Dawn Treader Grosses $24.5m Opening Weekend

Posted December 12, 2010 2:20 pm by Glumpuddle

In its first three days, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader grossed an estimated $24.5 Million in the U.S. and Canada. 54% of that came from 3D showings. This total falls short of the $55m earned by Prince Caspian (May 2008), and the $65m by The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (December 2005). Dawn Treader‘s worldwide total is at $105m.

Estimated weekend results:
1. $24m – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
2. $17m – The Tourist
3. $14m – Tangled
4. $8m – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One
5. $4 – Unstoppable

Box Office Mojo writes:

It was hoped that a return to December along with marketing that pushed the first movie’s lion, witch and Christian angles and the addition of the 3D illusion would rekindle interest, but the third Narnia mustered a weaker start than fantasy also-ran The Golden Compass, let alone the other Narnias.

Read the full report here

The domestic total is certainly below expectations. But it fared better internationally. Yahoo writes:

[Dawn Treader and The Tourist] were lambasted by critics, and both carried hefty price tags — $150 million and $100 million, respectively — requiring strong overseas sales to make them profitable. The two previous “Chronicles of Narnia” films did most of their business overseas, where Depp and Jolie are also more popular.
Fox said it succeeded in its aim of resurrecting the franchise, and was “excited” about its overall prospects.

Dawn Treader will face some big competition from Disney’s Tron: Legacy when it releases this Friday.

Now, it is time to wait and see if another Narnia film is green-lit…

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    • glumPuddle says:

      Correction made, whoops.

    • Daniel James says:

      Hey everyone, don’t forget, almost all of the marketing for the movie said that it’s "Coming this Christmas." So a ton of people probably don’t even know that it’s already out yet; they think it’s coming out on Christmas! So I wouldn’t be too worried. Right now, a lot of people are busy with Finals, and a lot of the Northeast US is snowbound.

  • Christina says:

    That seems very small. Well, what will happen will happen.

  • The Servant says:

    That totally stinks. Oh well, we’ll just have to make up for it. Maybe the weather was involved with it’s shortcoming.

    • glumPuddle says:

      The domestic total does stink. Just added international numbers.

      • Bulgy Bear says:

        You should change the story title to include the current worldwide total as well. Not because it makes Narnia look better, but because I really dislike tendency to consider the US boxoffice in a higher regard than any other nation or amalgamation of regions when calculating a movie’s popularity.

      • Non-Negotiable Comment says:

        The share for international gross is a fraction of what the studios get for domestic. That’s why the Canada/U.S. sales are always emphasized more. For example, of that $80.5 million, FOX receives a cut of approximately $34.8 million, out of which they have to subtract about $23.6 million in expenses over and above the production budget of the film (foreign advertising, prints, taxes, dubbing, shipping, currency conversion, trade dues, etc.), leaving a total of approximately $22.1 million that they can claim as net earnings. What this means is, the franchise has just been hit by a very large bus, and is on life support. It’s not dead yet, but nothing here is "good" news.

        Start praying. Or buying a LOT of tickets. Or both.

      • Non-Negotiable Comment says:

        Sorry, I meant $34.8 million- $23.6 million, for a total of $11.2 million. It’s even worse.

  • starkat says:

    It seems like it was a bad weekend all around. So we’ll see what it does when school gets out.

    • Demor says:

      Ya so many people I know said they couldnt go this weekend because of exams. Maybe that means a big hit once schools get out.

  • Edward C. says:

    The LA Times is reporting that Dawn Treader grossed $81 million overseas this weekend.

    • Louloudi the Centaur says:

      That would be about $105.5 million worldwide. I think we would be able to pass the filming budget, but I’m not sure about the promotion budget. I read on Wikipedia Fox may have spent $100 million on marketing. But you can’t fully trust Wikipedia. Does anyone have info to confirm this?

    • glumPuddle says:


  • Moonwood says:

    Fox sais the franchise is saved !!

    ‘Fox said it succeeded in its aim of resurrecting the franchise, and was "excited" about its overall prospects.’

    • eustacegirl says:


    • 8SilverSky says:

      That sounds incredibly awesome! Yes!

    • Tribunal says:

      What do you expect them to say? They are spinning the numbers, it’s not like they were going to blatantly come out and say the film failed.

      A $40 million gross was expected and the film barely managed to get half of that and will probably end up with under $70 million total. Its only hope now is overseas, but don’t expect any more films to be made.

  • Queen C The Gentle says:

    Has anyone seen this movie yet? I haven’t yet so I would know like to what is happening b/w Lucy and Caspian b/c I’m hearing rumors that Caspain mistaked Lucy for Susan and Lucy has a crush on C.

    • Louloudi the Centaur says:

      I have. When I saw it, I didn’t hear any line about this. There was absolutely NO crush in the movie.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        yes, lucy shot him a quick look like she was crushing on him. if you looked away quick, you might have missed it. it wasn’t a big deal, just another hint about her building jealousy of susan.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        watch lucy’s face when they first get there and lucy asks if he’s replaced susan yet.

    • Puddleglum says:

      Actually going in little under an hour.
      If it’s as good as I hope I will go more than once.

      • Narnian Kitty says:

        I saw it this afternoon and was quite disappointed as it is another loose adaptation. The bare bones are there, sort of as they are mixed up and things are left out, but hardly any of the dialogue is actually from Lewis. They changed the premise of the story in some ways, and some of the Christian symbolism was lost – the lamb analogy for example and also that Aslan doesn’t remove Eustace’s scales with his claws. There’s no crush, and in fact Caspian meets his future wife, but there’s no indication he went back to see her, but if you’d read the book you’d know that. One of the indicators in the book is when Lucy reminds Caspian that he’s promised Ramadu’s daughter he’d come back so he doesn’t go to the very end of the world. The old BBC version is still my favourite. They did some things well, but overall it gets a C from me.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        it was beautiful and deserves to be supported. i heard they aslan didnt directly claw eustace, it would have made it a pg-13 because of violence. i actually preferred the way they portrayed it, it was very classy. it was only and hour and a half, i wish it was longer , i think it could have used it. i thought PC would never end, VDT was too short!

    • columba says:

      They don’t hit on eachother. lol They do a brilliant job of showing Lucy interested in beauty and having a greater interest in what others think (foreshadowing the incantation of beauty). She asks if Caspian has found someone (while she adjusts her hair) and he says "no one as beautiful as your sister Susan". Setting up Lucy’s temptation for the beauty of another. They properly imply his interest in Ramandu’s daughter… since in the book he goes on to marry her.

  • Moonwood says:

    Am I invisible ?

  • Moonwood says:

    Am I invisible ? Am I dreaming ?

  • Moonwood says:

    How much did LLW and PC make internationally the opening week-end ?

  • faunforaslan says:

    Just 2 million short??? I don’t think that’s bad. Not bad at all…

  • Shastafan says:

    Hmm, I’m concerned, but at the same time, I’m hopeful. May VDT beat out Tron: Legacy next week! πŸ˜‰

  • Caspian X says:

    Well, Let"s see in about a week. Maybe the weather DID affect the movie.

    • Puddleglum says:

      I’m sure it did in the mid-West. Minnesota had a nasty blow. Even the local football stadium had a roof collapse.

      • Caspian X says:

        Your kidding !!! Really ? Wow !!!! So, Do you agree with me ?

      • Melody says:

        Not the ‘local’ football field — the Metrodome in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. 17" of snow up there!

        I for one wanted to go this weekend to the theater, but it was most definitely too dangerous to travel. πŸ˜›

      • Puddleglum says:

        I’m sure it did.
        Finally saw it myself last night. Was a little dissapointed. But will go again if I can get past other tasks.

  • Moonwood says:

    Just 2 million short , that’s awesome !
    Of course they will greenlight SC

    • faunforaslan says:

      That’s what I’m thinking(:

    • Lyle says:

      I just hope they’ll get a better director for Silver Chair… Apted makes Adamson look like Spielberg! Dawn Treader should have been the best of the 7, but right now (to me) it ranks well below Caspian. If Apted stays I hope he’ll realize his follies with this adaptation (poor dialogue and choppy pacing).

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        i know, i was waiting to bawl my eyes out at the end, and it was over in a blip. i practically blinked and missed 3/4 of the waterfall scene- i have visions in my head of how i would edit this, and add about a half hour.

      • Samuel the Magnificent says:

        Did you see it in 3D? I saw it in 3D first I could not get into the movie. I just saw it again tonigh in 2D and it was wonderful. I even cried at the end. Watching a second time and in 2D might be the charm.

    • narnian21 says:

      A lot of it is the screenwriters’ fault. They wrote the script for what’s happening in the movie

  • glumPuddle says:

    Yeah, looks like the franchise is not dead after all.

    • David Sutton says:

      If the fans join together we can make sure that the low domestic opening doesn’t set the trend. If fans will give this movie great word of mouth we could end up with a long term success. Here are 10 things fans can do to ensure the movie is successful enough for a sequel.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        well if they had done a normal job of advertising, i’m sure opening weekend audiences would have responded. 3/4 of america probably don’t even realize it’s been made, or opened yet.

  • WarriorOfNarnia says:

    Does this mean the Silver Chair will be made????

  • Queen Su says:

    Even though the Voyage didn’t make as much here in the U.S., it sounds like the film is rather popular elsewhere. πŸ™‚
    I know a bunch of people that are not going to the movie until later on in the month. I’m sure the Voyage will pull this number way up over time.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      it opened bigger overseas cause they advertised it better over there! why did thye give up on the US before it even opened? it’s NOT just a european phenon! they get these ideas in their heads….

  • Moonwood says:

    I’m sure now that they are going to make the rest of the movies, and I think we have to remind ourselves not to take what critics write too seriously ( though unfortunately it affects ticket sales )
    Let’s not forget that critics gave ‘ The Wisard of Oz ‘ terrible reviews, and critics HATED Charles Dickens at the time…

  • Timo says:

    Yea! I told ya guys! Just a little faith! Let’s hope things get better and better!

