Michael Apted Voices Concern Over Narnia’s Future

Posted December 7, 2010 10:15 pm by fantasia_kitty

Michael Apted made a statement which is sure to prove controversial amongst Narnia fans. He says:

“I would be surprised if they did all seven books. I suppose the fourth one might work better now after the changes we made in the third… but after that it goes haywire.

“With a franchise, the continuity of characters is actually quite crucial and I don’t know how they are going get beyond book four. I think it is a problem.”

(The full interview is available here)

On one hand, I understand where he’s coming from. Unlike Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and essentially every other popular book series out there except Narnia, there is a common set of characters that is carried throughout the whole story. That doesn’t happen with Narnia. In every book, there are different characters. Even from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to The Silver Chair, while a few main characters carry over, almost all of the secondary characters are new.

I would suspect from a movie marketing standpoint this is a nightmare to have to remind people who aren’t familiar with the series that “Hey! This is Narnia again!” And I suspect that’s why we keep seeing the White Witch, Peter, and Susan popping up on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ads.

That being said, in this Narnia fan’s opinion the uniqueness of each book is precisely one of the strengths of the series and sets it apart from any other franchise. Sure we say goodbye to the Pevensies for a while, but we get Jill Pole and Puddleglum, Shasta and Aravis, Digory and Polly, Tirian and Jewel!

I would like to offer one piece of advice to the filmmakers (not that I have any sort of credentials in which to do so). Do not look at The Chronicles of Narnia as a series or franchise per se because then you will spend all of your time trying to come up with ways to tie them together. Rather, look at them as seven individual chronicles that just happen to take place in the same world, and embrace each story for their individual strengths! No other fantasy series out there that I know of can do that.

Thanks to Kate and aslanismyman for the link!

UPDATE: The link above now has the full story instead of highlights. Thanks Sammie!

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  • NarnianHarper says:

    Several of the books after The Silver Chair are the best in the series and would be wonderful as movies. If VoDT does well there is hope!

    • NarnianHarper says:

      And besides, they HAVE to do The Horse And His Boy for all of us horse-crazy girls out there! A talking horse – how can you lose?!

    • Duffleglum says:

      I know! That’s WHY this series is so worth making!! you don’t have to worry too much about what happen in the previous stories to enjoy whatever one your watching.

      Think outside the box please, Mr. Apted.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        think outside the box is it exactly!! jeesh, these people get these ideas in their heads- JUST MAKE THEM!!! you have millions of book fans! millions of families!! stop thinking with the traditional paradigm. they are classics for a reason!! we’d love to see the cretion of narnia and the last battle! the special effects would be awesome!!!

      • Samuel the Magnificent says:

        See what I think they should do is make Silver Chair and the Last Battle and make that the conclusion of the Chronicles of Narnia. Now before you freak out, listen to what I have to say next. Then they need to make Magician’s Nephew and Horse and His Boy as two separate movies. Don’t even put the chronicles of narnia on the cover or advertisements. Then people will view them as their own movies.

      • stateofgreen says:

        Agreeing with Samnuel Nightingale completely. Do SC and LB next, and then do MN and HAHB as prequels, those two books could have their own continuity of characters. Hope the producers read this thread!

    • Nick says:

      …but not losing hope. I can always go back to acting it out in my backyard.

      Anybody else ever do that?

      • NarnianHarper says:

        As a Narnia-crazed 9-year-old I made an entire suit of armor out of cardboard emblazoned with the red Lion, fitted a car antennae out as a sword, and enacted all the Narnia battles with a neighbor boy. Now I have a real sword so I can really go at it!

      • Aravis and Hwin says:

        Yep! My little sisters and I used to do that. We had pretend swords and bow & arrows (They kind of worked, even though they were made out of sticks :)) and we’d run around in the woods fighting each other πŸ˜€

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        no, but i think i will now! : )

  • Reepicheep says:

    There were many footholes for the rest of the series in VDT, and there’s likely to be more in SC. So I reckon Apted is rambling on for publicity.

    • Nick says:

      If I owned Fox and was Douglas Gresham (and ruler of the world while I’m at it), this is what I would do:
      1. Let VoDT succeed or fail.
      2. Make Silver Chair anyway (VoDT Part 2; "green mist" continuation in "green lady")
      3. Make Magician’s Nephew as a new beginning
      4. Make another VoDT-style "character-building" Horse & His Boy (with original Pevensies)
      5. Finish the series with Last Battle (and be done with it, but having successfully made them all!)

      • lysander says:

        If I had any sort of power over these films, I would do exactly as you, except with all of the unnecessary changes and green mist. πŸ˜›

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        ecxellent= and have the creation of narnia’s effect be really mind blowing

  • lysander says:

    "It all goes haywire"?

    *shakes head*

    There they go again, throwing the uncinematic concept at us. If this series pitfalls, then it’s because the filmmakers made stupid choices, NOT because flaws of the books themselves.

    On another note, Fantasia, it’s "per *se*." πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    • NarnianHarper says:

      Hoo boy: "He admitted he landed in hot water with the author’s estate for changing huge swathes of the story’s plot for the latest film." Did they learn nothing from the disaster of Prince Caspian’s horrible adaptation??

      • Brisa says:

        I’m sorry to say it, but film makers never seem to realize that the closest adaptions please more fans and make more money :/

      • nic says:

        To me, of the film itself, there were only really 2 mistakes about the Prince Caspian adaption, which was other wise β€˜really’ good.

        It was dark, but i don’t think it’s dark was as in being gratuitously violence ( & PC is the war/material glory chronicle after all), it’s Dark was that people( me included) didn’t fully get or ‘see’ the arc with Peter and how that resonated with other β€˜war’ arcs in the film. The Lord of the Rings are widely thought of as being ‘dark’ done properly in fantasy cred, in comparison to say PC,. as there is alot of potentially gratuitous violence in those films. But the underlying plot throughout is kept straightforward and also is often made repetitive through out the films in case one forgets. In this sense it is very un-dark, although can be slightly transparent to the other extreme depending on what film you are wanting to watch, neither type being better or worse than the other as they are not meant to be created the same etc

        To me, the other mistake of PC film adaption was maybe the underground surprise by collapsing the pillars of Aslan’s howl, being a bit hokey & also taking away abit from the momentum of PC’s climax of the Peter Maraz duel; Lucy finding Aslan; the trees awakening, and really only made the end of the film seem a little bit longer than it needed to be.
        Even if above is vaguely accurate, & might be completely wrong, PC is still a great adaption & will be a favourite with many people of the Narnia chronicles as time goes on I would hope.

      • samuel says:

        @nic: Agreed completely. And I always thought that prince caspian is one of the ‘darker’ books in the series anyway. And I know I’ll get into hot water for saying this, but I always the "magical party" of Aslan was just weird and was glad they didn’t try to reproduce it in the film. as far as darkness goes Last Battle is next, and Silver Chair I would say is the Darkest.

