New Posters for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

There are three new character posters for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader that have popped up online and a fourth poster that’s very similar to the international poster that’s been redesigned. Check them out below.

Narnia France also has copies of these posters in hi-res which you can check out on their site here.

Thanks to narnian1 and Narnia France for the heads up!

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  1. Twinimage says:


  2. Lucylove says:

    Look I rather see Miraz again then the White Witch

  3. Mayor Wilkins says:

    The problem is they don't have any other way of advertising The Green Mist.
    The White Witch gives the Green Mist a face and a voice. But that said, I do agree that it is basically false advertising because it is not The White Witch. It's The Green Mist using her image to mess with Edmund's head. They didn't know how to market their "villain."

  4. Lucylove says:

    or just print it out

  5. Mayor Wilkins says:

    Tilda Swinton playing The Green Lady would be a really good idea.
    I STRONGLY support it. 😉 Enough people in the world believe this theory anyway.
    How many people thought it was The White Witch when they first read the book? Pretty much everybody. It's only AFTER THE FACT that they realize they were confused. Enough people thought it was the White Witch originally for the movie to take this road. They have been waiting for an excuse to bring Tilda back full swing. Do you really think they would pass up the opportunity? No.

  6. Mayor Wilkins says:

    Well said! 😀

  7. LB says:

    i also completely agree !
    well, my greedy eyes want to see more Caspian and Edmund so the marketing people need to get it together 😛

  8. LGKt says:

    NO. LGK and WW are two very different witches. Tilda is a good actress, but we're going back to what BBC did- by using the same actress, no matter how good she is, is a big mistake.
    The two witches had two very different purposes. LGK specialized in suggestive magics, while Jadis was the winter witch. Jadis was literally frigid, and her enchantments were external. LGK uses her voice (how many times did Lewis say that she trilled her Rs in pleasing ways, or her laugh was so pleasing), but Lewis never developed her fully.
    Basically, Jadis is very kick-butt, but LGK is too feminine to do so.

  9. aslanismyman says:

    The WW being the LOTGK is not a deal breaker for me IF they do the story right. If she is somehow condemned to "Underworld" but is allowed to "roam to and fro like a roaring lion seeking whom she may devour" I think they can make it work. But I do not see many other ways to make this work, if any.

  10. Commander Tirian says:

    The white witch represents the evil and the greed that is still plaguing Narnia

  11. Commander Tirian says:

    Agreed >salute<

  12. myartismylife says:

    Two things. First I think the director can have a plausible reason NOT to use the White Witch because they have linked her with Edmund. He is now OUT of the picture and so, as far as I am concerned, so is she.
    Second. I was in a book store, where they were promoting the Narnia books, and they had a lovely posted of all the characters. Must admit I did not notice if WW was on it. I was in a hurry.

  13. Ashley says:

    Well, you know in the old BBC version, the same actress played the White Witch and the LotGK. And the hag. lol But they made her up very differently each time so she would look different. I think they really need to have a new actress for LotGK. (But I have to say I always loved that actress' delivery on the hag's line, "Worshipful Master Doctor, who ever heard of a witch who really died? YOU CAN ALWAYS BRING THEM BACK!"

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