The Voyage Has Begun!

Posted December 10, 2010 3:04 am by Glumpuddle

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  • son of adam says:

    Saw it twice!! XD

  • Bookwyrm says:

    Though I’m skipping the film, I’m happy to hear that most are enjoying it. Hope you all have a great time at the theater!

  • Viníccios says:

    This is movie is Perfect!

    Please,I need Silver Chair *-*

  • Caroline says:

    Does anyone know what Apted meant by writing "the book that C.S. Lewis never did"? Something about it being between VDT and SC. I didn’t understand what in this movie he was talking about.

  • HUGEFANOFNARNIA19867 says:

    I SAW THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HUGEFANOFNARNIA19867 says:

      I had trouble getting tickets. when I got there I bought the last tickets!!!! I couln’t believe the line!!! Every show was sold out!!!

      • Demor says:

        I wish it had been like that in my area. There was barely anyone in the theater. But I think that was probably because so many people were studying for finals which are this coming week here. So hopefully that means everyone will come next week

      • Northernranger says:

        When I saw PC opening night the theater was PACKED. But we went to another theater this opening night and there were just a few people there. It was much funner when it was packed.

  • mary says:

    I have a review on my blog – the short version is that I agree with Hwin and Brian, in that they didn’t get everything right, but what they did get right was perfect. And one of those things was the relationship between Eustace and Reepicheep. Reep’s character was very true to the book, and an improvement over the character we saw in PC. And Will Poulter was excellent as Eustace. When I began crying at the end of the movie (and I did – my sister, I and our friend were all in tears), it was because of these two. But I don’t understand all the critics who were slamming the acting: Georgie, Skandar and Ben did very well with their characters, too. I LOVED the ending, and will see the movie again. Here’s the link to my blog:

  • iBookworm says:

    Well, Eustace was good. But little else. They tried to tie all the episodes of the book together but they used a totally arbitrary plot element to do it. And, frankly, there was just no Narnia in the story. I don’t know how else to describe it. It just wasn’t Narnia. Remember that moment in the book where the Narnians (greatly outnumbered) march ceremoniously through the Lone Islands and everyone is in awe? "Then Caspian caused his banner to be advanced and his trumpet to be blown and every man drew his sword and set his face into a joyful sternness, and they marched up the street so that the street shook, and their armour shone (for it was a sunny morning) so that one could hardly look at it steadily." There was nothing close to that feeling in the movie — and I know there COULD have been, because sequences in the first film imparted that sense of Narnian nobility and joy.

    Funny, they talked about how they were "expanding" the story of Dawn Treader but they actually shrank it. The Lone Islands are just a short action sequence now, instead of a story of the perils of bureaucracy and the evil of allowing bad things to happen because of pragmatism, and the ultimate triumph of impractical, noble goodness.

    I might think I was being impossible to please except that the first Narnia movie pleased me immensely. It managed to keep the characters and the feel of Narnia as Lewis wrote them. So I know it’s possible to do this in a film.

    I do hope everyone enjoys it, though. I envy people who can enjoy these movies. 😉

    • Queen Elizabeth says:

      I see what you mean. But about the not enough "Narnia" thing, it may be becasuse the story does not actually take place in Narnia. Maybe you’re just not used to all these new "non-Narnian" characters like the dufflepuds and such 🙂

      • iBookworm says:

        No, I don’t mean the geography of Narnia, the nation. I mean the feel of Narnia, the world, as Lewis imagined it, which includes so much more than geography or how things look (the movie looked beautiful — well, except for the cheesy green mist). It’s a subtle thing, and difficult to pin down with words, but I know that the movie just didn’t hit it for me. I’m happy if it did for others, though.

        And of course I am familiar with Dufflepuds — from the book. They’re not really the same in the movie. Coriakin tells them that he made them invisible to save them from the evil mist. That took away the delightful little story about how and why they turned themselves invisible which is what makes them so unique in the book. Without that, they are out of place. I can only imagine what someone seeing the movie who had never read the book would think. "Uh, now we have little midgets with big feet. Okaaaaaay . . ." Feels like something out of Alice in Wonderland: weird for weirdness’ sake.

      • Queen Elizabeth says:

        Oh darn! I liked the part in the book about the ugliness of the dufflepuds and all that, I really do think they should have left out the green mist. So then why does Lucy read the spell to make them visible? (I’m open to that spoiler) 🙂

  • piper says:

    I love Fox but Disney was wise to drop this unappealing sequel. Funny the last film has many complaints about Susan and Caspian which so many now liked and now this movie is barely floating at the box office. Susan and Caspian online esp Youtube has more viewers than the movie attendance of Voyage. Im sure Popplewell and Mosely are glad to have move on. Tron will kill Narnia.