  • C. Alexander says:

    Unless they realize that the true principal characters of the books are Aslan and Narnia, they can’t go on…

    • Kate says:

      Well said. I don’t know if they ‘can’t’ go on, but they won’t go on in the true spirit of the books.

    • Moonwood says:

      I was scrolling down the page, waiting to write : They have to realize narnia itself, and Aslan are the main characters: but you beat me to it !
      One of 2 possibilities, I think:
      Either the series will continue with the rest of the movies more or less as good as VDT ( with VDT being 3/4 of the way as popular as LWW–which would be quite decent, after all…
      Or the buget will get smaller, with straight-to-dvd movies with the rest of the series with cheaper everything.
      I am sure that within the next 20, 25 years, somone is going to look back with passion on these movies and say: OK, lets try this again !
      This Time, the White Witch’s face will be white, Aslan will truly invoke numinous awe ( with ground shaking voice, the smell of all sweet smelling things, and and touching forehead with tongue )
      The Dryads will not be practically ignored ( seriously !) And Peter will be the kind of guy all boys want to be like.
      In the meantime, I think we have it pretty good with VDT, and I am looking forward to the movie.

      • Elyon's Daughter says:

        Moonwood, I got goosebumps reading your post. Someday, the true magic of it all will be better captured! (:

      • Moonwood says:

        Thanks Elyon’s Daughter–I have no doubt at all…Those books will never die, and there will always be people wanting to share them on the big screen.

      • Laura Elizabeth says:

        Yes, AND the dryads won’t just be leaves swirling around. Lewis said several times that they look like people, just treeish people.

  • Shastafan says:

    Yeah, I understand what he means, but I disagree that it’ll be that hard to attract people to HHB and MN. After all, the movies aren’t supposed to be about the Pevensies, but about the adventures these kids take and the spiritual themes that tie the books together. May the next directors understand this to the maximum so that we’ll see all of the books made into (hopefully well adapted) movies! πŸ˜‰

    • waggawerewolf27 says:

      Yes, I also disagree that it would be hard to attract people to HHB and MN. There are tie-ins from both of these books to the rest of the series just reading the books. Jadis’ story is in MN, along with the Professor from LWW, and it explains much about Narnia, including prophesies about the coming of Lucy and her siblings. That is only in the book.

      At the end of SC, Rilian is whistling a song about Corin Thunderfist and at a feast at Cair Paravel, Jill and Eustace hear about ‘The Horse and His Boy’. That again is ‘only’ in the book. And in HHB, we get to see both Susan and Edmund, even Lucy briefly.

      So how are the books so independent of each other?

  • elanor says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Fantasia_kitty.

    I totally agree with you! Narnia is so fun because you can read each one separately and enjoy it that way. It’s not like LOTR or others where if you miss one book you’re totally lost.

    I think the Chronicles brings out "unity in diversity." And I think that unity is Aslan, and his effect on Narnia and all the children. If only the movie people would see that’s really the amazing thing to see–not the battles and strife and the "white witch" (although they have a part). All the books hinge on Aslan, and without proper focus on that aspect, I think the books don’t have much tie to each other or any really strong appeal.

  • Leoaica says:

    ummm… ASLAN ties them all together?? As would the history had they bothered to keep that in instead of trying to make them all something they weren’t. Sorry… the purist in me popping in for a sec…

  • Rob W. Case says:

    If Fox fails to pick up another film, they could always make more of them for DVD, and be as "haywire" as they want to be. Of course, I would rather they released more movies theatrically, because the production value is always better but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

    • Rob W. Case says:

      Perhaps the financiers of Christian themed movies like "Fireproof" or "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" (i.e. TBN) could finance it.

      • Warrior 4 Jesus says:

        Ick. Please no. Those weren’t good movies. The creators had passion though, for God I mean. They didn’t seem to know much about making good movies.

      • lysander says:

        This is about the WORST suggestion I’ve ever heard. Ooof.

    • Lucy says:

      Hey, you may be onto something there. Maybe direct-to-dvd sequels after SC might not be the worst thing ever. I think we’d all rather have them released through the movie theater, but it would be better than not having any more movies at all. The effects wouldn’t be THAT bad if they played their cards right; I mean, look at the tv movie "Princess", that was a very low-buget fantasy film per my understanding and it was still highly enjoyable and had SOME sgi. Like they had a baby dragon that was really cute (actually he looks, to me, like a littler version of Eustace Dragon in upcoming VDT judging by what I’ve seen on the trailers). That could be nice, if Fox is stupid and decides to drop the franise after only one or two movies (just like Disney), if a tv station could pick it up. Or maybe whomever did the Britsh movies with limited release (Example: Ballet shoes, Secret of Moonacre) coud do something at least with MN or the horse and his boy…just a thought.

  • DOECOG says:

    Don’t they see that Narnia has already been successful for decades as books without following the same rule in continuality that Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Lord of the Rings follow? When I first read the books I was a little put off with how all the books were new stories and had new characters (mostly because I wanted to see more of the Pevensies). But now that I have reread them I love all the books for their own unique charm. Sure I would have liked to have seen more of the Pevensies, but I would never trade that for getting introduced to all the new characters like Jill, Eustace, Puddleglum, Tirian, Digory, Polly, Sharta, and Aravis while getting hear about their adventures. I think instead of focusing on why the lack of continuality is a hard to market, the film makers should focus on what does work about this. Unlike with other franchises it is less confusing to new comers. If you go see Harry Potter 7 you’re not going to have a clue what’s going on without having seen the other six, unlike Narnia that can be read out of order. Also, a common problem with most sequels is they become more of the same thing.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      same here, I wanted more pevensies, but liked going on meeting more narnians, it was great to see them ll togehher for last battle!

  • GPLovesNarnia says:

    I definitely agree with the idea
    [the individuality concept, NOT Apted’s comments!].
    Doesn’t Douglas Gresham really want The Magician’s Nephew to be made? The logical next movie [after VDT] would be The Silver Chair, and they would have to finish with The Last Battle even if it’s ten years from now. If so, I would really hope they continued after at least MN and do The Horse and His Boy.
    Sorry if that was confusing, I’m tired, ha ha. πŸ™‚

  • Skilletdude says:

    Apted has a point. From his perspective, everything does go haywire after The Silver Chair from a purely commercial standpoint. With the economy the way it is, the last thing Hollywood wants to do is take chances and Fox will have to realize that taking on the future of Narnia is a risk because of the the new main characters, new time periods and the new settings in almost every story from here on out. But sometimes those risks can turn out to be fresh products and that’s exactly what Hollywood needs right now, something to stand out from all the tired sequels, prequels, and remakes. If only the filmmakers had the courage to show the audience a more pure form of Narnia where the source material could really shine. So far, we haven’t really seen that happen. Here’s hoping.

