Dawn Treader Blu-ray Release Date – April 13?

Last month, we reported that the Walden and Fox were hoping to release The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on DVD and Blu-ray around Easter 2011.

Blu-ray.com is reporting that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be available on Blu-ray, April 13 for Region B.

(Region B includes most European, African and southwest Asian countries plus Australia and New Zealand. The USA is in Region A.)

It seems likely that it would be released around the same time for the United States, but thus far, I’ve been able to find anything to confirm this.

Thanks to Rob for the link!

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  1. Not Of This World says:

    Thank you! I think there's a slight cange in the music. I also want it because my sister has the PC soundtrack and I'm also asking for the LWW soundtrack too so I can have all of them! 🙂

  2. Question is, would people even buy DVDs if you had to pay every time you watched them??? I kind of doubt it 😉 But it would be pretty cool if there was some way a magical supply of money could multiply every time someone watched a movie on DVD / Blu-Ray

  3. Queen Susan the Gentle says:


  4. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    wow, that was fast!!!

  5. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    i agree, it was painful to walkout the first time after seeing a different book portrayed on the screen. i think my heart has healed enough to see it again and just take it casually, I do bet I'll enjoy it more now that the
    shock has worn off, It will be better on the big screen so i want to see it again that way before i get the dvd. we'll never get to see it on the big screen again, so why not? i just hope i can get back in time-

  6. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    it NEEDS an extended edition, but with the way fox has does things, im not holding my breath. i expect a bare bones package.

  7. claireyy says:

    is it blue ray only? when are they going to release it in the united states? I can't wait to get it!

  8. Gem says:

    Of COURSE they wouldn't, but this conversation shouldn't get too literal.

  9. Gem says:

    I still don't feel like it's worth the money, but I definitely get the DVD. HQSB, you are lucky to be able to move on and get to that point where you can casually brush it off and know it's just a movie. I am too much of a perfectionist and too big of a purist to get to that point, I think.

  10. Gem says:

    Oh, the PC and LWWW soundtracks are amazing! Love them soooo much, I have both. Yes, you should definitely get LWW's soundtrack. I think there is a HUGE change in the music because there really WAS not music, but I'm glad it was to your taste. Sometimes it is nice to some extent to find out that things that bothered you greatly about a movie didn't bother others that much. ^_^

  11. Gem says:

    Glowing blue swords that have power to stop evil…come on, unoriginal ((LOTR anybody?)) and cheesily done. Lilliandil, where the heck did RAMANDU"S DAUGHTER go? Some silly unbelievable character who gets all jittery after seeing a cute king (by the way, Ramandu's daughter is not a star in the book for anyone who doesn't know that). A green mist that "represents the evil" and has to be apeased through live sacrifices…one of the worst most unforgivabble storylines ever…Edmund being jealous of Caspian, the White Witch still having so much power over him, the whole unneeded Gale story, and all the little changes that were unneeded or hurtful…I honestly am shocked that someone would say it was the best adaption of the series, that someone would compare it to the brilliance of LWW. PC, yes, I can understand the comparision there, but I still believe VDT was the most changed, most untruest to it's book movie them have made. Kind of worried for SC now, with Apted in charge.

  12. Gem says:

    Why? Yes, I do think they are annoying because these people really don't seem to know anything more about the release date than you or I, but that's Narniaweb, or any other website source for any other movie…any sort of info about ANYTHING and they jump on it just to make a headline. But I think this is needed news, now we have some sort of date to go on ((sort of)).

  13. Embrace says:

    That lovely bay so blue by Dragon Island perhaps! 😉

  14. nic says:

    A good or favourite film is always a many repeat viewer, but while that's the case, often the first time you see a film in this category is a big buzz, but my first VOTDT viewing i was abit dis-orientated after as hadn't been able to get a grip on film. VOTDT was very unique in that the second time i saw it being now prepared, it was abit like the buzz you get from a fav film the first time you see it.

    For the more casual fan it's probably not a problem to the same degree, but if you very familar with the first two films and the books, a lot of rapid assimilation required first viewing where as second time and onwards, you are comfortable and able to get absorbed in things – well that's how it's been for me. Looking forward to my sixth (non-3d, if could afford 3d would prefer it) and maybe last time catching it on big screen.

