Dawn Treader Award Nominations News Update

A few news updates on award nominations for the The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Bad news first, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was in the running for a Best Visual Effects Academy award, but did not make it into the next round of finalists in this category.

The good news is, Dawn Treader is a finalist for two BAFTA awards — Special Visual Effects and Costume Design. The full list of nominees can be seen on BAFTA’s website here. The document can be downloaded as a Word or PDF file.

And last but not least, Dawn Treader has also received a nomination for Best Fantasy Film by the Art Director’s Guild. That full list can be seen here.

Thanks to everyone who sent these stories in!

130 Responses

  1. 8SilverSky says:

    Narnia 3 definitely deserves several awards! Let's hope for the best! Go Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

  2. always narnian says:

    O that's interesting! Although I don't think the costumes were as good as LWW or PC

    • Starlily says:

      I think the costumes are well done, but I'm disappointed that they're straying away from medieval styles. I mean, I think it's clever to add some Telmarine flavor, but the clothes just don't look Narnian any more. I always pictured Narnian fashions as more fairytale-ish and flowing, and not so modernized. Is it just me? I like all costumes, but Narnia is supposed to be more medieval-themed and it ruins the atmosphere when the fashions don't fit!

      • Aravis and Hwin says:

        I liked the costumes of the first two movies better too. The comstumes of VDT were nice, but I liked the medieval designs a lot better.

      • freya says:

        1.300 years are supposed to have gone by though, so maybe it's not that weird that the fashion changes with the time, would be strange if it didn't. That being said, I thought Lucy had quite a boring costume in VDT, the pants, shirt, vest and ponytail got a bit old after a while. I get that Caspian didn't have dresses laying around on the ship, but they could've gotten her some nice dresses at Narrowhaven or something.

      • always narnian says:

        Yeah, I think I agree with the medieval style. I like that better. The costumes were kind of boring. Lucy had like the same outfit the whole time. Edmund's changed a few times, I think, but Lucy wore the same thing the whole time… ๐Ÿ˜› I liked the kind of costumes in the first movie!

      • Anhun says:

        In the book, Lucy wears one of Caspian's tunics as a dress. I think that might have been an interesting look, but I don't suppose they could do that in the movie, because they didn't give Caspian a tunic. Either way, none of her costumes in VDT were as bad as the freaky grizzly-bear suit they made the poor girl wear last week. ๐Ÿ™


      • Anhun says:

        Hm . . . looks like my opinion of Alberta Ferretti has been censored, lol. So I'll stick to my main point. In the book, Lucy wore one of Caspian's shirts as a dress. That might have been an interesting look, but I guess since his style in the movie was very different from the one in the Pauline Baynes illustrations, they couldn't make that work.

      • Starlily says:

        Freya, I think you're right about fashions changing over the years, and I can accept the costumes heading a bit in the renaissance direction, with a Telmarine influence. But the fashions changed hardly at all in the books, and I'm hoping the movies will be faithful to that. Somehow the buttoned waistcoats people wore in VDT didn't say "Narnia" to me. And if the fashions keep changing too much, the Narnians will be in tri-corn hats by the Last Battle! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Queen Helen says:

        i so agree starlily, i mean just look at Pauline Bains' drawings of the clothes they were in the horse and his boy, you can just see them fitting in with Lewis' description of Narnian clothes in the last battle, ('in Narnia your good clothes were not your uncomfortable ones. They knew how to make things that felt beautiful as well as looking beutiful'(chapter 12))i personally do not think that Lucy's clothes fit that description very well

      • freya says:

        Well, to be honest, I don't think C.S. Lewis was very concerned about the fashion aspect. And if they were going to stick to Pauline Baynes' drawings, Edmund should've worn a sweater, shorts and knee-socks throughout the whole movie. And I'm sorry to say, but that would've been just plain sad, like Lucy's costume was. They could've taken a few more liberties with the costumes I think, but I do agree Starlily, we do not want tri-corn hats. LOL.

    • simplyphilly says:

      like what freya said. Fashion never stops changing, I mean it makes sense fashions would change over time like ours does. But I do have to say I really like the costumes from the movie before, they were much more Narnian in the sense of form.
      P.S. Just ignore me if what I'm saying is nonsense as I'm half asleep right now.

