‘Dawn Treader’ DVD Due to Arrive at Easter?

In an interview between HollywoodJesus.com and Michael Flaherty of Walden Media, there is a brief mention of when the DVD for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader may arrive in stores.

HJ: My first question is probably kind of weird one, but as a fan of films and a fan who likes to collect films that I like, this has been a burning question in my mind. What does the change from Disney to Fox mean for future Narnia box sets for Blu-ray and DVD? You have two distributors now; is that going to make it challenging to put together box sets where people can get all of the Narnia films in one set?

MF: You’ve just hit on something that there’s a team of lawyers right now who woke up early in Burbank are trying to figure out. That’s a very good question, but I think we’ll get a good solution.

HJ: Okay, so you haven’t quite worked that out yet.

MF: No, no we’re hoping to by Easter when this comes out on DVD.

The interview continues on and is available on HollywoodJesus here.

Easter falls on April 24, 2011 this year, so keep your eyes open for the DVD then! If you’ll recall, Walden and Disney released the DVD for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe during Easter as well.

Thanks to Daniel James for the heads up!

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  1. Trufflehunter says:

    cool! although a month too late for me to get for my birthday.. 🙁

    • 22narnian says:

      Get it pre-ordered for your birthday. That's what happened to me when LWW came out on DVD in April 2006. My birthday was in February.

      • Narnian_Dreamer says:

        Haha that's funny! It was the same for me too! The exact same… My birthday's in Feb too!!! 🙂

    • Tabitha2269 says:

      Yeah, my birthday is april 10th, so it'll be late for a b-day present for me too. 🙁

  2. Ballerina says:

    Oh, that would be very exciting if it came out on Easter…Hopefully it will! 🙂 By the way, thanks Daniel James for the heads up!

  3. Beren says:

    Yup, it's generally 4 months after the release of the film that it comes out on DVD. So that's right on schedule :).

  4. Tribunal says:

    The first film was released on April 4th so it makes sense around that time.

  5. FaunFan says:

    Ooh, yay! This will be a good one to receive in my Easter basket!

  6. -centaur- says:

    Yay! First comment!

    • -centaur- says:

      Oh wait, scratch that.

    • Tribunal says:

      I always wonder why members always do this. You contribute nothing to the discussion.


    • Snicket says:

      EPIC FAIL!!

      Also, I will be getting this on blu, a box set would be cool, the PQ on Price Caspian is one of the best so I hope they don't mess with it. we just need the extended cut of LWW on blu. Who buys DVD's anymore??

    • Moonwood says:

      I can only wish someday I could have first comment, then my life will have been worth something.

      • HighQueenofNarnia says:

        Oh, come now, I'm certain your life is worth something even if you never get the first comment.
        But I join you to wishing to get first comment and then have time to actually COMMENT before someone else becomes the first-commenter. 😉

        To "add something to the discussion", as Tribunal put it: Easter then? A good present! I will ask for it… 😉 Do y'think they'll have the VotDT extended version with the second disc, like PC and LWW? With all the special features?
        (Have I added to the discussion enough to compensate for wanting something so trivial, Tribunal?) 😉

  7. tmc4narnia says:

    Awesome, I'll definitely be there when it arrives in stores

    • Edmund's Queen says:

      Yes, yes, yes! I want to get it the day it is released; just like I saw it the day it came to theaters. Do you think they'll have a 3- or 4-disc edition like they do of PC and LWW? If so, I'll buy that! The extras are always SO funny and great.

  8. faunforaslan says:

    Let guesses on the cover commence! 😀

  9. I HAVE to have that DVD. I keep thinking that I need to re-watch the movie before giving my final thoughts. Must've had to do with that first time 3D effect.
    This is one of those only times when I comment first. 🙂

    • EPIC FAIL. 😀 No seriously I think Narniaweb has some kind of glitch these days you can't see comments anymore until you do it yourself.

      • Gem says:

        I think it does. I thought I had the first comment a while ago, and there ended up being at least three or four people who had already commented or commented at the time that I was writing my comment. So annoying!

      • coracle says:

        Maybe it is to shame people into NOT writing this "first" stuff? Hmmm???

  10. narnia fan 7 says:

    awesome!! easter is like 4 months away!

  11. Rob W. Case says:

    According to Bluray.com, the movie will be released April 13th of 2011. Here's the link.


    This is for the blu-ray/DVD combo pack too.

  12. yeswelovenarnia says:

    YES!!!!!!! That will be soooo cool!!! :):):) I cant wait!!