  • Quinlin says:

    Praying that the numbers continue to rise and that the Dawn Treader is not overthrown by Tron. If it at least maintains a top spot for some time longer, it may make up for the comparably low earnings it earned this weekend.

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      in our theater everyone went to Narnia except three younger girls who went to see Tangled– Narnia has a spotlight, but like others have said– there’s finals, school– over the holiday things might pick up! πŸ™‚ I’ve heard of lots who really really are desperate to go! and are really excited about it! πŸ˜€

  • Moonwood says:

    They said his stories has too many coincidences

  • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

    I’m so thrilled about the worldwide numbers, and about Fox’s positive comments regarding the franchise. Looks like there is hope for Silver Chair after all. Very exciting. πŸ˜€

    . . . Of course, I haven’t seen the film yet, and don’t yet know if I *want* them to make SC, which is one of my favorites in the series. πŸ˜‰ Here’s to hoping I’m going to love VDT. πŸ˜€

    • Samuel the Magnificent says:

      Don’t expect to see the spitten image of the book on screen. However, the added plot along with the other additions make the story flow together and it is really beautiful.

  • StBrianofMinneapolis says:

    Maybe all that international promotion paid off. =) We shouldn’t be so shocked though. The global market place will soon be a bigger deal than the oldschool thought of America first. Maybe this is one of the first steps towards that.

    Plus in the midwest we got 20 inches of snow. That is quite a bit for even us to deal with. Luckily I saw the movie twice before the storm hit. πŸ˜‰

  • faunforaslan says:

    Very happy with the numbers so far. I don’t think we have anything to worry about πŸ™‚

  • CEP Paul T says:

    Have not seen the green-light for SC just yet. Some sort of green mist is getting in the way.

    *does not hold breath*

  • graycsc says:

    This is starting to look better, but we have to remember we’re not out of the woods yet!! We need to keep getting as many people as possible to go see this movie as many time as possible! Let’s show these filmmakers just how much we love narnia and want this to continue!!!!!

  • Musgrave says:

    Wow! This is just the opposite of what I thought that Fox and Walden would say. I thought that they would be kind of disappointed with the box office numbers. Well, that’s good news!

  • Pepper Darcy says:

    Does this hold any hope for Silver Chair? After seeing Dawn Treader, I’m DYING to see Apted direct Silver Chair and Last Battle! I hope he does the next two! Please, please, please, please, please, please!!

    Is this good news? There were lots of people besides us last night, and for our area that’s a big deal! And I know we’re planning on seeing it in a week or so from tomorrow with about 20 people plus whoever else will be in the theater! πŸ™‚

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      and I might go see it a third time! πŸ™‚

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      Hwin, I know you asked for my review. Here it is: http://ithilwensfaerietale.blogspot.com/2010/12/voyage-of-dawn-treader.html

      Did you post one? Anyone reading my review is free to comment on exactly what they think. I don’t mind. You can say whatever you feel like πŸ˜‰

      • Hwin says:

        Thank you, Pepper Darcy! I completely agree with your review, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! It made me love the film even more! When ever I would see negative comments about VDT and about the future of the series of Narnia, what I right aways thought of, for some reason, was:

        "Oh you of little faith."

        I really agree that this was true to the book in the sense that it took what the book was really made of (and more) and put it on screen. I wasn’t sure at first about the green mist, but I think it is an excellent picture of how temptation in particular is.

        Anyways, your review expressed it quite perfectly! I posted a very brief review as a comment on one of the articles, but I was still quite mind-blown from the movie, and didn’t say too much =P Although there is SO much I could say about it!!! I really want to see it again!!!

        And about the results from the weekend, it definitely boosts my hopes!!! πŸ˜€

      • Hwin says:

        Oh wait, this is bad news??? =P If so, then that’s sad, but I’m still hopeful…..

  • DanielmyBrother says:

    In the LA Times article it sounded like Fox would have been happy with a 30 million dollar opening week-end . 81 million overseas is good sign too. It was really cold where I live. Nasty weather might kept people at home.

  • Northernranger says:

    Didn’t do as good as I had hoped but it still did pretty good. Look how much better it did then the other movies.

  • Timo says:

    Im going to see it again with my girlfriend in 2 weeks, and then again in the hollydays with the church.. Went yesterday with my family, and my dad’s going to take his classes (bout 50 children) to the film because of me (he could choose between Narnia and a bunch of other movies, and I begged him to go to Narnia) πŸ˜€ spread the word! It’s in our hands πŸ™‚

  • Kevin Gale says:

    yea, but keep in mind the $105M, internationally, in essence they probably only need another $100M, to pay the way.

    • Kevin Gale says:

      It just goes to show that Narnia is a true international film and not just a US one.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        it’s actually considered to be a british classic, and we are just a small foreign market suppsedly to them. like we couldn’t relate cause we are american, and it’s not as famous here. over there it WAS the most famous kids classic( tll Potter)

    • Lewis Tolkien says:

      I wish that were so, but 205 million wouldn’t even come close to recouping the costs. The film’s budget was $155 million and its advertising budget was $100 million. Plus, they have to share a sizable amount of the profits with the theater owners. It really seems to me they will have to get around Prince Caspian’s numbers to actually make any money ($400 million +).

      That could certainly be possible if the film does really well in its overseas markets throughout its entire run and it has a whole lot of staying power in the theaters. However, this is still a very iffy proposition, so I hope nobody gets their hopes up too much (although I know it’s hard not to).

  • Daredevil says:

    It’s probably not that the movie is doing any "better" in the rest of the world compared to America, its just that there are only 300million people in the USA, and there are some 6 and a half Billion people outside the USA. Quite why the movie industry insists on such an arbitrary delineation of the world’s population into two such disproportionate groups when determining box-offices for movies which are internationally produced always baffles me.

    • columba says:

      It actually is doing extremely well internationally. The US has only 300 mil but we have more theatres per capita. Most Movies make half or more of money in US alone. For Mexico to pull in almost one third of our number is flat out astounding… for some countries seeing a movie is a full days wages.we just need the press to pick thiis up more.

  • narnian resident says:

    well, i’ll be seeing it again some time this week with several people, so…yeah, im contributing. alright Narnia fans, this is what we were made to do: help make Narnia movies successful! so, lets get out there and watch some Narnia πŸ˜€
    (i feel like a nerdy cheerleader)

  • Luke Reynolds says:

    Well, I’m happy that Fox says they’re excited, but I’m not going to trust that statement until they officially greenlight The Silver Chair. And, while I see why the change in direction alienated some people, I liked this one the best so far. It had a cool, British feel… like Dr. Who or something.

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      good. You cleared up my confusion. So this *does* look good! Hopeing for Silver Chair now! πŸ™‚

      • Narnian* says:

        Yes. This is good news! $105 million is really decent for its first week or two open. Let us pray for the greenlight on The Silver Chair!

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      i thought the change in the music was worse- so bland, and no continuity in the new music. the recording of it was really light and fluffy, and distant sounding . I thought it really did not help the movie at all, very bland-


    Well there’s still hope.
    *Mild spoiler*

    For those who have seen the movie; do you remember near the end that Eustace’s mom said that Jill Pole was at his house to play?
    If that isn’t a hint from FOX that they are still planning to make SC despite some disappointments,then I don’t know what a hint is.

    • narnian resident says:

      yeah i noticed that part. i kinda got all fangirly giddy. i was "Jill Pole? really?!" i was beginning to think the same thing, that it might be a little hint-hint. oh i do hope thats what it is! please FOX!

    • icarus says:

      Equally though i felt Eustace’s narration about the Narnian’s missing them "till the end of time" felt like they were bringing everything to a close. It kind of had a certain finality to it. However, i figure they were simply covering their bases for either eventuality.

    • Hwin says:

      When I heard that line, I got so excited! I whispered to my brother:

      "It’s JILL POLE!!!"

      Haha, but what icarus says is very true. I still got excited, though πŸ™‚

    • Kevin C says:

      Not only Jill Pole, but Aslan’s final words to Eustace. This is to be expected and sequels have not always been made in film history. However, the key is the Fox Co. executives feeling good about potential profits for sequels.

    • Lady Polly says:

      i know what you mean LOTR&NARNIANFAN, between that and the fact that Aslan (almost) promised Eustace that he would come back, i definitely felt that they were getting us ready for SOMETHING. I agree with you though Icarus, i also felt that at the same time as they getting us ready for the next film, they were telling us that this was the last one it was very strange.

  • narnian resident says:

    also, one must keep in mind that this wasnt exactly the best weekend to do it. its the weekend before finals in high school and just before school’s out, so its a weekend when kids are studying and parents and adults are working or getting their kids to study. i think they should have rather done it next weekend, but oh well. just a fact. it was successful anyway πŸ™‚

    • Tribunal says:

      The first film opened on the same weekend five years ago and earned $65 million. Which adjusted for inflation is about $75 million.

      How this was a bad weekend to open a movie makes no sense.

  • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

    According to NW’s box office info, Prince Caspian only got 20 million overseas in its opening weekend. VDT has four times that much. Wow. O_O

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      Rose-Tree, you are an ANGEL! I simply MUST hug you! See? May BE America will pick up momentum like THAT!! πŸ™‚ At least if it’s JUST more popular in the rest of the world (like, they go nuts over it) despite what America does, Fox might end up doing it for the rest of the world, so us U.S. people would still get it! πŸ™‚ At least America doesn’t set the standard!

      THANK you Rose-Tree! You’re a heroine! You get a character in my book! HUGS! (okay, so I’m impulsive, please forgive me πŸ™‚ But I mean it! πŸ˜€ You really cheered me up! πŸ˜€

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        okay, I’m like really stupid and stinking dislecsic– I read the 20 million, put it with Dawn Treader and divided 20 million by 4 and thought that PC only got 5 million in the rest of the world– when I should have done 20 million by 4– that’s even better figures!