    • Lewis Tolkien says:

      Yes, they have new main characters, but there’s certainly still some major character continuity. Of the three stories Apted is talking about, the White Witch has a major part in The Magician’s Nephew (and of course audiences will learn that Digory is the professor), the Pevensies are back for major secondary roles in A Horse and His Boy (and even Mr. Tumnus has a cameo), and The Last Battle really does just pick up from where The Silver Chair left off with Eustace and Jill (and has small parts for almost all the major characters in the series too including the Pevensies). There’s enough continuity there (and with Aslan naturally) to hang their ad campaigns on. I doubt those stories would be too much bigger of a risk than Dawn Treader–after all, the beloved Pevensies are in two of the three and the infamous White Witch is in the other.

  • glumPuddle says:

    Translation: "Making the series more like HP and LotR is going to become more and more difficult, so it may be hard for the films to get made."

    The series will forever be licking the crumbs of greater franchises. Shame. Narnia deserves better.

    • FriendOfNarnia2 says:

      The was my first thought too.

    • Moonwood says:

      I think one of the main problems, is that this is all being done during difficult economic times. If it was not, people would be thinking a little less about the money , and aim at a specific audience, rather than what they are doing now.
      Lets not forget, though, that a while back, Adamson said he would very much like to direct The Magician’s Nephew. This must not happen !

      • wolfloversk says:

        I hope he does. I personally liked his adaptations, and they’re a lot closer than some that I’ve seen especially LWW. I haven’t lost faith in him, I think if given another chance he could make Narnia come to life like nothing we’ve seen yet. As for Apted, I’ve got to see VDT first… then I’ll decide. More than anything the I want the director of each book, to really love that book, and to have a vision as to how to make it- while respecting, and staying true to it’s source.

    • Laura Elizabeth says:

      glumPuddle, how do you almost always manage to hit the nail on the head? πŸ˜€

  • Peter Rubinstein says:

    Even if you agree with Apted, which I don’t at least not entirely, it should be simple enough to tie the remaining films into the earlier ones. The silver chair has Eustace in & I lay odds Tilda will play some role in it, eve if she doesn’t play the Lady of the Green Kirtle. The horse & his boy will increase the roles of the Pevensies. The magicians nephew will probably be a story told by the professor to the other friends of Narnia, with or without Susan & the last battle will again increase the roles of all of the friends of Narnia, not just Jill & Eustace. Finally I can see the witch becoming the Goddess of Calormene rather than Tash. This will mean the whole series can be seen as a batle between Aslan & the Witch. I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I think something like it may happen. I say this as someone who loves the books from childhood, but doesn’t agree with most of the religious themes in them, I’m an atheist

    • Lucy says:

      Hey, you ever read "His Dark Materials"? It’s a bit rougher than Narnia (more blood and gore) but some people actually call it a re-take on Narnia without the pro higher-power themes.

      I’ve read most of them (haven’t finished the third yet) and they’re not as good as narnia, but pretty interesting and fun to read anyway.

      • Peter Rubinstein says:

        I have read all 3 books more than once & I saw the stage production at the National Theatre as well. I have also read Lyras’s Oxford and Once upon a time in the North the short sequels he wrote. I have very different attitudes to the 2 series & in fact the 2 authors as I 1st read the Narnia books as a child while I read His dark materials as an adult. Intellectually I am closer to Pullman but I have an emotional attachment to Lewis that cannot be denied, despite my disagreements with his views

  • rachanne says:

    after the vdt i dont think i’ll be really interested in the rest of the films because i’ve gotten really used to just the 4 pevensies being focused on and with them gone it just won’t be the same. and i think it’ll be hard to advertise these films for the ppl who’ve never read the books considering the characters are always different and don’t appeal to everyone

    • Samuel the Magnificent says:

      See that’s where you’re wrong. They can make the other movies, but they need to be viewed as their own movies and not part of the series.

    • Lewis Tolkien says:

      But the Pevensies will be back for A Horse and His Boy and The Last Battle. This is not the end of the road for them.

      In the meanwhile, like Samuel said, try looking at these films as individual stories. If you do this, you may just find you will end up liking Eustace and Jill, Digory and Polly, or Shasta and Aravis just as well as the Pevensies. They’re all great characters and should all be given a fair chance.

      I must say I don’t really understand how people can only be interested in the Pevensies in these films. I think the wondrously imaginative fantasy world of Narnia itself is far more interesting than any specific characters. I mean interesting film characters are all over the cinema, but there’s no other place quite like Narnia.

  • nic says:

    I don’t think it’s a problem.
    Prince Caspian broke the mold, & while not ‘totally’ perfect but still totally great, as well as it’s mis-judged marketing it wasn’t far off internationally what LW&W was.
    Voyage of the Dawn Treader is both a work in it’s own right as well as being un-unmistakably the 3rd Chronicle of Narnia film, and i’m sure will be well liked as well as renewing interest in the previous two films for newbies & oldies alike as well as engaging Narnia fans in it’s run at the cinema.
    So audiences of both types will not be expecting the replication of one artistic representation to be able to enjoy the films and this will only give the films more longevity for people as the chronicles mount up:)

    As of now, personally….i would do ‘magicians nephew’ more in style of VOTDT, Silver Chair more in style of LW&W, Horse & His Boy(my favourite story) more in style of PC with Andrew Adamson at helm, and ‘The Last Battle’ i don’t know!

  • Yoshirama says:

    kate i agree with your last paragraph, I so want to see horse and his boy, i will cry if they don’t make that one.

  • Timo says:

    THe horse and his boy got all 4 the pevensie’s in it! (Except Peter, but I’m sure they’ll put him in the movie somehow if they’d do that one). It even got characters like Tumnus! The last Battle got aaaall the maincharacters in it (except Susan). There’s only one book where there are totally different characters and we even got Jadis in that one.
    I Understand what he’s saying, but I think they’re original enough to do the movies..

    • Starlily says:

      Yeah, I think HHB would actually fit very well into the series. And it’s such a good story anyway. I think it would be to their disadvantage not to make it (that is, if it was done right).

    • Lewis Tolkien says:

      I agree. All the Pevensie fans will love to see them all together again in Narnia I would think. A Horse and His Boy is really the only story that they can do this for. And I’m sure they will work Peter in. After all he *is* discussed in the book. They could simply show him briefly fighting giants in the North or they could enlarge his character and provide more context for the story if they begin the film in Narnia with Peter preparing to go north to battle the giants while Edmund and Susan are preparing to sail south to Calormen.

      I just hope the film makers don’t avoid the story because they think it’s politically incorrect or some other stupid reason like that. What if Peter Jackson had decided not to make the Lord of the Rings because of the un-PC Haradrim?