  3. yeswelovenarnia says:

    VDT definitely deserves awards!!! I hope it at least gets at least one (hopefully more of course!) because that will be good for the movie!! LOTR didn't get ANY until ROTK and those movies were awesome….

    • narnian1 says:

      Actually each of the LOTR movies was nominated and each won.
      FOTR: 4 Oscars Won
      TTT: 2 Oscars Won
      ROTK: 11 Oscars Won

      Aside of other wins it received with other Awards.

      • reepicheep's_fangirl says:

        yes,well, i think LOTR deserves ever Oscar it ever won. Peter Jackson is such an amazing director.

      • Not Of This World says:

        How good do you think Narnia would be if he directed?

      • narnian1 says:

        of course LOTR deserved every Oscar it got. Who said it didn't?

      • yeswelovenarnia says:

        Oh, ok I didn't realize that.

      • reepicheep's_fangirl says:

        Not of This World, i've actually said before that he would make an amazing director for Narnia. He did a fantabulous job on LoTR, Percy Jackson was awesome (well, despite some major character changes ๐Ÿ™ ), and i've never seen Harry Potter 1, but look how far it came! it's just that Jackson is such a good director that he's probably above Fox's budget for SC (praying it is greenlit!!!!)
        Also, Narnian #1 (awesome pic, by the way :)) i didn't mean to make it look like you said LoTR didn't deserve the Oscars. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • narnian1 says:

        it's ok. Maybe I just read it wrong. I love LOTR, but I don't think Peter Jackson would be best for Narnia either.

      • Gem says:

        Yeah, I've thought of him for the movie, but I don't think so. He was amazing (for the most part) in LOTR, but Narnia and LOTR should be completely separate, despite what a lot of other people say or think, they are totally different worlds, and I think Peter Jackson might take on Narnia with more of a LOTR perspective. He is a totally brillant director, just not sure if he's right for Narnia. Besides, he's busy with The Hobbit, right?

  4. Beginte says:

    Go Voyage of the Dawn Treader! The costumes deserve a rain of awards especially, Isis' creations are breathtaking! With each film she blew me away, I cannot believe PC costumes didn't get an Oscar! I think VoDT deserves several awards ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gem says:

      Yes, I think it has a good shot for Costumes. I cannot believe it isn't in the running anymore for Best Visual Effects…oh my gosh, why???? Who the heck overran them?? That was the one good thing about VDT, the effects were jaw-dropping. I hope it wins the other awards too, although I didn't care very much for the movie, it would be so good for it to get lots of awards.

      • Beginte says:

        I know, I was surprised, too! Who the heck overrode VoDT's effects? I absolutely loved them, when I was watching the film I didn't notice there were special effects – this is how natural everything worked out to me! And the visual richness of the film was simply breathtaking! Oh, well, still I hope they'll get all the other awards they're nominated for.

      • Anhun says:

        โ€œAlice in Wonderlandโ€
        โ€œHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1โ€
        โ€œIron Man 2โ€
        โ€œScott Pilgrim vs the Worldโ€
        โ€œTron: Legacyโ€

      • Gem says:

        Oh, I forgot about Inception and Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. Actually, I kind of hope Inception wins, although it would be great for Narnian if VDT won, Inception was an absolutely jaw-dropping movie.

      • Reepicheep says:

        But it's not in the running anymore. Inception is like what all movies should be like, done to tell a story and not for money. My hat goes off to Chris Nolan by the way for that approach! The things they did with the visual effect you cannot possibly picture happening in reality! The two other movies that deserve the final nominations are Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Tron: Legacy, both of which have eyeball popping visual effects.

      • Gem says:

        I wish Inception would have had chance at winning though, because it was a much better, more successful film than Scot Pilgrim vs. the World and Tron: Legacy. I cannot honestly believe any human being came up with such a brillant intriguing story, AND managed to put it on a screen.

  5. Queen C The Gentle says:

    Congratulations!I wonder if any of the Narnian cast are on this site…

    • Jill_Pole says:

      I wish they were so they could see how much we love them!!

