Two More New Clips: Dufflepuds and Magic Pond has two new exclusive The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie clips.

The first is of the Dawn Treader crew being attacked by invisible Dufflepuds (also available on YouTube here.)

The second is a clip of a Magic Pond that turns things into gold.

Thanks to everybody who sent this story in!

110 Responses

  1. Lucylove says:

    I like both of them

  2. Melis says:

    the video of magic pond is on youtube:

    • Bailey Booth says:

      im not sure but i think the pond is named "Gold water Pond" its the best part of the book!

      • Leoaica says:

        Part of Death Water Island… gets muddled in the film for time's sake, but still one of my favorites

  3. rmm413 says:

    I love the Dufflepuds. They were always my favorite of C.S. Lewis's imaginary characters. I just hope they are on screen for more than just a brief glimpse though.

    • Leoaica says:

      I hope to see more in the final version myself. I saw an early version and didn't see enough to be pleased

  4. Narnia Friend says:

    I really like these clips. The "Eustace steals an Orange" clip is my favorite!