Dawn Treader Will Be a Marathon

Deadline Hollywood has posted Friday box office estimates at $9m and extrapolated that out to an opening weekend estimate of $28m for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. By comparison, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe made $65m on opening weekend and Prince Caspian made $55m. It’s obvious that these are very early numbers and things can still turn around. We’re only half-way through the weekend! But if this trend holds, it won’t be a good sign for the Narnia franchise.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is showing on 3,555 screens and made roughly half of Friday’s cum for Prince Caspian ($19m).

It’s important to remember, though, that films opening in December generally don’t have huge opening weekends (LWW was an exception) and that the real value to the December opening is that the box office gets the benefit of the entire month. There isn’t much competition in the box office for family films this Christmas (only Tron) so it’s expected to do well every week through Christmas. In fact, Fox has just announced today that Gulliver’s Travels has been moved to Christmas Day which leaves December 22-23 open for Dawn Treader.

It’s important that the faith and family community gets out to support these films in a big way. If you haven’t seen Dawn Treader yet this weekend, please see it! As Douglas Gresham says, “take your friends and take your enemies.”

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader at Box Office Mojo

Prince Caspian at Box Office Mojo

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at Box Office Mojo

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  1. HUGEFANOFNARNIA19867 says:

    I don't get why it only made 9 million! I was at the movie when it first got to the theater and there was a HUGE line!!! People where standing everywhere wanting to see the movie!!! well i plan on seeing that movie 7 more times in theater!!!!

    • HUGEFANOFNARNIA19867 says:

      Wow i had the first comment!! Thats new!!heheheh lol

      • Daniel James says:

        I know a lot of people are being discouraged about the movie from reading all the negative comments about it on these posts, so I just wanted to post my positive review of it. You can see the whole thing at
        http://www. narniaweb.com/reviews/?id=45 or at
        http://www. narniafans.com/vdt_reviews/review.php?id=12
        (get rid of the spaces when you copy and paste it into the address bar)

        I loved the movie!!! I walked into the theater at midnight a bit pessimistically, but I'm glad to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised! For the first 15ish minutes, I could barely even comprehend that I was FINALLY watching the movie, because I was so excited. It really has been a long journey, more than two years of wait. However, it was definitely worth it. Here's my review; note, there are some minor spoilers. I'll go over pretty much the whole plot of the movie.

        I liked how they set up the beginning, showing Edmund's hunger for power, Lucy's jealousy, and the clear snobbishness of Eustace. The painting swallowing the kids up was spectacular, and the score really enhanced the scene!

        The battle at the Lone Islands was a fun little skirmish, and Eustace was hilarious there. [SPOILER] "Oh God, I hope that wasn't the British Consul!"

        The green smoke…well, being a book fan, I wasn't too happy about it. But I completely understand why they added it, and I thought that it was done well. Except it was occasionally overdone (SPOILER: it would appear every time someone was being tempted, as if you couldn't already tell they were being tempted). But I ended up actually liking it near the end (gasp).

        The magician’s island was funny, and I just can’t get over the Dufflepuds. They were hilarious! "Yeah. Yeah. … Yeah." The set (the garden and the Magician's house) was great too. I really liked Lucy's face just before she went into the Magician's house; that was some pretty good acting! Coriakin's lines were a bit unoriginal, but he still got his point across. Oh, and Google Maps has nothing on Narnia Navigator!

        Goldwater/Dragon Island was fantastic as well, and dragon Eustace was spectacular! Definitely the best CGI dragon I’ve ever seen (Smaug is the only dragon who could even think of potentially beating him). [SPOILER] Edmund and Caspian's little quarrel was a little odd, particularly Ed's sudden love of the gold, but I liked how well their serious duel contrasted with their fun duel from the beginning of the movie.

        Ramandu's Island was pretty beautiful. Tavros the minotaur had me laughing my head off when he kept trying to eat the food from the table, haha. Liliandil descending as a blue ball of light was so beautiful! Caspian's line to Liliandil just before they left ("Will I ever see you again?") was a little odd, considering they'd known each other for all of two minutes…but it was still sweet. =D

        I loved Caspian's speech to the crew as they sailed into Dark Island. (SPOILER: Reepicheep's encouragement to Eustace was also quite inspiring) The battle with the Sea Serpent had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was absolutely epic. Even the Kracken from "Clash of the Titans" would have been scared of THIS sea serpent. Be aware, little children might get really scared (haha, for that matter, so was I…) at this part.

