Box Office News from Overseas

BoxOfficeMojo has a really good report on their site with some overseas numbers for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It’s doing very well in some countries and very poor in others. Here’s what they write:

After a rough domestic start, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader saved some face with a solid overseas debut. Reigning champ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 moved down to second place, while Tangled continued to assert its dominance over Megamind in the animated arena.

Dawn Treader grossed $65.8 million for a total of $79.8 million, and opened in first place in all of its major territories. Its biggest market was Russia, where it had a series-best $10.9 million debut. Including last weekend’s previews, it earned $7.1 million in Mexico and $5.3 million in South Korea, both of which were also highs for the Narnia franchise.

In other significant territories, though, Dawn Treader didn’t fare so well compared to its predecessors. Its $6.3 million in France was similar to Prince Caspian‘s opening, but way off from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Things were even worse in the United Kingdom, where its $3.9 million take was less than half that of Prince Caspian, which was already down from the first movie. Dawn Treader sets out to add to its total with openings in Germany and Italy this weekend.

The full report is available here.

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  1. Samuel the Magnificent says:

    I'm pretty sure Avra means a quality film. I've seen all the BBC's and they don't do Narnia justice.

  2. martin the warrior says:

    I like your name Warrior 4 Jesus.

  3. martin the warrior says:

    yeah, tron legacy looks pretty sweet and the music for tron is daft punk. They are a big band so it will probably draw people in.

  4. Thyservant says:

    But the Dragon Boy keeps growing fast…

  5. midnightmoon says:

    @Gem,I wasn't really comparing the actual movies,I mean we all know VDT is great. I was just saying that Eclipse had much better advertising. I mean it was everywhere,TV,billboards,the internet. It would have been great if VDT had that kind of in-your-face advertising.I haven't even seen Eclipse and I know it lives up to the hype, because the Twilight movies are always great. And btw whats wrong with being a Twihard.

  6. Mangolite says:

    @myartismylife Only the fanatics but the purist can do something about it. Write a petition to grant a return to C.S. Lewis original vision with the highest production value. It can be done, only if the filmmaker weren't so keen on about "redecorating it accordingly." The next installment can be done by the book to break away from dumbing down to the audience. If the SILVER CHAIR was to be next, it's not about saving Narnia. It's about Eustace and Jill saving Prince Rillian from the Lady of the Green Kirtle. And if it should be the MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW, then of course, it definitely is not about you know what. Maybe it's the HORSE and HIS BOY-seriously, it's not even close to saving Narnia from any danger threat made by the White Witch (RIP).

  7. Mangolite says:

    @rocketman The Pevensies in HHB are grown men and women so this one can wait until the young actors had shed more of their baby fats. The HHB is unique in that it is a story within a story of the Narnia series, so it can be made even after the LB. Think of it as a P.S. note.

  8. Not Of This World says:

    What's TL?

  9. Not Of This World says:

    I know some people at Witworth University who are also cramed with homework and finals. And about your video game coment, I know great games that come frome Lucas Arts based on Star Wars: Try the Lego Star Wars series (This game would be very fun if you had a younger sibling to play with)and my personal favorite SW games the Battlefront series.

  10. Narnia 4 eves says:

    Tron Legacy

  11. Narnia 4 eves says:

    I find it really weird as well that things aren't going as well as hoped. But as many of you have said, it may pick up later around the holidays.I really wanted to see it opening weekend but couldn't I got the flu. So Now *Squeal* I get to see it during my break which starts next week!! I want to see it at least thrice!
    Happy Belated 22nd B-day Anna!
    And as far as the little Ben interviews, I have seen some, I live in Canada so I don't now i saw some on TV and some on the internet with the updates from Narniaweb and stuff.
    I love you Ben hope to see you in SC I hope they make it so excited.
    * goes on hands and Knees* Please Micheal Apted Please make SC Please

  12. I_LiVe_iN_NarNia says:

    That is true and I hope you're right about more people going to see it once the weather improves 🙂 I live in North East England and haven't yet done any of my christmas shopping because I live in the countryside and can't get to any shops :L Consequently, I haven't seen the film yet either, but will be doing so as soon as possible! 🙂

  13. Jonathan says:

    Major franchises like Star Wars are generally the exception to the rule. And most of the great Star Wars games weren't even really based off of the movies directly but told separate stories (like Tie Fighter and Knights of the Old Republic).

    The best Lord of the Rings games? Battle for Middle Earth II and The Lord of the Rings Online, neither of which tied directly with the movie/books but were rather new stories set in those worlds.

  14. Jonathan says:

    I just got back from seeing it and I LOVED it. As a general fantasy aficionado and a huge fan of Lewis' books (my mom read them to me all the time when I was a kid, she generally got me hooked on SF/fantasy lol), I enjoyed it immensely. I felt it kept the spirit of the books while giving us a different take on events, which is what I enjoy about film adaptations of the books. If it keeps the spirit and is not so different as to be barely related to the book (see Dune) then I usually have a good time.

    My parents saw it with me – my mom actually remembers the book better than I do and even with the differences she still enjoys them, and my dad barely even remembers seeing the second Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, but he still enjoyed it (he did comment on remembering Eustace from the old BBC series a little – those movies were like crack cocaine for me when I was a kid). I hope it does well and we get The Silver Chair and they do the rest of the movies. Will be interesting to see how they tackle The Last Battle if they go that far.

  15. Avra says:

    Well, if it's anything like the series "Merlin", I won't like it(No offence to any of you who like the BBC productions)I guess it's just a matter of opinion but,I've never cared for anything the BBC has made.As far as that book-to-film adaption goes I've made a point of never watching those for fear I'd have images of the disliked versions popping in my head every time I read the books.I don't suppose that happens to anyone else, but unfortunately that happens to me.So far the DISNEY/FOX versions have yet to be disliked.

  16. Narnian_Archer says:

    I'm from Russia, and I saw the VDT in the movie theatres. I have to admit, it is pretty popular (more so than Harry Potter), and there were quite a few people coming in to see the movie after us. When we were watching, it was pretty full–not packed, but pretty full.

  17. Andrea1988 says:

    I'm from Italy and I'll go to see it tomorrow.
    I really hope they will do SC and the rest of the movies…

  18. Gem says:

    Nothing, you can have your opinion. I just don't think Eclispe or the other Twilight movies can compare to the Narnian films.

  19. elanor says:

    And might I add, that it is a "teen" following for Potter and Eclipse (and sort of LOTR, not really). It is the teen following that tends to go movies regularly etc. Narnia is hard because it is not an adult flick or a teen romance/action and it is not quite kid material (small children, I mean, like Tangled would go for or pixar). You can just see movie producers and advertisers pulling their hair out and wailing, "Ahhhh, who can we target???"

  20. elanor says:

    That is curious about the UK. I wonder why?

    🙂 I would love to speculate, but as I am not from the UK, I'm afraid I wouldn't be a good judge! 🙂

  21. alex says:

    In the UK its still the biggest grossing film for i think the past two weeks, so its obviously doing well. BRING ON SILVER CHAIR

  22. claireyy says:

    vdt is doing very great, i think. many people have seen the movie and is encouraging people to watch it again and again. but i know some people are going to buy the dvd instead of watching in theaters.
    does anyone why disney did not make the vdt?