  • CEP Paul T says:

    Avoiding an "I agree" sort of post …

    But I agree with quite a few folks. What was done right was spot on. Other parts missed for me. Seems different parts hit well for some and not for others.

    That said, all those involved are professionals! Y’all rock. Tough job you got there making a lot of people happy. I may not agree with all of the changes, but it was a darn worthy effort! Thank you. 😀

    If it can happen, I would like to see The Silver Chair made.

    To be fair to glumPuddle, I can see his passion for the Chronicles and the resulting feeling. Don’t always agree with him, but I can understand.

  • rachanne says:

    i really liked it and im sooo happy that skandar actually had a role in this movie i mean in PC i think he had the least to do. but the thing was it didn’t feel the same like when i watched the first two. this one didn’t match them. VDT was like completely different and i know i should expect that from books that have completely different settings and plots and stuff but idk. at first i thought PC was terrible but VDT didn’t have the same kinda feel that the first two had and im not saying that’s bad and idk if anyone will get me. i guess it was the change in director and the way Apted saw it. and yea it did seem rushed. it seemed like the crew had a chore list of all the islands to go to and they would go to each one as fast as possible to check it off from the list and then go straight on to the next one. and to me thats why i didn’t really get emotional at the end because it didnt seem like the voyage had alot of meaning. and what i hated the most was that it ended with the edmund lucy and eustace looking all sad and closing the door i found that so depressing i wish they could’ve said something to each other at the end but whatever i still enjoyed it and i cant wait till its out on dvd

    • rachanne says:

      and also i hated the whole evil thing. the first movie you got the witch dictating narnia,the second you have telmarines invading, and the third… you have green mist that makes people disappear and the only way to end it is to collect the swords?? i mean that was pretty ridiculous. i understand that maybe the film might’ve been dull if you stuck with the book and just searched for the lords but they didn’t make it any greater by adding this kind of a plot. evil green mist doesn’t make you scared or jump off your seat or intensify things. and was it just me or did the dialogue seem awkward at times. they talked so proper at times that it didn’t seem natural. but yeah still love all the actors in the film

  • JesusLIVES! says:

    How is the 3D effect? Does the movie really pop out?
    I’m going 2 c it on Sunday. P.S. Hey sis Emily!

    • Susan the Gentle says:

      The 3D didn’t do that much, nothing is popping out at you it just adds more depth to it. I’m still glad i saw it in 3D though 🙂

      • Farsight says:

        We saw it in 2D yesterday. We thought it was amazing! But they messed up Ramandu’s Island a lot. They didn’t even have Ramandu in it. But on the other hand, they developed the characters very well! Eustace did wonderful job depicting himself in the book…Lucy as well! I did not like Edmund’s part in the script as much though…I didn’t like the way he acted towards Eustace until about half way through the movie. He’s not like that in the book. Of coarse he’s annoyed by him, but at the same time he’s gracious enough to not be angry at him just like he shows at the beginning of the movie.
        But other than that, it was AMAZING!!!!

    • Farsight says:

      JESUS DOES LIVE!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Demor says:

    This may seem stupid and it is nothing wrong with the movie and certainly not a complaint about it cause I did like it. I was just hoping to see more of Ramandu’s daughter (my favorite character) and it would have been cool to see Ramandu. But it was still awesome. They need to keep going cause I want to see Horse and His Boy.

    • narnian resident says:

      yes, that was one of the things i was disspointed about. it always looked like she was going to be there a lot, but she just came and went, and i was like "Where’d she go?" and another thing, i had really wanted them to somehow put in the film the fact that Caspian went back and married her, because the people who havent read the books wont know that. darn. well, she looked great, and very beautiful, of course 🙂

  • SkandarFan101 says:

    Wow I really liked it! There were a couple cheesy lines but the rest of the movie more than made up for it. Edmund was in it so much more which had me grinning like a fool with excitement at times. (Mild spoiler?) I always felt in the last one he got pushed to the side way too much and I am glad that that fact was brought up in this movie. The only thing I was really sad about was that Peter wasn’t in it that much – even though he wasn’t in the book at all and I should have know better than to get my hopes up of course. 😀 I guess I just love their brotherly relationship way too much. Eustace was awesome and and the sea serpent was very cool. I will be saying it at least 5 more times!