        I had been a little worried about Eustace’s un-dragoning before I walked into the movie, but I loved the way they did it! Obviously, they couldn’t do it exactly how it was in the book while keeping it PG (a lion ripping the skin off a boy!), but the way they did it was great, and the cinematography was awesome. You could tell that it hurt, and that Eustace didn’t EARN it or anything. I won't say anything more about it; you have to see it for yourself.

        The ending…oh what can I say about it? I loved it! It was really emotional; I see why Her Majesty the Queen of England cried. Lucy’s hug with Reepicheep, him going to Aslan’s Country, Aslan’s "But there I have another name" line…it was all fantastic. And the CGI for the tidal wave was spectacular as well.

        I thought the character development was well done throughout the whole film. It was quite obvious what each character's fears or jealousies were, and how they addressed and resolved them was great! (SPOILER: The bit about Caspian's father was a little random, but it worked) Will Poulter as Eustace was brilliant; that's great news, since he needs to be awesome for The Silver Chair and The Last Battle! It was fun watching his character grow. Oh, and I loved Drinian! He was so cool and set back. Overall, Reepicheep and Eustace were the best characters (I loved their interactions with each other!).

        This movie had a different feel from the other two, but overall, I think I liked this one the best! I watched it in 3D, and I liked how they used the 3D. It didn’t have much stuff popping out at you, but that’s (in my opinion) a good thing. I like 3D better as just an addition of depth to the movie than a distraction (like it is in some other movies). I’m definitely going to watch it at least a few more times in theaters.

        Overall, I highly recommend the movie; I think it was my favorite of all three movies. It was a little slow in the beginning, but it really picked up pace around the Magician’s Island, and from there on it flowed well. The visuals (sets and CGI) were stunning, particularly the dragon and the Sea Serpent. The movie was also quite emotionally satisfying. My final rating: I’ll give it a 4.8/5. =D FNAFA! (For Narnia and For Aslan!)

    • Really? Wow, you must live far from me…. There were like what fifteen people at my theater? At least it was easy to find seats. But Narnia is really unpopular where I live, and I live in the third most populated city of the United States. 🙁 Well anyway, totally awesome movie!!!!!

    • Lucylove says:

      Spreading the word about Narnia on nick.com that it's the best movie EVER!

    • stateofgreen says:

      What State are you in? I've got a theory that maybe it might do better in Bible belt States, though I could be wrong about that.

    • Samuel the Magnificent says:

      I went and saw it and there were like 15 people.

  2. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    Is that just an estimate for the US alone? I have heard reports that in Mexico, it is topping the box office, and had only been released in 3D so far. I also heard it is doing well in Spain. Well, it is only the first three days. When Tangled came out, it started a bit slow, but it made its way to #1 because the word got out. I hope this is the case with Dawn Treader.

  3. NarniaHannah says:

    I saw it yesterday morning and there was only like 10 people in the theater(our group took up half). this does not look good!! I LOVED VDT and want to see it again, but a snowstorm is preventing me from seeing it opening weekend. If you haven't seen the movie yet, then GO SEE IT!!

    • graycsc says:

      that's actually pretty interesting, the EXACT same thing is happening to me, with the number of people and the snowstorm and time of day. I decide the few number of people in the theater was because it was kind of early in the day, and I saw it in 2D when there were 2 other screenings of 3D at around the same time. As soon as I walked out of the theater I wanted to go right back in and see it again! Luckily later this week I'll be home seeing it at least 3 more times and being able to drag a bunch more people with me!

    • no snowstorm where I am, yet besides the group I was in (a group of 6), there were only 2 people in the theater at the midnight premiere. :/ looks like my dream of seeing HHB become a movie will stay just that…

      • graycsc says:

        If HHB doesn't end up being made into a movie I may just have to become a filmmaker and make my own version that's way better than anything the world of commercialism can conjure up!

      • Narnian_Dreamer says:

        Well I don't really think that's fair! :/ Even if you are a narnia fan it doesn't mean your going to go in the middle of the night to see it! And maybe some people weren't aloud to see it! :/ so yeah HHB still has a bit of a chance but let's think about SC first! : Have hope!

  4. Finally something else positive!

  5. Tribunal says:

    There is no way to spin the numbers, a $30 million opening is horrible. In the following week it will face competition from Tron and Yogi Bear which will not only steal 3D theaters, but family audiences.

