‘Dawn Treader’ Hits the $100 Million Domestic Mark

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader officially hit the $100 million mark domestically this past weekend at the box office.

Overseas, the movie brought in another $8 million dollars bringing the foreign total to approxmiately $265.8 million.

The worldwide total is now up to just over $366 million.

Dawn Treader will release in Venezuela next weekend and Japan in one month.

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  1. Aslan's Meadow says:

    That's awsome! I was waiting till it hit 1 million. Still waiting for Silver Chair…..

    to Narnia and the North

  2. adamie says:

    Does anyone know when we will be hearing something about SC?

  3. pselpevensie says:


  4. Fairytalelady says:

    Yay! I'm so glad! 🙂 I hope Silver Chair gets greenlit now!!!

  5. J.J. says:

    Hip, hip, hooray! 😀

  6. Shastafan says:

    Well, that's fantastic! But I hope the other places VDT will soon be coming out in will push it closer and maybe even higher to 400 million worldwide! 😉

  7. Queen Su says:

    Awesome!!!! 🙂

  8. ChristProclamer says:

    I have to say that I'm excited about this. It's nowhere near past box office hits for Narnia, but it's still exciting to see the numbers climb, (very) slowly but surely.

    Any predictions as to how much the worldwide total will be? Is there even a slight chance we might make it to 400 million?

    • jmw86 says:

      Yes, there most certainly is a chance. It still has to finish out its run in the current markets and then there is Venezuela and Japan where it will open later this month. In Japan LWW made $57 million and PC made $27 million. PC also made $3 million more in Venezuela. So in all we possibly have another $30 to $50 million more dollars yet to make. Good news, huh.

    • Reepicheep says:

      VDT's domestic intake is still pretty close to PC's $141 million. It's great to see it getting legs after its profoundly disappointing opening.

  9. Starlily says:

    So this is a good sign, right?


    Sorry, that just slipped out…

  10. Reep says:

    ~courteous, chivalrous reep

  11. ILoveLucyPevensie says:

    YAY! Now just have to make half a milion more to reach the goal!

    • Aravis of narnia says:

      so when that goal is reached, that's when It's decided that the silver chair will be made?

  12. Lucia says:

    the posters or comercials of VDT,finally come 2 Japan!!
    I waited this 4 looooong time*
    & my grandma promised me 2 go theater with me!!
    & I'm waiting 4 SC,2!!

  13. wolfloversk says:


  14. Aslan's Girl says:

    Yay! Thank you, God! 🙂 How exciting. I would REALLY love to see Fox and Walden do all 7 books…

  15. lucysdream says:

    awsome does that mean they r going to do the SC now……. i am hoping they will

  16. ilovefauns says:

    It hasn't came out in japan yet? it is well over here.

  17. Reepicheep says:

    At least we know the the Lewis Estate are still trying to come up with what to do next so this as well as VDT passing the $100 million line and that VDT has surpassed its total budget by over $115 million compared to PC only doing so by only $20 million means Fox will have to give SC the green light. FOR NARNIA!!!

    • Sub says:

      I'm afraid your numbers are well off. Voyage is nowhere close to PC's numbers yet and it certainly isn't 115 million over its budget. I don't think you've taken into account marketing, plus cinema take. At best it's looking like it has a good chance of breaking even, but no chance of making $115 million over its costs.

      • commonlogic says:

        However, you forget that PC cost over 70 million more and much more was spent on marketing. In relative terms VDT has done better financially than PC.

  18. Tribunal says:

    $99 or $100 million, still a disappointment. I'll be surprised if Fox moves forward with another sequel. If they do, expect even more budget cuts.

    • Thyservant says:

      But according to the book, SC will need less budget? You know, less actors or computer help or sth like that… I'm not sure about it.

      • Elijah Abanto says:

        I surely want THE SILVER CHAIR!

        I think it will be CG Heavy, because of Aslan, the Serpent, the Talking Beasts when they get through the hole, Father Time, The Parliament of Owls, and also the Talking Beasts at the start and end of the movie when Eustace and Jill were in Narnia. Plus many, many special effects are needed.

        I think the budget must be over VODT's budget but less than PC's, which I think would be LWW's budget. It will be better if they will make it 2.5 hours for better story flow.

    • samuel says:

      They might learn from their mistakes and NOT go with 3D conversion for one that would save a lot of budget, plus SC might not be as CG heavy. at least it won't necessarily have as much FX (read: don't make PC budget mistakes)

    • Duffleglum says:

      In everything, give thanks.
      $100 million at this point ain't so amazing, but God still blessed Fox with a decent income, and they have made more than their budget now!

      Don't be a wet blanket you 'ole bear!