  13. MagnificentKing says:

    I am already wondering in my mind what kind of special features the DVD will have. I am sure I will dream about this. ( I usually do when it is Narnia related) By the way doesn't Fox get that films generally do worse on holidays. People don't want to go buy a movie or see it in theaters they want to spend time with their families. BAD MARKETING i don't know maybe that is just my opinion…

    • Snicket says:

      The DVD will likely have zero special features. The blu-ray on the other hand will have the good stuff.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        "great", i dont have blu-ray, one more piece of junk i have to get….

      • The narniad says:

        The DVD will have special features won't it?! It shouldn't make a difference whether it's on DVD or Blueray for special features, surely?

  14. Samuel the Magnificent says:

    Wow that's fast.

  15. Queen Elizabeth says:

    BOX SET = Heck Yea

    I only own Prince Caspian and have been watching LWW off You tube. It would be fantastic to own them all in a lovely collectors box.

  16. Dancinginrain says:

    Now that would be awesome!

  17. Gem says:

    Hey, that would be a great Easter gift!

  18. Lucylove says:

    What's up with LWW and VDT?

  19. Michael says:

    EASTER!!! Wow, that's a long time waiting!

  20. Pepper Darcy says:

    that would be awesome!! 😀 I can't wait to have it on DVD! 🙂 I'm glad it's 'early' vs. PC which was December 2nd… after May 16th.

  21. Hwin says:

    Very excited! I didn't actually expect it to come out that soon…for some odd reason. If there is a special edition, I'm definitely getting it! 😀

  22. Kale&Bardon says:

    Easter easter easter easter easter. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! yay. thats soon

  23. ~queenSUSAN~ says:

    Oh, I got LWW for Easter! That was the best Easter ever, it was the first time I had seen the film because I didn't get to see it in theaters. 🙁 I stayed up until two in the morning because I watched the DVD twice: once without the commentary, and once with! 🙂

  24. samuel says:

    while I'm excited to own this. I am actually saddened by the quick turn around time, I would expect a Christmas release movie to be released on the following year, not sooner… but I can't really complain, my birthday's in May 😀

  25. well, LWW came out in December and then came on DVD in April so that sounds about right! 😀
    can't waiT!
    I just saw VotDT again last night!
    it was epic!

  26. I'll be holding out for the Extended Edition, which VotDT needs (though I loved the theatrical edition).

  27. Non-Negotiable Comment says:

    The marketing was perfectly fine. If you want to know why this film is tanking, I would respectfully suggest that people put aside their natural inclinations to blindly defend all things Narnia (not an awful trait, necessarily–I do it too, sometimes), and READ what the critics are saying, instead of dismissing their many valid points. The failure does not lie with the marketing department. The blame needs to go to the top. The producers had one last shot (and two and a half years) to make something spectacular that would capture the imagination of the film-going public. They failed miserably. I know many of you enjoyed it, and that's a good thing. If you know what you like, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. I wish I could be there with you. Unfortunately, when you evaluate it objectively, 'Dawn Treader' is a terribly mediocre product of the cinema that is getting EXACTLY what it deserves in terms of box office business. This film should have evoked joy and wonder for the masses. Instead, it reeks of a very distinct fear of failure that compromises every frame.

    • Non-Negotiable Comment says:

      Well, I obviously meant this for the other article. Apologies. Please delete, if possible.

    • Not Of This World says:

      Are you saying you think there will me no more Narnia movies? I bet by the end of December, Narnia would have made a lot of money.

    • That can't be the whole story. I've come across several people who said they didn't even know about the movie. How could something they never even saw anything about fail to capture their imagination? About half the critics liked the film. Only 6% of major critics liked The Last Airbender, and that still made a ton of money. So there are other factors at play too.

      I was truly disappointed too that they didn't stick to the book more closely and thought they could have done a better job overall (especially with a plot that made better sense), but I think you are exaggerating the problems with this film.

  28. aurelie says:

    c trop cool qu'il vont le sortir pour pâques vu que c le jour de l'anniversaire a mon frère et que le mien tombe 4 jours après

  29. aurelie says:

    c cool qu'il vont le faire pour pâques vu que c l'anniversaire a mon frère et que le mien tombe 4 jours après donc ça me fera un cadeau d'anniversaire youpi

  30. rayendra pangestu says:

    i'm in narnia fans from indonesia…

  31. Reepicheep says:

    I got a PS3 for Christmas last year and ever since I bought all my movies on blu-ray, although I never had it when the first two came out on DVD so I'll probably get this one on blu-ray now.

