‘Dawn Treader’ Blu-ray/DVD Cover Art

Amazon.com has posted the cover art for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:

Blu-ray Disc (Amazon):

DVD (Amazon):

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  1. narnian resident says:

    yay they have the beautiful picture of Aslan and not the terrible one! good. and a much better picture of Lucy. i'd really wish their strange obsession with the White Witch would have not squeezed its way onto the cover. and where is Caspian? for goodness sake he's, like, very important! even so, its a very nice cover. cant wait to own it!!!!

  2. Lena M. says:

    As the person above said… WHERE IS CASPIAN!? He's one of the major characters! This cover is a way better than Disney's first two. I only dislike Ed's picture, it could be a better one…

  3. NarniaLover14 says:

    i know right whats up with that Caspian is AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Hiking Peter says:

    Good grief!!!!!!!!WHERE IS CASPIAN?????????????????? Although I think I like the Prince Caspian cover better. (it actually showed Caspian.) ((Not to mention all the other main characters)) So, I agree the pic of Lucy is SOOO much better than the poster version. And the one of Eustace is a little misshaped. 🙂 Ed is a little dramatic for a movie cover, but it'd make a good portrait…..good idea. 🙂

  5. Princess Jennifer says:

    I like it. I think the colors are vibrant, the pictures show courage and good scenes, and the people make it cool. But the one thing that I think makes it special, is great, awesome, courageous, Reepicheep !! I love Reepicheep !! I love Skandar too. But honestly. if Aslan gave me the choice of being a queen, or a mouse with Reepicheep, I would pick a mouse.

  6. daring girl says:

    WHERE IS CASPIAN!!! But the cover is great. Though I think Edmund looks kinda silly ;)It's a great cover! I can't wait when it comes out on DVD!

  7. Praying Pevensie says:

    Did you know Skandar is on counciling ?

  8. wow! i am getting that apirl 8th 2011 for being good in school.I am sad it is the last narnia the dvd is fantastic you gotta admit skanndard/edmund is funny BET NARNIA EVER