  • Farsight1 says:

    Calling talking animals characters ‘silly’ and disbelieving the franchise as a whole is not exactly what you expect from a Narnia director, but I’ll be saving my comments for later. Taking all my friends and enemies to watch the film. I want Silver Chair to be made.

  • CmdrHawk says:

    Amen, fantasia_kitty!! Look at the success of the FIRST (LWW) in the series!! It didn’t have any previous movie foundation!! So tackle the remaining three (after Silver Chair) a if they are NEW but IN Narnia. HOLLYWOOD: If you are listening: WE WILL PAY MONEY TO SEE YOUR MOVIES IF YOU MAKE GOOD MOVIES!! CS Lewis has provided you with FANTASTIC material. Don’t screw it up and we will support you!! The series does NOT have fit your mold to be successful! (Look at The Passion of the Christ!) A Horse and His Boy is a FANTASTIC story with great characters AND familiar faces. Just DO it and stop worrying about US! Put the books to film and we’ll do the rest!!!

  • Chris says:

    Its been clear to me for a while that it will be impossible to make Magicians Nephew or the Horse and his boy, as they’re too much stand alone stories with little to connect them (from a non Narnia fan point of view) to the central narrative. They’ll attempt to make Silver Chair and The Last Battle next, possibly either fitting in elements of Magicians Nephew into the last battle (like a prologue or flashbacks) or more likely simply doing away with any of the references to the Magicians Nephew in the Last Battle.

    So I think thats the most optimistic scenario, but the more likely one is that Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be the final film as I severely doubt it will make enough money to justify Silver Chair and it does kind of round up the story, being as it is the last Pevensie adventure, and Aslan’s speech does offer some resolution and finality.

  • Louloudi the Centaur says:

    As I said yesterday, the film makers are ruining Narnia for what it is. No wonder they brought Peter and Susan back to the film.

  • Pepper Darcy says:

    yeah, I agree at least that keeping the same set of characters helps in a series. That might be why Chornicles doesn’t do as well. πŸ™ I’m sorry though. They’re awesome books. They’d make awesome movies. Well… maybe we’ll get Silver Chair at least :/ And *maybe* Last Battle…

    But from a writer’s point of view, I *do* understand how keeping the same set of characters works and is needed. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Not that I want these movies to be LotR/HP cop-outs. But people devout themselves to certain characters and when they’re not in the next ones, it doesn’t feel the same. They want those characters back.

    • Hwin says:

      I agree with you, PD, although I almost think that having ‘new’ characters throughout the series adds a uniqueness and emotion to the whole story. Film-wise I guess it isn’t so great =P

      Well, the best thing to do is hope πŸ™‚ Might as well be optimistic…

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        oh yeah! it does make it unique and wonderful! I love the characters– but for people who haven’t read the books, it might be hard to watch films with ‘new characters’ πŸ™‚

        I love the way the Narnia books are though! πŸ˜€ I love them to death! πŸ™‚

  • narniafan in Phi says:

    don’t say that, maybe the silver chair may not be a hit when it is in films, but after the silver chair, the last 3 books in a movie, will be awesome, because the last 3 books have amazing stories.

  • narniafan in Phi says:

    I meant the last 3 books turned into movies will be will be awesome, because the last 3 books have amazing stories

  • Sammie says:

    I don’t know if the links I submit in spy reports don’t get through or something. Maybe it’s my connection.


    Besides this controversial statements (which I an understand but with which I also disagree), Apted also said he’s willing to direct a fourth film and he tells us what it was he took from "Silver Chair" for "Dawn Treader".

    • fantasia_kitty says:

      We’re getting between 20 to 50 spy reports a day, I could have very easily missed it. At any rate, I have added the link to the story. Thanks for posting it!

  • Magnificentking says:

    My suggestion would be though it counts for almost nothing to go ahead and make horse and boy next they could go a little more in depth with the pevensie story with susan’s story (and every one has always liked horse and boy) if you don’t do that I think you have to go ahead and make silver chair but if they do Eustace will have to be an extremely strong character….
    ~ Magnificent King

    • Samuel the Magnificent says:

      I hope Eustace is really really likeable, because the rest of the SEQUAlS (not prequals) ride on his character.

  • Twinimage says:

    Did I read that right? They had a script that was a pure adaption of the book and didn’t go with that one?…. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! D:
    So they decided to go more commercial and take from the fourth book? Boo!
    They could have done less drastic changes to the story and it still would have worked. <_<
    Oh well. It would be nice to see all 7 books made into films. It’s never been more possible with the technology we have now. And I believe there is enough continuity in all the books that it could work. The Pevensies are in HHB. And everyone is in Last Battle. Jadis and Aslan are in MN. And SC is the obvious choice for the next film, since they are setting everything up in VDT for it.
    We’ll see. This is just Apted’s opinion about the franchise. Maybe he’s not the best director to be part of any more films in this series. If he really looks down on the series that much, I say give him the boot and let someone with a real passion and understanding of the books direct!

    • lysander says:

      Ha. That was my thought too. Give us that version!

    • narnian21 says:

      But remember the Lewis Estate wasn’t a fan of the Green Mist plot either. But after reading the pure adaption script the producers had, the Estate didn’t really mind the changes added to the script ended up being used. As fans of the book I don’t think we would have minded the pure adaption but for everyone else maybe the Green Mist needed to be added.

      • Twinimage says:

        I wouldn’t say it was NEEDED for a generic audience to enjoy it, however, you have a good point. And we don’t really know exactly how pure of an adaption it really was. Though, these filmmakers can always rationalize and talk their way around things so their ideas sound "necessary". It’s about implementation. It’s not really that the book’s story needed something added, it simply needed to be implemented well. So, the pure adaption must not have been that.
        What gets me is the estate didn’t care for the added plot line, yet they agreed to it? It sounds like one of those compromises Douglas Gresham has talked about before, where you pick and choose your battles. In the end, either this stuff is added or the film doesn’t get made at all. Which is sad to think Hollywood would shun a famous book series because it’s not commercial enough, or not cliche enough to fit their usual movie formulas.
        I’m still looking forward to the movie though. Though the added stuff may be annoying at times, I’m sure it won’t ruin the film in its entirety.

  • Mayor Wilkins says:

    "Magician’s Nephew" should be next.
    It has three key characters from the first story.
    1. Aslan
    2. Jadis
    3. Digory Kirke (who grows up to be the professor and later builds the iconic wardrobe–nice tie in to the first film)

  • Nathan says:

    The books are popular. So if they make the movies true to the books, then the movies will be popular as well. The only thing that will cause the series to go haywire is straying from the books.