    Don't expect The Silver Chair to be made, the ONLY hope for this franchise to continue are the overseas grosses which look to be good. Narnia films have always performed quite well outside of America.

  6. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Tons of my friends saw it. I don't get to see it until Tuesday but I think they should count the overall money makings, than just the weeked box office. Cause maybe a ton of people are waiting to see it on Christmas break or something.

    • graycsc says:

      That's what I'm doing! Well, I did see it yesterday, but I'll be seeing it a few more times over the break and I know that some of my friends are waiting until then to see it for the first time

    • Tribunal says:

      They do count its overall total. This is just the opening weekend, which is important to see how it will do in the long run.

  7. Snicket says:

    Goodbye Silver chair. Movies in December don't have huge openings? What numbers are you tracking? December is huge for openings, second only to the summer months of July and May.

    Too bad for Narnia though, I wanted Silver Chair and Last Battle, the others I could live without.

    • narnian21 says:

      Most of the movies in December with a high opening weekend opened up during Christmas break when people can go opening weekend, except for LWW

  8. Lyle says:

    The main problem is the film critics — Narnia is posting mostly negative reviews, specifically targeting Apted's direction of being too safe and mundane.

    I'm still going to support this film as Silver Chair is my favorite of all the series! A director shift would help a lot (like the director for HP Goblet of Fire!)

    • Snicket says:

      Mike Newall? that guy is a huge box office drag and has no place in Narnia. Get Adamson back in the series, he was the talent.

      • Really? I read several reviews that targeted what the reviewers said was a flimsy, vague plot, an overly obvious and simplistic script with some excessively cliched dialogue, and sub-par acting (excepting Will Poulter). I didn't see very many at all that specifically targeted Apted's directing. A couple, sure, but I saw more praise or at least neutrality about his directing than outright criticism.

        I think Mike Newell would do a good job with The Silver Chair (and probably would have done a better job on Dawn Treader in general), but I think that it would be even more important to get totally new screenwriters and to cast Jill, Puddleglum, and Rilian with people who can act really well. I'm afraid this discussion will end up being moot though if the box office for this film doesn't start picking up (here's hoping it will).

    • Oops. I meant my last post to be a response to Lyle, not Snicket.

  9. icarus says:

    There is no hiding from the fact that those numbers are awful. To try and put any sort of postive outlook on it would really seem to be clutching at straws.

    • gstommylee says:

      the only thing that will make me happy is good news but i doubt we would get any good news.

    • Bob T. says:

      I wanted the movie to be great, i went and saw it, the whole time it was hard to even understand what was going on. I read the book, the whold thing was horrible.

  10. Bethany Weathers says:

    There were only like six people in theater when I saw it. Granted, it was 11:50 last night in a college town, so most people were not planning on seeing a family movie at that time.

  11. Adamant says:

    I wouldn't panic yet. Things can still change. There are many countries still where it hasn't been released, and maybe people are waiting for Christmas Holidays to see it. Don't give up hope!

    • gstommylee says:

      There is also a blizzard like conditions going on in the mid-west and north east. That's why all movies are down this weekend

  12. Narnian* says:

    Don't lose faith everyone! It's only one day so far. The local paper here (I live in Idaho) gave it 3 stars and said it was a fantastic film and well made. It also said it was better than the first two. I think we just have to give it time. People who will go will end up telling their friends and family and so on and so forth. I am going today. Very excited!

    • Bob T. says:

      After you see it tell us what you think. I bet you change your mind.

      • Moviecynic says:

        Saw it already. Loved it. One of my favorites ever. If this HUGE snowstorm doesn't stop us I will take 20-30 from church tomorrow to see it.

        Then I'll see it a third time in 3D!

    • Lucy of Narnia says:

      Glad to know there's another Narnia fan in Idaho. That's where I live and most people I've talked to never read or saw it or didn't like it. I LOVE VDT though.

    • Silver says:

      I'm also from Idaho; Nampa actually. The movie was wonderful, but no one was there. There we less than 20 people in the theater. All my friends who saw it hated it. I read the books between 10 and 20 times each. I loved this film. My other Narnia friends hated that additions to the story.

    • Narnian* says:

      Wooh Idahoans! I'm in Meridian. The showing I went to was at noon, and it was pretty bare too. I liked the film. I think it could have been better with more of a budget, but it was good considering the amount they had to spend. I feel like it still captured the essence of the book. That is what I really wanted. I love the Chronicles and really want to see them continued on film.

