South Korea to See ‘Dawn Treader’ in 4D!?

NarniaKr wrote us to let us know that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be shown in South Korea in 4D. I had never, ever heard of a 4D movie before so I looked it up. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it.

4-D film (sometimes written 4D film) is a marketing term that describes an entertainment presentation system combining a 3-D film with physical effects in the theatre, which occur in synchronization with the film. Because the physical effects are expensive to set up, 4-D films are usually presented only at special venues such as theme parks and amusement parks. However, in South Korea, some movie theatres also have the ability to present a 4-D film and the film Avatar was one of 10 films that have received the treatment, starting with Journey to the Center of the Earth. Some of the effects simulated in 4-D films include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. The use of water sprays and air jets is also common. A 4-D film is not shown in a motion simulator, although some seats in 4-D venues vibrate or may move a few inches during the presentation.

So basically it’s like being in an amusement park ride while watching the movie in 3D. Cool!

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader opens in South Korea on 8 Dec 2010.

Thanks NarniaKr for the heads up!

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  1. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    Wow!!! I was thinking about something like that the other day.

  2. wolfloversk says:

    Lucky! I had actually heard of this before, sounds pretty cool 🙂

  3. NarnianRebel says:

    They had one of those in the Creation Musuem in Ohio! It was really cool. We did watch a really movie but it was still cool! I got sprayed in the face with water and my seat vibrated.

  4. Michael says:

    This is cool, but why is South Korea showing it in 4D and no other country? I would think that something special like this would be done in an area where the filming was done or something like that.

  5. DamselJillPole says:

    No fair! That sounds like fun!!!

  6. LL says:

    America please.

  7. Adeona says:

    Wow, that's got to be awesome.

  8. Eleanor Gold says:

    This. Is. The. Most. Epic. Way. I've. Ever. Heard. Of. Watching. A. Move. Ever.

  9. Edmund P says:

    Awesome! I have a friend who lives in SK!

  10. Wiglaf says:

    Oh now THAT is cool! lol. Anyone Wanna fork over some round trip tickets to SK for me? ;P

  11. ZBeebs says:

    So does that mean in the opening scene in the bedroom, they're going to flood the theater?

  12. Eric says:

    It'd be tough to do, but I wouldn't rule it out! xD

  13. Mayor Wilkins says:

    Can you imagine the Dark Island scene?
    All the water, the rain, the light–Ah, would be the coolest! 😉

  14. Starlily says:

    Ditto. 😮 I don't really want to go to South Korea, but 4-D would still be unbelievably, inconceivably, incomprehensibly cool. The only thing better than that would be to actually go to Narnia.

  15. Brisa says:

    I've heard of 4D movies before- the zoo near me actually had one showing for a while. I think it had wind and rain in the theater-stuff like that.
    Sounds awesome!

  16. Narniamaniac says:

    Oh my gosh! VDT would be so much fun to experience in 4D! I saw a 10 minute 4D film in Washington, DC once, and it was so cool. I can't imagine what a full-length movie would be like! They could do a lot with VDT as a 4D film, especially with all of the water and wind and stuff. South Koreans are so lucky!!! =)

  17. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    I'm just worried about how the 3D will turn out. I have read reports it was excellent, but others not so much. I saw the first trailer in 3D and I thought it looked okay, but that is the only time I have ever seen a 3D movie, so I wouldn't know.

  18. LucyTheValiant says:

    I remember doing the 4D stuff at Disney and Universal studios in Florida but to see VDT in 4D would be absolutely amazing! I can just picture the chairs moving as if you were on sea with them 🙂

  19. Michael says:

    that would be hilarious!

  20. LadyCourage says:

    Oh WOW! 😀 I saw a documentary at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austen, TX that was 4D, though I didn't know that's what they called it at the time. It was interesting, but the best part was the screams of the people as they were misted with water and when the rattle snake struck at the screen and something in the seat went- boing! into everyone's rear ends! *snickers at the memory*

    Anyway… VDT in 4D would be totally awesome!!! 😀 The spray in your face as the waves splashed the sides! The shuddering of the seats during the Sea Serpent battle! *gasp of pure pleasure* I wish they had that here in the US!!

  21. Flute player says:

    Well, they wouldn't have to flood the theater, but they could do really cool stuff with the transition scene, like spray people in the face and in the book it talks about the smell of the ocean, that'd be really cool. And the wind. That sounds like so much fun!

  22. Willy Wonka says:

    I went to the Creation Museum too and their show was alright but you viewed it on 3 screens instead of one. Off topic but the museum was A+. VDT in 3d will be pretty fantastic, only 9 days too. Can't wait to be wowed.

  23. Ugly Pig says:

    Yes. They intend to drown audiences, thereby guaranteeing that VODT will be their most memorable movie experience.

  24. stateofgreen says:

    Flood the theatre LOL! You made my evening. 😀

    My idea of 4D is having Skandar and the rest act out the whole thing live. 😉

  25. NarniaKr says:

    In South Korea, there are 12 of 4D theaters. 10 of them is CGV 4D Plex(CGV Seomyeon is 4D Plex with IMAX!), and others are Lotte Cinema 4D theater. It was a first try in the world of the 4D screening of feature film and commercialization of it. (CGV says)

    The start of 4D theaters was CGV. CGV made a special theater called "Smartplex" in 2008(Technologies by Xinema,company of Israel). And in 2009, CGV developed their OWN technology(so now, 4D Plex is not a Xinema's technology, but Korea's technology) and made "4D Plex". 4D Plex has special effects like seats rocking, vibrations, wind, air jets, mist, heat, special lighting, and fragrance(and more) befitting the 2D/3D film being shown. Avatar, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief, Despicable Me, How To Train Your Dragon and more films has screened in 4D, and SAW 3D and Skyline is screening in 4D Now(December 1, 2010).

    I saw 'How To Train Your Dragon' in 4D and it was really cool. I could smell gunpowder scent at the fighting scene, and water sprays at the very first scene that waves breaking against the rock, and synchronize was wonderful. Nevertheless, my best scene was Hiccup's test driving. Wind(Not an air jet. Wind comes from fans hanging from the ceiling!) came out and seats moved while toothless flying. It was fantastic and I felt as I was really flying.

    Narnia VDT previews on December 4 and 5, and releases on 8th of December 2010. I'm going to 'experience' Narnia in 4D with my friends at CGV 4D Plex on December 9. I can't wait!

  26. Bethany says:

    That's it, I'm going to South Korea! <3

  27. Jack Ryan says:

    I watched it 4d and it's really cool.
    This is my second 4d movie I've watched in the theatres.
    I hope they make more of the Narnia movies.
    They rule!!!