  • Amelia says:

    :’-( :’-( :’-(
    If they don’t do the whole series, I’ll be so upset.
    Like someone else already mentioned here, LWW had great success without any preceding movies. I so hope they do the rest!! And if Michael Apted doesn’t, I hope someone else will pick it up… *crosses fingers*

  • NewMillenium says:

    Michael Apted knows better than to think so conventionally. Directors are supposed to be creative and take chances with new ideas. I mean, everyone thought George Lucas was crazy when he wanted to make a prequel trilogy(instead of a sequel)to Star Wars, but it mades loads of money because he did something different.

    And I feel like it was very rude of him to call the series "haywire". I dare him to come up with as much order and thought as Lewis put into his books, while still connecting all of them together in some way.

    Not everything has to be big explosions and and typical Hollywood gimmicks Michael πŸ™

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      Sounds like they’re getting ready to drop the ball after "The Silver Chair."
      I will be CRUSHED if they never make "The Magician’s Nephew." Tilda would totally be awesome in that movie! And it’s never been made into a film before. They ALL deserve to be made into films though.

      • FriendOfNarnia2 says:

        My appreciation for Apted drops a little everyday. I just hope he didn’t completely butcher VDT. I hope they find a new director for The Silver Chair.

  • blueRain says:

    I understand where he’s coming from. He’s right. If another film gets made, I hope it’ll be Silver Chair.

  • Lucy says:

    I say if the movies don’t get made they OWE it to us to make a tv show centred around the lives of the Pevensies either during their Non-Narnia time in england or else during the golden age when they were ruling! If they’re going to say our favorite books aren’t good enough for the cinema, then they can give us that much. Who agrees with me?!

    • Boke_Wyrm says:

      I do, sort of. They can make the other four films for television at the scale of the books: The Narnian "army" in the Last Battle had two dozen faithful Narnians, Prince Rabadash had two hundred horsemen.

      I don’t think we can shame them into doing it, but I do think they could be successful, relying on the power of the stories rather than CGI dazzle.

      Anyway, Fox hasn’t dropped TCON yet. All we can do is buy our tickets and support VDT the best we can.

  • The Narniad says:

    Well. He’s rather narrow minded. And what do you mean, you wrote a true-to-the-book-version and then discarded it?! That would have been awesome!
    And in my opinion, if people have watched the other movies, they should be fine with all the other books. True, it might be a little difficult to istablish who Digory is at the beginning of MN, but they could have a Prologue where he and Polly are old, just to remind everyone who they are! And the others all have a character link from the books and the films before!
    They HAVE to make all the books into films, I’ll be so heartbroken if they don’t! who cares if it’s not "commercial" and doesn’t fit what you think every storyline should be? That’s the beauty of Narnia!

    • samuel says:

      Yes I think it would be cool if Professor Digory Kirk Narrated the story. Perhaps the Pevensies are at his house talking about narnia and then Digory tells them all how he knew Narnia before any of them… ooh there’s an Idea for continuity. What if the MN, and LB, were actually a two part story? the first part beginning with all the "friends of Narnia" Gathering together then Digory and Polly telling their story to the group they could be asked to "tell it again", and then ending with Tirian Appearing to them in the vision, and them boarding the train. The Next movie would then begin with Tirian and Jewel, and of course the Ape. Hmm, that’s the way I might do it if I were in charge at least

  • Spare Oomian says:

    >.> It wouldn’t go "haywire" if those people would stick to the plots C.S. Lewis had in the books.

    I fail to see why they can’t make all seven of the books into movies, assuming they get enough money for them. Apted’s being dumb…if he doesn’t want to do it get a Narnia fan to direct. THAT would make good movies.

  • emijoy says:

    We all should get together and sign a petition or something to get them to finish the series. I would be so disapointed if they didn’t. Narnia does deserve better than this.

    I think they should make SC next (maybe briefly telling HHB), then at least make MN (maybe have the the professor and polly tell the story to the kids), and then do LB.

  • -centaur- says:

    Huh…I’m not sure I agree with this. There are characters in each of the remaining three books that carry over.
    Think about it.
    MN–Jadis (The White Witch), yes, Apted, you can include her without having the fans slaughter you
    HHB–Susan and Edmund, albeit much older.
    LB–Eustace, Jill, Peter, Lucy, Edmund, etc. Plus all the characters in Aslan’s country.

  • Caspian says:

    Totally agree. They’re separate stories, and if the makers spend their time trying to connect them all together for marketing purposes, it is going to stink. Like the VDT trailers are stinking with the random clips of Susan and WW.

  • surreal says:

    That’s the uniqueness of the book among the others. The Pevensies like a real humans, they learned and moved on. Everyone has their own time. If I only I am rich, I’ll get a director and produce all those books, doesn’t matter If I dont get much in return (just for the love of narnia) like some of the filmmakers worries about and rather show the distinctiveness of it from the others. I’ve got a lot to say about this but it started to clutter in my head. C’mon take risk!

  • narnian resident says:

    that comment at the end is so very true and very wise. of all the books i am excited to see what Horse and His Boy would look like as a movie because that’s my second favorite after VDT (alongside LWW) and i love the talking horses they are one of my favorite narnia characters, and they would just be amazing (and i bet very funny) on screen.

  • Pepper Darcy says:

    unfortunately if they make the MN they’re just going to have to ad some sort of climax… at least they think they’ll have to ad a ‘battle’ climax. And none of us would want that. It’d ruin the innocence of Narnia’s creation πŸ™

    Or at least, I’m very afraid they would think they’d have to do that πŸ™ Unfortunately for Hollywood, Digory’s dilema/emotional/thought climax between him and Jadis wouldn’t be ‘good enough’ for Hollywood. But good enough for us. I’m afraid that’s one I might not want to see made if they did that to it πŸ™

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      Oh there are ways around this though. πŸ˜‰
      They don’t have to add a big battle (as I agree with you–bad idea for that story). Instead, they could make Digory’s choice more suspenseful, more dramatic. They could pay homage ot the Witch’s promises in "Prince Caspian." I loved the tension in that scene. Will Peter make the wrong descision? There was such suspense in those final moments.

      They could do this with Digory, but instead, Jadis would be offering the apple to him instead of beckoning with her hand. πŸ˜‰

    • Starlily says:

      But don’t the film-makers realize that some of the best movies and stories have emotional climaxes? Maybe they don’t turn out to be enormous blockbusters, but in the end people think of them as classics, and love them. Why can’t they figure out that people like movies that are different from the run-of-the-mill Hollywood stuff? And I know these movies are geared at kids (just like the books) but why can’t they include the deep, meaningful messages that adults appreciate too? Why do they always mash up the plot and dumb it down? Even if kids don’t understand something the first time, they’ll get it as they grow older. That’s what’s so cool about the Narnia series!