  13. Pepper Darcy says:

    Wow… I really hope DT does well. I'd love to see Silver Chair! Please, please, please! I can't tell you *how* much I'd love to see SC with Will Poulter in it! I'd love for Apted to direct it too; too bad Peter Jackson is busy with The Hobbit, but I guess I'd honestly rather have Hobbit over Narnia… as long as I had Silver Chair and The Last Battle.

    But wow. I'd love to see more Narnias! Please! Please! Give us a Narnia 4!! 🙂

  14. Eric says:

    I want this film to fail. This was not a good representation of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, or C.S. Lewis' intended meaning. It's just a failure on all accounts.

    • Noogah says:

      No offense to you, but that's your opinion and nothing more. Many long time Narnia fans such as I really did enjoy the film. Though it had its cons, it had plenty of pros as well.

      How good of an adaptation this movie was is a subjective thing.

      • always narnian says:

        To me adaption is practically everything. If you like a book and want to make it into a movie, why change it if you liked the book? C.S. Lewis was brilliant, and his stories were amazing and meaningful. They gave that all up for so much action & battles. I love a good battle scene (like the first movie's) but they tried to put way too many in VODT. Of course, those aren't my only complaints…

      • elanor says:

        I disagree, Noogah. A movie adaptation of a book MUST be like (on almost all points) the book or it shouldn't be based on the book at all. For this VTD they should have just written where they put "based on the book by C.S. Lewis"–"this movie stole SOME stories and elements from the book by C.S. Lewis." Why make a movie based on a book unless it is LIKE the book in almost every way? A few years ago I read LOTR for the first time, then watched the movies a little later. Now, I often get parts from the movie and parts from the book confused, because they did such a good job making the it actually LORD OF THE RINGS. You can read the book or the movie, either one, and still be in Middle Earth, know the characters, as well as the story.

        A movie adaptation based on a book IS the book represented before us, not in mere imagination, like a reading a book comes to life, but actually alive, with phyical people and places that should represent the book as much as humanly possible.

      • Lucy of Narnia says:

        You're absolutely right, Noogah. I'm maybe not a life-long Narnia fan, but I couldn't love it more even if I was. I thought the movie was AWESOME. Also, a movie exactly like any book would be a tad boring. It would also be bad for one or the other because the movie would either take the book's place or never have a place of its own.

      • Eric says:

        It is only my opinion, and I should have stated it as such. I can see where those who like it are coming from, and I'm glad they like it, but it just didn't do it for me, and I feel like they missed the point. It's all subjective, and that's the beauty of film, and all art really.

    • Fireflower says:

      Well, I want it to succeed!

    • Samuel the Magnificent says:

      Eric, have you even seen the movie? The movie added and changed things, but it definitely did not change C.S. Lewis' meanings behind it. If anything it magnified them.

      • Eric says:

        I have seen the movie, and I honestly thought that they missed the point of VDT. That said, I do understand that that is only my opinion, and everyone else is entitled to theirs. If you liked it, more power to you, but I didn't. I would rather not see them go on and make the rest of the series, if the adaptation would be as lazy as it was in VDT.

  15. KingSkandartheJust says:

    Yay! thank goodness for that. I was getting worried.

  16. Stephen says:

    "We have nothing, if not belief." –Reepicheep

  17. Bob T. says:

    This film is horrible, it was confusing, didnt stick to the book, and the 3D effect was horrible. This was one of my favorite books in the series, and they killed it. The only thing that was close to the story line was the names of the characters. the rest was way off, probably why it wont last.

  18. Rich says:

    We went to the late show last night. There were only 6 others in the theater with us. I was mortified. Made me feel I was sitting in on the most unpopular movie of the year or something. THis upsets me. I want to see all the other books made into movie form, especially Magicians Nephew but fear VDT is flopping and this is the end of the movie series. I hope not.

    • Rich says:

      By the way, I loved the movie. It's worth it and if the do make the others like they have been these 3 then it'll be the best movie series of all time as far as I'm concerned.

    • Lyle says:

      My showing here in Toronto had a little over 20 people (and one guy laughing too much WITH the movie). I thought it was surprisingly decent, though one could tell the budget took a beating as the effects were quite shoddy. Overall, it was passable with a couple of 'magical' moments (Lucy in the life of Susan and returning to Earth through the painting). But the dialogue was the worst. And it felt choppy and awkward at times.