    • SkandarFan101 says:

      *seeing it (my bad)

    • rachanne says:

      yea i was so happy skandar actually had a part in this movie too and i also couldnt help stop smiling because he actually had lines and scenes that were about him! lol as you can see i was upset with PC

  • narnian resident says:

    overall, i thoroughly enjoyed it, very much. i actually found the changed plotline of green list and seven swords very cool and interesting. there were 2 major things that really, REALLY bothered me: it felt extremely rushed, especially at the beginning and at the Lone Islands skirmish, and the script was not so good. many times they said something that was horribly cheesy and very disney (which is hilarious because the one movie that wasnt made by disney was the most disneyish). i especially didnt like all that rediculous bantering and enticing from Edmund when they were battling the Sea Serpent, with all that cheesy "I’m still here!" "Come and get me!" i was like "are you serous? that sounds so stupid!"
    the Sea Serpent was another thing. i was both amazed and bothered by it at the same time. when it suddenly opened up with all those creepy bug-like limbs (or something!) it REALLY creeped me out big time. but it did look really awesome.
    the highlights were totally Eustace and Reepicheep! just for those two i recommend people to see it! i was extremely, EXTREMELY impressed with Will’s performance. he was spectacular! and along with Reep they were show-stealers, no lie! the dragon looked amazing! i actually almost started tearing up when Dragon Eustace was crying (just like in the book!) and Reep comforted him. and their little duel was absolutely hilarious and brilliant 😀
    the dufflepuds! oh my goodness they were so awesome! they are another thing i would recommend to see the movie for. they were just so cool 😀
    Aslan looked amazing! i was sort of sad at the such small amount of him there was, but then i remembered that that was just about the same amount that he appeared in the book. i was hoping to see much more interaction between him and Eustace, because the only time they ever had contact was when Aslan changed him back, and Eustace didnt even speak to him, and somehow at the end he knew it was Aslan. i dont know, one of those plot holes i guess. but he LOOKED amazing, thats what was the best thing.
    you know, it was one of those movies that was really amazing and kind of bad at the same time, sort of like when i saw PC the first time. but now i absolutely love PC, and im sure after some time and a few more showings i’ll love VDT too 🙂
    my thanks to all who worked so hard to make this film, and much appreciation. For Aslan!

  • QueenSusanJ316 says:

    Saw the movie, and although it was not like the book love it more than Prince Caspian! Can’t wait to see it again!

  • pselpevensie says:

    i saw it yesterday. it was AMAZING!!!!!!! there were definite things that were completely different from the book, but i don’t think it was as bad as we all thought. the witch didn’t have that main a part and gael wasn’t a major character. the islands were a little different, and a little out of order, but it was very well done. i definitely recommend all narnia (and non-narnia) fans to see it 🙂

  • Brylowman says:

    I thought it was very close to the books, the only changes were from expanding the story line of the dark island to connect all the islands together in breaking its spell. The other changes were of omission which were most likely caused because of budget and screen time. I can’t wait to see it again as it was my favorite of three made so far.

  • reenie says:

    The movie was AMAZING! I saw it today. I cried at the part when Aslan said that Ed and Lucy couldn’t go back to Narnia.I really liked the part when Aslan said that he had another name in our world, and the children would have to learn it there, I think that he might have been talking about God.I can’t say it enough…Loved it!!!!! 😀 :):D

    • Farsight says:

      Oh yes! I think CS Lewis was drawing a picture of Christ in our world. CS Lewis was a man after God’s own heart! That’s why I LOVE his books SO much!!!!
      Do you beleive in Jesus? 😀

      • reenie says:

        I DO Beleive in God farsight, I think that CS Lewis was a man after God’s heart. it makes me really happy to know that there is a book (and movie) that realates to bible experiences,this book (and movie) was representes temptation

      • Farsight says:

        So glad to hear it! Keep on sharing Jesus with your friends cause Jesus loves them and cares for them too!

  • Mina says:

    As everyone is adding their two cents I’ll just say I enjoyed very much.

    Something no one has mentioned: Was Douglas Gresham playing Harold? I mean we never saw his face or heard him speak…

  • Narnian at Heart says:

    i saw the movie and loved it! I statad crying at the end! i couldnt stop! Oh and does anyone know if Reep sacrifices himself to get to aslans country?

    • Farsight says:

      He Doesn’t Sacrifice himself, he’s always wanted to go to Aslan’s country, which makes it even better! Have u read the books? Cause I don’t want to ruin it for u if u don’t know when the next time they see him is… 🙂

  • Narnian at Heart says:

    *started sp

  • Queen Elizabeth says:

    I had a thought. What if some of the people on here are actually cast in the movie. If I was in a movie I’d like to see what people say about me. lol

    • graycsc says:

      It’s very possible, if I were in it I would be all over this site!

