Narnia Composer Talks About Past, Present, and Future Work has posted an interview with Harry Gregson Williams, concerning his work as of late.  Covered topics include the Shrek films, and the possibility of doing more work for Shrek.  He also talks about how he got the job to compose the score for the first two films, and what his hopes are for his involvement with the future of the franchise.  Also covered is the rumour that he will be composing the score for the final installment of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, which is set to hit theatres next year.

You can read the whole article for yourself by clicking here.

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  1. faunforaslan says:

    Glad he is not foing the fourth Twilight movie. He deserves something better to associate his name with than that.

  2. narnian resident says:

    i really hope he sticks around with Narnia. he's one of the most talented composers i've ever heard, next to Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer 🙂

  3. Carwashboy says:

    I would love to see Gregson Williams do The Silver Chair – I really loved his One Day theme and the other music he brought to the first two films. I thought his music was SO Narnian and really fit the world so well! It would also be awesome if Andrew Adamson was asked to do The Silver Chair!!!

  4. Aslan's Meadow says:

    I have to agree, We need Harry Gregson-Williams back pronto!!! His music had more 'magic' in it. And Andrew Adamson…COME BACK!! We need you now more then anything. He directed the first two far better then Apted did this one.

  5. Clive Staples Sibelius says:

    I agree. Adamson now, I realize, really felt what Narnia was about. As did Gregson-Williams. I take back anything bad I ever said about Adamson. He is an artist. He is awesome. PLEASE COME BACK!!!! :'(

  6. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    That is kinda funny Meadow, because I actually like David Arnold's work better than Mr. Gregson. I love the themes Gregson created, but his scores for the first two films are kind of… lacking too much excitement.

  7. Pepper Darcy says:

    Wow, I loved *some* of William's work for Narnia, but it felt like he was just 'repeating' the same music– it sounded just the same.

    Lovely themes– just little variation! 🙁 Though I would be sorry if he did Twilight. That stuff is sick. I had nightmares after watching a ten second clip at Wal-mart 😛

    I loved how Arnold used Harry's themes, though! It was spectacular and breathless, and did you know, you can hear the beginnings of those themes every so often in the new themes Arnold wrote? It's amazing music! 😀

  8. Pepper Darcy says:

    I think I'd end up crying if Adamson came back to the Narnia franchise and did SC. I'm sorry guys, I know you really like him, but I would really be distrought and hopeless for the movie then 🙁 I didn't feel like he understood.

    I'm glad you REALLY liked what he did. Really do! But I'd cry and look at SC with much caution and dread.

  9. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    HARRY, COME BACK! VDT music is so bland and nondescript, it could be inserted into any movie and fit. nice music, but YOUR MUSIC IS MORE MADGESTIC AND NARNIAN! your music drives the film better and evokes more emotion!!!! come back, little sheeba!!

  10. Stuart Young says:

    accordin 2 imdb harry IS composing breaking dawn

  11. Fireflower says:

    Ditto on both! I like having something new to listen to.

  12. Yeah, I hope that they bring Harry back for SC! I didn't really feel that David Arnold's score captured the magic and wonder of Narnia by providing new and exciting themes. It left a lot to be desired. But for the first two films I don't think anyone could have done better than Harry.

  13. I do think that Andrew Adamson did exceptionally well for LWW, because he tried to make Narnia just like his childhood vision. However, I have no idea what he was thinking in PC! He made Narnia into this dark place where you weren't safe. Plus Suspian, I mean, what is with that?
    I don't want him to do SC either, because I don't trust him anymore 🙁

  14. lysander says:

    Hey, I'm not a fan of Twilgiht at all, but if it's good enough for Howard Shore, it's certainly good enough for HGW!

  15. lysander says:

    The One Day theme? Really? I always thought that was some of the most random, pointless, and annoying vocalizing I had ever heard in a movie. So whiny-sounding, too.

  16. lysander says:

    IMDb is often incorrect.

  17. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    well, SC has the kind of book plot you can follow more strictly in a movie, it's more easily adaptable. I WANT THE INTRO BACK- WITH THE NARNIA LOGO! THAT WAS SO COOL! HOW COULD YOU BREAK CONTINUITY AND LEAVE IT OUT??? made it feel like a stand alone movie with a new opening.

  18. Narniamaniac says:

    I would love to have Harry Gregson-Williams do The Silver Chair. In LWWand PC, the music was a huge part of the movie. In my opinion, VDT was great, but it didn't have as big of a focus on the music. Did anyone else notice that?

  19. tholys07 says:

    And don't forget John Williams

  20. Darren says:

    Definitely, Narniamaniac. I miss HGW's score. Without it, VDT was less majestic. It would be awesome to bring back Gregson-Williams for SC. What he did with the music in the first two movies is what great movie composers do … come up with a score/theme that connects with the movie so you think "Narnia" and smile every time you hear it. Think of the Bond theme or the Star Wars theme, or the LOTR theme. I really think Fox goofed by not keeping the same musical theme – I know they wanted new music, etc., but you can still do that while keeping the over-arching music the same.

  21. Not Of This World says:


  22. Melly says:

    yeah the composer for the narnia movies is awesome.

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