        Is it any wonder I was awful at math? I look at every figure backwards πŸ˜›

      • Timo says:

        Dude.. You’re awesome ;D

    • icarus says:

      That’s mainly because Prince Caspian didn’t actually open in most international markets until several weeks/months after the US release date. πŸ™

      • FriendOfNarnia2 says:

        Yeah, that was definitely a bad move on Disney’s part. It looks like Dawn Treader may not be as big of a disappointment overseas.

    • Hwin says:

      That is amazing!!! πŸ˜€

    • Tribunal says:

      This is true, but Prince Caspian was in only 12 overseas countries on its opening weekend, hence the lower gross. Dawn Treader released in 56 countries, hence the higher gross.

  • Savber100 says:

    So there’s still hope?

  • Narnian Meerkat says:

    AH, that is GREAT. πŸ™‚

  • Silver the Wanderer says:

    Not so great numbers in the US, but the international numbers look really good to me! I honestly wasn’t expecting such a positive statement from Fox – I really hope they’re telling the truth and that they’re happy with these numbers because I would really like to see SC get made.
    And the weather could have played a role…it’s snowing up a storm here, and the roads are really bad. Also, the teachers are dumping homework on us prior to Christmas break, making my weekend very busy. I’m hoping once break comes more people will be able to go see it.

  • Lucylove says:

    I got someone to watch it so that means it went up $7

  • Gryphon says:

    That’s great news!

    Long live Aslan πŸ˜€

  • King_Cor_the_Great says:

    I was staying completely optimistic the entire time. Ha! That was lie. I was panicing. I am on this website called wattpad and I create my stories and upload them there. Anyways, I told my fans that if they want updates they have to see VDT. I got two people with me so far!

  • Queen Elizabeth says:

    My family is going next week so that’s $32 more πŸ™‚

  • rutger says:

    IΒ΄m from the Netherlands and IΒ΄m going with my sister and parents next weekend and I’m maybe going with my older sister for a second time. Narnia 3 costs 9.60 euro’s here so that 6x 9,60 = 57,60 euro’s. That’s $77,18! πŸ™‚

  • iota says:

    I got 30 people there today…took the church youth group and they all loved it. It wasn’t my favorite Narnia movie, but I really hope they keep the franchise going. It has its own charm as series. Long live the Great Lion!

    • faunforaslan says:

      Good going, Iota!!! 30 people at once! Great job! Hopefully we can get a bunch of people to do that!

  • Jonathan says:

    I’ll admit that if it wasn’t for this site and my following the development of the movie I wouldn’t have realized that it was coming out this past Friday, in fact I could never remember the release date until this week, so my friends would ask me "when’s it coming out?" and I’d be like sometime in the next couple of weeks. I think word of mouth will be really important for this film. Once people see it and get word out that its a better film than Caspian then it’ll do better. Also again, its just a rough weekend I think in general, I think the movie will do much better once everyone is off for Christmas break in a week or so. I know a lot of college people have finals this week.

  • Hannah says:

    Yeeah, Mojo has always been pretty against Narnia anyway, I’m not sure I care about their thoughts. It may not have done as well, but that doesn’t mean it did poorly yet. Hope things pick up. πŸ™‚

  • Carwashboy says:

    Even though I like Adamson’s style of moviemaking alot better and liked the first two so much more than Voyage, I am still totally supporting this movie and I am hoping it does incredibly well so that we get to see Silver Chair! I do kind of hope that they will bring back Gregson Williams, the One Day music theme and the traditional Narnia main title sequences. And I’m sure they’ll get a new director. I think in Silver Chair, we will feel more ‘transported’ to Narnia than some of us did in Voyage. Spread the word about VDT!

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      I agree!!! why would you drop the traditional title sequence??!! it made it feel like just any other movie was starting! and the lame ballet music?! made a big break in continuity. Apted really should have respected what was established before more, then expounded on it, i think.

  • Skandar-the Great says:

    I went and saw it on the first day, so I helped out some. I also took my brother and sister.That’s $21.

  • Cynthia says:

    Well, it’s no thanks to the people who commented before that they are waiting for it to come out on DVD or one that commented that they will wait until the movie is at the dollar cinema…..AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES NARNIA FANS!!! It’s because of YOU that this movie didn’t do good!!! I on the other hand watched it 3 times!!!

    • Tribunal says:

      You are blaming a handful of people for Dawn Treader performing poorly?


      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        alot of book purists get a bug up their butt and don’t support it, then that adds up.

    • Bookwyrm says:

      You are aware of the fact that there are less than 2000 people signed up for accounts on NarniaWeb and less than half of those are even close to active? In contrast, there is well over 6 billion people on this planet, with over 300 million in the United States. I can totally see how a few dozen people on one website made a movie flop. Next thing we’re going to do with our awesome power is make the execrable Yogi Bear movie earn 5 billion dollars.

  • QueenLucytheValient says:

    Noone is probably going to read this, but I think that it did very well, considering the economy. It beat Harry Potter. And that is great, there is still a chance for it to pick up, word still needs to get out, some of my friends haven’t seen it yet,people are sometimes unwilling to see the movie the first few days, because they are worried about it being crowded. We still have hope.

  • Sandy says:

    I totally agree with Cynthia!! Some Narnia "fans" are not true Narnia fans at all πŸ™

    I saw it and I completely loved it!! Spread the word!! Tell your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors!! COME ON NARNIANS!!!!

    • Bookwyrm says:

      Who made you God that you have the power to see into people’s minds and determine who is a "true fan" or not? I could turn that around on you and claim you aren’t a "true fan" because you’re choosing to spend your money on a sub-par version of Lewis’ magnificent book. I suspect you wouldn’t like that very much. Perhaps you might want to think twice before you post hateful passive-aggressive comments about people who’ve done nothing to you.

    • Lady Polly says:

      I don’t think that it’s very fair to say that. Some people can’t afford to go to the movies 100 times, that doesn’t mean that there any less Narnia fans, it just means that they aren’t rolling in money. my cinema is very cheap so i will be seeing it several times, but if it was the regular price of movies nowadays i MIGHT see it once, i can’t afford that kind of money to see a movie once it’s so much cheaper in the long run

  • greenbird37 says:

    I went to see it with my 3 kids…spent $50 all together, but well worth it! We must stay positive, it will get us everywhere. I’m not giving up on it, it was a great movie and if my finances were better, I would take them to see it again! On a strict budget right now, but saved for this!!

  • Estefania says:

    this movie is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! long live narnia!!!

  • yeswelovenarnia says:

    Saw it in 3D yesterday and it was well worth it!!! Went with a bunch of my friends!! It is a really good movie!! Maybe not as close to the book in some parts (i.e. The Lone Islands) as I would have liked but still one of the best if not the best narnia movie yet!! I am so glad it at least made top in the box office and I hope it does even better!!!!

  • Noogah says:



    May they have learned much by next time so we can see an even better film.

    In reply to this article:

    "[Dawn Treader and The Tourist] were lambasted by critics…"

    Wait wait…what? Lambasted? That seems a bit harsh. I mean, The Tourist was lambasted, yeah, but not The Dawn Treader

  • Thyservant says:

    If they are going to make SC, when will they probably greenlit it after VDT? By Jan?

  • Bethany Weathers says:

    There have been a lot weaker openings to good movies out there. If you look at all the movies out there, 24 million is actually a very respectable opening. Would I have wished for a bigger opening? Sure. But as far as opening weekends go, I’m not going to cry about it.

    • Duffleglum says:

      Definitely. I truly believe that by the time fox is saying it was a success, then I think we can rest assured that we will see them make Silver Chair.

      After that, though, I think they should probably bail and hope for a better reboot team in the future.

      • Ktewinc says:

        I thought from being brought from book to screen they did a semi decent job. It’s hard to turn a book into a movie with the time limits and funding available. They tweaked a few things but I don’t think they changed the overall feel of the movie. I was pleased with it overall. I hope they continue because I would really like to see The Last Batle. It was my favorites book. I don’t think they can really do Horse & His Boy or Magicans Nephew until perhaps after Silver Chair& Last Battle. It would throw people off who haven’t read the books. Probably wouldn’t do very well box office wise either.

      • wolfloversk says:

        A simple solution for explaining the time gap is to include it in the marketing, kind of like the "One year for them. 1300 years for Narnia." Why not "See how the world began" or "During the Pevensies’ reign…"

        I don’t think it’s necessary to wait til after LB, that would just confuse them more… and HHB is the easiest to adapt out of all of the books, so dropping that would be a shame.

      • samuel says:

        I don’t know why people keep saying they hope for a reboot ‘after’ silver chair? since by saying this you are implying that you like the first 3 movies… why remake the first 4 stories? why even remake LWW? That just doesn’t make sense to me, I want to see them continue. If Fox does decide to bail I hope that it might be because of a shrewd business move that would let disney buy the series back and hopefully provide the later movies with bigger budgets

  • narnian says:

    omg!!!! the movie is aerning good money look at this link how much the voyage has earned in this weekend!!!!

    • Griffle says:

      I hope for Walden’s and Fox’s sake that It’ll make it’s money back. I don’t expect it to have any chance against Tron: Legacy though. Also; Deathly Hallows Part I will continue to rake in money for Warner Bros. and rightfully so. It’s a great film. I will see VDT when it opens over here on Christmas Day, and I hope that people around the world will do the same, but I don’t have that much hope for it doing well enough to warrant another movie.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        tron is getting pitiful reviews- and hope tangled by disney dies a quick death

      • Lyle says:

        Tron getting pitiful reviews??? It’s faring way better than VDT and will cripple VDT’s longevity. And if you read carefully, the high positive rate of Tangled means it’s got legs… something VDT unfortunately lacks.

        If anything, the failure of VDT is a wake-up-call to Apted and crew to bring back the magic that’s been heavily declining in the series.

  • Pendragon says:

    I wonder, if they’re going to greenlight SC, when they’ll plan on doing so?

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      hopefully this century. can”t bank on that though, seeing how long they have taken so far. how bout one a year at xmas time now, fox?