    • Queen Elizabeth says:

      Cool 🙂 I actually want to be a director one day. But I don’t think by reading our posts they would be able to see if we are good at anything though. It’s not like they know who we are. lol

      • graycsc says:

        But we have such good ideas! They should at least look at that!

      • Caspian X says:

        Neat !! A director is a cool idea. You have such great ideas !!! I know your probably right, but what if !! I bet you two would be great actresses or actors.

      • Queen Elizabeth says:

        I know I want to be in the film buisness and work my way up to a driector. And if they make all of the Narnia movies I would be able to maybe work on the last film 🙂 Because I would have graduated by then.

  • just jill says:

    yay!!! going to go see it next week. i can’t wait

    • Caspian X says:

      Wow !!! Good for you !!! I don"t know when I"ll see it, but I am happy you will. Can you do me a favor please ? When you get back from the movie, could you tell me what it"s like ? Please ? No one has yet. I am dying to find out !!

      • Ballerina says:

        Hey, Caspian X (love your name by the way) I would be more then welcomed to let you know about the film! I will try and not give you any spoilers though…

        If you enjoy films with good morals and principles, you will adore this movie! It has a lot of that. If you enjoy action-packed scenes, you will greatly enjoy the end (and, of course, in between there’s a lot of action too) 🙂 However, the "action-packed scene" I am referring to is very WOW. Don’t want to tell you any spoilers though! 😉

        It’s a great movie. The music is beautiful–I was so sad when the movie was over and I had to leave the "theater room". I felt like I was leaving Narnia.

        The very end of the film is VERY sad so bring some tissues, or your shirt sleeve or hand will work just fine 😉

        Don’t expect this film to be like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or Prince Caspian–it is not. It’s a completely different story, with new music, adventures, and even characters 😉

        Hopefully, you can see it soon, Caspian X! And I hope I helped you a little bit!

  • Mayor Wilkins says:

    SPOILER WARNING: I discuss many plot points here, especially in relation to The Green Mist and The White Witch. If you have NOT seen the film yet, please do not continue reading until after you have seen the movie. You have been warned. 😉

    “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” is spectacular. Definitely a worthy companion to “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.” I loved that the story didn’t shy away from Lewis’s Christian themes. This was a very faith-based film, and I was proud of that. Someone said in a previous review that they broke the films down in the following manner and I think I can basically agree:

    LWW was all about finding faith, discovering your faith for the first time
    PC was about losing that faith and rediscovering it
    Dawn Treader is about staying true to your faith and using the power of your faith to resist temptation.

    For indeed, Temptation is all but personified this time around. The Green Mist is, for all intents and purposes, Satan. It is a force of pure evil and I loved that every time one of our heroes was tempted to act against their faith, The Green Mist was somewhere in the scene with them. Whether it showed Lucy the beauty spell or whether it was whisking around in the Goldwater pool. The concept was very eerie because we all are tempted to sin. But this time we visually saw a force tempting these kids. We knew there was an unseen power (Satan?) at work there, though we never saw what it really was. We only saw its agents (The White Witch, The Sea Serpent).

    I really liked that the choices of the heroes determined their fate. Satan is very powerful, but in the end, it is the choice of each individual human being that determines things. The devil can never force us to choose the sin. In that way, he is dependent on the outcome of free will. That was perfectly demonstrated here several times. And I say bravo.

    Also nicely done was Aslan as Christ. Again, they did not shy away from this at all. Aslan was a merciful teacher. He was displeased with Lucy for giving in to temptation, but he understood that her heart was pure, and he taught her exactly what her error was. Indeed, evil will give us what we think we want, but it will deceive us. Lucy forgot how much she brought to her own family, and The Green Mist was banking that she would forget. So Aslan reminded her with a firm but gentle hand… and Lucy disposed of the spell. Very deep and meaningful scene.

    Eustace was great. His transformation both physically and as a human being is beautiful and beautifully done. Very cute dragon. I was struck by how much it oddly resembled Eustace. In the end, cousin Eustace was very heroic and that was wonderful. I shed a few tears. The goodbyes were so touching and bittersweet. Epic win! They did it!

    As for The White Witch— I wasn’t really floored by her until the end. The scene after Magician’s Island was really good, but too brief. Honestly, the small bit on the deck of the Dawn Treader looked good, but I felt it was out of character for her. I couldn’t see The White Witch saying “silly boy.” That didn’t hit the right cord with me. I almost think the way Tilda said it in the interview, “I’m always there…forever in your mind,” was a better, more Jadis-like way of saying it. And I think I know the character well enough to make that criticism.