      • freya says:

        I dearly hope they're not, not with all the negativity going on here. Skandar, Lucy and Ben have all given a lot of their time to make the Narnia universe come to life, particularly Skandar and Lucy, and they've done wonderful jobs, making the characters their own. All the ragging, and on a Narnia website none the less, is an insult to them as well. And at the end of the day, even if you've heard a thousand positive comments, it's the one negative you remember.

      • freya says:

        Sheesh, I meant Georgie of course *facepalm*. See how they've made such an amazing job with the characters? I even confuse the names.

  6. Anhun says:

    On Sunday, we find out if "There's a Place For Us" gets a golden globe. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I haven't listened to any of the other nominees, so I've no idea what the odds are.

    • Gem says:

      I believe I heard on here a while ago that two of the contenders are from Burlesque, and another is from Tangled, it's "I See The Light". I am a huge fan of Narnia, but I hated that they had a country star singing a country song at the end of the movie. I hope "I See the Light" wins, I personally think it was much better than "There's a Place for Us". Sorry, everybody, I know you loved the Narnia song, but it just wasn't my fav!

      • Anhun says:

        I'm not into Carrie Underwood either (most American music is too bland for me), but I loved the video that went with the song. It would be a bit of positive press for VDT, and for Narnia, if the song won the Globe and curious people checked out the video.

      • Dr Walrus says:

        I have to agree with you there; I really liked "There's a Place for Us" and would love to see it win just to promote the movie more, but I think I liked "I See the Light" better ๐Ÿ™‚

      • reepicheep's_fangirl says:

        i agree, Gem. 'There's A Place For Us' wasn't really that impressive. ๐Ÿ™ It still is pretty, though, and i cried each time i heard it at the end of VDT.

      • Gem says:

        Yeah, basically all the music from the movie for the most part was unimpressive or nonexistent. It would be great for "TAPFU" to win, but I'd rather see "ISTL" take the victory, it deserves it.

      • Anhun says:

        I thought the score was pretty enough, taken on it's own, but, when I think of what Harry Gregson-Williams would have done, David Arnold's Score falls SO far short. HGW's music acted almost as a narrator, helping you feel what the characters were feeling at a given moment (Remember when Lucy first stepped into Narnia?). VDT, with it's themes of intrapersonal struggle, would have been a million times more powerful with that type of musical dynamic.

      • Gem says:

        Exactly, Anhun, exactly! You got it to a tee, it wasn't bad, but compared to Harry's…his music captured the very feeling of Narnia and showed you a whole different side of the world the you never knew existed through music. Absolutely glorious. The only part in VDT where the music was everything I was expecting it to be was where they showed that sweeping view of the ship right after the Pevensies have gotten on board the ship.

    • I wasn't a huge fan of 'There's a place for us'. It seemed a bit airy-fairy-follow-your-dreams-ish to me. And in parts, it contradicted what the film was saying. However, it would be great publicity for VDT to receive this award, and let's face it, this film /needs/ as much publicity as it can get thanks to Fox's /brilliant/ marketing campaign (sarcasm).

      • Gem says:

        I agree with you, the movie could use all the awards it can get. The song WAS just rather shallow, although the whole movie gave me that feeling.

      • Gem says:

        Glad you liked it. I didn't really have anything huge against the song as a song, just against the fact they put it at the end of a Narnian film.

      • Oh yeah, definitely, as a song in itself, it's very nice compared to some of the junk out there these days. I was just a bit disappointed because the lyrics could have explored so many deeper, more spiritual aspects of the film than "We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe". That line completely goes against the temptation theme, especially in Edmund's case, where he had to accept that he couldn't and didn't need to be the king of everything. I was really hoping that since they made such a great movie, they could make a great, meaningful song to go with it. 'This is Home' has to be probably my favourite song of all time, and it came from my least favourite Narnia film. It's such an awesome song because it explores an important theme rather than telling everyone to be a Disney Princess.
        Sorry, I really actually quite like the song as a song, I'm just a bit disappointed it's the best they could do considering how good the movie was.

      • Gem says:

        I totally agree with you that the song didn't explore what it could have. And especially the line "we can be kings and queens of anything if we just believe"…you're right, they aren't! And that's really the journey Edmund has to go through in the movie, is that he needs to be strong enough to realize that he doesn't need to be a king of everything because he already has one (Aslan). But for me, as I was disappointed with the film, it made even the credits bad, and I was hoping that they might at least have some good ending music or something.