    • I would say that, $100 million is a disappointment. But much less than Prince Caspian (only $141 million with a $225 million budget and $175 million marketing costs), which only had a $140-$155 million budget and $100 million marketing costs.

      Your words "I'll be surprised," well, maybe you'll be, but Fox will not be. Because, besides being the first film to surpass $100 million mark domestically in 13 months, it's a success compared to their other movies overseas (compared to Disney's Caspian that only really earned $20 million) because it already earned $127 million (production and marketing already deducted). For me, it is enough to warrant Fox to make a sequel.

      Only one lesson they need to learn–don't make a rich work of literature like C.S. Lewis' Narnia a short movie. Disney was right when they made the first two films about two and a half hours. VODT was just less than 2 hours. Added to that is the budget–they should go for like LWW budget. What Fox and Walden did was a short movie and a low-budget movie.

      Still, I think it's still a great movie, though, as I always say, it could be better.

      • Tribunal says:

        Dawn Treader being Fox's most successful movie of the year means absolutely nothing. The difference between VDT and Fox's other films is that they don't own the rights to it, so any box office receipts have to be split close to 3 ways (Fox, Walden and the CS Lewis family). PLUS (and more importantly) Fox doesn't own the merchandising.

        By my estimates, Dawn Treader has made back around $170 million out of the $250 million budget.

  19. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    So, is it still one of 2010's biggest botches(rolls eyes)?

  20. Estefania says:

    Oh my god!! i want the Silver Chair!!!!!! WE want the silver chair!!!! I want my dvd of the Voyage of the dawn treader!!!

    Narnia and the North are waiting for us!!!

  21. eclipse14 says:

    OH YEAH! Silver Chair here we come!!!!

  22. samuel says:

    Hey I just learned something somewhat encouraging. This is the first Fox movie that has passed the $100 mark in 13 months since Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Sqeakquel! And they are making a third Chipmunks! now for the downside, The Squeakquel did better than VOTD in it's opening week and had about half the budget, but Fox may look upon VOTD and see their second best feature in 13 month and greenlight SC?? MAYBE??

  23. claireyy says:


  24. Poor Japan! Those guys there have my utmost respect for being able to wait this long!

  25. ajSilver X says:

    There's hope… Dawn Treader will still sail in other countries. There is a big hope that the VDT will reach half a million or 1 million when it reaches all theaters.
    There is the Utter East.

  26. Sub says:

    I think Voyage will do good business on DVD and should be hopefully, a good testament to the Narnia franchise managing to make three movies. That in itself is a real accomplishment. All this Silver Chair talk is great, but I mean, Voyage isn't exactly 'dead' yet so more celebrating VDT and we can talk about SC when it's racking up DVD sales or something.

  27. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. GoGators1983 says:

    I have found this to be interesting: if you look at the "Showdown" comparison on BoxOfficeMojo, "Dawn Treader" has actually done a good bit better than "Prince Caspian" for weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, and (likely when the numbers come out) week 7 in terms of domestic box office numbers. But in week 2 it clearly was lower than Caspian's numbers, and the opening week was disastrous vs. Caspian ($68 million versus $30 million). Perhaps this is a little bit due to Summer vs. Christmas release times, but since the opening of a movie is largely about publicity and anticipation, I think it may show that Fox didn't do a great job marketing this film. (I'm not saying that they didn't spend enough money on marketing, but maybe they used their money poorly?) It has had fairly good staying power, so it either has better word of mouth vs. Caspian or else fans don't mind seeing it 2 and 3 times… I saw "Dawn Treader" this weekend for the 2nd time, and I have to admit, I liked it even better the 2nd time around. It also has done very well around the world in comparison to most of the other movies in the last 365 days…but since, supposedly, U.S. Box Office is what counts, "Silver Chair" looks doubtful in my opinion. 🙁

  29. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    *breaks out singing Justin Beiber*
    AWESOME!!! Silver Chair, here we come! 😀

  30. crass says:

    Well, they still have a few territories left..the dvd and bluray haven't gone on sale yet…pay per view, television rights to show it, cable rights, itunes rental, netflix & whatever remaining video stores exist… purchases of the physical discs..walmart etc…looks pretty good. They've already made a profit on the flick..it cost nowhere even close to what the official release numbers even say.

  31. Josh says:

    'Narnia' Becomes Fox's First $100 Million Movie in 13 Months > http://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=3055 (Interesting Article)

  32. Holly of the Lone Islands says:

    MUAHHAHAHAHA — Comedian, you owe me 250 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kelly says:

    Well, it's still showing over here in the UK and has been 9th for the last 2 weeks in the UK top 10 latest films, so that's really good. Hopefully SC will get greenlit very soon. 🙂

  34. lu-ee says:

    i predict $450M total. my total doesnt include DVD/Bluray receipts.

    lets say $500M total with bluray/dvd sales. with $100M for P&A and $150 production thats double their money back.

    not too shabby.

