Narnia on the Red Carpet!


The Press Association Interviews The Cast and Crew:

The Press Asociation has released a video that features “mini-interviews” with Liam Neeson, Skandar Keynes, Michael Apted, and Ben Barnes.  Each interview only lasts a few dozen seconds, but topics range from the film’s early days (back when it was on rather shaky footing), to the Queen’s visit, to the actual aspects of producing the film.  The video can be seen in its entirety on youtube by clicking right here.

Thanks to Nessa for the heads up! and Release Montage of the Premiere and have released a video which shows various clips from the premiere and film.  People who have interview “snippets” throughout the video include Michael Apted, Liam Neeson, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Will Poulter, and Laura Brent.  Also included in the video are various clips from the film, all of which we have seen before.  In addition to this video, has also updated their photo gallery with three pages of pictures from the premiere.  All of this can be seen on by clicking right here, or on HeyGuys’ website by clicking here.

Thanks to 7 Chronicles for the heads up! Posts Six New Red Carpet Interviews

A website called has posted six new red-carpet interviews with various cast/crew members of The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  The interviews range in topic from how this film has varied from the previous films, to working on the ship itself, to growing up on the set, and how the group dynamic has changed over the years.  The interviews are around 45 seconds each.  Cast and crew members featured include the following:  Liam Neeson, Simon Pegg, William Mosely, Will Poulter, Skandar Keynes and Michael Apted.  You can view the videos for yourself by clicking here. (They’re on the lower right hand side of the page)

Thanks to Daniel James and AncientEgyptFan for the alert!

BBC Video Featuring Liam Neeson at the Royal Premiere

The BBC has posted a video which mainly features the Queen, and which highlights the fact that this is the first royal premiere to be shown in 3-D.  The clip, which interviews Liam Neeson concerning his thoughts of the Queen’s visit, also features clips from the various trailers that we have already seen.  You can view the clip by visiting the BBC’s website here.

Many thanks to Daniel James for the scoop!

ITN Posts Video About the Premiere

ITN has released a video talking about the royal premiere.  This video, which also features clips from the film, and interviews with some of the actors concerning their involvement with the film, and what challenges they faced as they went through the filming process, is available to be seen on youtube by clicking right here.

BenBarnesBR Channel on YouTube

A YouTube page for Ben Barnes has four video interviews from the red carpet. Ben spends a two of the videos talking about how much he loves The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. In the third video, Liam Neeson comes over and he and Ben chat for a while. In the fourth video, Liam has just left and Ben talks about what an amazing actor Liam is. Watch all four interviews here.

Thanks to for pointing these out.

FoxStarIndia Highlights from the Premiere

Another interview montage from the red carpet. The stars of the film talk about the gorgeous snow coming down and why you should go see the movie. Anna Popplewell in particular says this film is “very funny, Will Poulter is very funny.” Click here.

Thanks to for this video as well.


There have been a TON of images from the premiere streaming across the Web.  So here are links to all of the galleries that have gone up recently!  13 new images feature members of the cast at the royal premiere.  Click here.  19 new images that feature pictures of the Queen, as well as the cast members.  Click here.  7 new images that feature various shots of the red carpet. also features an article about the premiere, which features basic information about the film, the story, and the red carpet premiere.  Click here.  30 new images of the cast, plus an article featuring information about some of the cast members outfits, which were worn to the premiere, and a bit of information about the cast meeting the queen.  Click here. 

-Tony Nixon – Official: 21 new photos taken by Andrea. These pictures actually feature Tony Nixon, Arabella Morton, Steven Rooke, Shane Rangi, and Gary Sweet, whom we’ve seen very little of in the other galleries. Click here.

-A German Facebook page for Dawn Treader: 8 images of the cast and crew from the red carpet, including one really good shot of Michael Apted greeting the Queen. Click here.

-The actors’ fansites: As always, the fansites have gone to town uploading all of the images they can find into their galleries. Here are the links to the individual sites. BenBarnesOnline, BenBarnesFan,, and

-NarniaWebber icarus: Last but not least, icarus attended the premiere and sent us a link to his flickr account of the event. Click here.

Thanks to gryphon8 and many others for the heads up!

UPDATE: Here are a couple more interview videos:

MaggieSalsa interviews Anna Popplewell and TheFanCarpet interviews Liam Neeson, Ben Barnes

The video interviews can be found on YouTube here and here.

Thanks to NarnianRailway for the links!

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  1. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Yea I feel a little bad for Will because he was the star in the first film. And then the second film is called Prince Caspian not King Peter. And now Peter isn't really in the VDT. And then you have a stunning actor Ben, who has much more publicity and experience. Will probably feels left out.

    Will: Everyong loves Caspian. Maybe I can rock his hair even though it's straight and blonde! Yes! It's got to work.

  2. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I love how Skandar has the "classic" tux.

  3. MountainFireflower says:

    I really like Ben's hair. Willmo's… not so much. 😉

  4. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    ARABELLA PICS!! She is so gorgeous!! I know she's going to grow up to be just as lovely as Georgie, Anna, and Laura 🙂 What a lucky young girl!

  5. Quinlin says:

    I was reading through everybody's comments for this thread and was shocked by what many of you said here. It appears that countless people are being rather insulting towards William and using degrading words to describe his appearance and motives. Believe me, this comment is not coming from someone who is simply a "fan" of William Moseley, but because I find it very immature and rude to discuss a wonderful person and actor in such a way. I can't believe people could say some of these things… if you dislike William's hair, then you should at least have the courtesy to abstain from posting your negative comments online where others could find it hurtful! It is a shame that some people are unable to see that William is simply trying a new and more mature look, which I find suits him very well!

  6. Susan the Gentle says:

    I love will and all but please cut the hair…

  7. rachanne says:

    skandar looks gorgeous

  8. Susan the Gentle says:

    haha so true Watziznehm!

  9. Narnia Friend says:

    Wow! December 10th is almost here! I can't wait! Yea!

  10. The Narniad says:

    Will…Mosely's…hair. :') I can't get over how ridiculous he looks! CUT IT FOOL! 😀
    Aside from that, everyone else looked amazing, and I'm SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!

  11. WillMo for_the_win says:

    You're right. William needs time to move on and be mature as an actor, which I think is not bad for his career. He's on his way!