Dawn Treader’s Box Office Take Increases on Tuesday

There is a potential ray of hope in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader‘s box office numbers. FriendofNarnia2 posted on our forum that “VDT made $1,727,767 yesterday! That’s a 5% increase! Compare that to LWW which dropped 12.5% in its first Tuesday.”
Does this mean that positive word of mouth is starting to get around? Perhaps the Golden Globe nomination as well as other award nominations helped? Or perhaps people living in northern-midwest America were able to dig themselves out of their houses to go see the movie? I guess we’ll find out this weekend!
The current total gross according to BoxOfficeMojo is $107,174,612.

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  1. DanielmyBrother says:

    Glenn Beck gave the movie a plug on his cable news show last night. He gave away the narnia book set to everyone in the audience. He also gave tickets to the movie. Weather you agree with him or not, he has the second most watched cable news show in America. He also talked about it on his radio program. He said it was a great movie.

  2. Narnia's #1 Fan! says:

    I loved VDT not because it went with the book (it did, and then it didn't). I loved it the most because Aslan was betrayed as he should! Unlike the others. And the allegory was more powerful than the other two by far!!!!! Christians out there, it you liked the first movie because of the allegory you will definently love this one. It is by far my favorite film of all time, because Aslan is betrayed as his other name; Jesus Christ!!!!!!!

  3. Malfhok says:

    Note however, that Box Office Mojo only updates foreign totals weekly, so the total gross is off until Sunday. They have a nice article up listing some overseas takings from this week, though. Looks good. I wouldn't be surprised, given the current rate of income, if VDT didn't cover its production budget this week!

  4. Starlily says:

    I wish I could just hibernate until we can know for sure if the series will continue. The suspense is awful. I'm trying to keep my hopes way down, but they keep getting pushed up again! And I just finished watching one of those heartwarming Christmas movies, so I'm feeling really hopeful right now. I just don't want to be disappointed… *sigh*

  5. Cyclops says:

    Yeah, I watched/recorded Glenn Beck's mentioning of Narnia… http://www.aslanscountry.com/2010/12/glenn-beck-talks-dawn-treader/

  6. faunforaslan says:

    Glad to hear it! Watched half of LWW when i got home and now watching PC ๐Ÿ™‚ I've been telling everyone about the movie and bugging them into seeing it if they don't want to. A few of my friends said a week or so ago that they didn't want to see it, but now they want to. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. The Archenlander says:

    do u mean portrayed?

  8. The Archenlander says:

    same with me! i loved the movie so much that they HAVE to make the next one! it would be a sin not to!

  9. Big.B says:

    Wow,that's whole load of cash,people ARE telling their friends and posting things on Myspace and Facebook.I Know for a fact if it hits big enough,Silver Chair Will be made next.

  10. Edmundsdefender says:

    The weather probably has something to do with it as well. When it came out, there were snowstorms and rainstorms all over the US and it wasn't a very good weekend to get out and watch a movie. (That's one of the reasons I haven't seen it yet.) Now that the weather's clearing up, people are getting out to the theaters again.

  11. Pepper Darcy says:

    Glenn Beck rocks! (well, I'm not sure *exactly* who he is, but if he promotes Narnia: Glenn Beck ROCKS!)

  12. narnian1 says:

    that's all nothing much, movies tend to go up from Monday's gross, the exception might be when the movie was already making a "high" amount for a Monday- which is why I don't think it's the best comparison, with LWW. LWW was "high" for a kids film, during a regular school day.

  13. DamselJillPole says:

    That's wonderful! See the movie movie you poeple out there so we'll get The Silver Chair!

  14. Mark Sommer says:

    I hope so. Aslan should never be betrayed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Mark Sommer says:

    You have to remember that the box office totals are the totals paid for tickets, not how much the studio gets. Generally, a film must gross twice as much as its production costs just to break even.

  16. Alassiel says:

    It could also be that many theaters have a bargain day on Tuesdays, so more people went to see it. I know I did!

  17. Wow, I'm glad to hear that Glenn Beck is giving the movie such good free publicity. He has a ton of viewers. I know that he's quoted from The Screwtapes Letters on his show before. He seems to be a C.S. Lewis fan.

  18. lilims says:

    That's good! We need to keep on spreading the word because the tv spots stopped! They should have some new ones saying "The number one film in America"

  19. Not Of This World says:

    That is very nice! That's awesome Glenn Beck did! Go Beck!

  20. stateofgreen says:

    Cheers for Glenn Beck!!! Gives me some hope they'll make Silver Chair.

  21. lilims says:

    Nevermind I just saw a tv spot like 5 minutes ago, it said something like, the number one movie in america (or earth), and people magazine says its "pure magic" it was nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. ……Do I see SC in the distance?……

  23. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    I think the midwest snowstorm is what accounted for the not-so-big opening weekend earnings (although what they got was still good). Hopefully even with Tron's release, VDT will still stay steady in terms of earnings. I know I'm going to see it again several times…in 3D. lol

  24. Josh says:

    I'm quite angry because our local theatre didn't get it on time & still haven't gotten it. Normally I arrange a private screening for local churches but as the weeks creep on towards Christmas & New Years with no word on WHEN we're getting it I fear it may not happen this time. *sigh*

  25. Serenia says:

    Glenn Beck also criticized Liam Neeson's comments about Aslan being Muhammad or Buddha and said that even his 6 year old son was able to figure out that Aslan represented Jesus. I love Glenn Beck.

  26. Movie Aristotle says:

    Hooray! I finally got myself dug out of the snow…

  27. camilo says:

    they've got to remember its the holiday season wehere people spend money on girfts not to the movies!

  28. Charles says:

    Planning on seeing it next week for the third time with other friends, I really loved this movie, where as I liked PC. LWW was love to. This one for me was easy to like, I think its going to do just fine in the end.

  29. Not Of This World says:

    He is very funny! Some times my mom is listnening to his radio show, and he says something funny and I start to laugh.

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