      • Loved how they included the Pauline Baynes illustrations in the background for the credits, though! That was way better than just a black screen with white names on it. I would have loved it if they had gotten an illustration of each of the characters and had the actors' names next to their characters, but I still really liked what they did. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Gem says:

        Yes yes yes! I loved it, such an original idea, and so true to the feeling of Narnia! Sadly, I couldn't enjoy it very much due to the song.

      • I reckon it might be a song that will grow on me… first time I heard "Dance 'round the Memory Tree", I hated it, but now I quite like it!
        I wonder if any fans have written songs about the movie? As in, songs about the whole movie in general? If they have, I'd be very interested to hear them!

      • Gem says:

        Oh my gosh, you have no idea. Some people were talking about just that on here a while ago, and they all had written like a dozen songs for the movies AND the future ones. I don't know, if we can get songs like, "There's a Place For Us" at the end of Narnia movies, then maybe we SHOULD go with something a fan wrote.

      • I don't think that 'There's a Place for Us' was really /that/ bad, I mean, it could've been a lot worse…
        But the advantage of having a fan write a song at the end of the movie would be that they would /really/ have a great background understanding of both the book and movie and all the themes that fans would want in a song.
        Just as a side topic, is Carrie Underwood a Christian? I'm just curious. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Gem says:

        Well, that's a good point, but a lot of the fans of Narnia are just fans of the movies or of the actors cause they think they are hot or whatever. I'm not sure I would trust a fan to write something, but I don't trust them to get another celebrity to do it either. I think Carrie Underwood is a Christian, but it's hard to tell, all country singers mention God in their songs, but that doesn't exactly mean anything, just that they aren't an atheist most likely.

      • Well another problem with opening up the end credits song to the fan base would be that there would be thousands of entries flooding in, which would be time consuming to listen to, besides the fact that none of the fans would have actually /seen/ the movie yet. And, as you said, there would most likely be many fangirlish songs composed.
        I was wondering if there was perhaps a middle ground – get a fairly well known Christian band/singer who has loved Narnia (obvoiusly not really rocky or heavy metal)from their childhood. I reckon Steven Curtis Chapman would be nice, or maybe Tenth Avenue North? I love Casting Crowns, but their music isn't very Narnian sounding. If they got SCC, the song would probably be about the friendship between the characters. If they got TAN to do it, the song would probably be about the emotional journey of the characters. If they got CC to do it, the song would probably be about Aslan himself. I don't really know many Christian bands/singers, so that's the best I can do. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • simplyphilly says:

        I thought the Itlaian version (by Sonohra) was much more powerful and embodied Narnia more. It wasn't so "airy-fairy-follow-your-dreams-ish" but it was a substantial better version. I'm just saying! And I'm not Italian!

      • Gem says:

        Well, I like Steven Curtis Chapman and Casting Crowns and Tenth Avenue North, and they all have good songs that capture the emotion(s) they are going for, but I am not sure a Christian band doing it would be quite the answer, although I can actually see a Tenth Avenue North song at the end of the next Narnia movie, their songs make me cry and are awesome. I think they would be able to capture the feelings that TAPFU didn't. Maybe it would work, I don't know. And I LOVED the music at the end of LWW, was it Italian? I didn't know that…but it was so perfect and beautiful.

    • Gem says:

      Actually I like some of Carrie Underwood and like country music, but her song just didn't belong in Narnia. I do agree with you all that it would be good for the movie, but I honestly think "I See The Light" probably has a better chance of winning. It is so fitting and a beautiful and sweet song to a beautiful and sweet movie that smashed the box offices. I kind of hope "I See The Light" wins cause I liked it so much better, but I would also be happy if "There's a Place For us" won because, although I didn't like it as a song and the fact that it was used in a Narnian film, it would be a small boost for the movies.

    • Not Of This World says:

      I went to the theatre last night to see VDT again and I have been singing that song ever since we left the theatre. I think that is a brilliant song.