    • Not Of This World says:

      Lucky! I wish I had a PS3. I've got a PS2. When that breaks, I'm going to try to rase enough money for a PS3 (But that won't be for a long time . . . I take good care on my PS2 🙂 )

  32. LadyLasaraleen says:

    Yes!!! I know what I'm gettin' for my birthday!!!

  33. blueRain says:

    Cool. I'm glad to hear this one will be released sooner to DVD than PC was. An earlier release could raise the chances of a revenue increase.

  34. I'm looking forward to getting the Blu-Ray. I hope they do an excellent transfer and that it has a lot of special features. I also hope they bring out an extended edition on Blu-Ray. This film flew by way too fast; I hope an extended edition corrects that.

  35. Queen Susan the Gentle says:


  36. narnian resident says:

    Easter present, right there 🙂

  37. icarus says:

    Please let there be an extended-edition DVD release. If ever there was a film in the last 10 years that so desperately needed an extended cut it was this. Fox have done extended cuts for many other films which were far less in need than this one (The A-Team anyone?) so please please please let it happen.

    • stateofgreen says:

      I second this! Though part of me is a bit skeptical that there are even scenes that would make this a better movie going by the hack job they did to crucial book scenes…i.e. Eustace story.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      I'm wondering if they are holding on to a scene with the 4 kids in narnian clothes like we saw in the commercials-

  38. greenbird37 says:

    Cant wait for it to come out for my collection…I personally loved it. They can fit so much in a movie…if we have read the book, we did not actually miss anything. The movie was very entertaining and I would see it again if I could!

  39. Rob says:

    If the momentum for this movie goes further south rather quickly, perhaps we can help persuade them to up the DVD/Blu-Ray release date.

  40. Braden Woodburn says:

    Wow yeah, that does seem early. Most movies take at least 5 or 6 months before they are out in stores. But this is rather exciting. I think since it is most likely "The Silver Chair" next, I've thought of a way they could go making the franchise. I think once "The Silver Chair" is out, in order for the Pevensies, Eustace, and Jill to grow older, they should do "The Magician's Newphew" with a tagline of "let's go back to the very beginning of it all". Then, make "The Last Battle" and have a tagline saying "we've seen it all, now it's time to return to Narnia for one last time". Now, in my opinion, "The Horse and His Boy" I feel wouldn't do so great as a film. I would say it is my least favorite out of the books and since that it takes place while the Pevensies are still in Narnia from "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" before they come back out, it may throw some people off who haven't read the books in the right order. Plus, since there were different actors and actresses that played them as older, it would be rather weird to have the original Pevensies back if they are older in real life. And the storyline is completely different. Although I would hate to say it, but "The Horse and His Boy" should just stay as a book. So, my best way they could do this course of action for films is "The Silver Chair" next now that "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" has been released, "The Magician's Nephew" to give everyone more time to age in real life, and then "The Last Battle". For anyone that has read this, PLEASE reply on your opinion. I am interested. Thanks.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      let's just hope the fate of narnia is no longer in OUR hands lol- i'd rather the narnians handledf it- the kids are old enough to portray themselves as adults now. i always see the horse and his boy as being very cinematic. pictures of turrets and taj mahal type buildings, moonlight on the beach, cool arabian nights costumes- i think itwould be awesome. my best advice would be to make the colormen soome fantasy color skin, like red or blue or green, so no body gets "offended" that it is a thinly veiled slap at them. (which it actually is). just what we need, people threatening to bomb the theatres it's playing at.

    • narnian21 says:

      I don't really agree with that order. i do agree with that tagline for MN, but you can't have the ultimate ending for the narnia series and then slap another movie after that. it would totally ruin the flow of the movies. and plus the characters at the end of HHB should be with everyone in LB.

      I think HHB would make a great movie. Its pretty cinematic if i remember right so they shouldn't have to make changes to the story. It also has the pevensie kids in there as well so people will be familiar with those characters. a story within a story

  41. wolfloversk says:

    *Just found out she's not coming home for Easter* That could cause some slight problems… Ah well, I'll find a way to Wal-Mart I guess (really wants to hear the audiocommentary* And there'd better be deleted scenes, and bloopers 😉

  42. Viníccios Matheus Giraldelli says:




  43. faunforaslan says:

    Tony Nixon and Arabella Morton posted this on Facebook: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1223947/
    Looks like we may be getting SC after all…

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