    • Dr JC says:

      Let's take your numbers lu-ee. 500$ today in sales. With the 450 from theaters — which they will not get, but maybe 400 if they are very lucky. Walden/Fox only gets about 55% of that. That is about $250 at best. This is about the cost of productiona and PA. Then the video sales is profit. But Caspin only earned about 60M is total sales. About 1/3 of that goes to the studio. So there could be 20M profit … that is if the CS Lewis estate doesnt' take anything. So it looks to me like this could be a break even thing with a tiny bit of profit.

  35. claireyy says:

    PC made about $420 million. Do you think VDT will pass that number or not make it?

    • lu-ee says:

      it will pass it.

    • lu-ee says:

      PS it will pass it because i think it will make about 50M in the remaining countries it has to open. Is already showing approx. $370M on the numbers.com movie gross website

      thats $370M + $50M = $420M.

      then for the rest of the world it will go something like 6M and then minus 500, 000 for about 10 more weeks. the law of averages would say thats 5M, plus 4.5M the next week, 4M the next, plus 3.5M + 3M +2.5M + 2M + 1.5M +1M + .5M. for a grand total of

      $420M plus
      $442M or higher.

      i say it makes close to $450M on just the movie, not including the DVD/Bluray.


  36. Xande says:

    I've been following VDT's numbers in comparison to PC's, and it seems that, although PC at that same point in time (same number of days after release) was doing better during week days (this could be because of its release during summer/vacation period), VDT is still grossing more than PC on a weekly basis. Therefore, I think that one could say that VDT (except for the first two weeks), did overall better than PC in the U.S, on the long term. However, having said that, and, admitting that I did enjoy VDT quite a lot, I must say that I agree with 'Unconditional Comment' when he says that they need to make a much better film than this, if they want to resurrect the franchise.

  37. This Is The Morning says:

    I love how everyone on here is an expert in show business. Im glad so many people know the ins and outs of hollywood and so much about business in general. Alot of future filmmakers out there, I shouldn't wonder.

    • Dr JC says:

      I AM an expert in film … how dare anyone infer otherwise … I can watch a movie, eat popcorn and play Angry Birds all at the same time. This is a sure sign that I will be producer some day.

  38. Pevensie15 says:


    So a new Mission Impossible is being made. The last one had a 150 million dollar production budget and nearly made $400 million.

    VDT will make $400 million and has that same budget, so they will probably make another one.

  39. commonlogic says:

    Unless it totally flops in Japan, VDT should easily top 400 million with Japan and the remaining days in all other countries. It all boils down to how much was REALLY spent on marketing and no one outside the "loop" knows what this number really is.

  40. Johnthemon says:

    About the budget of the movies, I'd like to say they were all overbudgeted.

    There's no reason LWW needed to cost more than $150 million. Prince Caspian could have easily been $120 or less, a lot of money was straight up thrown away on that one. Voyage could have been $100 million without too much work and there's no reason that Silver Chair should cost more than $100 million. They all have extremely bloated budgets that just make me wonder where the money went.

  41. Sol says:

    Anyone read this?'Narnia' Becomes Fox's First $100 Million Movie in 13 Months.

    This must be good right?

  42. WillMo for_the_win says:

    The box office rates in the US shows that VDT is still a disappointment. $100m is still far from the budget of $155m, so $55m++ is still needed in the US to surpass the budget. This works with the mainstream movies, while in indies/semi-indies Focus & Weinstein produce, for example don't necessarily need a bigger budget and a big opening for the film, but unless it's in critical acclaim, it could become a box office.

    I realized that many critics dislike VDT, often because of a poor screenplay and not so fine directing by Apted. Critics mentioned that most lines were cheesy, Poulter and Neeson were the saving grace of the film, and not so spectacular effects. But that doesn't pull down hopes on SC.

    SC will be made, for sure. Just don't hire Matthew Vaughn as the director for Kick-Ass was just a joke for me. I could have wished Alfonso Cuaron could direct, and LESS BUDGET is needed. And if needed, a spring-summer or winter release would be fine.

  43. ajSilver X says:

    I heard a report that Narnia VDT is the 12th highest-top grossing film of 2010… Hoping Silver Chair will be released in cinemas with a great audience impact… MOre great battles for Narnia and Eustace will return.

  44. LionCub of Judah says:

    A very encouraging article from our kinsmen at NarniaFans.com regarding the likelihood of SC entering production: