Douglas Gresham on The Lady of the Green Kirtle

NarniaFans has posted their video interview with Douglas Gresham (producer/Lewis’ stepson) at the premiere of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Gresham talks a little about why the green mist was added to the story, and then transitions to The Silver Chair. View the interview here; he starts talking about the LotGK at the 2:48 mark. (Thanks to Danyelle)

NF: Does [the green mist] foreshadow The Lady of the Green Kirtle?
Well, that’s probably why the mist is green. But, that’s the only foreshadowing effect.
NF: Would Green Kirtle Lady be a new cast or would Tilda–

DG: I think it will have to be a new cast. This evil spirit has found a new, young body in which to inhabit, and I think that has to happen.

NF: Do you know if the plan is to go forward with The Silver Chair if this one does really well?
Well, that’s a moot point. We are still in discussions as to exactly what to do next. The leading opinion, I think, among the filmmakers is that we should do Silver Chair. There are probably some who would like to do The Magician’s Nephew or something. This is a decision we will have to make when we know whether we’re going to be making another Narnia movie.

Barbara Kellerman

For budgetary reasons, the BBC Narnia productions cast the same actress (Barbara Kellerman) as both The White Witch and The Lady of the Green Kirtle. Some fans have been speculating about whether Walden might take the same route and cast Tilda Swinton as the Lady of the Green Kirtle. Now it appears they will cast a new actress.

IMDb currently has The Silver Chair listed for a 2011 release, but this is NOT an official announcement. The reason as to why it is listed as a 2011 release can be found on our FAQ page here. Keep checking back; maybe there will be an announcement soon!

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  1. Princess Jennifer says:

    That"s alright. I don"t think I would make a good Aravis either !! lol !!

  2. Anhun says:

    If you figure it out, be sure and let the rest of us no, lol. Personally, I think it's a bunch of crock. The white witch and the green witch are two different types of evil.

  3. Anhun says:

    Sorry, I meant "know" not "no."

  4. Anhun says:

    If you don't want people to respond to you, go make your own website. Anyway, enjoyed reading your commentary and here's my response, so there!

    1. You're actually talking about the publication order, not the written order. After Lewis wrote the Pevensie trilogy he wrote HHB, then SC, then LB, then MN. However, I agree that, if they decide to do the whole series, they should do SC next (otherwise Will P. will be old enough to play Trumpkin by the time they get around to it), and LB should be last. I don't think it makes a material difference whether they make HHB before or after MN. C.S. Lewis himself would tell you that he wrote these books one or two at a time, not with some grand long-term plan.

    2. I agree Tilda should come back. I can see what you're saying about having a big-name star play LGK, but I still think it would help the series to have someone who's on the radar, even if they're not super-famous.

    3. Totally agree.

  5. Anhun says:

    I meant "Tilda should not come back." I need some coffee . . .

  6. Bloodlust says:

    Lucy Lawless as Lady of the Green Kirtle 🙂

  7. Akhalteke15 says:

    I think they would do well with a no-name actress. They did a great job casting the four Pevense's…

  8. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    ditto means "me too". Such as Demi said :"i love you" . "ditto meant": " I love you, but im too embaressed to say the words". ditto= same here

  9. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    for those of you too young to remember- a "ditto" was a copy . The copier was called a ditto machine. The paper you were writing on had ink on the back (like some checkbooks have now). you fed it into a ditto machine and the ink rubbed off on subsequent copies of paper. so a "ditto" is an exact copy of the original. so what demi said to patrick in "Ghost", he was saying back exactly, in a quicker , more impersonal way. (there's some ancient history for you! )

  10. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    maybe they could have 2 units making them at the same time so the will come out 2 years in a row instead of maknig us wait so long.- I HOPE

  11. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    he grew 7 inches right after filming vdt. he's prob. 5 10 now

  12. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    no nicole- too much botox

  13. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    they should make her younger- another middle age villian is too redundant

  14. High Queene Shelly Belly says:


  15. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    WILL people STOP being so BOSSY!