  15. Pepper Darcy says:

    hey, you're a genious!! that's a great idea!! And I'll donate my monhey! and– oh… if we buy them all… who's going to buy them if everyone buys them to sell them to each other? *headesk* we'll try to convinece the media they need TWO copies of the movie!! 🙂 There!

  16. Not Of This World says:

    Yeah, the PC soundtrack is awesome! Harry Gregerson-Williams is fantastic.

  17. Not Of This World says:

    Yes!!!!!! That would work!!!!!

  18. Yes, an extended edition is definitely in order. The question is: Will they let us know if they're going to release one BEFORE we plop down money for this one?

  19. alice keynes says:

    Mexico is the same date or is there another? urged me know

  20. Gem says:

    Wow, nic, you certainly have seen it a lot. I agree, if I had been able to see it more the shock wouldn't be so much, but I still would be very against the changes they made to the movie. That's not going to change no matter how many times I see it.

  21. Gem says:

    I know, my favorite part is when Caspian is fleeing the soldiers at night through the forest and right at the part where they show the aerial view of him riding over the hill and the river is in the background, that's my absolute favorite part of music in the whole movie. Awesome!!
    I know! Why the heck did they get rid of him? Was it Apted's brillant thinking again??

  22. That's /my/ favourite part of the soundtrack too! I love the music when he's riding through the forest (just before he whacks into that tree branch) and there's the high strings playing staccato while there's the low horns in the background… when I was in the cinema, I almost jumped out of my seat when I heard that part because it was so awesome. I agree wholeheartedly that Harry needs to be brought back. David Arnold's music just didn't have the magic Harry's scores did, and didn't really add any depth to the film.
    By the way, Happy Birthday, Not Of This World! I'm really glad you liked the soundtrack!

  23. I'm sorry, Gem, you're right. 😀 I ruined the fun of this hypothetical conversation with my realism. And I agree, it would be awesome if there was /some/ way money could be made every time someone watched one of the movies (without us having to pay up)

  24. Bob says:

    People who go to a movie based on a book expecting to see the book should just stay home and read the book. One uses letters, the others uses visuals. They are nothing alike and you will never get the book on screen. What you might get is something that at times can be close to it. I don't think the job was as good as something Andrew Adamson would have directed, but it was watchable and then some. Best film of summer [well summer for us Southern Hemisphere people].

  25. Gem says:

    Hey, it's okay, it's probably good that someone on here thinks logically on all matters when the rest of us don't. ^_^

  26. Gem says:

    Sorry, Bob, that's not the way it's supposed to work with movie adaptions of books. They are based on a book, a beloved book, and heaven forbid, we want to see that book put onto the screen well. Someone needs to have expectations, and I am one of those people who love the books dearly enough to want to see justice done to them on screen. Most of VDT (the movie) just made the book look foolish.

  27. Gem says:

    I love that moment too, it is such great composing. I know, Harry is so much better than this new guy, Harry got was able to put the true feeling of Narnia into music. Hey maybe we can start a campaign to get Harry back for SC. SC HAS TO HAVE amazing music.

  28. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    no, gem, i was devastated, i waited 2.5 years for this, i am a narnia fanatic, and i can certainly imagine the movie portrayed WAY more faithfully to the book, I was HIGHLY upset, but i am TRYING to be able to somehow enjoy it. Plus, i love the actors.

  29. StarAsterisk says:

    Why would they release it later in the US? I mean, Walden Media is Ameriacan. Maybe it has somethign to do with how well it's doing in BO in other countries.

    We don't have a blue ray player yet. :/ I hope we get one soon so we can watch Narnia at home!

  30. StarAsterisk says:

    Region B includes most European, African and southwest Asian countries plus Australia and New Zealand. The USA is in Region A.

  31. Gem says:

    Wait, a minute, you are saying no to me…but it sounds like you are agreeing with me. I am trying to enjoy it, but hey, I only say it once and the first impression is now my overall impression. Once I see it again, hopefully I will like it more. I did like it, but the things I didn't like outweighed the things I did like, which was very disappointing for me.

  32. Doesn anyone know why they aren't playing it in 2D anymore? Everywhere I go they only have 3D and the 3d version kind of stunk considering there was only 2 thing that ever popper out, some guys head and the guts from the sea serpent.

  33. Jared says:

    That is a tentative release date for the Blu-ray copy of Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I wouldn't hold my breath for that early of a release date, unless Walden and Fox feel the movie didn't do very well at the box office.