      Don’t get me wrong–I like the movies. I think they’re great. But I think they could have been better, and that’s what bothers me. However, I’m still hoping for great things from the movies to come (if they come), and I won’t stop hoping until there’s no reason to hope any more. πŸ™‚ Oh, and thumbs up to the film-makers for getting many things right in the movies, even if they didn’t nail everything. πŸ™‚

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      good! So more people than just me would like an emotion-driven climax! *awesome*! πŸ™‚

  • Moonwood says:

    M. Johnson, producers, please take notice–am I the only one who has noticed that practically all of the bad reviews ( the deeper ones ) say it should have been more like the book ?
    This is , of course a very relative term, but clearly older, more complex.
    Do you remember Adamson saying that ( for PC) it was silly to think of half the movie being told by a dwarf by the fireside ?
    Have we ever heard of ‘The Princess Bride’ ?

    • NewMillenium says:

      I agree. The Princess Bride was a movie that could be taken seriously at some moments, but still was clearly told in a Fairy-tale esque fashion for children. The Narnia books are quite similar in that way.

  • williams says:

    The filmakers need to remember that Aslan and Narnia are the stars of the franchise and that they are the glue that holds everything together

  • Annabeth says:

    *sobs* this is so not fair. Narnia is way better than LoTR, twilight, and HP combined (in my opinon πŸ˜‰ )
    this really stinks. oh well, i won’t let that ruin my excitement for VDT to come out. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • wolfloversk says:

    Although I do respect Apted, I fail to see the logic behind his point. If this was a problem, then why do the books themselves succeed? Why would there be several Star Trek spin-offs? Why is Dragonriders of Pern so popular? None of those carry the same characters throughout it’s entirety. It maybe more difficult, but it’s not impossible, and it’s been done before with great success…

    I agree with FK focus more on Narnia the place, and the individual stories and you’ll have a greater chance of success. Besides if you actually look at the books, it doesn’t matter which order you go in, there are always returning characters outside of Aslan. It’s really not as "sporadic" (for lack of a better word) as one might think. Just make sure that the audience bonds with them as soon as they first appear, and your one step closer to success.

    Perhaps you should learn from your own character, "No fear! No retreat!" Don’t worry about it so much, you’ll find some things are easier than they first appear πŸ˜‰

    Just some friendly advice from a Narnia fan. I wish you all luck and wisdom in making these movies. But if you remember to have the latter, you shan’t need much of the earlier.

  • Sierra says:

    I just want to see that Last Battle as a movie.

  • Carwashboy says:

    Here’s what I think – if it is God’s will that the entire Chronicles of Narnia should be adapted into films, it WILL happen. People can say anything they want to, but in the end, God’s will reigns supreme and if He wants these movies to be made, they will be! So take heart! And if He doesn’t, then that’s just part of His plan. But if they are made, rest assured, He WILL use the Narnia movies, always, for His glory! Woohoo!

    • Carwashboy says:

      And wouldn’t the Last Battle be the most AWESOME movie ever!? To see the Old Narnia being washed away and the New Narnia coming into being! It’s hard to imagine something so heavenly!

  • waggawerewolf27 says:

    Fantasia Kitty said in her excellent article at the beginning, "And I suspect that’s why we keep seeing the White Witch, Peter, and Susan popping up on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ads." Guess what! The White Witch is in MN, Susan is in HHB (and then some), whilst everyone else including Peter is in LB. And Edmund, in particular, is in HHB as well.

    I agree that it is a strength of the Narnia series that there are different people coming in and out of each tale. Is anyone saying that there weren’t such characters in Harry Potter as well?

    And I agree that it is Aslan, in particular, that holds the series together, more than any other character.

  • Clive Staples Sibelius says:

    There are two main problems the filmmakers made. And it started from the get-go.

    1) They didn’t make Aslan powerful enough. The movies have him as a slightly glorified Simba.

    2) They have no idea what the word "chronicles" connotes, and therefore no clue as to why the books are so different and often disconnected from eachother. They didn’t embrace these differences. Instead, they sought (and seek) to connect them in order to make Narnia a "franchise." They love franchises. They can’t stand individuality for a movie.

  • Sierra says:

    Okay, so did anyone else see the clip on Yahoo with the ship painting? Eustace was making up a rhyme to annoy Lucy and Edmund. And it started: There once were two orphans…
    The kids are orphans now? Where’d that come from?

  • Trufflehunter says:

    I honestly don’t see a problem, and will be extremely disappointed if we only get 4 out of 7 movies. If they stopped after VDT, i wouldn’t blame them, as they’d have not even made half of the movies, but stopping after SC is like stopping the Harry Potter series after Goblet of Fire. (which might be a little different, as its Voldemort’s return and all, but you hopefully get my point!)

    The film makers have already expressed many times that they want to do MN. Heck, they even considered doing it before SC. We see three familiar characters that we might have forgotten about in VDT and SC (well, not anymore in the White Witch’s case). Finally, I don’t have any problem with showing flashbacks or finding a way of doing so as they did with Coriakin’s map showing flashbacks of the centaur blowing the horn, and the Battle of Beruna. What’s the problem with doing things like that? It all just doesn’t make sense to me..

    • Trufflehunter says:

      Furthermore, (just thought of a few more points), if Aslan represents Jesus, then, umm, hello, Jesus helped and healed a lot of people in a lot of different situations, and he was the only thing in common with them all (as Aslan is with Narnia). That’s like questioning someone for reading the Bible. Hardly any of the stories build on one another, yet they are all rewarding and inspiring.

  • V says:

    Hollywood always messes up great literary works. The Chronicles Of Narnia is not a conventional sequel driven story. Its unconventional main character(s) really are Aslan and Narnia itself. If you look at it from a spiritual standpoint, God is the main character and how he shapes us (as Aslan did with every Son of Adam and Daughter of Eve, etc. in the series) then there would be no qualms. It’s all about God (Aslan) and his relationship with others not really anything else. I would think the way the stories are set up, it would be a good thing for Hollywood; they wouldn’t have to worry about the children getting too old or looking to old to play their roles because the main characters are changed out every so new book and it is a kind of new way to refresh the series and not get bored. Just follow the greatness that Lewis has already provided in the books and do some research at the Lewis estate on the series if you want otake creative license but don’t change/add to a stellar piece of work. I am officially worried now.

  • Narnian Meerkat says:

    ……………………….Hugh?……………..I hope they make the fourth………………..

  • myartismylife says:

    I was wondering, do any of the film makers or other people who control the making of these films EVER read all your comments. Does ANY of this make a difference. I HOPE SO!
    For my part I think they need to make SC next. Time waits for no man and Will will be to old if another movie is made instead. If I remember correctly it is only a few months later that Eustace and Pole go to Narnia.

  • Narniamaniac says:

    Oh gosh, I hope they make SC! That’s my favorite book in the series, and one of my all-time favorite books. I think that they should make SC next because it really connects to VDT plus Will wil be too old if they don’t. Then they should make Magician’s Nephew because it explains how Narnia was created and it really reveals so much about Aslan too. For all the people who loved HHB, they could make that next, but it’s so disconnected with all the rest of the books that they could almost (I said almost) not make that one. I will say that if they made HHB, I would go see it in a heartbeat, but I think it’s the least…necessary. I hope they make all of them!

  • Samuel says:

    They should have made the narnia chronicles before Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, that way it would have set the precedent… I think film makers need to have more imagination, I think the internet has proved that what’s different, what’s new, what hasn’t been seen before… works, or can work. Just because narnia doesn’t follow a singular storyline, doesn’t mean it will necessarily be an advertising nightmare, and actually I think there are enough tie-ins already in the books (The White witch in the Magicians nephew, Eustace in SC and the LL, and Queen Susan in HHB, oh and how could I forget all of the characters do appear in the LB!) perhaps they could use all four pevensies in HHB and use cameos of the pevensies at the end of SC, as far as MN goes, using clips from LWW to Flash-forward in Narnia wouldn’t be a bad thing, perhaps the professor narrates the tale of him as a boy… But this is basically following the pattern they are using now, I would prefer that each story really stand alone, but we’ll see

  • Lewis Tolkien says:

    I don’t understand why Apted would consider The Last Battle to be in any way "haywire." It really does just pick up essentially where The Silver Chair leaves off with Jill and Eustace, plus it has the Pevensies and a lot of other characters back too.

    The Magician’s Nephew is a pretty straightfoward prequel, the sort that is fairly common in Hollywood. It can be marketed as essential to understanding The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and I have no doubt the moviemakers will go crazy marketing Tilda Swinton, since they obviously love the White Witch. This is the story that, more than any other, they could tie into the LWW the most clearly.

    The only real oddball is a Horse and His Boy, but even this is not totally out of place, what with the Pevensies, Tumnus, Aslan and all. The film makers could do some things to help HHB to fit in better. For one thing, they can leave a brief part of the scene in The Silver Chair where the blind old poet is telling the story of A Horse and His Boy. This would at least introduce audiences briefly to the idea of that story, the key characters, and that there is a country called Calormene to the south of Narnia. Next, they could end The Magician’s Nephew by showing Lucy opening the wardrobe (from the first film) and then having a narrator tell about or show brief clips of the Pevensies as kings and queens of Narnia. That way A Horse and His Boy will simply pick up where that one leaves off.

    Another possibility is to leave out the scene in The Silver Chair and just have the Pevensies tell the story to Eustace and Jill at the start of A Horse and His Boy as a framing device. This would of course also keep Eustace and Jill more present in the series until their return in The Last Battle.

    • Princess Lucy says:

      You know what …I really love your ideas of adding the pevensies in parts of other films…that is such a smart idea actually….I hope the filmmakers see you comment to help them and give them ideas….WHO ELSE AGREES!!!…LEt the film makers know that theres ways to make this series πŸ˜‰

    • Princess Lucy says:

      Hey don’t worry guys…we still have the walden company willing to make all seven books and the producer Mark Johnson…if the director finds it difficult to adapt the rest of the series after SC…theres always another one that will pick it up again!!!

  • williams says:

    We need to promote this film and see it with as many friends as many times as possible if we want the others made!

  • stars_daughter17 says:

    I agree with all of you. I would LOVE for all of the movies to be made! When The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe came out, I was SO excited and couldn’t wait to see all of the other movies get made as well. (And am still very hopeful πŸ™‚ ) It’s like a tradition: every two or so years, our family rushes to the theater on opening night to watch the latest Chronicles of Narnia movie. We come home LOVING it and then anxiously wait another few months until we can rush to the store and buy the extended DVD version.
    I think that they should make Silver Chair next, so that Will Poulter can still play Eustace, then the Horse and His Boy (with the same actors/actresses of course.) After HHB, The Magician’s Nephew (Which I personally cannot wait to see, if they do make it into a movie.) Then Last Battle, again with the same actors/actresses. They will be all grown up by then, and I think it would work out great.
    I still have hope that all of them will get made, and I hope they continue to be wonderful! (I also can’t wait until this Friday when we will see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader for the first time!!) πŸ™‚

  • Claudio says:

    guys, lets not get disappointed yet.. the future of the franchise is still in our hands…just go see the movie as much as you can and bring as many people as you can with you. and of course recommend it to as many people as possible (provided that you like the movie, of course)!

    • Jhayma says:

      Why? I have been a fan for over 30 years, and they haven’t made a good movie since the first. I’m convinced it’s time to give up. You will never get a Christian parable out of these people, and they are rewriting and ruining the greatest works of C.S. Lewis. What a sad waste of the perfect cast and fantastic sets.

      • Paurian says:

        Perhaps each movie *has* been getting further from the true plotline and message/meaning than the previous one made, but there’s hope that the next one is better. Besides, the films might peak enough interest in non-believers to get them into reading the books.

      • Narnia!!! says:

        I absolutely disagree with you!! I think there great movies! There fun to watch even know they might not be exactly like the book. When you think about it the only book that really brings out the Christan religion is the lion the witch and the wardrobe, other then the last battle. So you really cant expect the other movies to have a certain Christan story line or Christan lesson.

  • Puzzle2005 says:

    Apted must’ve made these comments based on his years of experience as a director/producer and as industry leader (he was a DGA President) who knows the joys and pain of the moviemaking business. And with his stint in VODT (which,as everybody knows,went through rough sailing,pun intended!)I guess what he was simply trying to say is that any future endeavour to make the rest of the books will have to contend with most of the problems he encountered while doing VODT.
    The Narnia movies released so far were admittedly well-crafted and commercially successful, but didn’t get enough critical praise similar to the LOTR films and not as popular in contemporary culture as Harry Potter. In fact, the common perception for the Narnia films is as second-tier, copycat attempts to repeat the success of the above-mentioned series.
    It is also worth mentioning that at least two of the later books in the series might pose some problems with today’s audiences who will take issue with the "politically-incorrect" contents of (in particular) HHB and LB. Incidentally,the last book is my favourite but I wonder if it will ever get realised on a movie screen, given its very gloomy mood and as a really difficult book over-all.

    • francienyc says:

      Some astute observations I think. The lack of recurring characters is actually one of my major problems with the series. I love the Chronicles of Narnia, I do, but it’s hard for me to let go of the Pevensies and Caspian and I consider myself a pretty die hard fan.

      I think the biggest problem with LB is the Narnian apocalypse. Fantasy fiction has the allure of a world where everything can be different, where good will triumph, and it’s supposed to be a world we can always go back to. To kill off Narnia, even to resurrect it in the ‘real’ version, makes for a really difficult movie. Heck, even Lucy cries at the loss of Narnia.

  • Swordebrithil12 says:

    I totally agree with what you said Fantasia! And plus, the others have never been adapted, so they just HAVE to make a movie out of them, especially The Last Battle!!!