      • samuel says:

        It would be nice if they released one a year, but unfortunately if we want to see good quality movies we have to give them at least 2 years to make. Dawn treader was made on a very very tight schedule that I would not like them to repeat. I would like to see SC in two years though I’d like them to greenlight HHB or MN in a year so that either one of them could begin production and then release them one year apart after that

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        yeah but in 2005 they had mentioned they wuold like to release one every year, till they got bogged down by PC. you can have more than one team at a time working on things.

  • Braden Woodburn says:

    OMGosh, it beat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1!? That is shocking yet really good for the Narnia series!! I just got back from seeing Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I completely loved it! The action was amazing and Lucy was so grown up and fierce in this film! Also if Fox said that is had a "resurrection" of the franchise and were "excited", I definetly sense another Narnia film will be coming up, hopefully it is The Silver Chair!

    • Anhun says:

      Actually, that’s not shocking. HP has been out for awhile now and just about anyone who wants to see it has already seen it. One industry commentator described HP as going through box office free fall.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        good, that evil piece of occultism could use a nice stake through the heart-

      • phvolt220 says:

        I do not appreciate that comment. πŸ™ Please remember that there are other people here who watch other films and are fans of them other than the Narnia series. Looking at your other previous comments, it also seems that you have a lot of spite for other films as well. I find that most people who bash the HP series have not read the books themselves, so who are they to judge? Narnia also has overt "magic" in their films, and most people either don’t know or don’t care about the subtle Christian references. And before you wonder, I am a Christian also.

      • jag says:

        you high queen, I mean i wouldnt have been so blunt about it, but agree, sure there an entertaining watch, but thats the scary part, something soo dark is so engaging to so many people, its a worry alright, and I myself dont believe its omething christians should be involved with, and I say this having read the books!

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        sorry guys, but i gotta call a spade a spade. that series has produced a 300% increase in actual real life covens- ACCORDING TO THE HIGH RANKING WITCHES IN OCCULTISM. they are the ones who reported the increase among kids in occultism directly influenced by HP. and the bible directly forbids witchcraft because it originates from the dark side and it is dangerous. HP is deeply steeped in actual occultism and JK researched and based her writings on actual practices. it is a doorway into real anti-christian practices. you’ll find it if you research online.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        to PHvolt220, the magic in narnia is make believe- , the witchcraft in HP is well researched and based on actual wicca/pagan practices. that is the difference. I’m sorry i offended you, so I will send you a Happy Face : ) LOL

      • Not Of This World says:

        I agree with High Queen Shelly Belly. HP is witchcraft.

      • Chris says:

        High queen shelly, here are some facts:

        1- Witches and witchcraft do not exist
        2- there’s as much "occult" and magic in Harry Potter as in Narnia
        3- Harry potter is very inspired by Narnia
        4- the author, JK Rowling, is a devout Christian
        5- there are plenty of obvious Christian messages in Harry Potter, particularly the last book.
        6- it’s clear you’ve never read any Harry potter books
        7- you are an idiot

      • Lyle says:

        All of you above are brainwashed by Christian extremists who enjoy demonizing EVERYTHING, and showing some alarmingly narrow-minded opinions that should rightfully be kept to yourselves.

        You make the rest of us Christians look bad. I pray for your sheltered futures.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      chris, quess what, 1) witches and witchcraft actually exist, and i personally know adult witches and pagans. I formerly lived in new england, where there are many flourishing covens, and active meetings. I know people that have been to them. Wicca and witchcraft have existed for centuries. The US military provides wicca chaplains.2)cs lewis based his magic on folklore and fantasy, Potter is based on real witchcraft that JK researched and learned in college. 3) yeah, jk was inspired by narnia, obviously to COMPETE with it, like His Dark Materials(Golden Compass etc) tries to do. 4) on Oprah, Jk was interviewed and said she didn’t believe strictly in christianity. 5) what is your evidence 6) I do research on the origins of the Potter material 7) I graduated college with high honors. besides, idiots can be fun, too . ha ha . and Lyle, not everyone who is christian is a fundamentalist.( and i respect fundamentalists, dont agree on all doctrine, that’s all) Just because HP is enjoyable doesn’t mean it’s necessarily spiritually harmless. In fact, evil is generally "fun " seeming and seductive. that’s how it succeeds in devouring us.

      • Warrior 4 Jesus says:

        Chris is being rather antagonistic towards Christians and their beliefs yes, but also we shouldn’t feed the stereotype of naive Christians. J.K. Rowling uses magic in the HP novels but for the most part it is nothing akin to real world witchcraft. They’re party tricks and defensive spells. Those used for offense and personal gain are seen as forbidden dark arts. Please read the books or read credible articles before sharing false information. The articles saying Rowling was a witch, studied real witchcraft etc. were from The Onion, a satire newspaper. Oy vey!

      • Chris says:

        "In 2007, Rowling described her religious background in an interview with the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant:[160]
        I was officially raised in the Church of England, but I was actually more of a freak in my family. We didn’t talk about religion in our home. My father didn’t believe in anything, neither did my sister. My mother would incidentally visit the church, but mostly during Christmas. And I was immensely curious. From when I was 13, 14 I went to church alone. I found it very interesting what was being said there, and I believed in it. When I went to university, I became more critical. I got more annoyed with the smugness of religious people and I went to church less and less. Now I’m at the point where I started: yes, I believe. And yes, I go to the church. A protestant church here in Edinburgh. My husband is also raised protestant, but he comes from a very strict Scottish group. One where they couldn’t sing and talk."

        So shes quite private about her faith, like everyone who’s religious in Europe, and its quite casual, because Europeans aren’t COMPLETELY INSANE and living in the dark ages like you witchcraft believing Americans.

      • Chris says:

        And as Warrior4jesus said, the thing about Harry potter increasing withcraft by 300% is from the Onion, a satirical website which only the most ignorant crazy people would take seriously

    • Bookwyrm says:

      Anyone who claims that people pointing sticks at each other and shouting badly-phrased strings of Latin are practicing real Wiccan magic obviously doesn’t know anything about the Wiccan religion.

  • Alambil and Tarvis says:

    Who cares if it was lower than the other two on opening weekend…internationally it’s doing amazingly well. Also, with PC everyone got excited right away because it had been so long, but I think it got fewer repeat viewers in the following weeks than LWW did. My guess is that VDT is going to get more repeaters than PC, which will keep it steady for as long as it’s out. No doubt it will fall to Tron next weekend, but I have a feeling that it might make a comeback like LWW did over King Kong when it came out.

    Anyway, I’m DEFINITELY seeing it at least 2 more times… πŸ˜‰

    • Duffleglum says:

      Hear! Hear! I loved the VDT movie so much, and I might as well see Narnia on the big screens again while the franchise is still alive.

  • WhiteRider says:

    The foreign totals are awesome!!! This is wonderful even though they didn’t do the greatest in the United States, but if Fox says they have resurrected the franchise then that means there happy…meaning another Narnia movie in store???

  • Cynical Narnia Fanboy says:

    pleeeeaase greenlight SC soon!!!!

    • Spare Oomian says:

      *crosses fingers* yes…please!!!!!

    • Edmund's Queen says:

      I am so with you! Can’t wait for Silver Chair; one of my favorites. I’ll miss Ed and Lu though πŸ™ Nevertheless, the sooner they get started on it the better!

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      YES! And keep Apted as director! πŸ˜€

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        no thanks,he has no sense of pacing and his music man is mediocre

      • Edmund's Queen says:

        I kinda got to agree with you, Shelly, on the music and pacing. The LWW and PC soundtracks were awe inspiring, but VDT was, well, not so much. And most of the scenes were cut short. I kinda miss Andrew!

      • always narnian says:

        Yeah, I liked Harry Gregson-Williams as far as the music goes. πŸ™‚ And as far as the movies go…hahaha…The first one is the only one that has alright adaptation

  • AslanIsMyJediMaster says:

    I contributed 35 of those dollars!

  • Samuel the Magnificent says:

    /sigh that is such good news. The first time I saw VoDT in 3D only 15 people were there. Today I saw it again in 2D and a lot more were there. I loved it so much more in 2D. Do not see it in 3D. I cried at the end too.

    • Braden Woodburn says:

      Awww I know I so cried right there before they started to go back home. Just, Lucy and Edmunds faces and then Caspians just made it like, heartcrushing. Overall, the movie was amazing and I am glad at how much it has made SO FAR worldwide! And to think, it’s only been out in the USA for 3 days!

      • Samuel the Magnificent says:

        Yeah, I know. I cried when Reepicheep began to get into the coracle and then again when Lucy ran to Aslan one last time and hugged him. It was hands down the best of the three movies.

      • Edmund's Queen says:

        OMG Did you guys see how tore up Edmund was about it being there last time? I don’t normally cry in movies, but this scene broke my heart. I just wanted to go and hug them all! So Samuel, 3d wasn’t good? I saw it in 2d and thought it would be even better in 3d, but I’ve never seen a 3d movie in theaters before either.

      • Edmund's Queen says:

        Oh gosh I just realized something; you two are guys. I’ve like never heard of a guy crying about a movie. That is so cool; I’m not the only one whose heart was gripped!

      • jag says:

        I actually thaught the 3D was teriffic, possibly the best quality i have seen yet, there were few moments when things "popped out" at you, but they put more effort into making it crystal clear 3d, and it made the scenes so beautiful with the depth in the images, I think this is how 3D should be done for a movie like this, simply to enhance the beauty on the screen, not to try and make you jump with a cheap gag… πŸ™‚ just my thoughts

    • Rob W. Case says:

      I was discouraged too when I saw the low turnout in the theater. But also, it has been very bad around here weather wise with snow, freezing rain, and winds that feel like they’re "beating you up." Yet if Dawn Treader can make more than what was spent on production, the Silver Chair will be good as made. Regardless, I would love to see a film rendition of "The Last Battle" because of it’s prophetic significance.

      • Edmund's Queen says:

        YES The Last Battle would be awesome! It would be so creepy cool to see how they’d do Tash. Oh, and I also love Jewel, and then we could see Will M. and Skandar and Georgie again! YAAYY!