  19. Jcavhs says:

    The weather has to be an issue. Where I am we are under a blizzard warning for today and traveling is not advised. People were spending yesterday stocking up at the grocery store rather than going to movies. I had been planning on going this weekend but the weather is preventing that.

    • Louloudi the Centaur says:

      Well, it's blizzard weather in the Midwest where I live, yet at the theater last night, at least 70+ people were there, with a majority being a church/Christian group. I think if the Christian community likes the film, we will have a larger box office.

  20. Carol says:

    i'm sad because yesterday there were i think just 30 people or less at the auditorium of the theater i went. hope today there's much much more.

  21. DamselJillPole says:

    COME ON PEOPLE OUT THERE!!!!!!! SEE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. always narnian says:

    I saw it in 3D. Let's just say, because I can't get into it all right at the moment, I'm a huge fan of the books. It was horrible adaption. I enjoyed parts of it very much so, but it wasn't the book. It's so disappointing when they change the plot so much… =( Eustace was the highlight of the film! He was awesome! Reepicheep was awesome too, they finally got his character right after ruining him in PC. Aslan was again belittled and did not get much dialouge at all. They always make someone like Aslan's spokesman, like Aslan couldn't talk for himself. It annoys me, seeing Aslan represents Jesus Christ. They never have enough reverence or give him enough credit. The undragoning wasn't handled well…I didn't want them to get violent at all, I just think they could have explained it better and handled it better.

  23. narnian21 says:

    Box office mojo hasn't posted any earnings yet so maybe this prediction could be wrong? That would be really nice but let's hope we see SC!!!

  24. akibaali says:

    I loved the movie. I loved the book. I am truly a believer that when you are dealing with two different media – it is impossible to follow the book to the detail people wish. I look at them to see if the message is what I expect to get. This movie did that – just not following every part of the book.

  25. MissAdventure says:

    Doesn't surprise me for my area, we're getting the biggest snowfall in 19 years where I live. Very few people are going to be heading to the movies this weekend. Still, I'm sad that VDT isn't going to be doing as well as LWW. Hopefully VDT will have legs and make it big in the end. 🙂

  26. Bilal says:

    i knew it, the magic of the first film could not be met and the movie was boring. i guess the film will make a 25 million in the opening weekend. a 125 million total at most. foreign money will put it to about 350 million total. i hope my predictions workout.

  27. glumPuddle says:

    Wow, it seems like it's tanking. My theater (midnight showing) was about 30% full.

    • gstommylee says:

      It would done better if there wasn't a snow storm going on. So it may rebound once people can get to the theaters to see it.

    • Aslan's Meadow says:

      You most likely don't care if it fails. You hated it anyway.

    • LadyLiln says:

      I had my friends save seats because I was running late… walked in and thought I was at the wrong showing. I'd say less than ten were in the audience.

      • KingoftheWood says:

        I know, I know. My buddy and I were dreading the movie after seeing gpuddles first impressions video. After seeing the movie, we couldn't stop laughing at gpuddles first impressions. He is just so far out in left field with this movie it's really laughable. Granted, there were some things my friend and I still agree with him on (like the movie felt too 'fast' is parts) and I HATED the green mist but it was only annoying and nothing more. I have read the book 3 times and can tell you, for the most part, it was a very good movie; the film makers honored the themes of temptation and redemption well and Eustace and Reep and their relationship were simply brilliant! The end was very poignant too!

  28. Pepper Darcy says:

    I'm gonna see it in an hour and a half! I'm gonna see it in an hour and a half! *bobs up and down in excitement*

  29. kirsta says:

    My siblings and I are planning on seeing it next week – but as LWW is my all-time favorite film, I'm guessing VDT won't come close, even if I do like it. We'll see. I was hoping the Chronicles of Narnia would get an entire feature film series, like Harry Potter is, but as I said, we'll see. 🙂 The jury's still out, guys!

  30. JT says:

    I saw Voyage last night and I thought it was wonderful!

    It wasn't exactly like the book, but I still think it was great. I also think it is too early to guess the outcome of the franchise.

    Word of mouth can be a powerful thing 🙂

  31. narnian1 says:

    we went to the first showing this morning, (my second time), there were plenty of people. And we had people come in, thinking it was the next showing, clearly Narnia is getting more audience. But how much? I will keep hopeful throughout the month.