  16. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    wow, cool idea

  17. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    don't worry, the majority of us enjoy long, intelligent , well thought out entries

  18. Anhun says:

    Now, Jadis is particular about royal blood, yes, but not necessarily Charnian royal blood. She respects Andrew at first blush, when she thinks he's human royalty. So, I don't see that she would have a problem having a child with a member of the Narnian royal family. Also, it's possible that she took on a Narnian or Archenland royal as her protegée and convinced her to eat one of the silver apples, that could be how the green lady came to be the green lady.

  19. Anhun says:

    Okay, I just reread SC, and it says that she is in fact immortal, which means that we can assume that her connection to WW was direct (child or protegée). It also means that the specific age of the actress is irrelevant, as long as she's old enough to marry, and young enough to be breathtakingly beautiful (according to Drinian).

  20. Anhun says:

    Well, she's in her early 30s, so that's a good age. She's quite attractive. And we all know she can act. It would also be a really cool "full circle" kind of thing.

  21. Bloodlust says:

    omg I could not agree more glumpuddle Bruce Spence was precisly who i thought of as Puddleglum

  22. Bloodlust says:

    LUCY lAWLESS as LOTGK !!!!!!!!

  23. ANÓNIMO says:

    Dirigido a la SRA DE SKANDAR KEYNES:
    pienso que sueñas demasiado la que de verdad va a ser su novia es mi amiga, ella va a salir y todo en la silla de plata.

  24. Sierra says:

    The Silver Chair will be great. I wonder how Will Poulter will carry the series on his own. He'll probably be able to do it. It'll be strange not to have any of the Pevensies and have Eustace be the main character (besides Aslan of course). I really hope they bring Caspian back in the end like they do in the book.

  25. Dan says:

    True, he did not write those profiles but why would it be in there if it wasn't true, everything else was accurate.

  26. KingSkandartheJust says:

    As much as a love Tilda, I think this is great. We need a new source of evil. After seeing the White Witch so much in the last films we should get a new face to Narnian evil.

  27. Diggory Kirke/Prince Rilian says:

    I agree. The white witch was in the series a lot. SO people would expect her to be back. But the Lady of the Green Kirtle is smart to be someone other than tilda because Tilda portrays the white witch.

  28. Bookwyrm says:

    So if the character description said that Jadis & the LotGK were actually Hitler in disguise, you'd take that for Gospel truth just because everything else was accurate? 😛 The person writing the profiles didn't know what they were talking about. There's no evidence in the books that they are the same person, Lewis never claimed they were the same, and Gresham has debunked it. But if you think some nameless publisher drone knows better than the stepson of the man who wrote the books, then by all means, believe the profile.

  29. Dan says:

    Well…it seems like Douglas Gresham wants a different person to play LOTGK, but it sounds like the spirit of the white witch is taking over the LOTGK. we'll see how this plays out.

  30. Blackdog says:

    2 witches would be good the old one and a nother one.

  31. MousieMoo says:

    Isin't the Lady of the Green Kirtle meant to be the white witches sister? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  32. Anhun says:

    No, the White Witch killed her sister, and all others of her race, before Narnia was even created. The Lady of the Green Kirtle might be the White Witch's daughter, born in Narnia, but it's never spelled out exactly what their relationship is.

  33. AsbelMcTalisker says:

    Part of the problem is that `The Silver Chair` itself suggests that she `is one of the same crew` and that there must be a number of witches in the north, of which `The White Witch` and `The Green Witch` are both members.
    `The Magicians Nephew` however, gives `Jadis, The White Witch` a unique, Non-Narnian origin and suggests that she achieves a sort of immortality at the end. This has resulted in some readers interpreting some comments by Prince Rilian in SC as evidence that both characters are different incarnations of the same person.

  34. Seiko says:

    I think there is a lot of directions they can go with "lady of the green kirtle." There is the idea of it being The White Witch ressurected. It is not her sister as she takes out her sister in "The Magican's Nephew." The idea of it being her daughter could work, but I think they will go with The White Witch being ressurected in a new body. It could still be someone else she posesses or has taken over. In any case, we should all look very foward to The Silver Chair.
    Though The Magican's Nephew sounds appealing too, I doubt they'd skip over what they built up in Voyage, that and not giving the actors who play Eustace and Jill the opportunity to reprise their roles.
    Dawn Threader has made over 366.5 mil now, so not seeing another sounds very unlikely. Getting through all 7 sounds grim, but 1 more is probably pretty guaranteed at this point.