      • Chris says:


      • Temlakos says:

        Of course, prophetic significance! First you get a conflation of the Narnian religion (Aslan) with the Calormene religion (Tash), and then an actual demon comes to take a prey. Aslan saves the day…by making it the last day. That is directly relevant to present world events.

        Just one thing: they’ll simply *have* to make HHB before they make LB. Or else the movie-going public will never be prepared. It’s also the one chance they have to bring Anna Popplewell back for at least a cameo. They can also have Skandar and Georgie appear as an older Edmund and Lucy.

      • Chris says:

        Explain how thats relevant to reality?

      • wolfloversk says:


      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        Chris , the Last Battle is based on the biblical book of Revelation, aka the Apocalyptic books of the bible. I am i correct you are atheist?

      • Chris says:

        I find it absolutely outrageous, that on a family site such as this, where kids are logging on to read about their favourite movies, you guys are actively promoting the end of the world as being a good – and likely – thing. You are all psychopaths who want everyone to die, simply so we might go to heaven because your life is so rubbish here you’d rather live in a fantasy world.
        And you see absolutely nothing wrong with that, and you actually believe its going to happen soon? Why can’t you people distinguish between stories and reality?

        What present events are linked to the Last Battle???? The war in Iraq? Afghanistan? Global warming?? They’re all events linked to the Greed of Politicians and Corporate Oligarchs, nothing to do with 1500 year old myths.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        chris, lets not interpret through our own biases, no one wants the end of the world and people to die,what psychos christians are, blah blah. the return of christ will bring peace and thats a good thing. the last battle is a veiled reference to help people to see through the big con that is coming .

      • Chris says:

        You know who else believes that Jesus is going to return to rule us all in an age of peace and that everything should be done to facilitate and prepare for this second coming?

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      dont say that, they need the extra 3 dolllars they get per ticket, im wiling to contribute that if it helps resurrrect the series , plus i thought the 3d was a great addition, and i was against the idea originally, it was well worth it.

      • Scarlet13 says:

        There wasn’t much 3D big in-your-face kind of moments. but there were some. I Would go see it in again. Possibly if I could in 3D again. I felt like I was apart of the movie. πŸ™‚

  • HorseandHisBoy Fan says:

    I saw it on the day of its release! And it was great!!!! Go see it and I wouldn’t worry about its opening. I mean its Narnia and the movie was great. It’ll gross more than LWW!

  • Anhun says:

    One thing I thought was interesting is that, in Mexico, VDT made twice as much in it’s second week as it did in it’s first. That almost NEVER happens. It must be getting phenomenal word of mouth down there. Wonder if it’ll work that way up here too? πŸ˜€

  • Aravis Narnia says:

    I hope this estimate is an underestimate. And that overall, Dawn Treader does well.

    Was "resurrected" an intended pun on part of Fox?

    The theatres today had good sized audiences at all the shows- even the 11AM one.

  • decarus says:

    Is this good news? This seems to be very poor showing. All we can hope is that people continue to see it over the Christmas holidays.

  • Doug says:

    I don’t think it’s really accurate for Yahoo to say that VoDT was "lambasted" by the critics. Most every review I read was 3 out of 5 stars at least. The Narnia series is never going to get a ton of critical respect, being that they are considered "family films" and not "serious" Oscar-winning dramas. But overall, the critcs have been generally positive. I liked how Roger Ebert grudgingly gave it his respect – he pointed out that Lucy was the real hero of the movie and that "she could teach Harry Potter a lesson in dialing down the self-importance!"

  • astral says:

    I think you guys are reading into it wrong. ‘Resurrected the franchise’ can mean anything – from just being able to pick it up from Disney for example or creatively getting it to a place they’re happy. I think the boxoffice is incredibly poor and would be shocked if they ever make another one. The GOlden Compass did incredible overseas too – so thats not as great a sign as it appears.

    Don’t mean to be pessimistic but its also just facing the facts. I think Tron is going to make things even worse.

  • Tanya says:

    I watched the movie again today and it was more amazing the second time around.

  • Queen Elizabeth says:

    I’m just waiting for that post – Silver Chair is a go. Please!

  • Queen Elizabeth says:

    I can’t believe they actually had Lucy ask if Caspian had found anyone else. Was that really neccesary. I haven’t seen the film yet though so Can someone tell me when this part is? So I know when to be watching.

    • lilims says:

      She asks if he has found himself a queen those past three years and he says, "Not one to compare with your sister." That’s it.

      • Daughter_of_Eve18 says:

        They should have left in the line about the Duke of Galma’s daughter…"Squints and has freckles." That would have made me burst into glorious laughter!

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      i did find that jarring at first. but i guess they had to establish the fact that he’s not a player, and was available to be attracted to lilliiandel. also did you notice the jealous glance lucy gave off after he said that? and also that its been years so that he is not quickly attacted to someone else after susan. it was a respectable time frame.

    • Valiant says:

      To me, Lucy’s question made sense. It was at a time where they were catching up, and it’s a natural moment to inquire about anything significant going on in a friend’s life. As a friend, she would wonder if he’d ever married since he was of age. It also established the fact that he hadn’t yet, which is a nod toward him later getting together with Ramandu’s daughter. Also, the mention of Susan I simply attributed as a nice nod toward continuity within the series. They did that in several places, one of which leads into the Silver Chair being next. I was glad to see that!

  • Jon Turner says:

    Iffy start in the U.S., but super-strong overseas. Interesting. So it’s not a complete failure after all. Of course this is only the opening weekend, but we’ll have to see how it plays out.

  • stateofgreen says:

    Did it really cost $150 million to make Dawn Treader? Wow.

  • lilims says:

    Thats O.K. I’ll watch it again on Friday.

  • A.J. McRill says:

    I think the first week’s returns are very promising. The reason Fox is probably stating that the franchise has been resurrected is because the production budget was considerably lower than both previous films (only $155M as opposed to $200+ for PC and $180 for LWW) and they are well towards reaching breakeven after just the first week.

  • Liberty Hoffman says:

    wowzers! epic!
    I saw this movie and it’s epic!
    I love it! it’s so epic!

  • Carwashboy says:

    After only one weekend (and a bit more in a couple of countries), Voyage has gained $105 million in returns. That really is quite phenomenal – although most websites (such as those linked to IMDB) all talk about how Narnia is "sinking" due to low domestic box office returns, the truth is that about 80% of the profits have come from outside of the United States. They never seem to mention that. Narnia has already gained back WAY more than half of its budget, and it’s only been a few days in most countries. That is amazing! Take heart! If God wants these movies to be made, trust me, they will be! Let’s hope Voyage can pull through so that we Silver Chair can be greenlit! I definitely liked the first two Narnia films much better than Voyage (I think I just like Adamson’s style, Gregson-William’s music (i.e. the One Day theme), the normal main title sequence at the beginning of each movie and how well made the first two were – I really felt like I was in Narnia and wanted to be there), but I LOVED the Christian themes found in Voyage just as much, especially the crucial lines which were included in the scene on the beach. Long live Aslan! Spread the word about Dawn Treader!

    • Anhun says:

      Sorry to be a wet blanket, but the 105 million is the ticket sales, not Fox’s cut of it, so they haven’t made nearly half of the expenses back yet. It’s a good start though, so there’s hope.

    • Nick says:

      you think God would want these movies made? You are just as delusional as most Christians. Narnia is the most deceiving story ever when it comes to so called "allegories" to Christian stories. Just because Aslan is suppose to be Jesus, does not mean that the stories are automatically in God’s will! Just look at how much magic and mysticism are integrated into Narnia! This is the best way to sway naive Christians, who will buy into anything "popular" that claims to bare a Christian mark. I am not against Narnia movies. I think they’re great! However, it makes me want to laugh when Christians think the movies are made because of God’s will…. LOL

      • Carwashboy says:

        Yeah, Nick, I do think these movies are part of God’s will. I don’t know if your’e a Christian or not, but this may be something that only a person walking with Jesus can fully understand. You really should read the interviews with Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis’s stepson and co-producer of the Narnia movies. First of all, the Narnia books and movies ARE both entertaining fantasies and strong, purposeful Christian allegories – Gresham says that C.S. Lewis was really just the co-author of the series, and that the Holy Spirit of God was the true author, communicating the message through Jack. He said that the stories just floated through his head and he wrote them down. There’s no denying he had a close connection with God regarding these novels. If you don’t believe that Narnia is part of the will of God, you better talk to Gresham. I wish you could talk to Jack himself. Second of all, Douglas Gresham prays throughout the making of the movies that regardless of the intentions of the production team, that the movies will be made the way the Holy Spirit of God wants them to be made, that God will be pleased with the outcome. Therefore, these movies (just like the books) are for His glory. God will bring all glory to Himself, because He alone is deserving of it. The movies also serve for the advancement of God’s kingdom – for example, one boy’s mother emailed Gresham to say that after seeing Prince Caspian, her son suddenly committed his life to Christ. That is amazing, beautiful and SO incredibly awesome! THAT is why Narnia is such an amazing story, and I think THAT is what Jack would have been overjoyed about. So, YES, I believe that the movies are made because that is God’s will. I really do. If And I don’t believe that Narnia is DECEPTIVE in any way – whether you are referring to it tricking people into Christianity through the use of fantasy and mysticism (which is untrue and wrong because Jack did not intend for the stories to be deceptive in any way, but the purpose, rather, was that we would get to know Aslan better in Narnia so that we could know Jesus better here, as stated in Voyage) or whether you mean that it is deceptive in terms of wooing Christians to come and see and enjoy the movie through the use of allegory combined with fantasy (which is also wrong because Christians YEARN to see more movies like these, which are epic, entertaining blockbusters that carry Biblical themes and messages), I just don’t believe that you are right. If you mean that combining fantasty and mysticism with Christian allegory is out of God’s will, it isn’t. The fantastical elements of these stories engage and entertain, and serve to allow readers to find something interesting in stories which actually have a greater purpose – once again, allowing us to get to know Aslan better there so that we can know Jesus better here. Antoher cool thing to remember is that heaven (which is a very REAL place) is even more fantastic than Narnia. Read the final book of the Bible, Revelation, if you don’t believe me – it’s crazy but awesome. I don’t say all of this to be cruel in ANY way – but I believe that what I’m saying is RIGHT. Christians are not DELUSIONAL in wanting to see these movies – I am not NAIVE, as you say, in wanting to see the Narnia films which include both fantasy and Christian allegory. The use of fantasy is an entertaining and beautiful way to get at the deeper meanings embedded in Narnia, and that is awesome! I am NOT delusional to believe that these books and movies are in God’s will, because if they weren’t then I don’t think Dawn Treader would have been made after being dropped by Disney. God obviously has a plan to use these movies for His kingdom – the example with the boy and Prince Caspian pretty much exemplifies that. Long live Aslan!

