The ‘Dawn Treader’ USA Special Premiere will be in Lexington, KY


Christian Academy of Louisville won The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader / Operation Narnia Hometown Premiere Challenge and will host a special premiere event and screening of the film in Lexington featuring two of the film’s stars.

Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes will attend the event, which will take place at the Regal Hamburg Pavilion 16 Cinemas on Dec. 9.

Among the competing organizations and groups, Christian Academy created the most shoebox-sized gift boxes for needy.

According to the Operation Narnia website, the Christian Academy of Louisville will receive 1,000 tickets to give out to whomever they choose. Congratulations on winning the Operation Narnia contest!

UPDATE: By the way, the reason the premiere is being held 90 minutes away from the winning city is because the contest rules stated that the premiere had to be at a Regal Cinema theater. The Regal Hamburg Pavilion 16 Cinemas in Lexington were the closest Regal theater to Louisville.

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  1. Michael says:

    I'm too far from Louisville to go, oh well, congrats to those who get tickets and have a great time watching the movie! 😀

  2. narnian says:

    i went to the premiere here in puerto rico last sunday!! the movie is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    That's crazy! I live about 15 minutes from there!

  4. Pepper Darcy says:

    Awesome! Congrats to those who won and to those who get to go!! 😀

  5. starkat says:

    Congratulations guys! I hope you have a fantastic time!

  6. selena says:

    i wish i could go. i wanna meet skandar

  7. Jude says:

    Congratulations! Have Fun! And thank-you for sending all of your shoeboxes!

  8. Doug says:

    I wonder why the Christian Academy of LOUISVILLE that won the contest (and which, according to their website, is actually located in Louisville) is having the premier in LEXINGTON? Louisville and Lexington are two different cities that are about 90 minutes apart, and Louisville is the bigger city (so it's not like they don't have any movie theaters there.) I wonder why all those kids have to drive 90 minutes to another city instead of the city where they live and go to school?

  9. Duffleglum says:

    Haha merry Christmas, you just got awarded the chance to watch our movie by simply driving 90 minutes from you house! lol

    *ahem* Narniaweb…

  10. Lady Éowyn says:

    Wow. Here in Lexington, KY. I go to that theatre all the time, I would love to go. Now if only I knew someone at the Christian Academy of Louisville.

  11. Knight of the Prince says:

    I really wish I could go!!!

  12. fantasia_kitty says:

    Because the contest rules stated that it had to be held at a Regal Cinema theater and that was probably the closest one. I don't know that for sure, but that's what I suspect.

  13. fantasia_kitty says:

    Yep, I just confirmed that. The closest Regal Cinema location to Louisville is in Lexington. That's why it's there.

  14. QueenSusanJ316 says:

    How many boxes did they do?

  15. Narniafan says:

    Can anyone go to it????!!!

  16. What?!?! I have family around there! *swoon*

  17. Tribunal says:

    Are they not going to have a premiere in NYC or LA? That's where big movies usually have their premieres..

  18. I wonder if they would consider selling tickets and how one would get a hold of them??? Hmmm

  19. aw…..why are both premiers in the USA so far away from me?????
    oh well
    I hope they have fun!

  20. Amelia says:

    That's just a couple hours from where I live! So wish I could go!

  21. Hwin says:

    To the 'shoeboxers': Great job!!! Enjoy the premiere!!! 😀

  22. ChristProclamer says:

    Okay…someone on NarniaWeb HAS to be going to this. Who can go? Who is sending us pictures?

    And way to go on the boxes; You guys have really made a difference!

  23. NarniaForever says:

    I will be gong to the one in Knoxvile tommorow, i might get N INTERVIEW WITH gEORGIE AND sKANDAR.

  24. Duyi says:

    Seriously? Some publicity!

  25. Kayla says:

    WOW! I live like only 30 minutes from Lexington! I want a ticket! 🙂

  26. mariana says:

    SO excited! cant believe my school won…they literally didnt even tell us about this until this morning.
    and yes, all the students are invited to attend.

  27. Belle says:

    ummm, was this contest open to everyone…did i miss something

    BTW- how many did they pack?

  28. Steven Reese says:

    Yes I am a Christian academy of Louisville high school student and I got my ticket today…..we leave tomorrow……I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Christina says:

    I can't believe this!!!! I know people from Christian Academy!! If only I had known I could have gotten a ticket!!! ahhhhh!!!!!! I could have gone!! *dies*

  30. lucas says:

    Yeah, I was there, and it was great, only one problem, I was working behind the counter, not out in the crowd getting to talk to them. I did make a sprite for Georgie Henley. So that's cool.

  31. ProfB says:

    Just saw the hometown premiere in Lexington! Georgie and Skandar walked into the theater a little after 5. They were incredibly gracious and friendly with interviews, photos, and autographs. Later, they did a nice introduction to the movie for two screens. Great crowd from Christian Academy to see a great family film. Movie is visually outstanding. Found myself often wanting to freeze frame scenes just to take it all in. By far…this is my favorite ending of the three. You'll see why…

  32. CAL Staff says:

    The students collected almost 1800 boxes of toys and special items for Operation Christmas Child. They deserved the premier. It was a great time and Skandar and Georgie were very gracious and great to talk to.

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