  32. Lucylove says:

    It doesn't matter how much money they make in USA or the UK it matters how much they make world wide.

  33. waggawerewolf27 says:

    I hear the weather has been nastily cold in the Northern Hemisphere this winter. Exactly why would anyone go to the movies of a night if they can have a more comfortable viewing the following morning?

    That being said, I hope Tirian is right. I'm off to see the movie a second time today if I can. In 2D this time.

    • Samuel the Magnificent says:

      I live in Texas and the weather is fine here and there was like 20 people in the theater. I'm hoping that it was just because it was 3:30 in the afternoon. There really wasn't anyone at the theater. We saw it at the Rave in Fort Worth, Texas so its a popular theater.

  34. wolfloversk says:

    GUUUULLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I'm starting to regret not being able to see it this week, here's hoping next week will be better!

  35. aravistarkheena says:

    I saw VDT last night at the last showing of the night (I was very busy yesterday) and there were 2 other groups of people. I don't know if it was because of the time or what, but I did see a bunch of friends there that had seen it earlier in the day. Also, on my ticket, the theater number was 7-maybe it's a sign from Aslan. 🙂

  36. kc thornton says:

    I took one hundred college English students to a special 9:00 AM showing on Friday. They loved it!

  37. Fireflower says:

    OK people! NONE of the Narnia movies were a wreck! THEY ARE AWESOME!

  38. Sarah says:

    Ooo, not good. I was hoping to get to go this weekend, but it ends up we're going next Friday. Hopefully the numbers will pick up! I really want them to continue making the rest of the Chronicles.

  39. Pepper Darcy says:

    and to follow Enya's advise: 'don't say, adios say, adios goodbye' 😉 And that is all to say: 'let's hope!' 😀 Aslan is on our side! 😀 I'm cheerfully optimistic. Less than 20 min. for me! 😀

  40. Jonathan says:

    Lets also remember that holidays are a very busy time for many people, and there are two other big movies opening, Harry Potter which opened a few weeks ago and Tron is opening soon. Not to mention other heavy hitters like Red and Unstoppable which I'm sure will draw crowds as well. I won't get to see it until next weekend because I'm playing an orchestra concert on Sun. and we have dress rehearsal today. Still, the last movie that was supposed to hit hard that won't up getting numbers this bad at Christmas was Star Trek Nemesis and we all know what happened to the franchise after that…

  41. My guess is that, after the Prince Caspian fiasco, no one is very excited about another Narnia movie – least of all the hard-core Narnia fans. However, I am a hard-core Narnia fan and I thought the movie was pretty good – definitely much better than Prince Caspian. We just need to get the word out! I really want a Silver Chair movie now, if only so we can see more of Will Poulter as Eustace. Other movies have gone on to do well after a bad opening weekend, right?

    • gstommylee says:

      Yes there were other movies that had a bad start but a great finish.

    • narnian21 says:

      There once was a movie with a December opening weekend of $28 million and went on to gross $600 million, becoming the second highest grossing movie in history: Titanic!

      • gstommylee says:

        Interesting didn't realize it was that low for Titanic.

      • narnian21 says:

        Yeah and people were saying that it was going to be a huge flop. But then when people saw it, they were so amazed by it. They told friends and family to go see it, and the chain continued which led to it's huge success

  42. Puddleglum says:

    Let's not lose faith people. I saw it in 3D one week after it came out (it opened Dec 2 here in Asia) and the theatre was about 90% full. I'm going to see it again next week, in 2D this time.

  43. LittleLioness says:

    My theater (town of about 30-40,000 pop.) had one screen showing at the midnight opening, and my friend and I were two of about 15 people… It was very saddening after having gone to an 8-screens showing of Harry Potter's midnight opening a few weeks ago. But I'm going again this weekend, and I hope I can drag a family member or three along with me (maybe if I pay for them, though I'm the only unemployed one right now…).

    I wasn't super impressed (having read the books since childhood, and writing my M.A. project paper on Lewis), but re-watching PC recently reminded me that a second viewing is better for enjoying the movie adaptation for itself. And I dearly want at least one more Narnia movie, even if these reports are kind of dismal. 🙁

  44. Twinimage says:

    I don't blame it for doing so poorly, after the disappointment of PC, and the decline in popularity of the Narnia franchise, it's almost what I expected. My eyes have been opened recently how many people either don't care for, or don't understand Narnia. And these are all people who more than likely never read the books, or at least they read LWW. It seems to me that it would seem better had they only made LWW and not made any sequels.
    I just feel like we're in a time where Narnia just isn't popular now and won't be well received, even if the movies were pure and faithful adaptions. People like "dark, realistic" or "epic" movies, like LOTR or Harry Potter. And Hollywood is trying to accommodate for that. In the end, it becomes off putting for most people. It's sad, but that's Hollywood, and that's where we are right now in our culture.