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        how do you "trick" someone into knowing positive truth which is beautiful and good? The really disturbing issue is the Harry Potter series, which contains actual occultism, real life witchcraft, and has been praised by the top practitioners as having increased witchcraft in america by 300%? now that is the real bait and switch right there.

      • Carwashboy says:

        Yeah I definitely don’t think Narnia tricks anyone into anything. That’s not what it’s about – it’s about portraying these Christian truths in an entertaining, fantastical way, which is totally awesome.

      • Chris says:

        High Queene Shelly Belly: Have you actually read Harry Potter?? Its author is an avowed Christian and it’s full of obvious Christian elements and messages!! Its got nothing to do with increasing or promoting witchcraft, because believe it or not: WITHCRAFT, WIZARDS, AND OTHER FANTASY IDEAS ARE NOT REAL. Its called imagination. Something a lot of people here seem to lack, as well as common sense and education.

      • phvolt220 says:

        These "top practitioners" may make that claim, but I haven’t seen one person around me who has turned to witchcraft after reading the HP books or viewing the movies, because in this day and age, we don’t have time for such foolishness like that… people say that the books and the films contain content of the occult, but the stuff that they portray is laughable compared to the real thing; is almost like a joke. Most people who watch don’t care about the details and inter-workings and are there to just see the spectacle, just like the Narnia series: big ocean ship, dragons, snowfall in an enclosed room? Looks like a spectacle to me.

    • Chris says:

      You poor naive boy. Are you honestly suggesting that God, who supposedly has an entire universe to run, is actively interested in the returns of a hollywood production?? I do hope you’re only 7 years old.

      Not to mention that there is quite an obvious flaw in your reasoning: VOTD is making more money internationally, in predominantly non-Christian countries than it is in America, home of Christian fundamentalism. So if God is interested in Narnia, does this suggest that God favours non Christian Narnia fans? lol.

      I think what this first weekend opening proves is that, contrary to the belief of most people on this site, Narnia is not the sole reserve of hard core christians, its christian elements are secondary elements to what remain cracking good children’s stories, which can be enjoyed just as much, if not more so, by the rest of the world, be they Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Taoist, Shinto, Animist, Jainist, Rastafarian, Agnostic or Atheist.

      • phvolt220 says:

        For me, I appreciate any piece of literature that promotes literacy and the joy of reading to today’s children, and draws them away from their cell phones, computers, and video games; something that instills creativity, confidence in themselves, true beauty, and respect for the people, places, and things around you.

      • Carwashboy says:

        I’m 19 years old Chris, thanks man. I’m a film student at UT. You’re reasoning is kind-of off, and please don’t take ANY of this to be cruel or rude. I just want to show you my reasoning and tell you what I think about yours. Yeah, God is the Creator of the Universe, but in the way that Aslan has a relationship with Lucy and Edmund, God also has a relationship with those whom He has saved – those who are born again Christians. God may be the Creator of the Universe but He is first and foremost a personal God – don’t make the mistake of thinking that, despite the fact that we are specks of sand in God’s eye, He’s not personal, becuase HE IS. He cares for EVERY SINGLE LITTLE detail of our lives. So, in this regard, I do believe that God cares about Narnia! The example of the boy who was saved after seeing Prince Capsian totally exemplifies that, as I said. God can work through the material presented in the Narnia movies to change and affect people’s lives, and to ultimately advance His kingdom. I totally agree that Narnia can be for ANYONE! That’s exactly right, and Jack even said that he didn’t mind other people just reading the books (now watching the movies) for entertainment and not reading into the Christian themes (i.e. if they weren’t believers.) But the Narnia Chronicles ARE Christian allegorical stories, and the movies, even if some members of the production team don’t necessarily mean them to, exemplify that idea. Even the media says so – check Box Office Mojo. However, it IS for Christians AND non-Chrisitans alike, as Jack said; the difference is that Christians will more likely take something away spiritually from seeing the movies or reading the books, and even non-Christians, as with the aforementioned story regarding Prince Caspian, might come to know Christ through the movies, which is even MORE awesome! In regard to your reasoning, do you think that God doesn’t care about non-Christian Narnia fans? Because you’re absolutely wrong – HE DOES! You think that God doesn’t care about the success of a story that was originally meant to glorify Him? Because HE IS GOD! He knows the number of hairs on your head and calls each of the stars BY NAME. If it is God’s will that these movies should bring glory to Him, then they will, and let me tell you what – THEY HAVE! If a boy suddenly committed his life to Christ after seeing Prince Caspian, that is SO AWESOME! Obviously, God had a plan to use Prince Caspian to change that boy’s life and save him. So, in conclusion, you totally DON’T have to be a Christian to like, love or enjoy the Narnia movies, but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care about the success of a film whose original story was meant to glorify Him, whose original story came directly from Him. Read the Douglas Gresham interview, and you’ll see what I mean. I’m one hundred percent serious, it might totally change your outlook on Narnia.

      • Chris says:

        You might be 19 but you reason like a 7 year old. You seem to think that stating something with assurance and certainty makes it true. Who are you to know what God thinks or does?

        If God is interested in children’s stories and movies to "glorify" him and wants kids to dedicate their lives to him, then your God is much more vain, petty, weak, arrogant, self obsessed, totalitarian, than I am. Hes a god of the meek, uneducated and unimaginative.

        I don’t need anyone to glorify me, why would God? The only people in history who’ve ever wanted others to glorify them have been dictators and bullies with self confidence issues. If you’d created the universe, I severely doubt you’d have such issues.

        If God exists he’s anything but a personal God. You just want him to be because you can’t deal with the absurdity of your own existence. You are arrogant enough to believe that you are more important than any other living thing on this planet and self centred enough to think that the universe revolves around you and your interest in children’s stories. Its not your fault though, thats the human condition. All gods are called "father" or "mother" because they represent surrogate parents for us to cling on to because we find it difficult to accept growing up into a world where we are doomed to die and where we mean no more or less than the next man and must take responsibility for our own actions.

        Its harsh but true. C.S Lewis was not divinely inspired. Anyone can write children’s stories, you just need more imagination than you seem to display (which does not bode well if you’re a film student!). If he were divinely inspired, you’d have thought the books would be even better than they are, because lets face it, as much as I enjoyed them as a kid, they’re hardly the greatest works of the English language are they?

      • SavedByGrace says:

        Chris, if you have ever watched a young child with it’s parent(s), you can see that the child trusts them unconditionally. The child trusts that the parents have it’s best in mind, even when it hurts or doesn’t make sense. God wants us to "have faith like a child".

        I speak from experience when I say that I know this to be true; there have many times over the past 3 years when things have not made sense to me. I can only trust that everything will work out for my good, no matter the outcome-good or (in my mind) bad. I have been a Christian for many years, but it has only recently become really my own faith, not just my parents, in the last 7 years.

        As for whether or not God is interested in a movie; He most definitely is! He is interested in anything that affects His children. He is a personal God and invites us to come to Him at anytime, anywhere, and about anything. How much more personal can you get?

      • Carwashboy says:

        Look, first of all, I don’t really need to keep arguing with you. As one of my best friends told me, people didn’t believe Jesus either when He was on earth, so I shouldn’t be disheartened that you don’t believe me.

        Who am I to know what God thinks or does? I am a Christian and have been saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, and redeemed by His blood, which He shed on the cross for me. Because of this, I know God personally and have a relationship with Him. From your comments I am guessing that you aren’t a Christian, although you may be. But this is only something that someone who has the Holy Spirit of God in their lives can understand, such as my friends and brothers/sisters in Christ who posted below. There is SUCH LIFE found in Christ, He is my beginning and my end, He has saved me with His grace which I NEVER deserved and even though I was totally worthless He LOVED me and gave Himself for me.

        On your comments regarding God bringing glory to Himself – if He ceases to bring glory to Himself, He ceases to be God. Yes, its all about God and NOT about us. That may sound harsh but its such an AMAZING truth! I guess once you’re a Christian, you realize what a wonderful thing that is! Because, by glorifying God, WE find the ultimate satisfaction!! "Only God can satisfy the longings of an immortal soul; that as the heart was made for Him, so only He can fill it." God loves us, each and every one of us, SO MUCH!! And He calls us to Himself – by glorifying Him (because He is God) we find true, lasting satisfaction. This means forsaking selfishness, but the truth is that I was never as satisfied in life when I was seeking things for myself. When I began to seek God’s glory and to glorify Him by enjoying Him forever, I found the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. Nothing else in this world can satisfy! God is NOT weak or vain or any of the things you listed. And He is God of ALL people, including you and me. He is STRONGER – I am living proof of His strength displayed. He has kept me from falling to a life of sin and despair. He has raised me up with Christ to live a NEW, beautiful life in Him. Trust me, God does not NEED us, but He WANTS us. If He does not glorify Himself, He is not God. And He IS God, so He WILL glorify himself no matter what you say or attempt to argue.

        God DOES exist and he IS a personal God – I DO need Jesus, and there’s no way that I could live without Him! You want to know WHY God is a personal God? He sent his ONLY Son Jesus to die on the cross for you and me and every person who ever did and ever will exist in this world. Jesus had to die for the sins of the world, and he carried the weight of mine, yours and everyone else’s. He died the death that WE deserved and took God’s wrath for sin (because God CANNOT leave sin unpunished) so that WE who are saved didn’t have to! That is the most beautiful, perfect display of love in the history of the world, and it is the greatest event that mankind has ever known. It is a look into the heart of our great God – that He would send His own Son to die the death that you and I deserved for our sins. What AMAZING love!