    I honestly thought PC was a much better (violent) movie than VDT, but I am sure the extra deleted scenes, and features of Chronicles of Narnia VDT will make it a worthwhile Blu-ray purchase.

  34. claireyy says:

    i think it comes out in dvd too : )

  35. Not Of This World says:

    Yes!!!!!! I got the soundtracks!!!!!!!!!

  36. Gem says:

    Yay! Hope you enjoy them! LWW is especially amazing, it's my favorite. Oh, I'm going to see VDT again tonight. Wish me luck (that I would find it less painful and more enjoyable this time than the first)!

  37. Edmund-is-hot says:

    Wow! I hope it does come out on the 13th of April! 😀 I have a week holiday then so I could enjoy it! And usually if you pre-order it from play.com, it comes the weekend before 😀 😀

  38. Hwin says:

    Hahaha, I was just saying I think it would be nice if SOMEHOW that was possible 🙂 Some magical way as you were saying. . . 😉

  39. Not Of This World says:

    Did you have fun? I hope you did 🙂

  40. Not Of This World says:

    I went on Jan 14. There were only two 3D showings left in the theatres (total is 3) all around me. But there were alot of 2D. I think it depends on your area.

  41. shivani says:

    this movie is fabulous fantastic mind blowing
    peter i love you you are very smart and amit you also

  42. ankita says:

    admit i love you

  43. Rhinestone Suderman says:

    Gem, I suspect Remanadu's daughter has been pretty much written out, so that somewhere along the line, we can have the romance—written specifically to appeal to the modern audiences of modern today—between Susan and Caspian. After all, all the kids in HarryPotterverse have romances, and Narnia needs to get with the program.

    Edmund will, of course, still be jealous of Caspian, and still in thrall to the White Witch, and Peter will still have a hard time time adjusting to not being king, because honestly, Hollywood forbid today's modern, young audience have a young Alpha male hero they can actually look up to!

    Meanwhile, back in England, WWII will be entering its second decade, and the children will realize that they need 9 1/2 magical blue swords, to defeat the Nazis, who are being led by an evil wizard named MoldyWarts, and his Calormene hordes, who will not look at like Moslem warriors, as in the books, but will wear black uniforms, say "Sieg Heil!" a lot, and strongly resemble their Nazi allies. Meanwhile, Lucy will discover the joys of lipstick and nylons, and forget all about all that silly Narnia stuff, because Hollywood forbid we have a teenage girl heroine who isn't actively, as Lewis would have said, rushing to get to one, particular stage of her life (the mating and dating one), where she'll fight to remain for the rest of her days, because that's what modern young women should do!

    Like you, I thought the adaptation of VDT, as well Prince Caspian, pretty awful.

  44. Feysal says:

    Edmund and his brothers and sisters are the graetest hero in the world.

  45. Katspian says:

    Do we know if the "extras will be included on the first release?

  46. Gem says:

    Thanks, but actually when we got there the movie was almost sold out and the movie had already started, so I didn't get to see it. Oh well, it comes out pretty soon. I guess I'll just wait until then.

  47. Jazmann says:

    I cant wait for it to come out on DVD! I hope the Blu-Ray has speacial features!!!! I hope it comes out soon! I'm totally going to buy it on the day it comes out!!!!!!

  48. freya says:

    Just found out, it's already available for pre-order with release date March 30th here way up north in Norway, can't wait to get it so I can watch it whenever I want.

  49. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    @gem, i meant, no, i couldn't get past it, I didn't take it casually what they did to it, as you thought I did. I had the same reaction to what they did to the book as you. I was heartbroken and devastated. I ranted and raved for 3 weeks for what could have been. I want to somehow be able to enjoy it, so I am going to figure out in my mind SOME way I can enjoy what they have done, and then fill in the blanks in my mind as to the things they cut or minimized. Maybe read the books with their scenery in mind and then watching the movie will be the cliff notes version. I,m still struggling with it, to tell you the truth. Totally devastating how every movie today has to be gutted and dumbed down. ESPECIALLY OUR BELOVED NARNIA!!!!

  50. Peter's #1 Fan ALWAYS says:


  51. Peter's #1 Fan ALWAYS says:

    YOU KNOW IT!!!! 🙂

  52. Peter's #1 Fan ALWAYS says:

    i am with you!!!!

  53. Peter's #1 Fan ALWAYS says: