Douglas Gresham on The Lady of the Green Kirtle

NarniaFans has posted their video interview with Douglas Gresham (producer/Lewis’ stepson) at the premiere of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Gresham talks a little about why the green mist was added to the story, and then transitions to The Silver Chair. View the interview here; he starts talking about the LotGK at the 2:48 mark. (Thanks to Danyelle)

NF: Does [the green mist] foreshadow The Lady of the Green Kirtle?
Well, that’s probably why the mist is green. But, that’s the only foreshadowing effect.
NF: Would Green Kirtle Lady be a new cast or would Tilda–

DG: I think it will have to be a new cast. This evil spirit has found a new, young body in which to inhabit, and I think that has to happen.

NF: Do you know if the plan is to go forward with The Silver Chair if this one does really well?
Well, that’s a moot point. We are still in discussions as to exactly what to do next. The leading opinion, I think, among the filmmakers is that we should do Silver Chair. There are probably some who would like to do The Magician’s Nephew or something. This is a decision we will have to make when we know whether we’re going to be making another Narnia movie.

Barbara Kellerman

For budgetary reasons, the BBC Narnia productions cast the same actress (Barbara Kellerman) as both The White Witch and The Lady of the Green Kirtle. Some fans have been speculating about whether Walden might take the same route and cast Tilda Swinton as the Lady of the Green Kirtle. Now it appears they will cast a new actress.

IMDb currently has The Silver Chair listed for a 2011 release, but this is NOT an official announcement. The reason as to why it is listed as a 2011 release can be found on our FAQ page here. Keep checking back; maybe there will be an announcement soon!

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  1. Bloodlust says:

    Lucy Lawless as Lady of the Green Kirtle 🙂

  2. KingSkandartheJust says:

    As much as a love Tilda, I think this is great. We need a new source of evil. After seeing the White Witch so much in the last films we should get a new face to Narnian evil.

    • Diggory Kirke/Prince Rilian says:

      I agree. The white witch was in the series a lot. SO people would expect her to be back. But the Lady of the Green Kirtle is smart to be someone other than tilda because Tilda portrays the white witch.

  3. MousieMoo says:

    Isin't the Lady of the Green Kirtle meant to be the white witches sister? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • Anhun says:

      No, the White Witch killed her sister, and all others of her race, before Narnia was even created. The Lady of the Green Kirtle might be the White Witch's daughter, born in Narnia, but it's never spelled out exactly what their relationship is.

      • AsbelMcTalisker says:

        Part of the problem is that `The Silver Chair` itself suggests that she `is one of the same crew` and that there must be a number of witches in the north, of which `The White Witch` and `The Green Witch` are both members.
        `The Magicians Nephew` however, gives `Jadis, The White Witch` a unique, Non-Narnian origin and suggests that she achieves a sort of immortality at the end. This has resulted in some readers interpreting some comments by Prince Rilian in SC as evidence that both characters are different incarnations of the same person.

  4. Seiko says:

    I think there is a lot of directions they can go with "lady of the green kirtle." There is the idea of it being The White Witch ressurected. It is not her sister as she takes out her sister in "The Magican's Nephew." The idea of it being her daughter could work, but I think they will go with The White Witch being ressurected in a new body. It could still be someone else she posesses or has taken over. In any case, we should all look very foward to The Silver Chair.
    Though The Magican's Nephew sounds appealing too, I doubt they'd skip over what they built up in Voyage, that and not giving the actors who play Eustace and Jill the opportunity to reprise their roles.
    Dawn Threader has made over 366.5 mil now, so not seeing another sounds very unlikely. Getting through all 7 sounds grim, but 1 more is probably pretty guaranteed at this point.