        I am not self-centered to think that I can have a personal relationship with God – He offers it freely to ANYONE who will accept Him. I realize that the ONLY way I can please Him and live a life that is PURE and HOLY is by having this relationship with Him, and it is CHRIST that strengthens me.

        Yes, CS Lewis WAS divinely inspired. It is not the beauty of language but the message that matters. All those other pieces of literature to which you refer as being the best of the English langage will pass away one day – their position as the great works of our language will fade and they will be gone without a trace. But the effects that books like The Chronicles of Narnia have on people’s lives will last for all eternity.

      • Carwashboy says:

        1st Corinthians 2:13-16

        13 This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words.[a] 14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. 15 The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments, 16 for,

        β€œWho has known the mind of the Lord
        so as to instruct him?”[b]

        But we have the mind of Christ.

      • Chris says:

        You are insane

      • wolfloversk says:

        Of course God cares about these movies… as you said he cares about the universe as a whole… Well the everything in the universe is so conected to everything else that everything depends on everything else. Look at the world around you, the birds, the trees, the soil you’re standing on, the water that rains down- we could not survive without those things. God created this world in a perfect balance, it was only broken when the creatures of the earth disobeyed him…but I digress… back to topic- I realise that these are just books and movies, but they still play a role in God’s will…like how the PC movie brought that kid to Christ, how they’ve become a tool for teachers, and Parents. And look at other movies: To Save a Life, it had an impact on thousands if not millions of teens, countless reports of lives being saved both physically and spiritually. What about things like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, or The Diary of Anne Frank, a warning of the past so we don’t repeat it. What about that math book in that scool child’s desk, is there not a purpose for it too? God’s the one who allows all of these things to come together. And it says in the Bible that he loved the sparrows and that none die without him knowing it. Matthew 10:29-30: "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are numbered." (It also commands us to recieve the spirit of God like a child, Matthew 18:3-4, "I tell you truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."). Naturally none of us can fathom how he runs the entire world and still paying attention to the details, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t, and it’s not a good excuse for some to say that he doesn’t exist. Once again look around and you will find tons of things that happen without explanation… things that science never tries to explain, like why an animal’s instinct is so strong, or the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, why can’t we know both the position and location of abnd electron?. To say that God couldn’t possibly care about everything because it can’t be explained or isn’t logical, is like denying so many things that we know is true. It’s not logical that life has the variety that it does, surviving in the extremes of the earth, some organisms survive without the sun, others like the waterbear can survive in the vacuum of space. It’s not logical for some creatures to fight to their deaths for others, but they do. Some of the things that happen in everyday life aren’t logical, but they still happen. So it isn’t really a stretch at all to say that God can care about everything in great detail. We humans just like to think that it is πŸ˜‰ And for the record, I’m 18.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        Oh, look! An atheist having a screaming hissy fit over people having religious beliefs. That’s so strange, so unusual. Gosh, all the other atheists on the internet are so calm and reasonable and never mock others’ intelligence or act like the very existence of religion is a personal assault on them.

      • Chris says:

        Bookwyrm, to understand my point of view, I’d like you to explain to me how you’d react if I started saying the following:

        I believe that Aslan/Illuvatar/Ged is real, Narnia/Middle Earth/Earthsea is real and that anyone who doesn’t believe that will burn in fire for all eternity. I believe that the end times are near and that anyone who doesn’t believe what I believe is doomed and that the sooner this earth is destroyed the bettter so I can be closer to my fantasy character of choice. I’m right, everyone else is wrong. I don’t care about the world or reality because its evil and Narnia/Middle Earth/Earthsea is a much better place, despite the fact that I’m in a minority in believing it exists and despite the fact they are works of fiction.

        I believe all this because Narnia/LOTR/Earthsea are the only books I’ve ever read because all other books are evil and will be forgotten when everyone accepts Aslan as the truth.

        If someone said these things, I think you might be concerned for their sanity.
        But its not because they keep repeating it that it makes it true. Anymore than repeating 2+2=5 is true. You might believe it, but you’ll be missing out on reality and people will think you are a fool.

      • Dancinginrain says:

        Carwashboy, I totally all the way Agree with you. I KNOW that God Would want these movies to be made. Because C.S. Had them Christian Based and more. These movies aren’t just movies to just watch and forget. Jesus Died On the Cross for OUR Sins. Just Like In LWW:Aslan Died for Edmund, when He didn’t have to. and In PC: They Tried to do things On there Own! They Gave Up! Except for the ones that stayed Faithful. Now In VDT: I’ve only seen it once, I really need to see movies twice to have my FULL review. But What I saw in VDT is that:They Had longing to see Aslan’s country, Just Like Us Christian’s. We have a longing to see Heaven, and to See Jesus Christ.
        I almost did cry at the end of the movie. I said in my heart and mind that:"God sees what these movies does to Our Hearts. If He Wants the rest to be made, Let it be." Just like the Beetles sing. Even though the beetles didn’t sing Christian songs, and the song might not be Christian, Let it be it my favorite of theres. It reminds me that God will whisper words of wisdom, and God will always have His Way.

        Jesus Wanted these movies to be made. If He didn’t then there would be no LWW, PC or VDT.
        John 3:16
        "For GOD So LOVED the WORLD,
        that He Gave His One and Only Son,
        that Whoever Believes in HIM,
        Shall Not Perish,
        But Have Everlasting Life."

    • SavedByGrace says:

      Thanks for the comment. I totally agree in that I think it is God’ will for these movies to be made. That is so awesome about the boy who accepted Christ after PC. I have been hoping that any who do not know God personally because they think they are not "good" enough to go be loved by God. May they see through Eustace that salvation is a free gift; we do not deserve it, yet God offers it to us anyway.

      • jag says:

        I have a friend who came to see LWW with me, and after i explained th Christian themes in the story he expressed interest in our church, he came with me and is now a member of the church, and has been a devoted christian for 5yrs now… so please dont try to tell me that these films are not in God’s will, there is no denying it from what i have wittnessed!

  • Lucy says:

    Numbers aside, fox saying resurected makes me wonder…if they’re so dang happy, does that mean they’re going to give us the silver chair? I hope so! VDT WAS AWESOME; IT’S MY NEW FAVOURITE MOVIE EVER.

  • narnian says:

    LOMG LIVE ASLAN!!!! FOR NARNIA AND FOR US FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David M says:

    I’m pretty sure Fox is going more for an international, long term success rather than a blockbuster opening.

  • KingoftheWood says:

    How cool would it be if they ended up making the ‘silver chair’ It’s a far, FAR easier book to adapt into a movie! The structure of the story of the silver chair is probably the most cinematic of all the chronicles. It’s halarious because people out of the ‘know’ were like, "what, a third narnia movie!!!" It’s like the guy who got the crap beat out of him but he just keeps getting back up to fight. Now with ‘Treader’s’ ‘sinking’ box office buzz, can you imagine what people would think if the silver chair hits the big screen? lol They’d be like, "that walden media, they just never give up; they’re beasts!! hahahaha perserverance is a great testimony too the narnia franchise too! But anyways, this latest box office news is very encouraging!!

  • Princess Lucy says:

    I have just seen the snowy weather in america on the australian news and it was pretty bad…llike literally the country is soaked in snow lol…but it looks fun…it never snows where we live …this REALLY explains why the domestic gross is very low…besides VDT is doing really well in the foreign countries so I still have hope VDT will still do well…and fox made a good point about it may be the audiences last impression from the last film that stopped them watching from this film…its the word of mouth that should help this film…ALL THE BEST!!!

    • Queen Su says:

      Hey Princess Lucy,

      Actually where I live the winter is shockingly mild! πŸ™‚

      • Princess Lucy says:

        WOW Queen Su….that must shocking and freezing…I can imagine how hard it would be to get outside…I do hope it gets better in your area so yous can enjoy the time and also watch the film πŸ™‚

      • Princess Lucy says:

        sorri i misread the word "mild"….hahha….but yh that is surprising I guess there are places without this bad weather in america..now i REALLY wonder whats happening to the american audiences…hope it gets better!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Daughter_of_Eve18 says:

    It seems like they are still interested in making SC. So, I will say this with the greatest respect….they need to fire Apted and get someone who actually understands how to interpret Narnia. I’m sorry…but those kids are really good actors, as seen in the previous films. So, Apted’s visions of Narnia and how the characters work together in the flow of things is just wrong. Even with the plot changes, it had the potential to be a really descent film if it had been better written and had a director who knew what ‘childlike wonder’ truly was. *sigh* I didn’t think it was as horrid as others have pointed out but it definitely was a disappointment to me. If they insist on SC, they had better get their visions straight with a different director and writer!

    • sirsimon says:

      Should hire a fan to direct it, if i were doing it, I would ensure a brilliant narnia cinematic experience not seen since the first film.
      I would change minor detail, just to make it more deep and thrilling, for example, show some of Rilian’s past and the death of Ramandu’s daughter, these would be the only changes, the rest would be similar or near identical, the budget for me would be about 170 million

      • Timo says:

        A fan directing the movie would ruin the movies… He would get drowned by all the opposition… I’m sure Apted had a very different view of the film when he wanted to make it..

        Apted is the perfect person for the movies, he’s the guy that kept lines in the movies like: "there I have another name…".

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        its only there cause gresham forced apted, and he had to fight hard. how about a christian director that understands the subtext??? duh!!

      • Cyclops says:

        I vote for Gresham to direct Silver Chair!!!

    • Eustace+Jill says:

      They really should have kept Andrew Adamson. I don’t know why they got rid of him in the first place.