    But the end was so SPECTACULAR that it made up for it. “Edmund! What are your trying to prove, Edmund? That you’re a man? I can make you that. I can make you my king and much more. Just take my hand…. Just give in.”

    First of all…. This is so much more like it. The White Witch should be seductive. And what about the look in those final shots? The eyes were so captivatingly beautiful and SO GREEN. Here, I felt that yes, the White Witch’s presence was very welcomed. The tension in those final moments, the desperation on her tongue as she said, “Just GIVE IN…” You could hear the desperation in her voice. The Green Mist knew it was out of time. And the final, shrieking “Nooo!” was a nice touch. Made it feel like, yes, they actually defeated whatever power was at work. On a related note, The Sea Serpent’s visual effects were totally upgraded from the trailers. There was a lot more color in the creature, some red, some green. It looked terrifyingly spectacular.

    Great movie. There are many changes from the book, but in my opinion, all the important elements from the novel are there–if you let yourself see them. 😉 Remember, the film is BASED on the book by C.S. Lewis. 😉


    • Queen Elizabeth says:

      Is the "Edmund… that you’re a man.." line really in there? IDK I just think that sounds corny. Haha, hey what can I say.

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        I have only seen the movie once thus far, so my memory might not be 100% accurate. 😉
        But I definitely do remember a line like "What are you trying to prove, Edmund? That you’re a man?" That might not be her exact words, but a similar phrase is definitely said. 😉

        I understand it’s not for everybody, but I personally loved the line. 😉
        What I had a problem with was when she said "In your mind, silly boy." That to me didn’t sound quite right.

  • Puzzle2005 says:

    I hate to say this, but I find VDT to be quite underwhelming in so many ways. I guess I expected far too much given the many plus factors that should have worked for it: a source material so beloved and popular (a favourite for many fans of the books) and one that should have easily translated into an exciting and impressive film version, a new director renowned for coaching his actors into award-worthy performances, a new studio known for giving the world one of the most successful movie franchise. Instead, what we got here is a movie that, while admittedly well-crafted (as far as technical achievements is concerned),disappoints both critically and (horrors!) commercially. The performances were half-baked (save for Will Poulter, so perfect in his role), a shame since the actors involved in the film were the best of the lot from the first two films in the franchise. Skandar Keynes was so good in LWW, but underutilised in PC and again on this one; Ben Barnes never looked so good and has a commanding presence in all the scenes he is in; there was no sign of the precocious and saint-like Lucy so effectively portrayed in the past by Georgie Henley, who seemed to perform self-consciously in this one. It would have also helped if a seasoned actor was asked to play the older characters; the nearest thing to this is Tilda Swinton,in some brief (and I would say, unnecessary)cameos, and the voice talents of Liam Neeson and Simon Pegg.
    All of these seemed to be result of the film’s troubled genesis: PC’s box-office performance probably made the filmmakers to think that a shorter running time will do the trick, yet they never thought twice about making so many drastic deviations from the book (a tact that gave good results in the case of PC, but not in this one, so perfect VDT is as a book). Hiring a new set of writers and editors did not help at all; the pacing was so rushed,some scenes were so brief,others were overly frenetic. The voyage is supposed to took it’s toll on the people on board, but in this film, there was nothing that suggests it. And I don’t think a smaller budget should’ve hurt the film creatively; the aspects of the films which leaves much to be desired are in the areas of character exposition and plot details. These wouldn’t necessary involve expensive set-ups or special effects. Yes,the dragon and the sea serpent were awesome and impressive,but the wretched idea that was the "Green Mist" was such a stupid thing, it has no place in a story based from C.S. Lewis’ imaginative and insightful mind.
    My worst fear is that the rest of books in the series might not make it into our cinema screens. A real shame, as these stories would have enriched a wider audience.

  • Chloe says:

    Spoiler Alert:

    Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was really action packed and it kept my attention through the whole thing. The visual effects were amazing as well.

    There were some parts that seemed a little stupid and the whole "green mist" thing became a bit overwhelming and made me wonder if that was the only thing the movie was about.

    I really think Skandar stepped up in this movie. He was so awesome! Throughout, the scene with the sea monster I seriously thought he was going to die.

    Georgie was good, but some of her lines were really corny and her performance almost didn’t seem realistic (sort of corny.)

    Will was awesome. He made for a perfect Eustace!

    Ben was great as well. He showed a lot more emotion in this movie than he did in Prince Caspian and his accent was gone (thank god!)

    When Eustace showed Edmund the "I am Eustace" I was reminded of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Tom Riddle has his name spell out, "I am Lord Voldemort."

    Besides the corny lines and some stupid parts, I thought this movie was really good! There’s a reason why it’s the number one movie in America (: