New TV Spot and Extended Eustace/Orange Clip

Last week, MovieFone posted a clip from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader that showed Eustace stealing an orange. Now, ClevverTV has posted an extended version of the scene that also includes music. View it here:

Thanks to ‘Liberty Hoffman.’

Also, check out this new TV Spot below. It has some new footage:

65 Responses

  1. SavedByGrace says:

    "…the great Aslan himself gave me that tail…" I love that line! 😀

  2. SavedByGrace says:

    May I also recommend Lewis' "The Great Divorce"?

  3. Narnia Friend says:

    This is my favorite clip!

  4. Leoaica says:

    LOL I have been saying since I saw it 3 weeks ago that the purists will hate this one (though not nearly as much as PC)… I prefer the books myself, but CAN enjoy the films… My first view I must say I spent too much time internally fussing about what was wrong, but this is just another reason for me to see it again and again… Next time will be to purely enjoy the film and I look forward to that, because while VERY different, it is a visually MAGNIFICENT film and I LOVED it! I wish to see them all done, changes or not. And don't knock BBC… I would have never known Narnia without BBC 19 years ago.

  5. Leoaica says:

    I, for the record, love this scene, untrue to the book or not. It isn't Reep's character I feel was diminished, rather Eustace's… he isn't as bratty as he would've been with seasickness and extreme thirst… but to complain too much would be to be worse than the early Eustace himself! 😉