    • Lucy of Narnia says:

      I don't like HP at all. I can't stand it. Besides it's all super duper scary, waaay too scary for kids. VDT, on the other hand, is cheerier, but it's not tame by any means.
      Hey, if you think people like darker movies, tell 'em about Dark Island. I'm going to tell a friend of mine who likes really scary things about the Sea Serpent, and if that doesn't convince her, I'll just have to beg her on my knees to go see it. Heh, heh, okay, maybe not that last part.

      • Twinimage says:

        Well, I was just using Harry Potter as an example, because it's a fantasy series and it's very popular right now. Though you have to consider that HP is a modern book series, where as Narnia is half a century old. And most people have read all the HP books where most people haven't read Narnia books, or at least have read LWW.
        People want to go see films that are grittier and have a darker tone to them. Mostly because they think it will be more mature and "cooler" of a movie. Sort of the same with mpaa ratings. PG-13 equals "cool and mature" where as PG equals "kiddie movie". That's not really true, but that's the stigma we've built in our minds. And you also have to consider EVERYONE has their own individual tastes in movies. Some people like to go watch mindless trash and eye-candy. They don't want to get emotionally invested or hear a good message about something or be made a better person after seeing a film. Others do. Ultimately I think the problem with the Narnia series is two things. 1) Bad filmmakers ruin these movies and 2) there isn't a strong fan base within the general public for Narnia right now.

  45. lilims says:

    Goodbye Narnia 🙁

  46. Alambil says:

    Aw… =( come on, VDT! I spent $50 or MORE last night to take my family to see it in 3D. I loved it, too. And our theater was surprisingly full for a late showing…

  47. Narnian* says:

    Just got home from the theater…..final verdict? It was good! Not fantastic, but really good! I enjoyed it. There were things here or there that I was a bit disappointed in, but the good out-weighed the bad. I think it got the message across in my eyes. It wasn't the book, but it was an adaptation. I was really please. Will as Eustace was fantastic though! Both human and dragon form! There were a few spots where the visual effects could have been better. But that seems the case for the previous two films too. I just feel advertising could have been a LOT better. But we shall see the results on Monday. Either way, I like it a lot. I will see it again.

  48. Queen Su says:

    I went to the midnight showing and it was about 3/4ths full. This morning I went again and it was only about 50%.
    There were a lot of people at the theater though after I left. Hopfully they were going to see the next showing! 🙂

  49. Timo says:

    Have faith! I went to the movie without high hopes, and I think the movie was wonderful. It's different from the books.. But the essence is there! I've seen all the stuff I wanted to see, and the last scene was beautiful. I have faith in another narnia movie 🙂

  50. Lucy of Narnia says:

    I have a great idea! If everyone on NarniaWeb.com posted on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else is out there that they saw and LOVED the movie, A LOT of people will get to know about it. I don't have Facebook, but I'm trying for the word of mouth idea. I also want to go see it for my birthday that's coming up, with my whole family and ALL my friends.

  51. Northernranger says:

    There wern't that many people were I saw it opening night, I know another theater some other friends went to was full. My family and I were going to go see it again today but we are completly snowed in and it will be snowing for a few more days. Weather has a major part in how many people are going. It is snowing hard all over MN.

  52. dave says:

    Don't wallow in your grief, Narnia is not dead. You all need to motivate yourselves and get out there with as many peeps as possible. It will do well in the long run. Here in the UK, the room was full with people and they loved it.

    • dave says:

      Oh and Prince Caspian is showing on TV for first time in the next 2 wks here. Will definately motivate people. I loved Prince Caspian better then LWW. Controversial I know!

  53. Rob Case says:

    The White Witch must be at it again!!! It has been bad over here as well with the snow, and freezing rain. I saw it last night with my parents though, and it was good. Snow, and the economic situation, which of course is political (as should be expected), are hindering sales in a major way. Some of my friends who really want to see it can't, because they have no money, and are barely making their bills. Heck, some of them have to borrow money to stay afloat. And I think that the economy is not only affecting the Narnia franchise, it's also affecting the sales for other movies as well. The movie has received some pretty good reviews even from critics whom you would expect may not like it. Yet, we should get out there and support this film as much as possible.

  54. SilverChair2012 says:

    I think Fox will stick with this franchise and the Silver Chair will be made, I have no doubt about this. But lets look at the statistics: Harry Potter makes $125 million in its opening weekend and Voyage of the Dawn Treader makes $28 million.

    • gstommylee says:

      28m is just people's estimates. it could be 35m or 40m you just can't tell how many people will go until after the #s will come out.

      • gstommylee says:

        statistics potter has always done better than narnia.

      • Rob Case says:

        Potter has done better than Narnia, because it has been hyped long before the first book even came out. Nobody heard of it, but it kept being talked about. It's success was mapped, and appealed through the power of suggestion (the way the Beatles was first marketed), and so, when people read the books, and ended up liking them, and then became movies, they liked them since. Narnia has a different upbringing. Narnia was introduced mainly to baby boomer children, and its influence stuck with them. Today, it's influence with younger people comes from the movies. There was no pre-destined hype to "raise" the franchise.

        Adding to that, Harry Potter has a lot of entertainment value, with no real moral value, and Narnia has more moral value than entertainment value. Yet I think people want to "dazzled" more than they want to "think" about anything that might be of value in their lives.

      • SilverChair2012 says:

        It will be interesting to see what the final figures are, but I think Harry Potter has taken all the money away from Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the bad weather ofcourse is playing a huge role as well.

  55. Narnian* says:

    Not to damper even more….but I just found this on MSNBC as a headline in Entertainment. But like I have said, it's early, you never know what may happen.


    • gstommylee says:

      That was MSNBC's review again not their call to decide if the next one will be made or not that's up to fox/WM.

    • Brisa says:

      That review is annoying
      "In brief reminders of better days, Tilda Swinton materializes out of thin air a couple of times to whisper enticements to Edmund"

  56. Anna says:

    There was barely anyone in the theatre I went to for the midnight showing. It made me quite sad 🙁 I do hope it does better than this!!!!!

    • HUGEFANOFNARNIA19867 says:

      Gosh!!! Everybody says it was unpopular! I didn't see that anywhere!! Everybody was talking about it!!!

  57. dave says:

    What I don't get is the shoddy marketing campaign by Fox. Fox always make their movies short, which is why it felt rushed and reviewers were left confused. And the poster at the top of this page! Terrible! Why does Lucy look like she's been on the botox, so airbrushed? The only serviceble poster Fox came out with was released about a week before the release. Its only good because Aslan looks original. Marketing matters, and they didn't put the money in.

  58. Braden Woodburn says:

    Wow, that really isn't that bad for it only being out a day or two. But yes, the weekend is still young and things could turn around. You have to think of prices at different theatres. Me and my boyfriend are seeing it tomorrow so there is add of money to the box office! If the math works out correctly and every Friday earned $9 million in a month, that's like, around $36-40 million? Ha then add another month it would be about $72 million? Ugh I hate math. Either way, in time without a doubt it will get very close or even a little over the amount Prince Caspian made. THEN, you have to think of sales once it comes on DVD and Blu Ray, which would look AMAZING.

  59. Glimfeather says:

    Went to Saturday 1:20 matinee.
    Maybe 40-50 people tops….very uncrowded….sad,thought it was just an early movie but now reading sadder reports all over. This movie may have legs like LWW did though
    Liked the movie. Was so eager for this one as VDT was my favorite of the series.
    More stuff I liked than I did not. The texture of the movie was beautiful. Eustace was just okay, not overly thrilled with him personally. Reepicheep was much improved! The lily seas was exactly as I imagined it – wonderful.
    I was hoping for the undragoning scene to be more like the book and I was waiting for Aslan to turn in to a Lamb – my favorite most touching scene in the book. But alas it was swept in the PC movement (and that is not Price Caspian).

    Loved the lost souls concept – I think more people are aware of book to movie adaptations and are more willing to accept it.

    But I would see it again and recommend it.

  60. I think that they will probably make SC and that will be it for the Narnia stories.

    I saw the movie and I didn't think it was really that bad.
    There were short scenes in which the script and acting wasn't that great, but hopefully they'll realize that those kind of things can be avoided in the next movie.