      • Gem says:

        Really? It is a catchy song, but I didn't like it. But I'm glad it was nice to someone. I am going to see it again, maybe then I'll like the song and the movie overall better. Although I highly doubt I will like the song just cause I go and hear it again, I don't think I'll ever agree with them putting it at the end of a Narnian film. Just like "The Call" in PC, I loved the song, but it wasn't right for a Narnian film. But in this case I don't like the song.

      • Not Of This World says:

        I had also liked The Call. I had thought that I was great for Narnia, but I would of had the Switchfoot song "This is Home" at the end of PC.

      • Gem says:

        I just don't like how they put modern pop songs at the end of the movies in PC and VDT. Like in LWW, the music was different and unique, but it sounded like it suited Narnia. The Call was good and somewhat captured the feelings that the Pevensies had leaving Narnia, but at the same time it was distracting to have something so contemporary and "of this world" at the end. I wish they would do music that sounded like it came from Narnia, like they did in LOTR.

      • Not Of This World says:

        I wouldn't consider those songs pop, but I know what you mean. A song like the Tumnus's Narnian Luliby would be awesome.

      • Gem says:

        Well, obviously "There's a Place for Us" is a country song and "The Call" is not a "pop" song, but I just meant "pop" as in contemporary and such. Yes, Tumnus's song is wonderful, but even stuff like the music they had at the end of LWW…if only they would do more of that kind of stuff at the end of the Narnia films, it would be so much more appropriete.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Yes, that would be nice

      • elanor says:

        Gem: I actually thought that having a song like The Call fit the movie plot nicely. They were leaving Narnia, and all the sparkly, fantastical wonders that belong to Narnia, and coming back to the "real" world. (So maybe it should have been Bing Crosby or something instead?:))
        But I wasn't so okay with a country song in a Narnia movie. A pop "ish" song is one thing, country-which is distinctly American and makes us think of cowboys, guitars and such-is another. You could look at it from a lot of different angles. It all depends on what you want from a certain movie.

      • Not Of This World says:

        What about TobyMac, David Crowder, or Kutless?

      • Gem says:

        elanor, neither country nor pop songs belong at the end of a Narnia film, that's just that. Well, I am a fan of TobyMac, but seriously, he's kind of the king of rockier music in Christian music, what would people think of him doing a song? And though he has some very surprisingly deep lyrics a lot, he will just always do rockier music, I can't see him doing something that would suit Narnia music wise. David Crowder is good, but I don't think for Narnia. Hey, Kutless would be great, if maybe they did something a little slower than what their norm is. I just can't see a big slam finish song with electric guitars and drum beats blasting out of the speaker for the end-of-the-movie music, for Narnia, that is.

      • Edmund's Queen says:

        I've liked all the Narnia songs so far, except for Dance Around the Memory Tree, Lucy, and Winter's Light. The genre doesn't really bother me, so long as the words fit and the tunes are reflective.

    • Alambil and Tarvis says:

      I hope it wins. I loved "I See the Light," but for me, "There's A Place For Us" had so much raw power behind it that it really hit me. Both songs were incredibly emotional, but there was something about TAPFU that was just like WHAM and had me stunned after listening to the full song. IMO it captured the full spirit of longing and even desperation to make it to "Aslan's Country" and to the end of our life journey. Plus, Carrie's voice was just so powerful singing it I could literally feel every emotion pouring out of the music. Granted, ISTL did that for me too, but TAPFU did it on a much higher level.

      That being said, regardless of which one wins, I will be happy. Each song is equally deserving of the award ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Gem says:

        I think "ISTL" was beautiful, sweet, emotional, imaginative, and powerful, none of which "TAPFU" was. It was a nice song, but shallow in describing the feelings and emotions that Edmund and Lucy and Eustace were feeling. I mean, "we can be kings and queens of anythign if we believe"…how vague! Not exactly silver words in my opinion. I like Carrie Underwood's voice, but the song didn't fit and was disappointing. I hope ISTL wins, it deserves it. And besides, unfortunately the movie behind ISTL was much better in my opinion that the movie behind TAPFU.

  7. Moviecynic says:

    I've seen it three times so far (saw it again today!) and took 22 people with me in total. This time I was listening to the sounds and music more and enjoying the amazing special effects. Wow.

    What an incredible show.

    Eustace is such a great character and played so well in the movie that for that reason alone I hope many people get to see Dawn Treader AND that Silver Chair will be made.

