I'm a country music/ Carrie Underwood fan, so I love her voice and thinks it works perfectly for the song that SHE wrote; others dislike country, so they therefore dislike it immeadiately simply because it is not what they listen to on a regular basis)but style doesn't determine whether or not a song FITS Narnia. Content does. I would much rather have a rap about Narnia and its values than hear a country song that misses the point. Luckily, I don't have to make that decision because it is a country song that actually understands the concept of Narnia. From one Narnia fan to another, fantastic job, Carrie!

  27. Karen says:

    LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh this video makes me so excited!!!! CANT WAITTT!!!!!

  28. hello says:

    i like it…

  29. Sarah says:

    Well, it's hard to be anything but disappointed when we had REGINA SPEKTOR, the most amazing musician ever, do the most amazing song ever in the last one, but, I suppose it could be worse. I was really hoping they'd stick with the indie-ish artists, but, whatevs. Just wondering if there's going to be any more artists contributing songs. The previous two had four songs…

  30. Savber100 says:

    I politely disagree. Would you say that a rap song will be fitting for LOTR because the lyrics speak of Middle-Earth? Will heavy metal work work for an emotional scene? Musical style is part of the content if not the base itself. Sure, all of us have differing musical tastes but some styles just fit better in a particular situation than others. (e.g. playing hip, modern music in a historical movie adaptations doesn't work). Nevertheless, I felt this song was pretty good for the CREDITS of VODT. Kudos to Carrie!

    On the side note, Litus, how are people "mean" if they simply dislike and have a differing opinion of the song? 😛

  31. FaunFan says:

    Wow. That is an amazing song and I will definitely be buying it. I'm so excited to hear it at the end. It seems to fit well with Narnia (though it did seem a little strange at the beginning, with the sounds on top of one another. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite artists, and I'm thrilled that she's singing for the movie!

  32. narnian resident says:

    Lucy hugs Aslan!!! yes! thank you for that 😀 and that was so sweet, when Edmund hugs Caspian. did not expect that, but its lovely! i really love Carrie's voice. the song is quite country, but i think i like it. sounds great!

  33. Hwin says:

    Call me a whimp, but I just about got tears in my eyes : P I think it's a little….odd, perhaps, that it's country, but the words really fit.

  34. Lucy Helen Ycul says:

    I think this song is perfect for the film. I like it a lot.

  35. Narniamaniac says:

    I think I'll be crying too! I am SOOO excited, and I think it's going to be a lot better than PC. Only 30 days left!!!

  36. Narniamaniac says:

    This is such a different approach to a Narnia soundtrack song, but I REALLY like it! The lyrics fit the movie perfectly, and the clips made me bounce up and down on my couch with excitement. The 30-day countdown begins!

  37. Gem says:

    I know, you have got to be kidding…country music set to a Narnia film? It's a nice song, but doesn't fit. Just like the contemporary song at the end of Prince Caspian. Nice song, but doesn't fit Narnia AT ALL!!!

  38. Litus says:

    Savber100 I politely disagree with you a song is a song don't change the topic by comparing it to a emotional scene, that is we called background music, bgm. I strongly believe that Narnia has no particular music (w/ lyrics) as long as it is dedicated for it, it great, good, and beautiful.

    I say "mean" because they simply comparing other music to Carries Song when that Song is completely different. It's Carrie's Singing Style my golly, She's singing it the way she was, not the way she wasn't. I didn't say "mean" in a bad way but in a good way ^^ let's just be grateful ok ^^

    Be Grateful that there's a Movie and this beautiful Song don't be picky to what we have, Aslan will be Mad. ^^ That is my message to all people and so called "purist" here that always complaining. Cheers.

  39. vdt what says:

    WOW! im sure they would never mess it up narnia is always cool. fans you know why pc did not do very good because you did not see it so mutch like lww. oh the song. still my favorite song is saying good by the beat does not really fit but thats ok people leave on the credits.

  40. Litus says:

    I agree with you, one factor affects Prince Caspian is the jinks and pessimistic people in this popular movie site of Narnia.

  41. Savber100 says:

    My point was good choice of musical genres matters in a film. A song that is used in a film has to fit the feel of the entire film, otherwise, it will be off-putting. Some musical genres fits a particular movie while others don't. Beyond Narnia said genre (style) didn't matter in choosing a song to "fit" Narnia and I disagreed since I personally feel the song can be inconsistent with the orchestral/choral tone of VODT's soundtrack. So how am I changing the subject?
    Also, just because I think it doesn't fit Narnia, doesn't mean I don't appreciate Underwood's musical talent. Being critical and bashing/trolling are two different things. Sure, I'll appreciate the film and the song for their merits but it doesn't mean I have to treat them as a sacred cow/idol. It's just a film, open to criticism and praise alike.

  42. Skandar is my man says:

    O shut up! Nothin eva pleases u!

  43. Chloe says:

    This song really fits. I like it.

  44. jill says:

    This does not match the film, or the original excellence of the book. Perhaps something a little less country, and a little less Underwood? I'm really, really dissapointed.

  45. QueenLucytheValient says:

    I think it's perfect. Hey, I have no idea where to report this but I saw another Narnia billboard on the Pennsylvania turnpike about 11 miles west of Philly. THe billboard looked like the other one, so I didn't take a picture.

  46. Manuel says:

    You're right, Sarah, «The Call» is a wonderful song.

  47. Manuel says:

    My point is: no matter if you think this is the best Narnia song or the worse, let´s share it! We must to do publicity to «Dawn Treader» if we want «Silver Chair» before Will Poulter grows up too much! 🙂

  48. Abby says:

    I think this is the perfect fit for the movie I love Carrie Underwood!Couldn't have picked a better song or sound!:)

  49. pselpevensie says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (am very interested to see the scene with edmund, susan, and peter…)

  50. Defender of the King says:

    Definately. If the big Narnia fans talk PC down, why would more casual fans watch it? I'll say what I think about PC: I love it!! (I love the song too. So very pretty.)

  51. Reepicheep, Knight of Narnia says:

    I love this song! It might turn out to be one of my favorites. As for the clips, wow! The ending looks really, really sad. I can't wait to see it in just 27 days!

  52. Princess Ally, the Majestic says:

    That sounds beautiful! I can't wait to get the soundtrack!

  53. I can't stand that style of music… it's not any different from any other song of it's kind, and I don't like her voice either. I'm glad it's just at the end of the movie.

  54. Evan Morgan says:

    The hug at the end between Edmund and Caspian keeps on reminding me that they're saying goodbye forever, pretty much. Keeps on giving me the chills.The scene with Liliandil lighting up the whole table with candles and color just amazes me. I am sure this will be the most succesful movie out of the three. Can't wait for it!

  55. Litus says:

    IMO it's a good choice it really fits well ^^, you said "It’s just a film, open to criticism and praise alike" NO! it's not just a film for me, it's NARNIA, and a Praise or specially CRITICISM (no, more like pessimistic people) coming from this site CAN AFFECT THE FILM IN TERMS OF AUDIENCE! Is that hard for just to support the film? ^^

  56. Litus says:

    btw LOL at your reasoning behind the music hahahaha ^^

  57. TheGreatPhoenix says:

    i totally agree! i originally was horrified at the idea of peter and susan being in it but i am now excited and would like to know a little bit more because they all look so happy and i love those sorts of scenes

  58. Ari says:

    On the contrary, I think it both works and fits with the film quite splendidly! I'm very, very…. nondissapointed? EXCITED! YEAH! <3

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