Four New Character Posters

Fansite Narnia France has gotten ahold of four new character posters for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. You can click on the thumbnails below to check them out.

Thanks to Narnia France for the heads up!

40 Responses

  1. LL says:

    Why the White Witch, why????

    • Andreya of Narnia says:

      Because she is Edmund's temptation. Each character is tempted somehow, and the White Witch basically is the nightmare that Edmund sees when the green mist comes. A lot like the nightmares being relived at the Dark Island in the book. 😉

      • glumPuddle says:

        Tilda's explanation was: "The White Witch scares these kids in the first film and they never really get over it."

        I disagree with Tilda here. I think in the books, there is a sense of ultimate and final victory over evil. In the movie however, we get the sense that Edmund might never fully defeat the Witch.

      • Demor says:

        I could see where Edmund has a hard time getting over the whole deal with the Witch. I see what you mean glumPuddle, but I think when someone goes through something like he did as a kid would probably stick in their mind for a long time afterwards.

  2. Arden says:

    I like the first two, although I think that Reepicheep should be on the one with Eustace, not Edmund.

  3. King_Cor_the_Great says:

    I thought Reepicheep was finally off the logo. Guess not. I was actually hoping for a new one of Susan and Peter. Or at least Susan with Lucy!

  4. Bother Eustace says:

    I love the Eustace one. The Caspian one is cool too.

  5. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    Am I the only one that didnt find Lilliandel very pretty? she reminded me of Paris Hilton. : />

  6. epic!
    just like the movie is epic!
    yay for epic!

  7. The White Wizard says:

    They looked pretty good, except for Eustace's face, Lucy's stare, and The White Witch.

  8. Narnian Geek says:


  9. adamie says:

    So the white witch gets a poster along with edmund, but reepicheep, the hart and soul of the movie, does not?!

    Shame on you,fox, shame on you…

  10. DamselJillPole says:

    The first poster has made my day now a little bit more better!

  11. kamarkam says:

    I understand Jadis's role in the movie, since Dark Island was playing on the crew's fears, but I really wish they had left her out of the poster. Doesn't Edmund deserve his own poster by now, as well as Reep?

  12. Mayor Wilkins says:

    The White Witch has her own posters because she is the most prominent and recognizable form of The Green Mist.
    Also because she is a familiar face that most people enjoyed from the first film.
    It was wise to include her in the marketing.

  13. Kale&Bardon says:

    I love how they did these. Caspian get Liliandil and Lucy gets Aslan and Eustace gets himself(dragon form) and the Dawn Treader and edmund gets the witch

  14. Tirian12 says:

    they're too bright for my liking

  15. Alambil and Tarvis says:


    I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! *squee* Despite the fact that I wish she'd had more screentime, they are SO cute together 😀 Yay canon ship. Suspian just got obliterated by a flash of blue starlight (that sounded horrible, I know. lol).

  16. Pepper Darcy says:

    Can you buy these? I would SO buy like all of them!

  17. Lirimaer says:

    I want the one with Eustace!

  18. narnian resident says:

    i love how each character has something that relates to them in the backround. Caspian and Lilliandil(cute!), Eustace and the dragon, Lucy and Aslan, Edmund and the White Witch

  19. Narnianchick says:

    lucy's face kills me. she's photoshopped almost beyond recognition.

  20. blueRain says:

    I love the Caspian and Lilliandil poster, but not the others.

  21. pselpevensie says:


  22. I love them all but the first one! 🙂 Their blending is really nice. It's cool that they are releasing so many different versions. I just wish they hadn't done the first one…..

  23. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Awwwww, they all look so nice!!!!

  24. Demor says:

    you can tell the second one is a fan poster because the top of the ship's sail is not finished.

  25. ~DaughterOfEve~ says:

    I love the Caspian and RD poster.

  26. Shark Fin says:

    Yeah, they all look…okay.