  8. JackBaillot says:

    Is it still in theatures then? The trouble with living in Wyoming, it already went out here. And, I got the CD but "There's a place for us," wasn't on it, is there a place you can buy just that song?
    But yes, it deserves many awards and the costumes were great!

  9. SavedByGrace says:

    Question about the soundtrack: Is it only sold on Amazon? I have looked at 2 different stores, and neither had it.

  10. jill says:


  11. DancingInRain says:

    Oh I think it deserves the fantasy award.

    • Savber100 says:

      VODT deserved the nomination but I think Inception will and should take the award.

      • narnian1 says:

        except I don't think Inception should have been put as "fantasy", though it I *guess* that's the closest category to describe what it is.

      • Anhun says:

        Sci-fi doesn't get it's own category, so it's classed as fantasy, I think. Absolutely loved the movie, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Reepicheep says:

    No Oscars? That sucks! Same thing happened to PC, and now it's happened again with this one, just because of mixed (and misjudged) reviews.

  13. Sui-Lun says:

    I actually think that VDT is good enough to get some kind of Oscar nominee, at the very least! Man, that was a GREAT movie!!!! I'm dying for SC to be made!!!

  14. Liz says:

    The Dawn Treader is good! Hope it gets some rewards.

    Let's continue supporting it, so we can have SC!!

  15. Reepicheeps Archer says:

    hey,im just curious but has anyone ever tried an apple wrapped in bear meat? lol its in PC the book anyway, ive always wanted to try it! lol ik im wierd!lol

  16. Sub says:

    I wasn't sure where to post this but I thought it might be of interest to some of you Voyage fans. Voyage was filmed in Queensland, Australia. Queensland is presently experiencing the worst natural disaster in its history and hundreds of thousands of lives have been changed forever, and lives lost. Please look inside your heart and your wallet and donate to the appeal to help these poor people and the community that helped bring us a piece of Narnia. I hope this isn't out of line to be mentioned here. I just thought some people here might want to know and help. Thank you.

    • Moviecynic says:

      Good post friend. Compassion is never inappropriate.

    • reepicheep's_fangirl says:

      well said, Moviecynic, well said. ๐Ÿ™‚ And very well said, Sub.
      thank you for pointing that out. when i heard about the disaster on the news, i immeaditely thought of Arabella Morton (she it Australian, right?).

    • The Inscrutable Rutabaga says:

      Thank you very much for mentioning this, Sub. I hadn't heard and appreciate your post. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll be praying for all those involved!

    • Princess Lucy says:

      Its soo sad whats happening in Brisbane..especially the main part of the city is flooded..the CBS…and I was born in Brisbane but yeah I hope these residents get enough help to live through this disaster…Can't believe VDT has just filmed in there…I bet the cast and crew would feel bad for the state..

  17. Lucylove says:

    Come on no Oscars? GRRRR!!!

    • bkey says:

      The Academy Award nominations aren't announced until Jan. 25. There's still hope, although not much.

    • Alambil and Tarvis says:

      Meh, I occasionally like what they pick for the Oscars, but most of the time the "Academy" completely snubs some of the best works of film. IMO just because the Oscars don't include something doesn't mean it's "unrecognized" or insignificant. I think Hollywood would like us to think that way, but it's not true. Honestly, what kind of people completely FAILED to nominate 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' for anything? That movie deserved Best Picture, Vera Farmiga should've been nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Asa Butterfield and Jack Scanlon should've been nominated for Best Actor, David Thewlis should've been nominated for Best Supporting Actor, James Horner should've been nominated for Best Original Score…and that's not even the whole of it. They also failed to nominate 'Bright Star' for anything (except costumes, I think) last year, which was another disgrace, and of course back when 'The Passion of the Christ' came out, Jim Caviezel should've won every award in existence for the effort he put into his role, but they didn't even nominate him because of their anti-Christian slant. And don't even get me started on how Thomas Newman has NEVER won an Oscar even though he's been nominated what? Five? times or something for his musical scores, which are absolutely brilliant. Oh, and then there's that brilliant little film 'Bella,' which got no mainstream recognition because of the "pro-life" elements implied in the story (although the message was in NO way overbearing and actually quite tactfully done), although it won the people's choice award or something at the Toronto Film Festival (which is actually a bigger deal than the Oscars since it's the biggest film festival in the world).