    • Jhayma says:

      The first movie was good, Prince Caspian was a rewritten train wreck, and Dawn Treader is a badly written and incoherent mess. The only thing that is consistent is that the movies are now politically correct. I can’t even imagine how this crew would destroy The Last Battle, and I’m sure I never want to see them make it. What a waste of the perfect cast but they should have had faith that the original story would sell, and not worry about offending someone with Christian parable. The movie wasted my time, and my money. More won’t be spent.

      • blackmiracle says:

        When I went to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I left with tears streaming down my face. I can’t wait until all of the films come out, however different from the books they may be. But it is definitely NOT a waste of time.

      • Narnia!!! says:

        jhayam doesn’t know what hes talking about so who cares what he says!

  • GlimGlum says:

    Good analysis to follow, Watchful Admin. πŸ˜€

  • Movie Aristotle says:

    I’m not worried. The rest of the movies will have returning characters. Silver Chair has Eustace. The Horse and His Boy and The Last Battle have the Pevencies again, and The Magician’s Nephew has the White Witch, (whom they have been trying very hard to get into the Narnia films). Sure, the entire cast doesn’t come back for each film, but that is part of what makes Narnia unique. These films could be masterpieces of artistic achievement if they consider each story seperately.

    • Narnia!!! says:

      Dude, I absolutely agree with you! It doesn’t matter that all the main characters don’t come back in ever story. But people need to realize that all the stories are really good stories without the same characters.

  • TumnusTheBrave says:

    im going and im dragging 9 of my friends this weekend

  • TumnusTheBrave says:

    i think more people would want to see a big battle movie next so i would suggest the last battle but i also think the last battle, if all the books are made into movies, should be made last. VDT still satisfies the viewer because it has small battles in it so i think it will do fine. i would really want them to make the horse and his boy though but i guess making the silver chair makes more sense.

  • Tanya says:

    I’m getting a little scared that Voyage of the Dawn Treader might not surpass Prince Caspian in ticket sales. I went online to buy my ticket at the Arclight Cinema and they allow people to reserve their seats online and I was the only one for the 1145 am showing this coming sunday. That’s not good, but then we have 2 more days to go before the US release, so we have a bit of time to spread the word.

    • Jhayma says:

      I went the dnight opening, and their was only one other person i the theater. After seeing the movie, I wold be surprised if more show up. As far as I’m concerned, the movie "Voyage of the Dawn Treadr" still hasn’tbeen made, and apparently never will be…

  • narnian says:

    a cuple of month ago i started to anaunce in yoville allot of ppl about the up coming narnia movie and allot of them dint know that another movie was coming and they were really happy, i hope that helps!!!!!! i have faith that narnia will continue. saturday im going with 10 friends to see the movie!!! the movie is awsome i saw ut last sunday and the movie make me cry!!! i looks visualy awsome!!!

  • gstommylee says:

    I am worried that they won’t do the remaining books. I hope they do.

    • narniafreak13 says:

      I really hope they do too. It would be horrible if they didn’t try to finish out the series! I’m going to see the movie on Saturday, and I’m sooooo excited. I have to stop reading all the reviews and ruining the movie for myself, but it’s sooo hard!

  • David M says:

    I agree with MovieAristotle. Apted is wrong. I believe Dawn Treader will do well, and Silver Chair will be greenlit. The rest of the books have enough continuity to make them marketable. Horse and His Boy has the Pevensies in it. Magician’s Nephew is easily marketed as an origin story and it has the White Witch. And once you get past that, Last Battle is simple.

  • David M says:

    Apted’s comments are also bad from a marketing POV. If the director himself isn’t confident in the franchise, the audience won’t be either and no one will go see the movie. That’s assuming people listen to him.

  • Edmund2010 says:

    I really hope that this franchise can keep going, though I totally see the sense in what is being said here!

  • sachin says:

    No Problem Kick Evil English Apted Out And Bring Some Noble American Or Kiwi Director In

    • JustANarnianFanFromEngland says:

      Hey it shouldn’t be because he is English! Not sure if you remember but C.S Lewis was English! Anyway don’t like him either.

      • JustANarnianFanFromEngland says:

        P.s Next time think before you post because it was written by an ENGLISH man in ENGLAND featuring the war declared by ENGLAND and is a very ENGLISH tale with ENGLISH people! And I don’t think it should be to do with England or America its the type of person he is not where he comes from.

      • Moonwood says:

        I completely agree that was a very rude and ignorant statement against english people ( I am french ) And I do not think Americans, sachin, have a better rep regarding book adaptations.
        AND by the way, C S LEWIS WAS IRISH
        β€˜I would have laughed out loud, but I feared my head would come off β€˜

    • Heidi says:

      Sachin – as a (dual) American/British national (my husband is English and my son, as I am, is dual American/British), I’d just like to remind you that the Chronicles of Narnia were written by an "Evil" English author. I find your remark really offensive, actually, and hope that it was meant in a humorous way that just isn’t translating well into text.

    • francienyc says:

      Evil English…I didn’t realize we had gone back in time to 1776…

  • Moonwood says:

    I completely agree that was a very rude and ignorant statement against english people ( I am french ) And I do not think Americans, sachin, have a better rep regarding book adaptations.
    AND by the way, C S LEWIS WAS IRISH

  • Moonwood says:

    ‘I would have laughed out loud, but I feared my head would come off ‘

  • Rolacola says:

    I don’t think it really matters about the main characters. Yes everyone loves the Pevensies but I think everyone loves Narnia more. I think they way they have marketted VODT was dreadful and they’ll need to step everything up if they make silver chair. Especially with Will Poulter fronting the movie, i expect everyone will be like "Oh LOL it’s him from School of Comedy" even though he’s been in VODT the comedy role he’s played will stick with him :/

  • frothybeans45731 says:

    Dude, I really hope they make them all. Just for narnia fans πŸ™‚ They had better. I have been so excited to see the rest of them. They would all be amazing!!!! The Horse and His Boy is kind of a random one, though….

  • Bethany says:

    I saw the movie today, and I do understand Apted’s point that the Pevensies aren’t in the books again for a while, but I think it all comes back to the marketing and script.
    If people don’t want to watch SC because they don’t care about Eustace, it’s because the script for VDT was off. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but Eustace’s transformation was too late in the movie. All we saw was the bratty cousin being a jerk and then suddenly being nice the last five minutes of the film. We saw so much of the bad Eustace that it’s hard to think of him as a changed boy. If the audience doesn’t believe that he has changed, then it won’t want to see a movie that’s all about his adventures in Narnia.

  • Moonwood says:

    I reread the article, and I think Apted is going senile.

  • Rilian says:

    Michael Apted actually hits on one of the big questions that Dr. Michael Ward tries to answer in Planet Narnia.