      • Timo says:

        In my personal opinion, AA ruined PC…
        Apted changed Dawntreader, but didn’t ruin it, I’m interested in what he can do with a dark book like SC

      • Eustace+Jill says:

        Didn’t the producers say that every Narnia movie from now on will have a different director? If so, I doubt Apted will be doing SC…
        (And yes, he did ruin PC. But he did an amazing job with LWW IMHO πŸ™‚ If only he would do something like THAT again…)

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        he wasn’t fired, he didn’t even want to do PC nbut he said he couldn’t resist working with the kids again. he had no plans to do VDT, and wasn’t forced out, he was still a producer.

      • wolfloversk says:

        They didn’t, Adamson wanted a break.

  • Rhys says:

    I have a feeling that VDT could be a slow burner.

  • sirsimon says:

    I will be seeing the movie this saturday.

    This film is doing well and will do amazingly once the parents and children are off from work.

    Personally, I think everyone should ignore the critics and enjoy voyage for what it is, good quality entertainment. Personally I would rather watch this than harry potter, which went stale after film four

    • Non-Negotiable Comment says:

      I don’t mean to pick on you, specifically, but I’m just curious, because I’ve seen this idea about "the parents and children" repeated often over the last few days. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe opened on December 9, 2005. Why didn’t the parents and children stay away then?

      • Warrior 4 Jesus says:

        More importantly, the Harry Potter movies 5 and 7 were much better than VDT and HP movie 4 was an utter mess.

      • Eustace+Jill says:

        Probably because there was clear weather then. What’s been keeping a lot of people away from the theater — or anywhere for that matter — is the storms. Rain storms, snow storms. All my relatives and friends have "Staying in doors till the storm lets up" as their facebook statuses, and a lot of people on NarniaWeb haven’t seen the movie yet for that same reason.

        Or it’s just because they don’t want to see this film, which is also very possible, lol. πŸ˜›

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        the whole midwest had blizzard conditions this opening weekend, even a sports dome roof collapsed. and the midwest is the prime audience in amercia. never fear fellow narnians, we are still between the paws of the great lion, and perhaps this is in his plan- maybe this makes everyone see it on christmas where is crushes everything in its path?

  • amin says:

    please , please no see vendition
    please no computable money
    please make the last battle
    please , i will see the last battle movie
    please …

  • surreal says:

    I’m so happy cos I watched it twice and it contributed very well

  • stephanie says:

    My problem with the storms logic is , if anyone has seen New England vs Bears game, is that people in the Midwest are willing to pack an outdoor stadium in a storm for 4 hours but cant see a movie for two makes no sense

    • Seth says:

      Could it be sports fans are just crazier than movie fans? lol!

      • Eustace+Jill says:

        Yeah… some sports fans will kill eachother to get to a game. Sports fans and movie goers are very different subjects. Plus a game is a one-day thing — you have to be there On. The. Day. or you miss out. Whereas a movie shows for a long time. If there’s a storm, people will usually just say, "Nah, I’ll wait for another, nicer day to go to the movies."

    • Non-Negotiable Comment says:

      I completely agree with you, stephanie. The weather excuse is grasping at straws. People in northern climates know how to get around in bad weather. It’s a part of our lives. Where I live, it’s desperately snowy and icy most of the winter, and the theatre complex nearest my home is consistently one of the highest grossing in North America. It’s just another item on the long list of excuses to avoid addressing why the public are staying away from these films exponentially over time. Remember 2008? "Oh, what a stupid release date. If only ‘Prince Caspian’ had been released at Christmas, like the first one!" or "Oh, that Disney marketing department! They can’t do anything right! or "Oh, I can’t believe how dark the film was! What were they thinking??"

      Well, now we have a December release (check), a new marketing department (check), and no dark tone (check), and people are STILL blaming every possible variable but the bigger issues of a terrible adaptation of a relatively obscure book. It’s not the weather, it’s not the economy, it’s not an anti-Christian conspiracy, it’s not a misalignment of the stars. The film had to be SPECTACULAR to overcome a) the public’s perceptions that the franchise was ALREADY dead, b) the relative unknown nature of this book.

      It wasn’t.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        plus a lot of christians get on their high horse and get their panties in a knot if it’s not adapted perfectly, then they boycott. talk about shooting yourself in the foot-

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      they probably have prepaid seasons tickets

  • Mangolite says:

    I didn’t get no return to magic from Fox for the their pickup of the franchise. They rushed it. The story flew by. The seven swords plot was silly and it didn’t really contribute to the overall story, so was the addition of Geal. Sure the little girl was supposed to add cuteness, humanity and whatever else they think, they didn’t fleshed her out, just like everything else in the whole movie. Everyone were just there for their pay check. You can see it in their face. There were lack lusters from all the main leads- no emotions. They just hit their beat and move to the next. The islands were way too close to each other, especially, Dark Island and Ramandu’s Island–seriously? If Dark Island were so close to Ramandu why hasn’t it took over Ramandu? The descaling of Eustace from dragon to human again was a nice effect but lacked the emotion from what the book described. In the book, Aslan took a long time to make Dragon Eustace back to a little boy again, and I can actually feel the remorse of Eustace during that retransformation. Magic isn’t always about special effects. It’s about character and story.

    However if FOX do make it’s money back and WALDEN wants to continued with it’s franchise, I believe Douglas Gresham should return the next installment back to it’s original roots. Remember how LWW has magic? Because it has a sense of wonder and adventure. PC was too dark and veered off the page. VDT is a mess that careened out of control. Will the Silver Chair be gold?

    I would like for the rest of the book be made but please keep it to the blue print of the book and make only the necessary adjustment like the LWW. I think to successfully reboot the Narnia franchise is to do the Magician’s Nephew next. Maybe with a tag line: Every Story Has a Beginning.

    • Eustace+Jill says:

      Yes! It totally needs to go back to LWW quality! Now THAT was Narnia! PC was a good stand alone movie, but for me it was not a good adaption. It was barely even the same story. I haven’t seen VDT yet, but from the clips I’ve seen it looks pretty bad. If they don’t get back to their original mindset which they had while making LWW, then either the series will fail, or turn into a series of mediocre rentals.
      Not sure if they should do MN next though… Although it is my favorite book, I’m afraid Will Poulter would age too much before they got to SC…

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        I would LOVE to see "Magician’s Nephew" next. πŸ˜€
        Seems like a lot of the producers (and Tilda Swinton as well. πŸ˜‰ ) are big fans of that book. When you hear any of the guys at Walden, Mark Johnson or Andrew Adamson talk about "The Magician’s Nephew," you can almost feel the enthusiasm. In many of the interviews I have read, they say something like "We could do ‘Silver Chair’ next, but there is also the possibility of ‘Magician’s Nephew.’" They keep bringing it up. As if they’re really excited by it.

        I know some fans think "Silver Chair" is the logical next one, but I wouldn’t rule out "Magician’s Nephew" at all. πŸ˜‰

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        83% of the audience says they liked it on rotten tomatoes website, box office mojo says 80% of audience give it an A

  • LazH says:

    yay! we ‘foreign’ fans are keeping narnia alive! I almost jumped out of my seat when alberta’s voice could be heard mentioning Jill Pole at the end of the film- my mum had no idea why.

  • son of adam says:

    I really hope VDT doing well, I really hope to see The Silver Chair and the rest of Narnia stories, The Last Battle, The Magician’s Nephew and The Horse and His Boy……

  • Princess Lucy says:

    Opening weekend total gross

    domestic- $67.1 million
    International- $41.7 million
    Total- $108.8 million

    domestic- $56.6 million
    International- $20.7 million
    total- $77.3 million

    domestic-$24.5 million
    International-$81 million
    total- $105.5 million

    I can see why Fox is extremely happy with the results…as you can see the total opening weekend for LWW and VDT are similar…this is great NEWS…this film has indeed retun to the style of the first film…lets just hope it stays like this πŸ˜‰

    • Non-Negotiable Comment says:

      They are most certainly not "similar", at all. A $67 million domestic gross in 2005 money is worth much, much more than an international gross of $80.5 million in 2010 money. You cannot add up two different types of numbers and declare them "similar". It does not work like that. If you’re expecting the public to have anything even close to the same interest in this film as they did for ‘Wardrobe’, which is the ONE book that most people have heard of, you are in for consistent and deep, deep disappointment.

      • Princess Lucy says:

        The total opening money gross for LWW and VDT has been added up not by me btw…and i know what you are saying about LWW and VDT as different books…what i meant was the use of lighter tones, the magic and adventure style has returned….and people seem to like it better esp with children…so yh who knows what will happen but we hope for the best πŸ™‚

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        sorry, but to many people, especially secularists, this is their favorite book, lots of adventure, no crucifixions. actors ben barnes and georgie hennley have also stated this is their personal favorite too.

      • Non-Negotiable Comment says:

        High Queene Shelly Belly: The vast majority of the movie going public have NO IDEA what a ‘Dawn Treader’ is. Conversely, ask the average person about "The Lion, The Witch, and Wardrobe", and you will see, at least, a hint of recognition. A spark that says: "Yes, I’ve heard of that. I might be interested in learning more." The first movie was far more than a single adaptation of "one of" the Narnia books. In terms of star literary power, it was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the Narnia universe, and to expect the other films to reach that same level of success is kind of ridiculous.

        Do you see the salient difference? People who’ve actually read the books are a TINY portion of the cinema-going masses. What "we" like and know is statistically insignificant. The first book was a pop culture phenomenon that reached far and wide past its literary origins. The other books… are not.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        actually, i always wanted to know why so many boats at the dock were named Dawn Treader, cause i saw it everywhere. but yes, the first book is the important one, that’s why i cant figure out why disney expected PC do outdo it. that was crazy. then they get all crabby and drop the series. esp. since PC wasn’t the greatest book. Dawn Treader is a nice book for secularists and pirate fans. But the Last Battle is super significant, with the end of the world scenario. we gotta make the other books into movies to get to it.

    • son of adam says:

      This make me hopeful…… πŸ˜€

  • Big b. says:

    24 million?! woah,good number,I told all my friends at school and chuch tro go see it and they might,so people please make the Silver chair!!