      In short, a lot of what goes on with the Oscars is VERY political, and it really ruins what the point of the whole ceremony should be about–appreciating good art. So even if VDT doesn't make the Oscars, I wouldn't get TOO upset about it. The good thing is it won't get mixed up in the overly political mess that is Hollywood's (insanely biased) awards system.

  18. pselpevensie says:


  19. claireyy says:

    GO VDT! : )

  20. ajSilver X says:

    I know that Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is also a nominee for Golden Globes awards for best original music (There's a place for us: by Carrie Underwood, Theme song from Narnia:VDT) I hope it will win. Narnia always deserve an award for it shows us the love of God for us. Narnia is one of the BEST movie for all time. I'll pray to Aslan hoping that Narnia VDT will win these awards too. For Aslan!

  21. Just to be recognized should be an honor. I take this all as good news.

  22. SusanHater says:

    Um, are you people seriously praying to Aslan? You do realize Aslan is a fictional representation of Jesus, right? He's not actually God.

    • always narnian says:

      Uh yeah I agree. Aslan shouldn't be prayed to. He is just a representation of Jesus, not actually Him.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      it's called a joke, lighten up, Hater-

      • What they said wasn't a joke ack-chellay. And how does this make me a hater? I'm telling them not to be so harsh on people. Saying that makes you look rude.

      • Anhun says:

        QE, Shelly's comment isn't in the same sub-section as your comment . . .

      • Not Of This World says:

        She was comenting on SusanHater's coment. She was just calling her hater because of her name. It was just shortened. I agree that people shouldn't pray to Aslan, but I think it was just an expresion.

      • Ok, thank you Not of This World, it just looked like it was it was direted at me. I was just defending someone.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        are you going to apologize for calling me rude, queen eliz? Remember I am the HIGH queen.

  23. georgiehfan says:

    aww… carrie underwood didn't win at golden globes… ๐Ÿ™

  24. Not Of This World says:

    The world wide total is 355 million.


  25. Not Of This World says:

    The world wide total is 355 million.


    • Duffleglum says:

      I was just gonna say that too!! SawweeeeT!!

      $400 million here me come! (Lord-willing)

    • LittleLioness says:

      And on Box Office Mojo's weekend roundup (http://boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=3050&p=.htm), they had this to say: "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader dropped 48 percent to $9.2 million in 65 territories. Its $3.6 million weekend in China brought its total there to $12.6 million, making it China's highest-grossing entry in the Narnia series. With an foreign total of $257.6 million, Dawn Treader stood just over $20 million away from eclipsing Prince Caspian's total." So that's good news for nearing PC's total, even if that's not necessarily the benchmark studios are looking for to green light the next movie (I don't think anyone had come out and said so, anyway).

      Maybe nominations will continue to bring in a few new viewers here and there. Repeat viewings are good, but new viewers are even better I would think. Looking forward to the announcements of Academy Award nominations, even if "Dawn Treader" only ends up contending for the technical/music categories! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Just found something on Arabella Morton's FB fan page. A link to an unnoficial page for The Silver Chair. It seems that someone already made the logo….


    • Louloudi the Centaur says:

      Sorry to say this, but I am very sure this is a fan made logo. On Aslan's Country, it was on advertising how to save the series and get The Silver Chair. If that had been the real logo, it would have been most likely reported some time ago.

  27. Nancy Brown says:

    Oh my God this movie should have won every award possible. You could not have found better people to place these parts. The visual was awesome, the costumes, I mean everything about it is awesome. Can"t wait for the next one.

  28. :-)Narnia says:

    Weird, I just don't know how this movie would receive nominations for these awards… I guess I get part of the visual effects award but costumes?? Give me a break!

  29. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    If 'There's A Place for Us' doesn't win an Oscar, I'm going to throw a Scrubb tantrum Dx

    And of course David Arnold wouldn't get nominated for the soundtrack. Which made me CRY. ugh Hollywood has no taste

    • Narnians says:

      I like the old song writer more they were beautiful! Don't care for David Arnold's songs for Narnia!